U.S.: Israelis arrested for illegal peddling
Itamar Eichner
Published: 13.12.05, 09:43
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1. The Real Threat
NYC Girl   (12.13.05)
Yeah, let's make sure we kick out all of those dangerous young newspaper peddlers while we have terrorists like Sami al-Arian teaching at our universities.
DEBRA ,   USA   (12.13.05)
3. Breaking a law is Breaking a law, yes or no? [End]
Adama Admati ,   Israel   (12.13.05)
4. Good!
Israelis have no special rank before the law, and if they break it they ought to be prosecuted accordingly! The greed that has brought approximately 1 million Israelis to the United States, accounting for about 16% of Israel's entire population, should be a much greatly noted issue. Hopefully the thought of being held equally before the law will keep prospective Israeli criminals in their own country.
5. #1 - I was waiting for this sort of reply
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (12.13.05)
But what, no accusations of anti-Semitism? There are more than enough Israelis who have no problems with disgracing the country in order to pick up a couple of dollars or euros or yens.
6. Better having Israelis here than arab terrorists.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (12.13.05)
7. bunnie
if you appended terrorists to arabs, why not criminals to israelis? G-d bless you! at the end of the day, they were by law criminals!
8. DURA LEX.......
Hiram ,   tel aviv   (12.13.05)
SED LEX...... Would would the Israeli police do if they find people in Israel working without any kind of permit or permission ? They send them back everyday to their country of origin ( there are even special procedures to process them in Ben Gurion airport) What makes the Israel so special ? Just Chutzpah ???
9. Mexican &Chinese Flood
Marcel ,   Florida   (12.13.05)
I live in a small town and there are hundreds of illegal Mexican immigrants working tax free on the farms,ect. and even a number of Chinese who peddle their wares at our flea ,market tax free. It's selective enforcement for sure and someone made the decision to pick out the least threatening group. Today abc news reports that a Saudi prince has donated $40 million to Harvard and Princeton for Islamic studies. Money buys things ! It will continue to get worse for Jews in America.This is the price of Israel's appeasment and not standing on principal,giving in the terrorists. Wimps are always the pushover of first choice in this evil world.
10. To the GOOD poster have the guts to place your name
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva, switzerland   (12.13.05)
But this coward hides behind NO is obvious he's a hater
11. hey you Geneva guy
insted of insulting him answer him and discuss it with him ... no matter from wher he is ... he posted his opinion .... go in the subject or go away .
12.  No Jewish Newspaper? oh my god!!
"NEO NAZIS WERE GIVEN A PERMIT TO MARCH LAST WEEKEND IN TOLEDO, OHIO--BUT ISRAELIS CAN'T GIVE OUT A JEWISH NEWSPAPER IN AMERICA? I WOULD MOVE TO ISRAEL TONIGHT IF I COULD. I HAVE A HEAVY HEART FOR MY AMERIKA. " .....Here's a list of Jewish owned papers and media for you Sweetie...and PLEASE ,move to Israel,and take these owners with you!!... PARTIAL LIST OF OWNERSHIPS …”in the beginning”-"the moguls"..Cohn,fox,laemmle,mayer,warner bros..zukor)…”the dye is cast” 1.time-warner aol cnn--Gerald Levin 2.warner music universal studios-Edgar Bronfman(also seagrams alcohol& cocaine,heroin) 3.time warner publishing-Norman Pearlstein 4.ABC disney miramaxtouchstone etc.-Bob&Harvey Weinstein 5.viacom-Sumner Redstone(Murray Rothstein) Leslie Moonvies et al. 6.paramount-Sherry Lansing 7.usa network-Barry Diller 1st name neccessary(just like Striesand...huh??) 10.Columbia pictures-Amy Pascal 11.early ABC-L Goldenson 12.early nbc-David Sarnoff&R.Sarnoff 13.early cbs-W.Paley&L.Tisch 14.A.P. wireservice-M.Silverman 15.n.y. times&Wall st.Journal&washington postAND MANY OTHERS-Sulzberger&Graham Family 16.chair&ceo of DOW JONES&Co.Peter Kahn NOTE THE ETHNIC CONNECTION------ This is but a SMALL portion of the list of "JEWS"(most,if not all are NOT Semitic)
13. need help packing your bags
andy ,   USA   (12.14.05)
need help packing your bags???
