'Michael Jackson in serious condition'
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 10.12.05, 13:57
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1. should have let him DIE!
Robert Goldman ,   cooper city Florida   (12.10.05)
This child molesting wacko should be given more pills and booze to let him end it right now! enough with this freak!
2. Keep him alive
janice cannella ,   Cleveland, Ohio   (12.10.05)
It obvious he is a tortured soul. Let him continue on this destructive path. It's more painful
3. Michael Jackson Gossip: Please Stop
D'Vorah   (12.10.05)
How sad… you spread lies on Michael Jackson and did not even do the due diligence of attempting to find out that Michael Jackson’s media rep is a woman, not a man. May I remind you of Leviticus 19:15-16 that says, “Do not be unjust in judging…Do not go around spreading slander among your people.” It is because I love you that I remind you. Don’t let the sins of others fall on your shoulders.
4. Who the F... cares about Jackson ?
Hiram ,   tel aviv   (12.10.05)
5. Get a life
Evert Moonen ,   Belgium   (12.10.05)
You Americans should stop blaming him just because he doesn't want to live in your war-country anymore
6. People, c'mon don't be dumb.
Angel ,   Al Manamah, Bahrain   (12.10.05)
Okay first of all, why would his family report to santa barbara police... and why the hell are the santa barbara police in los angeles, santa barbara is about 2 hours from la. I know this cos i use to live in solvang, and century city. Second, mike didnt overdose, he has much to live for, his children and his friends and family. He would never leave his children, they are his life. If you don't know this man or have ever met him, get a fucking life and get out of his.. and Hiram, I care about him, as do many of people around him who love him, He has been nothing but a great friend to me, he is nothing what the grifters said.. (gavin's con family) janice cannella, he doesnt have a tortured soul, he doesnt have a destructive path, ya have no clue how healthy he is tryin to be. Sure he has a drink now and again, but never over does it. He does have painkillers yea but he has a bad back. He doesnt over do it. Ive spent days with him, weeks. hes not an addict, i know an addict my mother was one. Robert Goldman, your prolly some redneck right? cos thats the only way i can understand why you would think that way, he has never molested a child. hell ive known him since i was a young child, never touched me, my touched my brother. calling him a wacko, your wacko, your asking for someone who has actually done good in this world to die. What have you done? Ya know that little boy in iraq in the beginning of this war, he got his arms and legs blown off? Mike bought him a plane ticket to london to get proper surgery. Oh your gonna say cos he wants to molest him right? Mike never met the child, he did it anomyously. He does alot of stuff like that without tryin to get press for it. Cos buddy he is a good person, believe or not, god knows it, people who love him know it, he knows it. the world should know it, but they like blood better then love. Best thing he done so far was to move outta america, i'm glad he offered my uncle a job and flew us out. America has gone to the dogs. And don't you dare call me anti american, im more american then most people, my people were here waay before the white man destoried it Apache mofo Angel
7. RE: 1. [Should have let him live]
Jacques Williams ,   Wales, UK   (12.10.05)
How mature, Mr. Goldman. Let me guess... You support wars and the death penalty, no? Also one who likes to read a lot of tabloids, and I right? He is going through a rather hard time at the moment and hope he will be okay. It would be horrid to lose such a talented man. Although, to be honest, I don't think it as horrid as calling someone disgusting names, and wanting/wishing that person dead. That truly is a horrible thing.
8. RE: 2.[No suffering] and 4.[The majority care]
Jacques Williams ,   Wales, UK   (12.10.05)
Janice: How can you want someone to suffer? All I can say is that I honestly do not wish to meet you person, I wouldn't want to think of what you would do to people you do not get along well with. Hiram: Many people care about him, as you soon shall see as these 'talkbacks' are flooded with MJ fans. Compare Michael Jackson hate sites to fansd sites. Which do think there is more of? Which do you think have the most members?
9. who cares?
tlc ,   canada   (12.10.05)
I would assume that you care..... or else you would not have taken the time to read the article and respond to it.
