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Targeted killings futile
Yigal Sarena
Published: 15.12.05, 10:29
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1. to the writer
with my best regards , read post no. 22 in the report of ( Air Force pounds Gaza targets) .... thanks
2. good man
cordier   (12.15.05)
dear man A thing is sure you will never win against terrorism if you don t fight.... Hamas and Fatah want the destruction of israel if you don t want to fight settle to Alaska (advice of mr Iran).... but by pity before going to alaska let tsahal for ont time really fight against terrorism not just bombing open areas and kill one terrorist by month... For now telling us that tsahal fight against terrorism is a joke...
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (12.15.05)
"The Way We Live Now: Israel Proves There Is A Military Solution To Terrorism" (October 17, 2004) …Anyone who visits Jerusalem today will not see the ghost town it was in 2002, when Israel was absorbing an average of one suicide bombing a week. … How did things improve so dramatically, and so quickly, for Palestinians and Israelis alike? Begin by recalling Israel's assassination, in late March, of Hamas spiritual leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. At the time, the action was all but universally condemned as reckless and counterproductive. "By granting Yassin the martyrdom he craved, the Israelis have provided a motive for new suicide attacks," went an editorial in the normally pro-Israel Daily Telegraph of London. "More young Palestinians will fall in love with death, and more Israeli civilians will die with them." Yet what followed for Israel were nearly six consecutive terror-free months. This wasn't because the Palestinian terror groups lacked for motivation to carry out attacks. It was because they lacked for means. The leaders of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Yasser Arafat's own al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades had to spend their time figuring out how to survive, not on planning fresh attacks. The Israeli army incarcerated terror suspects in record numbers--some 6,000 now sit in Israeli prisons--which in turn helped yield information for future arrests. Most importantly, the security fence has begun to make the Israeli heartland nearly impenetrable to Palestinian infiltrators. (August's double suicide bombing in Beersheba happened precisely because there is still no security fence separating that town from the Palestinian city of Hebron, from where the bombers were dispatched.) Taken together, these measures prove what a legion of diplomats, pundits and reporters have striven to deny: that there is a military solution to the conflict. http://www.opinionjournal.com/editorial/feature.html?id=110005768 "Gen. Amidror: Targeted Killings Work" (Nov. 2, 2005 / 30 Tishrei 5766) ...Gen. Amidror, speaking on Army Radio, quoted the "precise statistics" of a study by Prof. Ben-Yisrael of Tel Aviv University, showing that "we used to have a full 140 deaths a month, and we were able to bring it down to 50 a year - without even a kilometer of fence." Amidror explained that this achievement was enabled in two stages: "First by re-conquering Judea and Samaria [in 2002], and then, three months later, by arresting or killing terror leaders... It causes them to spend their time finding hiding places, instead of planning terror attacks." http://www.israelnationalnews.com/news.php3?id=92236
4. Polls are changing!!
Spreading good news! ,   Israel   (12.15.05)
According to the not-yet released polls, support for both the Likud and Labor is increasing. Likud is showing 15-16 seats, while Labor, led by Amir Peretz, is up to 24. Another poll, by Haaretz/Channel 10, shows Kadima dropping to 35 seats, with Labor receiving 24, and the Likud only 12.
5. havlaga
Ben Temalion ,   Shiloh, USA USA USA   (12.15.05)
You contiue to with hvlaga. Tje 48 war continuesyet you call tje args by anotjer name , Yet they come to kill you. They will be as pins in your eyes until youu remove them.
6. Cut off Arabs' water supply: No water: No terror
Dudu ,   Kfar Sava   (12.15.05)
Yes, no need to mess around with expensive helicopter attacks. Just wait till July and then switch off the Arabs' water. Demand unconditional surrender from them. Within 1 week, there WILL be a solution.
7. The writer is an idiot
Michael Ben Raphael ,   Tel Aviv   (12.15.05)
If we do not stand up to the leaders of these terrorist orginizations, it gives them time to sit and plan sending suicide bombers. we must constantly keep them scared to sleep at night. I think the writer is a leftist coward.
8. Dead terrorists kill no more Jewish civilians. Target them.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (12.15.05)
9. No surprise from Aloni
Matti ,   Israel   (12.15.05)
The only people that Shulamit Aloni cares about are the Palestinians. She has never cared for Jews or their safety. Ifan Arab killed her own family, she would blame her family. One wonders y this woman lives in this country and what she really desires. Y doesn't she move to Ramallah?
11. all evidence to the contrary
a citizen   (12.15.05)
all evidence to the contrary, target killings save lives.
