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Secret of Sharon's magic
Aviad Kleinberg
Published: 23.11.05, 13:26
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1. Sharon and Truth
Michael ,   Haifa   (11.23.05)
I have to agree with most of what has been written in this article...Sharon and Truth have never ever coincided
2. Sharon and Peretz: national suicide in two guises
Ilan ,   Ariel   (11.23.05)
Which one is more corrupt? A maninpulator and liar like Sharon or a labor boss who got himself elected by forgeries and threats? In terms of agenda between these two jokers we'd be better off letting Abbas take over. Thankfully in a parlimentary system the Israeli people can still vote for somebody, please
3. so what does Aviad Kleinberg suggest
Michael ,   tel aviv   (11.23.05)
so we see what Aviad doesn't like but there's not hint of who he thinks would be better than Sharon. I can see no better alternative than voting for Sharon in March. Who else is there ?
4. #3 vote for Bibi
Yes he has a HUGE ego Yes he favours US style deragulated capitalism and hates socialist anything But Sharon is Machivellis bastard son: he does whatever it takes to win He has said so himself in the past. He once said he joined mapai under BenGurion not because he identified with and liked the left, but rather because it was easier to get to the top that way than joining the Irgun. Bibi has a huge ego? Sharon has an even bigger one complete with all the leftovers too judging by the size of that fat stomach of his - too many prawns and hes full of sauce. Bibi may be an arrogant bastard but hes an arrogant bastard who understands economics and understands that long term his plans will work, as they have worked in US, and recently in Australia, and in UK. Hes not sucking this stuff out his own thumb but the results take time to show. Otherwise vote for Mr Moustache who will take us back to his version of a trade union dominated state, where there are strikes every other day of the week, and no foreign investors want to come here because they know their employees will go out of their way to be a royal pain in the ass so they take thier business elsewhere. And who suffers? We do. Why? because Mr Moustache read too much Trotsky at University Otherwise vote for Lapid. He'll sit wherever theres a warm chair he doesnt care. As for security? No one does it like Bibi. You have to play tough with the palestinians, they come from the same rough neighbourhood we do. Its not fun and games and lets have a conference and drink martinis here Bibis right: when they are willing to reciprocate and understand that they are not going to get everything that they want and (neither are we) then we can sit down and talk.
DEBRA ,   MARYLAND, USA   (11.24.05)
6. # 4 - vote for Bibi
Michael ,   tel aviv   (11.24.05)
just be a wasted vote since the Likud will probably only get around 12 seats and even less if Bibi is elected head of the party. Neither the left or the right want him and he should probably head back to States right now. If I was going to vote Likud I'd vote for Mofaz.
7. Stupid article
Ignatious ,   USA   (11.24.05)
I'd like the moron author of this article to explain how Israel will be able to reach a final settlement with the Palestinians that Abbas and his henchmen will honor. The "roadmap" demands disarming the terrorists. Abbas has not disarmed even one terrorist. The Palestinians insist they will never give up their right of return---to Israel. If the rfefugees are to return to Israel, why do they need to establish a State in Gaza and the West Bank? Obviously, to demand the right of return to Israel and not to a new state living alongside Israel telegraphs their true intentions about peace and will be a dealbreaker because only the most fervently self-hating and ani-Zionist Israelis would agree to such a deal. To remind everyone, the Arabs turned down a state in 1947 because they wanted it all and would not accept a 2 state solution. There was no talk of establishing a Palestinian State alongside Israel during the years when Jordan controlled the West Bank and Egypt controlled Gaza. Exactly what makes the author think that a deal that would have a Palestinian State living in peace next to Jewish Israel is possible?
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