Michael Jackson going Muslim?
Roee Nahmias
Published: 25.11.05, 21:50
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1. Wonderful! It will go perfectly with
his anti-Semitism! I think the Arabic lifestyle is more in line with Jacksons'. The close and intimate relationship that men have with eachother (frequent kissing, hugging, etc), the male dresses, the burkhas (Jackson just loves to put them on his (alleged) children), and, of course, the lenient position on paedophilia. Good luck Michael, but please stay in Bahrain! (I hope the hot sun there doesn't burn your nose off!)
Abdel ,   Nablus, Palestine   (11.25.05)
3. they can keep him!
joe ,   philly , pa.   (11.25.05)
it just goes to show ,that islam has the tendency to attract to weirdos , sociopathes ,pedophiles, homomainacs,jew- haters, has-beens, to its ranks. his new arabic name would be-- michaal boy-lover iben latif!
4. reply
jessica ,   san antonio   (11.25.05)
calm down. jackson's lifestyle is his own business. not yours.
5. Now, we know that islam is a religion of peace, LOL
6. absolutly no you are wrong
brahim chami ,   morocco   (11.25.05)
micheal jackson is not anti-Semitism for one reson because he converted to islam and accept to stay in an arab country. because if he was an anti-semitism he wouldn't stay with semitist "arabs in bahrain" and everybody should know that islam is the truth
7. So Goodbye Columbus
David ,   Canada   (11.26.05)
Who really cares what this person does?
8. Thanks jessica
Hanash ,   NY , USA   (11.26.05)
I totally agree with you. And would like to add that if his life style leads him to any wrongful doings, he should be accountable for them regardless if he is a mulsim, a christian or a jew. So stop the fuss and move on to something new.
9. don't they (muslims) chop stuff off
mike ,   usa   (11.25.05)
for what mj does? i don't think that's the best move for him considering his lifestyle preferences. but hey, if that'll solve his problem do whatever it takes.
10. What? He found out molesting kids in Bahrain is ok?
Or is he moving to molesting live stock?
11. Take that Mohammed!
Adar ,   Richmond, USA   (11.26.05)
Five years after 9/11 the US finally strikes back against Islam. A big ole albino, transexual, pederast missile spewing noxious 80s dance beats. Somebody call the UN, I smell a war crime.
12. One liners are not funny.
Perez ,   Madrid Spain   (11.26.05)
I wish that everybody would just leave Michael Alone...He may ask that you buy his records, concert tickets or watch the videos. But, I don't think he ever asked to be served up to dinner on a buffet of human suffering. Let's not forget that he is a human being first, Yes, just like you and I, regardless of how he may look today. He has Indeed been found Innocent...but we seem to forget that . Is that not good enough? Or are we only to trust the law when we are in agreement with it? If MJ is guilty of anything he will stand in judgement at a later date...and not before us. A jury of his peers has already spoken. In other words...GET OVER IT..!!!!!!
13. Be Careful What You Wish For
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (11.26.05)
Muslims around the world were justifiably proud when Boxing Champ Cassius Clay converted to Islam and took the name of Muhammad Ali. I can't imagine that too many Muslims are rushing to embrace this child-molesting, plastic surgery freak.
14. lol, this is where u belong to jacko!
15. Bahrain can have him
Zoharah ,   USA   (11.26.05)
I think the real truth will now come to light that this freak has been 'doin Cat Stevens, and that these two will now live happily ever after! On a more serious note, perhaps the US State Department should do some research to find out if any of his money is being funneled to terrorist organizations.