12. Targeted killings may not work....
J K ,   NYC, USA   (12.15.05)
But they sure make terrorists dead and the surviving ones flee into hiding, unable to easily plan new attacks. Wait a second....I guess they DO work. Imagine that.
13. So what concrete advice can the author give.
Miriam ,   Tel Aviv   (12.15.05)
NONE! When Abbas fights terror and the palestinian people throw out their culture of death and hate and take responsiblity for their own futures this kind of targeted killings will cease. This is not tit for tat. It is self defense. It is neither perfect nor the whole answer but right now this moment the only way. For all the excuse makers and knee jerkers out there, the kind of future the palestinians choose to have lies in their hands. If they choose death they will get death back. It is up to them as to the path they choose. thank you.
14. right on number 10. However there are those who
Edie ,   Paris France   (12.15.05)
feel offering candy to a child in the midst of a temper tantrum is the way to maintain order. Ha ha, all that does is make the child stronger and the parent weaker. The more we appease those who wish us dead the closer we come to being dead. The more you give the more they take and soon there is nothing more to give except a drunked crazed dog who bites back even harder. For all you who don't agree, show me where in the past 10 years gross and unjustified appeasement and land for peace, cutting more and more of ones arm off to give those who hate us, where has it taken us. Show me. Concrete facts not knee jerk emotions. The dog does not bite hard to those who reach their hands out to offer food because they are hungry but because they control their masters.
15. Gaza air strik
Londoner ,   London - UK   (12.15.05)
I do not understand how people could rejoice death!! It's absolutely sickening and proves what is being said about this Jews here in Europe! Assuming that the guys killed were terrorists, how on earth would you rejoice their death?!!! It’s beyond apprehension!!!! How you guys claim to be democratic and allow the pilot to be the judge and executioner at the same time in his little cockpit!!! Where else does this happen? I am sorry, but you’re all sick!!
16. The only problem with the targeted killing
AK   (12.15.05)
Targeted killings eliminates too few terrorists -- it's like getting rid of lice infestation by removing one louse at the time. Very ineffective. But, any efficient alternative would raise the writer's hackles even more.
17. the price for peace and quiet
misha ,   new york   (12.15.05)
Quiet the contrary to the writer's rather poorly written plea of stopping airborne anti-terror strikes, these strikes were fundamental at stopping Hamas' capability at launching attacks. Cutting the heads of the snake was one of the most effective ways of bringing the palestinians to the table, and halting their relentlessly fueled bloodbath. I wont shed a tear for these kinds of people.
18. Stop it,targeted killings
david ,   Tel Aviv   (12.15.05)
Stop targeted killings,sooner or later they will take revenge and we pay the price for idiot ideas.
19. to ak
dr ,   jenin   (12.15.05)
there is spray to kill all lices it is the chemical weapon it is efective to lices and pigs like other people salam ak stop this idiot idea
20. dont' forget that
Gil ,   tEL aViv   (12.15.05)
If we didn't kill them with targetted assisinations they wouldn't stop launching terror attacks. The attacks they launch are not in response to assinations they are in response to Israel being there. During Olso accords when we were trying to negotiate peace then lots of little people were regularly being massacred in Tel Aviv and elswhere in Israel by Hamas.
21. Sad
Drumgoole ,   Newark, New Jersey   (12.15.05)
The writer supposed documentation of the effects of the targeted killings is a fraud. None of the sources offer anything other than opinion and anecdotal information. In fact what this writer is saying is that Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Al Aqsa etc. would not send terrorists to kill Israelis if Israelis stop defending themselves. This is so crazy that it borders on the delusional. Exactly what should Israel do after a terrorist attact or to prevent a terrorist attack that is on the way? I'm sure he sheds tears over the security fence and is furious at Israel for setting up roadblocks and checkpoints that inconvenience Palestinians. The bottom line is that targeted assasssinations are part of the war against the barbaric terrorism of the Palestinians. Remember, the Palestinians refuse to disarm or control the terrorists. Arabs even refuse to condemn the Hitler-like beast who is the president of Iran. What a remarkable show of immorality and evil. Thus, the present slowdown in terrorism is not the result of goodwill on the part of the terrorists. It is a truce that will be broken on a large scale when the Palestians believe that they have the strength to commit these suicide bombings on a bigger scale.
22. Shame on Ynet to even post this crap
Yakir   (12.16.05)
23. what other option is there Yigal????
