Abbas condemns Netanya attack
Ali Waked
Published: 05.12.05, 13:34
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1. Turning point
Hiram ,   tel Aviv   (12.05.05)
I believe that today the options are limited. Either PA disband terror organisation, including the one officially supported by the authority....or we ll go back there and clean the place up once for good in support for the NEXT PA leader.
2. Stongly condemning!!
Joseph ,   Malta   (12.05.05)
of course, not because of Jewish blood, but because of Palastinain interests. HIT THEM HARD!!
3. Double Standard
David ,   Jerusalem   (12.05.05)
How many times have we heard the govt. say that Israel wont tolerate this..... they say this after every attack and they are full of themselves. Shame on the govt, they are the ones responsible!!
4. Worthless Deception
Marcel ,   Florida   (12.05.05)
Who believes this garbage ? The condemnation stradegy still works ? Send out the bomber and then apoligize ? Tell me ,is the average Jew this stupid to fall for this ? If terroirst chief abbas was serious ,there would be no more suicide bombers. They do it because they know israel will let them get away frrom it . More terrorists to be released from Israeli jails is the reward from Sharon to them.
5. Pressure on Israel
Sigfried S. Kuhn ,   Aberdeen Md. USA   (12.05.05)
So the military wing of the PA applauds the suicide bombing of innocent civilians in the Netanya mall while Abbas condemns the bombing as against Palestinian interests. In other words, Abbas has no control over his own terrorist militia or he chooses not to stop them. Either way, he knows that there are no real consequences to the Palestinians because no matter what he does, the EU and the USA puts pressure on Israel for more concessions. The world continues to fund the PA despite the corruption and their refusal to fight terrorism. Ms. Rice puts incredible pressure on Israel to forgo security needs at ther Rafah crossing in return for Israel rejoining some kind of security cooperation with the US and now terrorist leaders return to Gaza and weapons are being smuggled. Of course there is the obligatory urging of the PA to fight terror, but no strong-arming and no consequences to the PA for their failure to arrest even one terrorist or their failure to disarm even one terrorist. The despicable Europeans even have decided that Jerusalem must be redivided before the parties begin to negotiate. Amazingly, the media and even most Jewish leaders claim that Abbas is too weak to stop the terrorism. Really. I recall the same nonsense coming from these so-called leaders about Arafat. I believe his weakness is a weakness of will-not of ability. So Israel is supposed to negotiate with a leader who either won.t or can't abide by agreements and either won't or refuses to fight terror.
6. Condemnation from Palestinians
Isac ,   Florida   (12.05.05)
The condemnation from Palestinians about the suicide bombing attack from Palestinian leaders is not even worth the paper its written on. If you read what they are stating: "this operation does not serve the Palestinian cause". That means, if it would serve the Palestinian cause, than homocide bombings would be o.k. As long as Palestinian society does not accept, that killing of civilian targets is not acceptable in ANY situation, and terrorists are not freedom fighters but TERRORISTS, than there will absolutely no chance of ANY sort of peace!
7. double standard
When the palestinian child was killed couple of weeks ago, an investigation in the matter was opened. Then the commentators like you guys here said that this is the morality of Israel. They investigate and hold people accountable. Why do we have to believe that israel is serious about these investigations, and not believe about these inverstigations on the palestinian side? you in israel killed civilians more than they did! so who do we believe? Either we do not believe both of you, or we believe BOTH of you. Both of you do the same exact thing. Kill civilians, and complain when the other side kill civilians. You both treat the other nation like rats, well, you both are humans, and should not think like that!!
8. abbas to the muqata!!!
mike ,   usa   (12.05.05)
send him to arafat's 'headquarters' and hole him up like they did the stinky one! get him out of the way before they give him a nobel peace prize!
9. Abbas the Holocaust Denier is as bad as Arafat the Terrorist
David Landman ,   Natick, USA   (12.05.05)
There is no peace partner and no justification for a second Arab Palestinian State. Finish the peace fence and completely separate from these dishonorable madmen. Lets them do whatever they want on their territory and if they dare attack bomb them into oblivion. There can be no peace with monsters who commit these crimes against humanity, just separation. They need to be tried in international courts like like the German Nazis.