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (12.14.05)
Part of article from: GLOBAL JIHAD Report: Saudis spread hate through U.S. mosques Propaganda against Jews, Christians 'mainstreamed within our borders' January 29, 2005 The 89-page report by Freedom House's Center for Religious Freedom, "Saudi Publications on Hate Ideology Fill American Mosques," concludes the Saudi government propaganda examined reflects a "totalitarian ideology of hatred that can incite to violence." * Various Saudi government publications gathered for the study, most of which are in Arabic, assert it is a religious obligation for Muslims to hate Christians and Jews... * The documents stress that when Muslims are in the lands of the unbelievers, they must behave as if on a mission behind enemy lines. Either they are there to acquire new knowledge and make money to be later employed in the jihad against the infidels, or they are there to proselytize the infidels until at least some convert to Islam..." U.S. leaders declare Saudi Arabia is America's friend and a key ally in the war on terror. As Saudi Arabia incites to hate and jihad against America's Christians and Jews, the U.S. government defining Saudi Arabia as America's friend, strongly indicates the American people have a grim future ahead of them.
15. when will we get all of the mossad agents?
benevelous ,   annapolis, usa   (12.14.05)
reminds me of all the israeli art students peddling their "art" before 9/11. and spare me the anti-semitic/nazi comments. i'm just anti-zionist, not anti-jew.
16. Israeli illegals
Tarik ,   San Diego   (12.14.05)
Both the NEO Nazis and the illegal Israelies have behavior that should not be condoned. Why doesn't Israel comply with UN resolutions? How can we expect Arabs to follow UN resolutions when Israel refuses? Why doesn't Israel treat Arabs equally?
17. reply to #10
anti satan ,   Toronto   (12.14.05)
"it is obvious he's a hater"... hater of what, are you implying that this opinion makes one a "hater" of lawbreaking, or of critisizing jews who are breaking those laws? You should save playing the anti semite card on every turn, you are wearing it very thin.
18. #6
Edi ,   Dallas, USA   (12.14.05)
Number 6 said "better to have Israelis here than arab terrorists." That's your response? A comparison arguement? That's just stupid. It's like saying, "better you stab me in the chest that shoot me in the back." How about we have NEITHER criminal Israelis or arab terrorists? They are BOTH bad for the US. Stop trying to justify criminal behavior with deceptive arguments. You're only trying to protect them because they're Jewish. But they are trying to make a fast buck and screw people out of their money! All that does is make ALL Jews look bad. Doesn't that matter anymore?
19. Israeli Peddlers
shoshanna ,   Haifa, Israel   (12.14.05)
Sorry, Dorothy from Tel Aviv, we have to think of something else- the anti-semitism charge does not work any longer.
