Likud works to topple Sharon
Ynet reporters
Published: 12.12.05, 00:46
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1. Blind and deaf pissing on blind and deaf. Politics in Israel
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (12.12.05)
2. no thanks
Tony ,   Raanana   (12.12.05)
They finally get their referendum, and then when the real numbers become apparent, they will do anything to get out of it. Pathetic. Beyond pathetic.
3. Likud = Desperate Morons
Andy ,   Washington   (12.12.05)
Keep Israel moving forward. Kadima with Arik Sharon.
4. Disgusting
Michael Steiner ,   Praha, EU   (12.12.05)
This Liqud is turning from ridiculous into absurdly ridiculous. "Anything for power", seems to be its motto. Hasn't the right (and the left) been agitating for elections for months? Now they are finally announced, they want to defer them because of the inauspicious opinion polls. Who are they kidding? Not the Israeli people who're definitely not obtuse. Despicable. It only shows the difference between these pathetic opportunists to whom SELF-survival comes first and last, and Dr. Sharon to whom Israel came first in both war and peace. QADIMAH IM ARIK!
5. This will give Kadima time to come up with a platform
Disgusted Voter   (12.12.05)
Great idea! This way Kadima will have to come up with a platform. Right now it is just a supermarket for sore losers and those with criminal indictments over their heads.
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