PM: I offered Peres any role he desires
Ronny Sofer
Published: 04.12.05, 14:47
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1. If only arafat were alive to help them give away Israel.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (12.04.05)
2. What if Peres wants to be PM?
Logic ,   Israel   (12.04.05)
Will Sharon agree?
3. Cream of the Crop
Marcel ,   Florida   (12.04.05)
This is the best leadership for Israel ? A corupt, appeaser who bows to foreign agenda's which weaken and threaten Israel's existence and his narcissistic side kick ? It's quite revealing of Israel's spiritual condition. The malaise is deep and there is no cure but more of the same poison flows thru the body politic , slowly killing the very ill patient. It wil no longer be more of the same under Sharon ,Peres ,it will get extremely worse.
4. Kol hakavod
Michael Steiner ,   Praha, EU   (12.04.05)
Both Dr. Sharon and Shimon have enormous courage and selflessness. Arik took a huge risk when he decided to bolt the so-called Liqud; it could have been a tremendous flop. And yet, he read the Israeli public, which is sick of blind ideology and intransigence, and is coming successful yet again. A hero in war and a hero in peace. As for Shimon, at the twilight of his career and life, he left his spiritual home and joined a project in which he will always be Number Two. Both men did it because they have ALWAYS put Israel ahead of personal interests and ambitions. They fought like lions in our wars; now they are fighting again against stubborn idiots in Israel itself to achieve peace. They both deserve our eternal gratitute and admiration. Arik - Melekh Yisrael!
5. I have only 1 word
David ,   Israel   (12.04.05)
Political Coruptness. ( if i spelled it wrong , u know what i mean))
6. Re: Kol hakavod
Kate ,   London   (12.04.05)
Michael Steiner writes: "As for Shimon, at the twilight of his career and life, he left his spiritual home and joined a project in which he will always be Number Two" What for Shimon Peres is a twilight, at least in terms of his career, virtually everyone else would be exceedingly fortunate to have as an apex. For Israel to reject Sharon and Peres and instead put Peretz in power would be rather like Chelsea rejecting the services of Rooney and Beckham in favour of Jack Ross. Who is Jack Ross? Exactly. Bis hundert und zwanzig to Peres!
7. #5 - That's two words!!!
Anthony ,   London   (12.04.05)
8. There Are Ways To Stop These Two
Adina Kutnicki ,   NJ,US   (12.04.05)
It is truly astounding that after Peres brought such a disaster on the country from his lead in Oslo, that Sharon has no shame in offering him ANY position, and in saying that both their visions are the same. This report vindicates all those on the right who said that Sharon was always a closet leftie, waiting for the right time to pounce. These two old people will yet drag the country down the abyss. They will have given away half of our Jewish patrimony on their obsessive quest for "peace" of the grave, and in the interim will have left their families fortunes from their "peace" deals. A people that willingly allows this to happen and does nothing to stop it deserves what they get.
9. #6: Chelsea FC and money laundering to success!
accessol ,   Spelthorne, England   (12.04.05)
Presumably that team is chosen as as a metaphor for Israel because it is now in the hands of a corrupt billionaire. And Beckam and Rooney I guess because they are constantly in trouble with the ref for fouling and breaking the rules and similarly with their dear wives.
11. Response to Accessol
Kate ,   London   (12.04.05)
It sounds very much as if you have been seeking inspiration yet again from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. No prizes for guessing why that is no suprise to any of us. In any event, I can assure you that your dislike of the Jewish state doesn't even come close to my hatred of Perfidious Albion, this anti-Semitic and second-rate nation which we both unfortunately call home.
12. Kate, you're my kind of woman. *HUG*
Michael Steiner   (12.04.05)
13. #8 and what ways are those? can they b applied 2 u 2?
14. To # 13 & # 8 - The Two Whose Shorts are In Knots
Adina Kutnicki ,   Nj   (12.04.05)
To # 13 and # 8 - there are many ways to neutralize dangers. Bringing up the bogeyman of political assasination won't stop me from saying that these two dangerous fools need to be stopped. My oh my, the sainted Rabin's name has been invoked. Have you ever thought of a real Orange revolution like the effective one in the Ukraine? Not like the touchy feely one that failed to achieve its goals before expulsion. I am talking about surrounding the Knesset until they have NO option but to get them out of office. What are your brilliant recommendations? Perhaps to wait until all the coastal cities are also in rocket range? The fence stops a bomber from getting through. It does nothing against missiles and rockets, and you both should know this.
15. #14
MS ,   EU   (12.05.05)
:)) Gee, you're funny, Adina. You ommited one tiny detail in your "orange revolution" scenario: Kuchma, Yanukovich and their goons had rigged the elections, and the majority of the people were squarely behind Yushchenko. THAT's why the revolution was successful. In haAretz the majority of Israelis are behind Dr. Sharon and his people, as well as his vision for the future so get real. The only revolution that might happen would be in New Jersey. But I doubt it.
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