Iran: Move Israel to Alaska
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Published: 14.12.05, 10:10
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31. Can we get Green Cards too?
Russel ,   TLV   (12.14.05)
Nu, it'll be cold but we'd be sitting on top of a lot of oil, earning dollars and ... I dont see the problem. Boy this guy's a shmuck!
32. ........and the world yawns.
Loralee ,   Nashville   (12.14.05)
33. To Alaska is nice in Berlin!
Laurie Parsons ,   Union City   (12.14.05)
Your response disgusts me! It is a typical NAZI attempt to disguise your hatred for the Jews! I am well aware of the German's desires for the Jews & also their hatred for the USA these days. History has a way of repeating itself! The real problem is the Islamic world, not the Jews!!!
34. Honesty? A response to Mark, USA
Laurie Parsons ,   Union City USA   (12.14.05)
Mark, No I do not agree that an evil person should be admired! Hitler was honest about his hatred for the Jews! I hope you don't admire him! If the Iranian maniac had his way & he may one day, Israel , the U.S.A. and Britain would be wiped off the map. Never tolerate evil & hatred for others! That leader would not hesitate to kill you or me!!!
35. jesus
ghassan ,   doha   (12.14.05)
if you want a prove that Mohammed existed, it means that you also need a prove tha Jesus exist.
36. Flashpoint
Calvin ,   London, UK   (12.14.05)
Keep in mind that WW-I begin not as the result of a single even, but it was a series of smaller events cascading out of control, including regional terrorism. - Iran is threating Israel - Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons - Syria is sponsoring assinations in Lebannon - Alawi cautions that the current elections in Iraq could send the country into a major civil war The point is that it won't take much to set off the powder-keg in the middle east and plumut the entire region into war. If it is war that Ahmadinejad wants, then that is most likely what he will get.
37. #21 -> #19
Thomas ,   St. John's, Canada   (12.14.05)
I believe #19 was referring to the mix up about Alaska, no need to get nasty. I think the sudden "race to the bottom" of political leaders is rather startlingly. Democracy does not work properly when the people elect dumbasses. About the issue at hand, I personally do not thing Israel should exist as it does, but it does, and moving it will only cause more problems. We have to sit these people together and make them solve their problems, or take away the nukes (cause I don't want some nice land ruined) and let them kill each other. (Maybe I'm a bit too cold.....but I don't suffer the infection of nationalism that most of the rest of the world suffers from. I just don't see the point of fighting over land. Live and let live right?)
38. Free speech.
Rickd ,   Canada   (12.14.05)
You can say what you want eh? Ok I dare you to: Falsely acuse someone of rape, Tell someone you'll kill them, tell someone you have a bomb, publicly campain to have all italians shot, and much more.. You'll go to jail. And rightly so. Freedom of speech is intended to allow you to voice your *opinion without fear of retaliation. It does not give you the right to incite or delclare your hostile intentions.
39. atmosphere
rickd ,   canada   (12.14.05)
I disagree. They should bomb the plant and kill him. We have enough problem in this world without having to worry about yet another war.
40. unsolved problems
rickd ,   canada   (12.14.05)
Israel is like a terrified wife of an alcoholic husband. Always waiting for the bomb to go off. They should fix their problems once and for all. So the world would hate them for a few generations. Big Deal. Small price.
41. No joke. An existensial threat to Israel
Shalom Freedman ,   Israel   (12.14.05)
He may be an ignorant, fanatic but he is no joke. He is serious and determined. And should he have the means he will pursue his goal of destroying Israel. He is also a danger to the world. One way or other the regime that wishes to ' wipe Israel from the map' must be stopped.
42. Did he pass his primary school???
Yanti ,   singapore   (12.14.05)
It seems that this man didn't pass on his primary exam on history subject...
43. Alaska concept TO #27
MARK ,   USA   (12.14.05)
That plan allows Jews to be very far away from Arabs. I like that concept!!! No enemies close by. What about Greenland, Antartica, or the Artic citcle? A very cold country that no one wants to visit and that way the world Anti-Semites will be happier. They will only be happy when the world is Jew-free just like Hitler . What next? Mars, Pacific Ocean( a first underground country, Pluto? Iran is becoming a world real estate broker. Century21 IRAN ?
44. Iranian Maniac!
Laurie Parsons ,   Union City USA   (12.14.05)
That Iranian maniac has plans to help the equally evil Palestinian government to destroy Israel & I am quite sure it will happen in the near future! They also have plans to destroy the USA, Britain & every one on this earth that does not agree with their twisted religious beliefs! Watch out! One final holy war is coming, and it will be the final war we humans will see!!!
45. #35
andre ,   singapore   (12.14.05)
Hey,Hasan...have you learnt history?do you know that Mohammed was taught by the Jews before he founded Islam?
46. stop craying
sameer ,   al quds al shareef   (12.14.05)
why this much angry and upset from the irani presedent he beleives in his openion and its a reality that no israel before 50 years and if you speak 5000 years ago then let all the world go back 5000 years not only the jews and the palestinians, but look to madness, hizbullah founded after israel invaded lebanon and what will be emerging after america invaded iraq i think islamic state thet will put an end to all existing lies. soon inshaallah.
