Sharon: Israel will not accept nuclear Iran
Ronny Sofer
Published: 01.12.05, 13:28
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1. double standards
Nabulsi   (12.01.05)
Lets have a nuclear-weapon free world. No one should have this kind of weapon. Stop the nonsense ... stop the double standards
2. appeasing Islam ?
Marcel ,   Florida   (12.01.05)
A look thru history reveals what Sharon's appeasment with the front line islamic armies (pal's) will bring. How foolish of Sharon and so many Israeli's to assume moslems think liike he does and really want peace. It's possible that much of Israel is incapabable of waking up and understanding the cost of their appeasment and surrender to this most dangerous threat.
3. double standards
Huck Finn ,   Hannibal, MO   (12.01.05)
That would be nice, Nabulsi. But as long as there are evil people in the world, the rest of the world must be prepared to defeat them. Iran, though less competent, is every bit as evil as Nazi Germany. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that Iran, with its huge reserves of natural gas, does not need nuclear technology for energy production. Plus, Iran has been saying for 20+ years it plans to finish the job its idol Adolph Hitler started. Thus, the Islamo-fascist slogan "Death to Israel." Hopefully, the US and/or Israel will come to their senses and realize that being "referred to the UN Security Council" will have no material effect on the Axis of Evil's leader, Iran. Only a massive military strike based on solid intelligence, coupled with threats to grind Iran into hamburger meat if it responds with a wave of jihad genocide terrorist attacks, can prevent a world war with tens of millions of dead. Imagine if the Islamo-Nazis did nuke Tel Aviv...
4. To 1
Shai ,   Israel   (12.01.05)
If only Iran would take upon itself the same obligations as normal nations, there wouldn't be a need to apply a double standard. 1) obligation to allow and encourage negotiated peace settlements rather than inflame insurgencies. 2) obligation not to threaten the existence of another state, as it does with Israel. Talk to us about double standards when Iran takes upon itself reciprocal obligations.
5. Agree with Nabulsi.
Uzziel   (12.01.05)
Lets not have double standards. Every nation that wants to have nuclear weapons should first become a democracy. This way, as it never been an armed conflict between two democracies, having nuclear weapons would be pointless. In the meantime, nations explicitly threatened with annihilation like a democracy as Israel is, should take any precaution not to be "swept from the map" by Islamo-nazi tyranies like Iran. Including denying these countries to have nuclear weapons. And every citizen of the free and democratic world should back this stance.
6. I'm for hitting iran hard...
Yakir ,   Swiss   (12.01.05) bring down their (unjustified-) pride a little bit.
7. They're shivering fatboy. Hizbullah is not afraid of you.
Also Iran.
8. Thanks Mr. Sharon!
Abdullah ,   Kuwait City, Kuwait   (12.01.05)
for your warm carring about the security of Iran's neighbors but as much as we do not want to see a nuclear enabled Iran we too do not want to live with nuclear enabled Israel! Rid the entire area of nuclear weapons or be quiet about wanting others to join the nuclear party! There is two ways to stop nuclear winter in the middle east: 1) Rid all middle eastern nations of nuclear weapons. 2) Arm all middle eastern nations with nuclear weapons. Be my guest and choose one option, although I recommmend you to go with the first one for the sake of your and our peoples!
9. #5
iran and democracy......? lol! good joke
10. #5
Yakir ,   Swiss   (12.01.05)
iran's democracy is =equal= dictatorship
11. #7
Yakir ,   Swiss   (12.01.05)
neither are we, and guess who's gonna win after all...... ;o) stupid mofo
12. free nuclear I...ran and free neuclear I...srael
the zionists who rule Isreal from under the table are not less dangrous than those Ayat Allah who ruls Iran from under and over the table in Iran ... Israel with it's nuclear arsenal is giving the reason to all the other countries around in the Middle East to build a nuclear arsnal too ... but if Israel would axept to distroy it's nuclear arsneal like this America and the EU will not think tow times to punish any country trying to build such arsenal , Israel is the first in the area who did it and has to be the first who destroy it ... no other choice to avoid such problem
