Israelis trained Kurds in Iraq
Anat Tal-Shir
Published: 01.12.05, 10:38
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31. Endangering Israeli lives
Rachel Grenadier ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (12.05.05)
Actually, this same subject came up last year after Seymour Hirsch published his article in the New Yorker Magazine. At that time I raised the same question about journalistic ethics and good reporting with him. I agree this article was counterproductive and could possibly endanger lives. Whenever the arabs anywhere feel threatened by things like independence (God forbid the Kurds should have their own country!) they raise the anti-Semitic call to arms and whip up a veritable feeding frenzy of hatred up in all their arabic language papers.
32. Reply to Marcus (Assyrian)
joseph ,   Canada   (12.05.05)
I guess I have to baby sit you for a while Yes it takes a simple unbiased search, and the ability to understand it I won’t take arguments from those sites that is sponsored by Assyrians, since they often tend to exaggerate I will take your argument, and your source about the arrival of Hurrians (you got that info from wikipedia, as far as I know). Although, there are other Archeological sources that confirms the existence of Hurrians in the region since 4300 BC Your all arguments is based on the arrival (i.e. whose first), and I won’t even argue about your nonsense, I quote you (you cannot claim a homeland for your people based on having a majority). Then who can ?? this is the main criteria that majority of world countries are based upon. The following are Info about the early history of Assyria from on line world encyclopedias quote “Strictly speaking, the use of the name "Assyria" ( a region that does not lend itself to precise geographic delineation). for the period before the latter half of the 2nd millennium BC is anachronistic; Assyria [as against the city-state of Ashur] did not become an independent state until about 1400 BC. In contrast to southern Mesopotamia or the mid-Euphrates region (Mari), written sources in Assyria do not begin until very late, shortly before Ur III note UR III period (The third dynasty was established when the king Ur-Nammu (or Urnammu) came to power, ruling between 2112 BC-2094 BC) Quote “In Assyria, inscriptions were composed in Akkadian from the beginning. Under Ur III, Ashur was a provincial capital. Assyria as a whole, however, is not likely to have been a permanently secured part of the empire, since two date formulas of Shulgi and Amar-Su'ena mention the destruction of Urbilum. Ideas of the population of Assyria in the 3rd millennium are necessarily very imprecise. It is not known how long Semitic tribes had been settled there. The inhabitants of southern Mesopotamia called Assyria Shubir in Sumerian and Subartu in Akkadian; these names may point to a Subarean population that was related to the Hurrians Note: Clearly mentions about the population, who were Hurrians, the name still survives in Kurdish tribal name Zibari, that are still located in the same region Quote Assyrian architecture, derived from a combination of Mitannian and Babylonian influences. The palaces often had colourful wall decorations. The art of seal cutting, taken largely from Mitanni Babylonian works of literature were assimilated into Assyrian, often reworked into a different form The Hurrian tradition remained strong in the military and political sphere while at the same time influencing the vocabulary of language. Note Mitani: one of the Hurrian nation Quote This region seems to have been ruled from Sumer, Akkad, and northern Babylonia in its earliest stages, and being governed as part of the Empire of the 3rd dynasty of Ur. Assyria as an independent kingdom was perhaps founded ca. 1900 BC by Bel-kap-kapu. you can summarize, *written sources in Assyria do not begin until very late, shortly before Ur III (i.e 2100 BC) *sources that mentioned about Assyria by The inhabitants of southern Mesopotamia called Assyria Subartu ( Hurrian). *assyria as an independent Kingdom was founded only at 1900 BC by Bel-kap-kapu, and by taking your argument that Hurrians came in period 2500BC, although other sources relate as far as 4300 BC. Your theory just falls apart Regarding Hurrian relation to Kurds: that is another topic. however The fundamental legacy of the Hurrians to the present culture of the Kurds is manifest in the realm of religion, mythology, martial arts, and even genetics. Nearly two-thirds of Kurdish tribal, topological and urban names are of Hurrian origin: Buhtan, Talaban, Jelali, Barzan; Mardin, Ziwiya and Dinawar, to name a few. Verify your facts before posting them, instead of lies, deceit and misinformation.
33. To Rachel
Joseph ,   Canada   (12.05.05)
God bless you
34. Assyrians
Marcus ,   Montreal,Canada   (12.06.05)
I would like to start off by saying that you will hardly ever find any source that is completely unbiased. However according to you, the only sources that are not biased appear to be Kurdish ones. Therefore I will not get into that argument with you, it's a waste of time. I will say one thing though - the history of Iraq is well documented and that of the Assyrian civilization is extremely well documented. The Kurds are just going on a rampage to Kurdify the region and try to re-write history. It's sad but I don't like to waste my time with these sort of things - these things arise from insecurity. I am a proud Assyrian and I know my heritage - I don't need to prove it. Have a good day...
35. Kurdish Israeli friendship is not new ..
Brusk ,   Kurdistan   (12.09.05)
Speaking of the Kurdish Israeli Freindship Actually it is not something new , Going back to the past, Kurds Lived peacfully with Jewish and they worked Together to spread Freedom and Democracy In the region , I think both side as a manority should be carefull and work hard to prevent any Enemys who always want to destabilize Their Lands and Rights ,Every Nation in this world has a Right to Secure its People , Lands, and Cultures .Working together is not a crime ...
