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Spielberg is no friend of Israel
Jack Engelhard
Published: 11.12.05, 15:35
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61. Munich
Jeffrey ,   Atlanta, USA   (01.01.06)
I'm a seclar, Zionist Jew and I loved Spielberg's "Munich". He was correct in showing the dehumanizing effect and self doubt of assasination revenge on the persons required to carry out this awful task. Spielberg also cleverly gives the counter point by showing how the terrorists and their planners were not only unaffected but rejoiced in what they did to the Israelies. Spielberg also, quite poignantly, showed how the Israeli revenge targeted individuals and attempted to control collateral damage whereas the Arab/Muslim "revenge" blew up every one with no regard to innocent bystanders. It was like that back then and it is still like that now.
62. The Artist must ask Questions . . .
hamlet ,   birmingham, eng   (01.03.06)
no dogma is off limits, no stance unspoken. Speilberg is an Artist "I am as truly pro-Israeli as you can possibly imagine. From the day I became morally and politically conscious of the importance of the state of Israel and its necessity to exist, I have believed that not just Israel, but the rest of the world, needs Israel to exist. "But there is a constituency that nothing you can say or do will ever satisfy. The prism through which they see things is so profound and deeply rooted and so much a part of their own belief system that if you challenge that, you challenge everything they believe in. They say the film is too critical of Israel. The film has been shown to Palestinians who think it is too pro-Israel and doesn't give the them enough room to air their grievances. "I guess what I'm trying to say is, if this movie bothers you, frightens you, upsets you, maybe it's not a good idea to ignore that. Maybe you need to think about why you're having that reaction." The world needs to think with the minds, hearts are for feeling, not for action.
63. Anyone who decides what this movie is about before they...
Eise   (01.04.06)
Anyone who decides what this movie is about before they actually see it, is obviously biased. How interesting it is that the same year the critic Mr.Engelhard came out with his movie indecent Proposal, Spielberg won an oscar for Schindler's List. (You'd think the author would remember that movie.) Check this out: http://rogerebert.suntimes.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20051214/EDITOR/51215001
64. Disgraceful Betrayal By You Number 2
eize   (01.04.06)
How can you say Tony Kushner is a a open self-hating Jew? He is proud to be Jewish and way more talented, intelligent and open-minded than you will ever be. No one researches or cares about facts anymore. Everyone speaks, no one listens. Sheep in a flock.
65. I can't believe it.
Jon ,   Toronto, Canada   (02.02.06)
I find it astonishing that people are actually taking Engelhard's side on this. The fact that he hadn't seen the movie when he wrote this already calls his article into question. He relies on select opinions from others (not named, only he claims opinions from advance screenings) to make his point. Any idiot would tell you there's no basis to his article. The accusations it makes are astonishing leaps considering the author hasn't seen the film. And what do half the people in this talkback do? They side with the idiot. Also without having seen the film. I'm sorry but you people disgust me. I wouldn't care so much if the writer of this article made this claim after having seen the film (and backing it up with direct evidence from it) but to say things like "Spielberg is no friend of Israel" before actually seeing the film reeks of bias. The guy simply (and obviously) just didn't want the film to be made in the beginning. Anything that shows any Palestinians being remotely human is too much for this guy apparently and he's trying to find excuses to attack Spielberg. And please, PLEASE watch the actual film before responding. Before anyone asks, yes I have seen the film. I don't think it excuses what the Palestinians did at all, it just shows how the conflict affects both sides. But for the most part, it focuses on one of the Israeli squads sent to kill the terrorists - and so what if it shows them feeling unsure of what they're doing? To show them all happy about killing the Palestinians would be even worse - now that would be a coldblooded squad and personally, it makes them actually human.
66. Engelhard: Ever been to Hollywood?!?
Edan ,   Beer Sheva   (02.20.06)
"Israel is not the trend"..in Hollywood...?? At the risk of sounding like an antisemite, do you know how jewish Hollywood is..?? Besides "Paradise" (a travesty), name 1 Pro-Palestinian movie... I can't. You see I grew up in L.A. and I know people (like all jews in L.A.) in the industry and YOU Mr. Engelhard are full of shit. Southern Californians have a stigma of being materialistic, shallow and fake. Those generalizations are partly true, but only because we have so many celebrities. Celebrities all over the world posses those same qualities. When it comes to making movies, there is no doubt that most of what comes out of Hollywood is mindless crap suited for entertainment without having to think too much...It is too bad because once in a while a serious movie comes out of Hollywood and is immediately brushed off as crap, because it came out of Hollywood. In the end "Exodus" was made, as well as "schindler's list", as well as countless others that portrayed the Jewish/Zionist struggle. Name 1 pro-palestinian movie that came out of Hollywood...Just One...!!!(by the way "paradise" was much more embraced by international critics, not hollywood).... Enough with the bullshit, Jack
67. No friend ?
Marc ,   Dortmund   (05.17.09)
Spielberg is no friend of truth ? In the movie he depicted the mossad targeting and murdering the terrorists in retailiation, instead of attempting to reprehense them for trial, a priviledge given to the most notorious nazi war criminals. Jews that are critical of Israel are any less anti Israel, than the coasts of America are being anti midwest for criticizing the american midwest. Face it, when we think of smart eloquent jews on the lines of Einstein or Reich Ranitzki we do not think of Israelis.
Esam Samara ,   Aboud, PALESTINE   (01.28.10)
You know, I don't understand how you guys are so willing to take away from us Palestinians all the feelings every human has about their land and yet berate us for wanting to defend our land. By "take away... all the feelings...about their land" I mean how you guys have created this narrative about, either, the Palestinians were hardly there, or, they didn't know the value of what they had. Arab nomads just wondering around in the wrong place at the wrong time. Yeah, right. But, see, this is how you soothe your guilt feelings: By denying us our humanity. It's like hunting deers so roads can be safer. Let me tell you something: I crave, C-R-A-V-E, for the day we all can be one country, under the same constitution. I have nothing but admiration for the Jewish culture and it'd be more than an honour to share my land with you. All I'm asking of you is to, please, pretty please, have the decency to say "Thank you. Thank you for leeting us be a part of you". And I say this knowing full well how every genetic study done on the matter has concluded how it's the Jews who are descendants from Palestinians and not the other way around. Take care and have a good day.
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