10. I COMPLETELY agree with angel!!
Jacque ,   Phoenix, az   (12.10.05)
If you stupid haters think that Michael Jackson comes online to see what you retards say about him, you are more idiodic than I thought.. He has children and a life, I can almost bet that at least 30 of you haters that come on here and talk shit, wouldn't if he was right in front of you.. Do you guys know him? Do you know his past and what hell he went through? I never met the man but I know a lot about him.. I have researched him for almost 7 years now and I can say that he didn't have the happiest childhood. Not to mention the fact that a LOT of his money doesn't go to "bling bling" like this stupid rappers and singers.. No, he spends it on children, helpless children who just want someone to love them.. I'm sorry but last time I checked, that was good in god's eyes.. Also, if you see how many people that you guys worship and then I bet you that a LOT of them like Michael Jackson also.. Will Smith, Britney Spears, even Eminem likes him, but he said to the press that he wanted a song that was funny so he used him, then when he saw that the song made a lot of people laugh, he threw hs friendship with mj out the window and made his video of "Just Lose It".. Britney Spears was going to name her boy Sean Michael Preston Felderline Spears! She wanted to have Michael Jackson's name in her sons name! Usher likes him too!! He always hangs out with him!! So does Chris Rock and many others that I don't have time to mention now.. You see all of these people, you idolize them, they used to be in your position when they were young and they idolized Michael and now they give him credit for their dreams.. some of them say that they WANTED to be JUST like Michael when they were young.. So, make sure you do your research before you judge.. about 7 years ago, I will admit that I thought that he was a disgusting molestor, but then when I started looking into it, I seen that he is nothing of the sort!! He is a kind and gentle man who only wants to help and you guys make that into some kind of a crime!! Think before you start blabbing your mouth off next time!! A true MJ fan, Jacque
11. you're the freaks
nick ,   UK   (12.10.05)
Leave Jackson alone, he's cool, produced great music and can dance his arse off, Get a life or a girlfriend ya freak!
12. OMG.. Michael Jackson fans are just as psycho as he is
#3.5.6,7,8 How in the world could a person be so obsessed with an obvious pathological paedophile? They really give new meaning to the word 'low-life.'
13. Shy, #12?
Jacques Williams ,   Wales, UK   (12.10.05)
Shy? Tell us your name if you wish to make a derogatory remark. And also, are you tell me (and many others) that over millions of people are 'low-lifes', hmm? And I honestly think that not one of these people are 'obsessed' with Michael Jackson, good fans perhaps, but what defines an obsession? Please do tell me. And, of course, what solid proof do you have of your claim, hmm? Please do tell me that also.
14. And people believe this rubbish!!??!
Mark ,   Hull, UK   (12.10.05)
Why would michael jacksons family associates report his condition to the Santa Barbara Police? Strikes me somebody is telling porkies!
15. mj
charlotte   (12.10.05)
what the heck yer mj is the best he is the king of pop and u dnt know him doo dnt judge and u r the low lifes 4 readin all the garbage newspapers us fans are close to mj and we understna dmichael jackson yer soo shut ya mouths mj is the best unless u know michael jackson ull understand him but u dnt so leave him alone
16. mj
charlotte   (12.10.05)
leave mj alone yer get the heck outer his life we lov him and us fans understand mj the way u lot will never soo dont say shit like we r freaks 4 liken him ur da freeks yer cuz ya buttin ya long noses in mjs business if u dnt like him y waste ya time talkin bout him shows how hard u lot are ur all losers mj rules i lov u michael jackson yer soo u sad lot can live the rest of ya lives reading the shit in the newspapers while we hear the truth bout mj ok I LOVVE U MICHAEL JACKSON UR SEXY AND I LOV UXXXXAND I LOV ALL MJ FANS KEEP MICHAELINGXX
17. Brit-ness
Mike ,   UK   (12.10.05)
And this is why I love being a Brit. Go United Kingdomers out there!
18. Michael Jackson RULES.
Don Corleone ,   Sicily   (12.10.05)
Ah, my friends, why so much hate? Michael Jackson is one of the greatest men to have ever lived. And that is a FACT.
