Iran threatens counter-strike
Roee Nahmias
Published: 04.12.05, 22:39
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1. Screw you, Ahmadinejad!!!
Michael Steiner ,   Praha, EU   (12.04.05)
People who know me on this site are well aware that I detest needless violence or national arrogance. But this little piece of excrement will NOT call for the destruction of my only real home, work toward acquiring the means to do it and make such haughty remarks--and do it all with impunity while the rest of the world pussyfoots about, conducts mindless aggressions elsewhere (Iraq) and even aids this ben kelev!!! He has to be taken care of, and fast. Forget doing an Osirak, drop a daisy cutter on his "palace." I bet this mo-fo would soil his pants even if we made a sonic boom above Teh'ran. Enough is enough!
2. Iranian project
not to late to attack
3. The moslems always confusing cause and consecuences.
Uzziel   (12.04.05)
As usual they are the ones starting an agression and now they adopt the stance of the offended. They are hypocrites but it is Western world the real culprit.
4. The Iranian threat
Dave ,   new york   (12.05.05)
Iran has the world's second largest proven reserves of oil, second only to Saudi Arabia. Any argument that the purpose of nuclear development is to free up more oil for export falls on its face, simply because the cost of developing the nuclear infrastructure dwarfs the marginal benefit of shipping out more petroleum. Add in the facts that Iran has supported global terrorism for over a quarter of a century, harbors Al Qaeda, has missles capable of hitting any point in the middle east, and actually subscribes to the destruction of Israel as a policy, not a slogan, and the magnitude of the threat becomes very clear. Nor is it clear that the logic of mutual deterrence would work - any more than the normal tendency to self preservation doesn't deter a suicide bomber. This is the greatest existential threat we have faced since Hitler. As with Nazi Germany, diplomacy will fail here as well. When the time for military action comes, as it must, I only pray that Israel won't have to go it alone. But if history is a teacher, it will.
5. Inevitable Collision Course
Marcel ,   Florida   (12.05.05)
Both Ships are heading for each other and the U.N. ,U.S. & E.U. are powerless to stop the coming conflict . Iran driven by fanatical Islam's quest to dominate and destroy will not be swayed by sanctions or all the combined power on the earth. What many are forgetting is that Russia will not stand idly by as they did with Iraq and are even now preparing and arming their clients in the area. A fatal mistake for Israel would be to follow. Yossi Beilin's advice and rely on the U.S.
6. Only diplomaticy work
SAVAG ,   Berlin, Germany   (12.05.05)
violence don't work with Iran, we should try to build bridges between the west and Iran. any moove can be harmfull for the world
7. That is the finger he uses when his camel is constipated.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (12.05.05)
8. Do you honestly think he's a threat?
Gil ,   Tel Aviv   (12.05.05)
The man's a total moron. I would be more scared if he didn't say the crap he says... he sound s like some sort of typical "Arse" guy arguing on the street corner in Tel Aviv... If he was serious or of any real danger then he wouldn't be talking he'd be acting. Lets see when the gloves come off who wins this little battle.... the professional, highly trained heavy weight Tyson.... or the barking dog?
9. Nazi Germany then, Isreal now
Stephen, S ,   Toronto, US   (12.05.05)
Israel's end is nearing. Nazi Germany was a super power in the region at that time and was defeated not by sophisticated weapons but mostly by a determined and a resolute people. Palestinians are doing the same. Iran's nuclear capabilities will only hasten the end.
10. German dhimmitude
Michael ,   Montreal, Canada   (12.05.05)
I'm hardly surprised that Savag is against violence. He believes that the only way to stop jihad is to give in to it. Unfortunately, he and many others in the EU are suffering from "elephant in the room" geopolitical blindness, trying so very hard to dismiss Iran's intentions of destroying Israel. The Iranian terrorist leader made clear his intentions, and yet we're expected to continue this charade and negotiate? We don't need to play the role of Neville Chaimberlain again. Iran simply needs to be stopped before it poses a global threat to innocent life.
11. I don't have an answer
Howard ,   Pacific Coast, USA   (12.05.05)
There are times when those of us living overseas should simply BUTT OUT and let Israelis decide what Israel should do. Unlike the PA, Iranian nuclear weapons pose an existential threat to Israel. Israelis, and not people in the US or the EU, are the immediate targets of Iranian WMDs, and they, and not we, have difficult choices to make. I don't have an answer to this. What I do know is that Jews should do everything possible to pressure Russia hard to stop protecting this rabid dog from the UNSC. The US is not going to attack Iran, whatever we think about that. I honestly don't see any other answer so long as Iran's current government remains in place.
