Likud chairman defects to Kadima
Ronny Sofer
Published: 07.12.05, 17:57
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1. Of course he's moving...
J ,   Israel   (12.07.05)
Of course he's moving to Kadima. He's going to be indicted. It's only natural that he now joins the Corruption party.
2. this is embarrassing
Moshe ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (12.07.05)
This is like organized crime taking over a government. professional criminals & liars with no conscience. In any normal country, they would spend the rest of their lives in jail.
3. Corruption
nadav ,   misgav   (12.07.05)
If I was not sure until now this is the proof. The stench of corruption of the likud just made it into Kadima. I was so naiv to hope that this party would cause less corruption and sorting jobs..... Tommy I am with u!
4. What indictment?
Ilan ,   Ariel   (12.07.05)
There is no indictment yet and if there is there will be problem creating the Kadima list. Party rules stipulate that there is only one safe spot for a felon in the party and it is already taken by Omri
5.  Hanegbi joining Kadima
Barak Marco ,   Netanya Israel   (12.07.05)
What is Sharon thinking of ? Hanegbi is a liability to Kadima.
6. Empty the jails, Kadima needs more crooks in office.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (12.07.05)
7. city for refuge
gabriel ,   maoz zion israel   (12.07.05)
kadima seems to become a city for refuge for all criminals (5. Ms.19:1-13)
8. Arik Baba and his forty thieves...
Disgusted Voter   (12.07.05)
It gets worse and worse. Losers, liars, and thieves. Ichs....
9. One More Reason Not to Vote Kadima
R ,   Israel   (12.07.05)
10. Follow the Stars ?
Marcel ,   Florida   (12.07.05)
another star has fallen.So we have a politician betraying his orignial political party and going off to follow the pied piper. And this is done to lure Israeli's with weak brains away with him into following the pied piper who has brought more death and chaos to Israel than any before him. An Israel seeking peace without their God sinks deeper and deeper into the pit.
11. israeli politicians are a shame !
12. Tzahi's Choices
Yossi ,   The Promised Land   (12.07.05)
Tzahi HaNegi is facing a criminal indictment. If convicted, he cannot serve in the Knesset, he will be deposed as Likkud Chairman and may even be disbarred from practicing law. By remaining in the Likkud he will not have the benefit of the protection of the PM nor of the Mistress of Justice. His switch to Kadima will almost ensure him that nothing will become of the indictment against him because the "new" party leadership does not want on its hands a scandal and will move heaven and earth to quash the indictment. Ignore the b.s. emanating from his lips and save your pity for someone more deserving.
13. Well done, Arik!!
Michael Steiner ,   Praha, EU   (12.07.05)
Of course some, many or more of these people are moving to Qadimah because they know a winner when they see one. But on the other hand, so what? They'll help in a small way get Dr. Sharon and his party in power at the next election. And it's clear to pretty much everybody, except the lunatic fringe on both wings, that Qadimah im Arik is the best and only choice. GO ARIK!!!
14. what a great headline
yiftah ,   israel   (12.07.05)
well, hanegbi certainly is a defect
15. seat of government
Michael ,   Haifa   (12.07.05)
the bottom line very much looks as if the next government will be governing us from the Ma'asiyahu Prison. Clearly this is what we deserve, because we vote for these bastards
16. He wants to see Sumo PM doing full monty.
17. Kadima Recruits All The Immoral Garbage
Adina Kutnicki ,   NJ,US   (12.07.05)
Now it is official - The Kadima Party mainly accepts indicted, soon to be indicted, and on the way to be indicted corrupt officials. The Israeli people deserve better, but will only receive better when they revolt.
18. #13 Muhamed Steiner
Osama   (12.07.05)
Thank You
19. The only thing funnier today...
Brana Lobel ,   USA   (12.08.05)
was the headline about Mel Gibson, head of "Con Artists Productions" (I'm not kidding, that's the name) scheduled to do a TV miniseries on the Holocaust...with a (supposedly true) love story about a Jewish woman and her Christian husband saved by Christians. What would we do without Ariel Sharon, Israeli politicians, and Mel Gibson telling us black is white, night is day, up is down, and right is left? Can we have a kabbalistic comment?
20. Well, it's one way of getting back at mummy
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (12.08.05)
I wonder what he's so angry at her for.
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