10. to #7
Marcel ,   Florida   (12.05.05)
It's normal procedure that dung folks like yourself don't have the ability to even leave a name. To compare a pervert who blows himself up in the middle of people shopping to get his hands on 72 whores in the allah after life with Israel is a crock of lies. You spread lies when you bring Israel down to the level of the Palestinian sewer. The fact that you post this garbage reveals that you understand nothing or that you work in the same sewer.
11. Double Standard's moral failure
Bartholemew F. D. ,   Fargo N.D.   (12.05.05)
The person who failed to sign his or her name on the posting just is a moral idiot. Israel has killed civilians in the ongoing war against terrorism directed against Israeli civilians. Sort of like the innocent French civilians who were killed by Allied forces during the D Day invasion of France. I guess to Double Standard, that is equivalent to the death camps of the nazis. Israel never targets civilians. Their objective is always anti-terror. The Palestinian murderers always target innocent civilians. But to a moral moron who is too stupid to see the difference, both acts are the same. Also, Israel has arrested and imprisoned Jewish radicals who have attacked Palestinian civilians. The next time that Abbas arrests a terrorist will be the first time.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (12.05.05)
Oslo betrayed Israel and was conceived in great secrecy. Israelis who treasonously took part broke Israeli law forbidding meetings with terrorists. Because Oslo, Road Map, and all the agreements are made with terrorists fighting for conquest of all Israel, the agreements produce massive increases in terrorism and murder of Jews. Arab Muslim MKs, members of Israel's government, along with large numbers of Arab Muslim Israelis are openly genocidal, and support the violent overthrow of Israel. Below is part of an article from: Lessons of the Rabin Assassination By David Bedein | September 17, 2004 "25,000 religious Israeli citizens gathered on Saturday night, September 11th in the public square of a major city in Israel chanting slogans that called for the death of Israel’s police minister and for the violent overthrow of the Israeli government. Their goal? To replace the government with one closer to their religious ideology. The most vociferous moments of incitement during that rally were telecast that evening on both major Israeli TV by newsreels on Israel’s Public Channel One and on Israel’s Commercial Channel Two. Yet there was no public outcry to indict the organizers of this event, and there was no response of senior Israel law enforcement officials in reaction to the rally. Calls placed to the Israeli police to ask if they would prosecute the organizers for incitement did not even receive the courtesy of a returned phone call. The rally on September 11th had been organized by the Israeli Islamic Movement and took place in the largest Israeli Arab city, Um El Facham..." The 9/11 jihad date against American innocents was chosen for the demonstration. Throughout more than 26,000 terrorist attacks against Israel in the last five years, and thousands of Jews maimed and murdered, the U.S. has continually demanded restraint from Israel. The U.S. and EU insist on the right of defending their citizens and defeating terrorism, but deny these same rights for Jews. When it comes to Jews, terrorism is NOT to be defeated, but richly rewarded with an Islamic state enabling conquest of TINY Israel. A major goal of global jihad. Arab Muslim Israelis and Arab countries will join in the final war against Israel's Jews. Abbas was Arafat's terrorist partner for over 40 years. Arafat explained on Jordanian TV shortly after Oslo the PLO strategy adopted in 1974: "Since we cannot defeat Israel in war, we do this in stages. We take any and every territory we can of Palestine, and establish sovereignty there, and we use it as a springboard to take more. When the time comes, WE CAN GET THE ARAB NATIONS TO JOIN US FOR THE FINAL BLOW AGAINST ISRAEL." There was not a single homicide human bomb in Israel before the Oslo onslaught. All those responsible for the Road Map, Oslo and other agreements made with the PLO/Palestinian Authority terrorist organization, are guilty of horrific betrayal of Israel and owe financial compensation to the thousands of Jews maimed and murdered; victims of agreements made with terrorists.
14. Re#10
Ron ,   UK   (12.06.05)
I am not defending # 7 but U have to know the roots that take these brave people to sacrify them selves this way. Israel has all kinds of weaps and Palestinians have to have some thing to defend themselves against this terrorist state.I believe U gonna blow up your self if somebody kicks you and your family out of your house....
15. 14 - you're right
mike ,   usa   (12.06.05)
yes, the "roots that take these brave people to sacrify them selves this way" as you say, their hatred is just sickening. i wish islamic culture could do something about that instead of being the cause.
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