12. Violence and Iran
Harry Grunstein ,   Montreal Canada   (12.05.05)
As I recall the last such diplomatic effort to appease a nation with a dagger clenched in it's teeth , was when Britain's Prime Minister Chamberlain tried to avoid a war with Germany by handing the Nazis Slovakia on a silver platter
13. Dangerous Times
Steven ,   United Kingdom   (12.05.05)
Things are getting out of control, it is time that some sort of action is taken. The majority does not need to support action. The world community has never supported Israeli action. THe UN calls Israel an agressor for the 6 day war, when it is all too clear that if Israel did not pre-empt against its attackers, there would be no Israel today. It takes too long and too much effort to convince the world of harsh realities. Something has to be done.
14. Noble Words
Steven ,   UK   (12.05.05)
Savag, you have noble and hopeful words. I respect that. Someome you remind me of Neville Chamberlin just before WW2. "Peace in our time". It is a wonderful hope to have, but at the same time, you can not shy away from reality and as diplomacy has yet to yeald any results, action must be taken. Just as Dave said, I hope Israel doesnt have to do it alone.
15. #10
Steven ,   United Kingdom   (12.05.05)
I had no idea that anyone else had compared Savag to Neville Chamberlin. It is clear to anyone with ears or eyes that Iran has always stood for the destruction of Israel and has even recently vocalised that goal. Israel should be able to take off its boxing gloves and go in, bare knuckle and give Iran what it has been asking for. The sad thing is, there are innocent people who will be caught in the crossfire.
16. Stephen, S, Toronto.
Steven ,   United Kingdom   (12.05.05)
Do not, compare, Israel, to Nazi Germany. Israel is built on the foundation of equality, free speech and religious expression. You can pratice more religions in Israel than you can in America. Israel's deomcratic system is based on proportional representation, far more representative than America's own democracy. Comparable to Nazi Germany? I wonder whay Hitler would have done if there were people in his country who were trying to destroy his third reich? Kill every one of them. If Israel wanted to kill the palestinians, they have the capablity and have had the means to do so. If Israel did decide to commit mass genocide that would simplify the problem. The reality is that Isreal has always wanted the residing arabic population to be peaceful and productive partners. Before each of the wars, initiated each time by surrounding arab countries, the arab resitents were told to leave. At this point, Israel repeatedly asked them to stay to the point of begging them, always promising to ensure their security. Those who left, sadly decided their own fait. A quarter of Israel's population could call themselves "Palestinian" by global media standards, and they fight with the Israeli army. Use your head you nit-twit. I suggest to you, Go and visit Israel before you open your mouth and I also suggest you actually study to get your facts straight.
17. Re: Only diplomacy work
Alex ,   Israel   (12.05.05)
Dear SAVAG Diplomacy could, probably, work between today's Germany and The Netherlands. Radical zealots are only able to use rules of dyplomacy to cheat on the opponent. It's not for you and me to go on these bazaar talks. The question today is definitely not "How to live in peace with Iran?" but "Who will remain to live after the battle?". The more you would wait, the more chances are that the answer wil be "Not me and my children". And, frankly, I do not like that much.
18. Ahmadinejad is just crazy
Gil ,   Sdeh Boker   (12.05.05)
this guy is nuts, and he's packing the regime of ppl like him. iran is being lead by a bunch of lunatics! someone do something!
19. Judaism must reject Zionism
richard Hitchings ,   methil   (12.05.05)
I cant imagine why Israel wants to wind up Iran.....The US cant help as it already is fighting a war that it is loosing every day........ Best Israel can do is make peace with all its Arab cousins.... A Joint Palestinian/ Israe Jews must turn away from zionism in order to survivel
20. To Richard Hitchings
NYC Girl   (12.05.05)
Some of you Brits really give me a royal pain. Start coming up with a better solution than your "Judaism must reject Zionism" crap. There are a lot of us atheists who are Zionists precisely because of racists like you.
21. we against war with Iran
David ,   Tel Aviv   (12.05.05)
Why the war with Iran,we tired from wars.
22. F16 soufas
TRUMPELDOR ,   eurabia   (12.05.05)
F16s soufas + cruise missiles will do the job
23. Very concerned
Micha ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.05.05)
As an Israeli I am very concerned about the threat from Iran. I believe their leader has enough hatred and insanity to actually use a nuclear bomb against Israel, heaven forbid. The fact that large numbers of Muslims would also be killed would not bother him. It was the same with Hitler who didn’t care about Germans dying as long as he achieved his evil objectives. It seems that Israel stands alone and that no one really cares what happens to us as long as it doesn’t affect them. But the world should know that Iran won’t stop at merely destroying Israel. I don’t understand why there is so much hate in the world. Why can’t people accept and understand the great ethical principles of the Hebrew Prophets: • To love thy neighbour as thyself (Lev. 19:18) • Not to hate thy brother in thy heart (Lev. 19:17) • To behave with justice, loving kindness and humility (Micha 6:8)
24. Islamic gesticulations
Hiram ,   tel aviv   (12.05.05)
The Islamic gesticulation of Mahmoud shows that he has not understood either the reality of his situation nor the balance of powers. Iran cannot launch any military activity short of being occupied within 24 hours. This is not an impossible scenario. Europe AND the US have enough with the kind of dicatorship that emeregtn countries under Islamic control try to impose upon their people. The verbiage using "zionist authorities" expression dates a lot... Whoever today is using this kind of word underlines its fanaticism. We know how to deal with fanatics.