13. Israel .. again.
Ok, here you go, Israel since 1967 did achieve nothing. They are nuclear, but could not beat the children of palestine!! History says: 1- Israel lost 1973 war, and was forced out of Sinai. 2- Israel cracked under the 1987 Intifada (without which it would have never thought about Oslo or even considered the idea palestinians exist!) and signed Oslo. 3- in 2000, Israel Unilaterally left lebanon (not for the sake of peace because if so, it would have talked to Hizbollah). And Israel did not leave Lebanon because Hizbullah was giving them flowers day and night! 4- in 2005, Israel left Gaza, again and again, because of the 2000 uprising. Israel did NOT leave because Palestinians gave them candies during the day, and fine dinners at night!! 5- in 1981, Israel invaded lebanon, and thought they could stay, but ... unfortunately, palestinians and lebanese did not give them pocket money, only bullets and artillery. Israel left and cowardly couple of years later did the Sabra and Chatilla massacre against Civilians. Poor Israel! a bastard like Osama bin laden on his own made USA lose its nerves, values, ethics, morals, way of life, freedom of speech. USA is behaving like a foolish stunned drunken idiot! After all, we go and accuse Muslims and Arabs for the killings. Don't we have statistics? Iran did not kill thousands in Heroshima and Nagazaki. Iran did not kill millions in stupid wars like in Europe. Iran did not kill all the Indians and took their lands. Iran did not invade people's countries. You guys here on this website are all hypocrites. Live in your own world, no-one believes you. All know the truth, even you, but you chose to reject it, to veil your eyes like ostrichs. Get a life!
14. Sooner or Later
Wise Man ,   USA   (12.01.05)
Look how Israel is runing out of Sinai, Lebanon, The west bank and gaza. Sooner or later you will run out of land . You do not belomg to the middle east.You go back to Europe and north america where you belong. I understand you been hated thru out the history in Europe and else where. But let me make it clear to you.YOU ARE HATED IN THE MIDDLE EAST TOO.
15. to nabulsi
maria ,   jerusalem   (12.01.05)
please my dear friend let speake about nabilsi soap nabilsi kenafa and zalabia and let the iranian and israilian speake about nuclear bomb at least we will never have it and if iran hit israil it is not becouse of our right but becouse israil may hit iranian so let us with the kunafa best
16. to all
Yakir ,   Swiss   (12.01.05)
you guys talk stuff... it's realy funny i must admit... and now: compare your words with the truth... and what comes out? it's all diffrent. lol, you guys realy believe to all the bullsh*t coming out of your mouth... the jews are >loved< in europe exept by the muslims, and guess what. muslims are hated everywhere... this is the truth that you just can't face. then you come to jewish forums battle back to get off your anger saying envy... you have a big problem dudes, take a chill pill and wake up soon from your dream. lol, let's see what the future brings and who'll be laughing in the end, aight? ;-) shalom!
18. # 14 adaaaaaa dude lets have some of this stuff your smoking
aa ,   london   (12.01.05)
19. to 16
it seams you are living somewhere behind the moon , i live in switzerland too and i can tell how much the people here hate the Jews , go in the streets and ask and you have enough courage come and tell us what they told you , if you to speake about the swiss people that they hate the moslems so you are wrong but the swiss they hate those Moslems who came from Kosovo because most of the crime in the last 15 years made by people from them not more , and if you are trying to convience your self that the Jews are loved in Europe so you are dreaming because it's very known that europe never liked the Jews not before not now and that's why they sent them to the Middle East to get rid of them not because they liked them , look at your Orthodox in Zuerich oder in Geneva how they live like robots comeing from another planet and look how the swiss people laughing about them , seams you are an ignorant or just Moslems hater i am not Moslem and i am swiss and i can tell that you are a big laier and the chill pill you know where you have to put it
