Opinion  Alan D. Abbey
Shut up! It's too noisy
Alan D. Abbey
Published: 14.12.05, 21:41
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1. Goooooozzzzffffrrrraaaabaaaa
2. You're funny!
Josia ,   Tel Aviv   (12.15.05)
I have birds chirping outside the door of my home office ... You forgot to mention the army! Shooting without earplugs messes up your ears for a good few years .... J.
3. #2
Birdi ,   Israel   (12.17.05)
All soldiers are supplied with ear plugs. Ear plugs are obtained on request ASWELL.
4. what
yo ,   yo yo   (01.05.06)
thnx for this it helped but i dont' get this goooozzzffraaba guy ??? anyways is this article really acurate i hope so that would help
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