25. There are many people in Europe...
B. Oker ,   Germany   (12.05.05) well that are afraid of the obvious intentions of the Iranian ruling clique. Iran is a threat to Europe. Does nobody look at history any more? The aggressive Iranian plans have to be stopped in time. Question is who is going to tell our governments? BO
26. reaction
alan ,   san francisco   (12.05.05)
The generation in school now is not required to read about how the world capitulated to Hitler at Munich. This bozo in Iran is another Hitler. He wants to kill all the Jews, he wants to put the world under Islamic control. Russia as before WWII is also assisting the dictator now. We in America are well aware of our historic duty to rid the world of this mad man as we failed to take on Hitler before WWII. President Bush we want unconditional surrender of the Iranians of all their nukes. Other wise, let us bomb the bejesus out of Iran-- Russian defensive missles that can take out an F16 or crusise missle or no. And let's make the Russian missles our first target. No more Mr Nice guy with the Russians or Iran
27. Let Iran have the bomb
daniel ,   Amsterdam   (12.05.05)
I think Iran should get nuclear weapons asap. Each Ahmadinejad threatens to whipe Israel off the map, I smile. How do you think those threats make Palestinians feel? Do you think they will stay put once Iran gets the bomb? They fear those radical Islamists more than anyone else: Palestinians can see the suicidal urge in the eyes of their own indoctrinated children. Can anyone really be sure Iran won't use this weapon as long as there are millions of Arabs in and around Israel? Better get the heck out of there while you still can. This solves the demographic problem. I think Iran will make a lot of threats but won't actually nuke Israel because they know what our response will be. The essence of being in power is to remain in power, I doubt that the leaders of Iran will choose suicide. They won't say it nor will they admit they can't use this weapon because that would make them look weak. So they will talk the talk but they won't actually walk that walk. The reason why they want atom bombs is because once they have them the Iranian regime is untouchable. The reason why they need to be untouchable is because they want to make use of a far more effective weapon which they can use against Israel, Europe and the US without fearing total destruction themselves. That weapon is the suicide bomber. And all signs indicate that Iran plans a terror offensive once they are protected by a nuclear umbrella. This same terror offensive was what Ahmadinejad was speaking about when he said Israel should be whiped off the map. Once the Iranians get the bomb, there won't be any need to hide Iranian involvement in all those Islamic terror organisations. Iran will be free to support them openly and they will be free to escalate the war against the West. Nobody will be able to invade Iran or threaten it with sanctions thanks to their nuclear protection and their Oil influence. We will be financing our own destruction. Expect an Iran which openly wages war against the west while they feel secure and safe. The good news for Israel will be that -thanks to the Palestinians- we know how to deal with a terror offensive. Europe however will be extremely vulnerable. There are millions of Muslims in Europe and ten of thousands of Muslim extremists willing to participate in such a war. There is no protection in Europe possible against such an onslaught. Remember the news item about that Dutch Muslim who wanted to blow up an El Al Plane? Well according to the law in Holland you are -or untill very recenlty were- allowed to make such plans. You just weren't allowed to actually put them into practice. Samir Azzouz cannot be convicted for planning to shoot down an airplane or blow up the nuclear power plant at Borsele because it is not illegal to make such plans. The Dutch authorities had to let him go so that he can try again untill he succeeds. This is the law in Holland, 5 years after 9/11 and one year after Theo Van Gogh. Holland is ignoring the problem, Europe ignores it too. As of yet, Europe refuses to acknowlegde that Hezbolla is a terror organisation. Once Iran gets the bomb, I expect all hell to break loose but not in Israel.
28. #26
B. Oker ,   Germany   (12.05.05)
I agree. But, in order to keep the damage low (in our places, not in Iran) this needs to be a concerted action of US, Israel AND Europe. Only then success is ensured. But I am skeptical that the Europeans will realize this in time. They didn't realize the dangers in Chamberlain's time, and also this time they do not seem to understand... BO
29. Hot air
Ryan ,   London, UK   (12.05.05)
Not one person on this post has addressed the fundamental facts of the situation, which is that there is no proof whatsoever that Iran has or is seeking to implement a nuclear weapons program. Iran has many reasons to aggressively push for access to modern technology such as nuclear power, and the currently nuclear armed to the teeth state of Israel has no right to interfere in the nuclear aspirations of their regional rivals. We already have one disastrous war for Israel in the region. Do you want to start WW3 over an unproven accusation? If so, let Israel cast the first stone, since she is the aggressor here, and the informed world knows it.
30. Bur it is OK for Israel to have Nuke Generators!
Archers ,   Toronto Ca.   (12.05.05)
Why not ask the zionists--how come you can have Nukes?Your reporters need a swift boot--ask Israel the million4 question and stop pestering Iran.
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