19. Jackson's the strongest person I ever met
Doggie   (12.10.05)
That's right, I went following him during the HIStory tour... is hamazing how he can dance day after day never sleeping because of the jet-lag
20. Hey Angel
Abira ,   Portland, USA   (12.11.05)
Hey Angel, Its about time someone spoke the truth about michael. We keep hearing all these lies in the media, like they want something bad to happen to him. I would really like to get a lot of this information cleared up, please email me and let me know more of what is really going on. I've been writing letters complaining to the owner of the enquirer, and it would be great to have some more information to nail him on. Thankyou Abira
21. Michael Jackson is high
Jean Robin ,   Auckland   (12.11.05)
"12. OMG.. Michael Jackson fans are just as psycho as he is #3.5.6,7,8 How in the world could a person be so obsessed with an obvious pathological paedophile? They really give new meaning to the word 'low-life.' (12.10.05) " The real 'low-life.' belongs to the above speaker.
22. Too much hate indeed
Jacques Williams ,   Wales, UK   (12.11.05)
Why must we hate, hmm? Let us all love one another, let's not judge.
23. Michael Jackson
Angel Collins ,   Glade Springs USA   (12.11.05)
These tabloids better keep there stupid mouths shut because they are just trying to murder him and his reputation and it will not work. Raymone Bain has already cleared up these rumours and if they son't stop something bad will happen. A person can only take so much, and if I was Michael Jackson I would take this people into court. They need to shut up and only print the truth, which is NOT what they are doing.
24. RE: 1. [Should have let him live]
Reverend Flash ,   Bergen County, NJ   (12.11.05)
I see you're from Wales, Mr. Williams, which would explain your devil-may-care attitude towards Jackson. Jackson's home country of America is the only nation that truly sees him for the wholly mutated pedophile freak that he is. Every other country thinks these are still the glory days of 'Thriller' (which were a LONG time ago). Look, any moron from anywhere can hate Bush; that's elementary, but you foreign Jackson-lovers better start using your brains a bit and see him for what he is: The King of Pop (popping pills and little boys).
25. Research
James Oswalt ,   Long Beach, US   (12.11.05)
Now, #12, what has made you come to the conclusion that that Michael is an ''obvious'' pathological pedophile? A matter as serious as pedophilia can't possibly be anywhere near obvious. With that put aside, what makes you think that fans are obsessed with his life? Or, rather why shouldn't we be obsessed with him? He is one of the greatest people to place foot on this earth. He has given so much to us, and yet some people are so gullable to as to listen to everything that comes out of a magazine or television. Do your research #12; get to know Michael and you might see why some people around you pay no attention to the garbage in the media.
26. Message to whoever wrote #12
Randy   (12.11.05)
You call Michael Jackson fans ''Low-Lifes'' because their fans of his music and dancing? Just because he was accused of crimes he didnt commit. What about all the rappers and other singers who have been to court and pronouced GUILTY for crimes and 50 Cent and others. Alot of people are fans of them. Does that make them low-lifes as well? Think before you write. To be a fan is one thing. But to be obsessed is another. You cant be a low life because your a fan of someone. I dont care about Michael's reputation or legal troubles. Its the music, the dancing and the show that counts. ACCEPT IT. Michael Jackson broke EVERY SINGLE RECORD IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY. Can you write an album that will sell over 70 millions copies? Go back to YOUR low-life. Spending time writting stupid comments about an artist shows that you have nothing to do with yourself therefor that shows that your just as low as you think MJ fans are.
27. Message to #1 (should have let him die)
Randy   (12.11.05)
What kind of power do you have to make such an immature remark? You dont even know if thats true. Ignorant is what you are. You'd rather believe the gossipers who invent stories to make money than to face the facts and accept them. I will be the next Michael Jackson because I have the dancing abilities. The train will never stop and theres nothing that you can do about it.
28. To #14... I agree
Randy   (12.11.05)
Its like the telephone game. A story starts and by the middle of the ppl it changes color and shape and becomes totaly something of non-sense. Someone out there just wants to me money. Its a greedy world.
29. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem
Jose tardio sanchez ,   Colorado, USA   (12.11.05)
Help us this coming may 20th, 2006 to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Pray--do not quibble--and wait. The Jacob of old is here today--Israel, and his GOD, Hashem is still the same. If not you,then Who?
DACON9   (12.11.05)
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