20. I agree with statement #12, there is no other choice.
Omega ,   NY<USA   (12.01.05)
As a born-citizen of the current superpower, I am apalled by the double standards set by our leaders. To possess nuclear arms then forbid others to do the same is not only hypocritical, but also provocatory. To possess a great evil and attempt to contain it is impossible, contamination is inevitable. As Israel was "patient zero" and must be the first to disarm/defuse the nuclear arms fevor, so must America do. We must acknowledge that since we were the first to have given birth to the greatest evil known to man, we must be the first to strike it down, before it conumes all of us. To award one sibling and punish the other for doing the exact same thing is to be biased. As long as even one nuke exists in any country, there can never be peace. If Israel truly desires to see a nuclear free Middle East then Israel must lead by example. If USA truly desires to see a nuclear arms-free world, then as the superpower we are obligated to all peoples of the world to lead by example. There is no other choice to prevent and/or end any type of nuclear arms race. There are no other alternatives.
21. Nuclear proliferation
Mark Baker ,   Globe, USA   (12.02.05)
I do not accept a nuclear Israel or Sharon's hypocritical statements.
22. Nabulsi, Wiseman, Annon., Abdullah
Jane ,   New York   (12.01.05)
What proud and assertive speeches! How full of confidence! No sense of reality or truth. Empty blah, blah. That's your biggest problem and until you confront it, you will remain in the year 700.
23. to add to #12
J.E. ,   USA   (12.01.05)
Yes, something so evil should never have been allowed to be born. We gave birth to this evil, we must take the lead in destroying it everywhere it exists, even on our own soil.
24. No More Wars for Israel
Gary Hansen ,   Sevierville, USA   (12.02.05)
I agree with Mr. Baker. Americans are being used as canon fodder in Iraq to fight Israel's enemies. Syria and Iran are in the crosshairs and its only a matter of time we engage these two sovereign countries who have never threatened the US or anyone else.
25. just like Lebanon, Yakir?
Yanir ,   Swiss   (12.02.05)
Just like u won in Lebanon Yakir when you were chased out with your tail between your legs.
26. not like Lebanon because its an election year...
go on then have a look in the history books...oh, alright I'll save you the trouble. Mr. Begin ordered the successful bombing of the Iraqi Nuclear Reactor in 1981 right there in the middle of an election campaign. IAF did an excellent job and zapped the reactor and giving Mr. Begin a huge winning margin in the elections. So, I'll say that Mr. Sharon remembers this and is preparing to do the same exact thing -- he'll order an IAF mission that will bomb the "beJesus" out of the Iranian reactors and give him a win at the polls. Don't believe me? ok! Let's just wait for it.
27. Gary Hansen + the arab settlers..
Uzziel   (12.02.05)
Gary Hansen, maybe you are too young to remember the kidnapping of the American Embassy staff in Tahran in the seventies. Maybe you are too misinformed not to know the material and logistical support Iran offers to the terrorists who kill your soldiers everyday, with explosives "made in Iran"... As for Syria, they have harbored endless quantities of terrorists that killed and maimed scores of US citizens, and by US citizens I don t mean Israelis with dual citizens, but "real" American citizens of your taste... And it is beyond me why some arab settlers intervene in this issue between two sovereign states like Iran and Israel. Come on, go to work, to the school, or smoke narguile you tembel settlers.
28. Islamic soldiers running shoeless in the desert....
Hiram ,   tel aviv   (12.05.05)
I remember vividly footage of some "islamic" army running shoeless in the desert when facing some other army in a recent war.....What made them do that ? Iran and Hizbullah may not be running shoeless, but believe me, they will run....The kind of militia operating in Lebanon are lacking one important thing ( Like many other Islamic militiae) : courage. As for Intelligence we wll know what to think.....!
29. Vanaunu
Kennet Ekfeldt ,   Ume?   (12.06.05)
Remember the brave man who told the world about Israel nukes? Mr Vanaunu spend years in prison. So, how hypocritical can Israel politicians bee?
30. World will accept Nuclear-free ME
Rahath ,   Troy, MI USA   (12.10.05)
World will accept nuclear-free middle east including Iran and Israel.
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