36. #28
Yoav Ben Zakai ,   Dimona, Israel   (12.17.05)
There is no doubt in my mind that you are not a Jew despite choosing a Jewish name. However even if you are one you must be an idiot one (I recommend you move out from Dimona, too much radiation):). Funny, wahid Kurdi who has no country telling me i'm not a Jew. Go get a country first...
37. Repl to kurnaz and tayfun from Turkey
Cebrail ,   Switzerland   (12.23.05)
38. Repl to kurnaz and tayfun from Turkey
Cebrail ,   Switzerland   (12.23.05)
I don’t know why you said that Kurdish ruins turkey because most of Kurdish cities are condemned by the Turkish government, when the west every part of the country has help of the government the kurdish est part have no help, it means no school no road, no sometimes no water... because all the money is spent for the army for nothing! Or.... yes I see it’s used to oppress Kurdish villages and to commit atrocities by turkish and you said Kurdish ruins you! I don’t understand my only explanation is: you have to be racist because Turkish ruins them. And mister tayfun what do you want to say to Israelis people when you say: Turks are not "ideal" enemies for jews... Please, don't play with fire... It’s a blackmail because you want to terrorise jewish people but why? Are you looking for hiding the past of Kurdish people? You cannot! And what about the free expression of people ! Turkey cannot improve it self with this kind of opinion…
39. kurd
ozdemir ,   Turkey   (05.10.06)
Before thus saying wretched thing reflechise, Turkish government N A jamait condemned Kurdish it condemn itself had same, it N test same step to low plant a tree it. These for that that we ask you why you wanted, to hear you with Kurdish.
40. You'll pay it badly
Caesar ,   Tel Aviv   (06.23.06)
in fact Israelis sold Turkey and kinda hit from back. however Israel will pay it badly. It'll really hurt israel. Israel needs Turkey almost forever in the terrority. You Israelis are making a big mistake. Prepare yourself... Mossad must to watch it's steps.. We do follow/know whatever the DUMB Mossad does... We created an unit against Mossad; "The Mossad Watch"
41. what you call kurdistan l call TURKMENİYE
Bahadır ,   istanbul   (06.24.06)
42. jewish-kurdish relations
nazari ,   amsterdam   (06.26.06)
the best way to stabilize the middle east ,is to have a triangle cooperation among the kurds,usa and israel.
43. Kurds, Jews, Palestinian, Arabs = Semite
Amir Al-Safir ,   Lebanon   (08.13.06)
Dear all, Its a melting pot amalgam that is fractionating into its new elemnts in this modern day. Ones the mixture starts to dry (meaning no tangible synchrony among the parties), the mixture will eventually settle to the bottom of the pot and eventually dry and cracks into this modern day fractions that we are now seeing in the form as Kurds, jews, arabs who are all semites to begin with. Read articles from Nature Genetics five years ago that describes the Jews and Palastenians as the closest in genetic make up. Salam/Shalom
44. Stabilizing MiddleEast/MENA
Amir Al-safir ,   Lebanon   (08.13.06)
You cann't stabilize MENA with Israel left outside the circle. Israel today does not consider itself part and parcel of MENA and its understandible why its so. Once the dust settles and peace is established, Israel will have to be brought in as part of the MENA culture. There is no escape from this. Israel is on I.V. now and has been since its inception. It has to get out of the I.V. life support and be a partner in MENA. Otherwise, if all the parties remain hostile to each other, and for reasons we all know , then, I am afraid to say, Israel will be an example of how History works. Folks, Please Know the History of MENA and you'll get my drift. Salam/Shalom
45. Kurdistan and its future
Amir Al-Safir ,   Lebanon   (08.13.06)
Dear all, The kurds were left out of the Emperial Western Map at the onset of the deal established with the falling Ottoman Empire. Kurdistan came very close to being carved out on the map of MENA. And today, the kurds, and rightfully so, are part of several geopolitical regions including Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Iran. None of these countries are willing to give up part of its teritory. Read to what extent Turkey has to go to curb the kurds call for independence. They even outlawed their language to be spoken.. ethnic cleansing I say.. The Exception, a good example is when each of these countries fall into a weak political confusion, Iraq in place, do we see the opportunity for Kurdistan state to start taking shape. I support Kurdistan state, but it will be "very difficult" to create one under the current political situation. Arabs will not allow Iraq to split into cantonized regions, and for known reasons. Iran and Turkey are deffinetly not willing to lend their support. Syria, have the smallest patch of kurdish enclave and they are keeping quite and staying out of it. And the story goes.... Salam/Shalom
46. Yezidi Religion Original of Kurds
Jamal ,   Netherlands   (08.27.06)
As you know yezidi is a relegion that exist in Northern Irak, its shrine calls Lalish. In Persian era the Medes adopted that relegion from Persians. So as you see its older relegion. So Arabs Kurdish Muslims and Turkmans Most show some respect !!!
47. In reply to Mittani from Kurdistan
Benjamin ,   Australia   (06.08.09)
Assyrians do exist!, It is you the Kurds who do not exist, you people do not even have history, what have you and your people done to this world rather than kill thousands of innocent Assyrians in Northern Iraq, that has been your plan since 1918 to drive out the Assyrians so you can claim rights over the Northern Iraq lands. I am an Israeli Jew and I even know history. Northern Iraq, is Assyrian lands. Assyrians do exist, they still speak Aramaic, They are always attacked by Kurds in the North so that they can drive them out of Iraq.
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