20. ersatz yishrael
perry ,   clearfield, utah usa   (12.14.05)
I am now half way through a book called Deliberate Deceptions by Paul Findley. It tells of an Israel that has systematically throwns 1 million arabs out of their homes, in the middle of the night, beaten the old men and women and children, thrown the young men in jail, and deported thousands. It tells of a 1967-6 day war that Israel started in a naked land grab. Of an America that gives away anything that Israel wants-$7 Billion a year, weapons, and is willing to lie for it. 63 UN Resolutions against it. The whole world knows this, which is why we are called "The Great Satan". I have never been there, and this is not the typical history that I learned in High School. It may be just another snow job in this great sea of disinformation. And it may just be true. I have read that there only 12 large corporations that control all TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines. And these are controlled by Jews. I've never been there, and this be just more smoke screens. Interesting reading.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (12.14.05)
Terror experts all give the same percentage-80% or more of U.S. mosques. They plot jihad and destruction against America. They will not be deported!!! Jerusalem Post Updated Dec. 8, 2005 Expert: Saudis have radicalized 80% of US mosques By HAVIV RETTIG Mainstream US Muslim organizations are heavily influenced by Saudi-funded extremists, according to Yehudit Barsky, an expert on terrorism at the American Jewish Committee. Worse still, Barsky told The Jerusalem Post last week, these "extremist organizations continue to claim the mantle of leadership" over American Islam. The power of the extremist Wahhabi form of Islam in the United States was created with generous Saudi financing of American Muslim communities over the past few decades. Over 80 percent of the mosques in the United States "have been radicalized by Saudi money and influence," Barsky said.....
22. #1 Exactly right NYC Girl
Cynthia ,   USA   (12.14.05)
Maybe if the immigration police had been paying closer attention to real criminals, 3000 innocent people would still be alive.
23. To Dorothy Friend
NYC Girl   (12.14.05)
Sorry, Dorothy, I'm not in the business of making accusations of anti-Semitism. I will, however, make accusations of RANK STUPIDITY.
24. refuting peoples hallucinations
anti zionist ,   uk   (12.14.05)
OVER 80% OF MOSQUES IN U.S. HAVE BEEN RADICALIZED Terror experts all give the same percentage-80% or more of U.S. mosques. They plot jihad and destruction against America. They will not be deported!!! Jerusalem Post Updated Dec. 8, 2005 Expert: Saudis have radicalized 80% of US mosques By HAVIV RETTIG and they would be totally unbiased??? the only comparison would be to qoute nazis for unbiased news and opinion on jews
25. reply to #16
Fred ,   Parksville, USA   (12.14.05)
Why should Israel follow UN resolutions? The arab countries have never recognized the first UN resolution of the existence of Israel and still don't. And what about the million jews thrown out of Arab countries once Israel was formed not to mention the tremendous discrimination they have endured for centuries in Arab countries. Tit for tat.
26. fast and easy money
Henry XXX Kissinger ,   Manhattan, earth   (12.14.05)
So what is the scam so they can make fast and easy money? Why don't we ACTUAL US CITIZENS know about these?
27. for #2 Debrah and u.s. supporters of israel
goes to show why so many u.s. jews get it wrong when it comes to israel. read the article in full. they were not peddling newspapers. the peddling was REPORTED by a israeli newspaper. take off the jewish blinders, which alters your sight, and read with a less biased eye. anyway, what is wrong with all of you? believing in gods in this day and age. shame on you! there is no yaweh/allah/jeuse/ramma/etc. wake up. and deal with it. oh, and while i am spittin, what's up with jews and muselims anyway? so many freakin similarities in their dietary constraints, ideas, ideals ect. how can they not see that? brothers from different mother.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (12.14.05)
American terror experts and moderate Muslims who are against violence and murder, ALL state 80% or more of U.S. mosques are radicalized. Refer also to my #14 comment!
29. To No. 27
NYC Girl   (12.14.05)
It might interest you to know that a lot of Israelis and their supporters don't believe in God. So, if that's your issue, get over it. The problem for a lot of Americans is that we have Muslim extremists living in our cities, infiltrating our universities and radicalizing our mosques. After 9/11, most of us want our resources to go toward rooting out the real threat. Not this other piss-ant nonsense.
30. Good Riddance to Mossad Agent Terrorists
johnson ,   Las vegas, NV   (12.14.05)
I've had enough of their crap, following the 9/11 plotters but not informing the US; "dancing" in joy as they watched the twin towers fall. Israel is bad for the US, and bad for the Jews too. Apply the South African solution to Israel now! One nation, equal right, and an end to the racist laws.
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