16. Lies about Michael Jackson
Space Cowgirl ,   New, York   (11.26.05)
You spread hatred without backing up with facts. According to the Law, you are giving false evidence against your neighbor and will be judged accordingly. Are you Really a descendent of Father Abraham? BTW: The woman who gave birth to Michael’s first two children is Jewish. In an interview with Jesse Jackson last year (after attending church services), Michael made it clear that he believes in Jehovah God and was thankful that he was raised in a house with a mother who prayed daily. For Immediate Release from Raymone Bain Tuesday, 15 November 2005 MICHAEL JACKSON HAS NOT PURCHASED ACREAGE ON AMWAJ ISLANDS IN BAHRAIN Washington, D.C. Contrary to published reports, Michael Jackson has not purchased acreage on Bahrain’s Amwaj Islands; his children have not participated on any studio recordings; and, Mr. Jackson has not put Neverland up for sale. Also contrary to published and broadcast reports today, Mr. Jackson mistakenly entered a ladies room in Dubai, labeled in Arabic, during an outing with friends. Upon realizing his mistake, he quickly exited. Upon his exit, he was recognized and a crowd ensued. He had to wait in a nearby bookstore until police arrived to escort him through the crowd. Please contact this office with regards to any inquiries regarding Mr. Jackson, in order to clarify any misinformation reported by sources. Source: Raymone Bain As for something so serious as a charge that a man is changing his religion, never mind how convenient the timing with the tapes, did you ask his representatives if it were true? Did you ask them for a response? Did you give them an opportunity? Wow to you brothers and sisters of Israel if you did not give justice and judge in truth and facts!
17. #5 Muslims in American prisons
MARK ,   USA   (11.26.05)
That religion is so peaceful ? The Muslim population in American prisons is growing at a very high rate. If the religion is so peaceful, Why are so many Muslims in prison? They are dangerous militant Muslims. The peaceful or liberal Muslims are not in America's prisons. They are the ones that want to promote real peace but the militant ones embrace terror and give the peaceful ones a bad name.
18. France's prison population has risen by 20 percent in the pa
MARK ,   USA   (11.26.05)
The proportion of Muslims in prison has been growing even faster, reflecting the relative youth of Europe's largely Muslim immigrants. Maybe that is the reason that there are so many "peaceful" riots going on in France.
19. MJ the suicide bomber - now that's a "king of pop"
mike ,   usa   (11.26.05)
it'll go something like this: kick leg, swing head, grab crotch, say 'whoooo', explode.
20. jews chop stuff off too, or didn't u know Mike?
Sam ,   Alquds, Palestine   (11.26.05)
It's called circumcision
21. if he where to convert to judiasim ,then he would have been
aa ,   london   (11.26.05)
more than welcomed by them, iam so sure...... so stop your critisisim.....
22. What is penalty in Bahrain?
lynne   (11.26.05)
I am just curious. What is the penalty for child molestors in Bahrain? If he is guilty, which personally I believe he is, most pedophiles will reoffend. It's compulsive, gross sexual behaviour and nothing to joke about. My friend's daughter was molested and it has ruined her life mentally as well as physically. She is such a beautiful girl too and it just makes me sick that this happened to her. Some people think MJ's guilty, some don't but God sees all and he will repay in full to those who hurt His little ones.
23. money is the target
fred ,   usa   (11.26.05)
well michael will convert to muslim just for money not because he wants to but he needs money and by converting to islam u gain money the more famous u are .mj is in for the money not for praying for mouhamed and i dont know who.michael is agenius too .
25. RE: Space Cowgirl
What are you, Michael Jackson's PR lady? And, btw.. It is my understanding that Jackson's wife, Deborah, is a blonde, blue-eyed WASP...(Can you prove otherwise?)...You shouldn't rely on what 'Miss Muslima' says, her Burkha has literally blinded her
26. Jacko
Shimshon   (11.26.05)
groupies tend to be agressive if confronted with the truth
27. #20 For Sam Michael Jackson's boy toy
Dani ,   Canada   (11.26.05)
Al Quds? You mean Jerusalem, Israel....don't you? Lay off the weed man because you are tripping! Or, are you on Michael's payroll, too?
28. Spacey Cowgirl
Andrew ,   Los Angeles, CA   (11.26.05)
Spacey Cowgirl...angry and delusional girls like you wind up on Sunset Blvd alone and destitute. Get help. You are as wacky as Jacky.
29. Put Wacko Jacko on the list
Zoharah ,   USA   (11.26.05)
And refuse his entry into Israel from this point on...even if Jacko has no where else to turn and is fleeing for his life after an Arab farmer in Bahrain accompanied by his whole village is trying to hunt Jacko down with a dangerous weapon after discovering Jacko molesting his favorite son under his favorite camel.
30. Jackson is a freak
Geoff Periakis ,   Undisclosed Location   (11.26.05)
"Closest to his personal beliefs"? I guess this would explain the paedophilia, too. P. Geoff
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