47. To Thomas from Canada
Kate ,   London   (12.14.05)
Thomas writes: "I personally do not thing Israel should exist as it does, but it does, and moving it will only cause more problems." "Canada" was a nation founded by a process of outright theft and genocide (intentional or otherwise), and you don't believe that Jews should live in their ancestral homeland? I think it more pertinent for you to ask why you believe you have any right to be living on land rightfully belonging to others. I would also remind you that had it not been for Canada's vicious anti-Semitic immigration policy in the 1930s (I refer you to "None is too many" by Arbella and Troper), there would not have been a Holocaust and perhaps no immediate need for Israel. When you leave Canada and return to your ancestral homeland, you will then be speaking with a lot more moral authority on this topic.
48. He should be an clown jester
Jon ,   Hobart, Australia   (12.14.05)
49. # 26 Daniel
Yair ,   Toronto   (12.14.05)
The U.S. is only too far if one does not have the will. This guy has the will, and possibly the means. It is only a matter of time, but he has the U.S. in his sights. I also recall reading, a number of years ago yet, that Iran has a very powerful navy. The mobility that gives them is not little. No attacker telegraphs his moves prior to attacking. The whole Israel shpiel is a diversion for their true intent.
50. gonzo
???   (12.14.05)
"Iran's president Ahmadinejad's recent rantings and obvious deficiencies in common facts reminds me of another leader, our own uncurious George Dubya." What an ignorant statement. The world bends over backwards for nut cases like Ahmadinejad but would sit up quickly and take notice if this bullshiite flowed from George Bush's mouth.
51. Israel moving to Alaska or wherever
Gerry ,   crediton uk   (12.14.05)
Won't the surrounding Middle East countries then fall into the sea?
52. I've a better idea
Meir ,   Beit Shemesh   (12.14.05)
Let's move President Ahmadinejad ..... to hell!!!
53. to 28 Honesty
are you joking ... where in the world you find honest leaders .... even the leaders of the countries wich they call day and night for freedom and humanrights are all not honest ... there is no honesty in politic .... shame but this the truth
54. lt's think about it
the idea is not bad ... hard but not bad for all the sides .... if the Palistinians moved to Alaska the problem is still there because of the rest of the arab countries Israel will not live in peace ... but if Israel moved to Alaka everybody will have peace and better life specialy the Israelians .... think about it ... but calm .... gg... waaaaw
55. Israel Opened Pandora's Box
Marcel ,   Florida   (12.14.05)
When Israel lost it's soul and surrendered their eternal land for a false peace ,they encouraged Iran and others to finish the disengagement which Sharon started. When the world see's Israel surrender their land for nothing but a bowl of gruel they realize that Isreali's stand for nothing and will gladly cave in under pressure to any demands. So Iran is just moving the ball forward that Sharon put in play with the help of con-man Bush.
56. heinrich
???   (12.14.05)
"I think moving the jews to alaska would be the best solution for the middle east problem, and let the araboids live in peace, or kill each other!." If you think moving Israel to Alaska will guarantee our peace and safety, then you are going through life with blinders on. These animals don't want peace....they want world domination. After they've killed off the Jews....who do you think will become their next target? It's time the world started fighting back....let's begin by expelling every single Arab from Western lands. Not all Arabs are bad, but they can't control the animals in their groups so why should we have to? Should they attack any Western land again....bomb them into submission. Make them fear us like their's no tomorrow. They only understand violence....and I have no problem dishing it out to them.
57. Here's some honesty Mark
???   (12.14.05)
I honestly think you need help. The fact that you can find even one redeemable quality in this animal strikes me as very odd. He's able to be direct and honest because he knows he can get away with it. He's an animal that needs to be put down....let's give him a one way ticket to Allah land.
58. ghassan
???   (12.14.05)
"if you want to prove that Mohammed existed, it means that you also need to prove that Jesus exist." I don't have to prove a thing to you. I owe you nothing.
59. Thomas
???   (12.14.05)
"Democracy does not work properly when the people elect dumbasses." Geez I agree Thomas....when are the Canadians going to wake up and elect a fit leader? "I personally do not thing Israel should exist as it does..." I personally think that Israel could give a crap about what you "thing"! "We have to sit these people together and make them solve their problems, or take away the nukes." Geez Thomas....why didn't we think of that first? Where the hell have you been? Do you read anything other than Canadian progoganda because the Muslims have made it quite clear that Israel is their number one target. They don't want peace with Israel. Going back to your first comment about electing dumbasses....I'm glad you aren't running for office.
60. To Kate
Thomas ,   St. John's, Canada   (12.14.05)
I know how Canada was founded. And Newfoundland was not part of Canada during WWII. We accepted 7 Jews into our country during the war. Doctors and their families because Newfoundland had a shortage of doctors at the time. A very self serving immigration policy at the time, and there was a lot of it going around. The entire conquest of North America was a complete disgrace (I've had some professors that make sure you understand that) but dwelling on the past will NOT solve the problems of today. We need to get over territorial claims, and usefully integrate everyone into this PLANET. Does it really matter what square foot of land we occupy? As long as we can be happy, and healthy, and not fear getting blown up? Canada is trying to rectify its dark past. The government has allowed several native groups to form another tier of government allowing "super municipalities" where the tribes are given the powers of provinces to govern their area. Sure, it's not the whole area they once controlled, but it's a start. Our history in Newfoundland is even darker then that. the French and the English killed off all our our natives shortly into the 19th Century, so there is no one to make reparations too. The only thing we can do, is not make that mistake in the future. Which is why I believe people should live and let live. Other then my name and open sentence about the issue, did you read anything else in my message?
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