Lets put you in the seat of the commander of operations shall we: Scenario no.1: 2 terrorists are already en route in a 4x4 vehicle packed with explosives from Bethlehem to the green line You know they are attempting to get to Yerushalayim to execute a car bomb suicide attack You also know they will reach the border in less than 10 minutes. Now, it will take 8 minutes to get a team of sayerot to the area by helicopter. So deploying them is not an option - its too close You have a 2 apaches on routine patrol in the sky over the area concerned. They can get to and strike the target in less than 4 minutes Now you have to make a decision. If you dont order the helicopters in then there is enough explosive in that vehicle they are driving to kill at least 40 people in a crowded spot. If you do order the attack, the two terrorists will almost certainly die and there may be 5 to 10 civilians injured as well. You decide not to act. 40 people die in Israel and 65 are injured in an attack on ben yehuda because you decided to do nothing. Scenario no2: A goup of 3 terrorists are in qalkilya and are en route in a car to carry out a suicide bomb attack on residents in kfar saba. They are in transit but have not yet left the town limits. You have 2 teams from one of the sayerot on the ground on routine recon. You can order them to ambush the vehicle and kill the occupants. Arresting them is not an option. Once they are aware of the teams presence they will detonate themselves. You need to kill them. You dont give the order. 15 people die in kfar saba. Now, I dont know where you went to school, if at all, but one thing is clear to me: irrespective of whether you are a leftie, rightie, or a bisexual middlenik who wants to swing both ways, you sir are a complete moron. You criticize without providing an ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION to stopping suicide bombers. You think giving them everything they want will stop them from comming? They will keep comming. Sleep peacefully Yigal. At least some people have the stomach to do unpleasant things that you are obviously not mature enough nor strong enough to do
24. #19 Let me get it right, you suggest for israel to use
AK   (12.16.05)
chemical weapons on Arabs? Only an Arab would come up with an idea of an indiscrimante use of chemical weapons on general population. israelis would never lower themselves to such a low level.
25. We will stop killing them when they stop wanting to kill us!
David Rapoport ,   LA   (12.16.05)
Makes perfect sense to me. Don't think it will ever happen though. Sort of a chicken and egg problem...
26. While the silly writer gets all worked up over ...
AK   (12.17.05)
"targered" killings of terrorists, she is quite silent over the "targetted" murder of israeli civilians by the "Palestinian" vermin. Another innocent man has lost his life today to terrorists. She wants to stop the "march of blood"? how about carpet bombing the enemy?
27. Tageted killings
Jeff ,   USA   (12.17.05)
When the Arab Muslims lay down there guns, only then can any dialogue begin. If the Jewish people lay down there guns, there simply won't be any more Jews. Best of wishes to the people of Israel, Happy Hannakuh. Jeff
28. The Sky is Falling, The Sky is Falling
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (12.18.05)
My God what a diatribe of sniveling dribble. Don't kill the guard in the concentration camp,,,,,he might kill us all !!!! Give me a break. People die in war. Your country as well as the United States is at war. If every Jew in Europe had fought back and killed as many nazi's as they could lay their hands on, then don't you think at least 6 million Germans would of died in the process of wiping out the Jews? Don't kill those leaders of the foreign terrorist organization, they might retaliate. Does worrying about retaliation get all the jews killed in the concentration camp? It sure as hell did. Wake up! A general, you are not going to kill me, Jewish attitude, is what is needed here. Yeah, it's not my problem, I'm an american. Don't be lulled into thinking ,if we only make some concessions they will let us live in peace. A new generation is born every day in the territories. A percentage of that group will become leaders and muderers. They will have to be dealt with and jailed or exterminated. You just don't get to quit fighting in the middle of a war. You generally lose your freedom and your life if you give up. The last man or woman standing is the victor. Get used to it and quit undermining your government by whining for peace all the time. The fighting has to be finished first. In Israels case the fighting will most likely never end. The United States has got you beaten one hundred percent by whining about every soldiers death like it is the end of the world. We must of gotten a lot of European I don't want to protect my country influence lately. Kill the leaders and don't give up. On a long enough timeline, everyone will die. Don't lose your freedom because you are afraid of a few early deaths on the same timeline. Comfort ,and the right to live forever,are not a gauranteed right of any nation. If an enemy attacks, you must defend yourself or be conquered. Therefore, don't give the enemy the satisfaction of thinking they won't be killed for commiting terrorist acts. Execute them all. When they have gotten to the point where they believe it is not wise to blow up a Jew, because it will make their life uncomfortable,and possibly be fatal to their existence, that is when you can think about a truce. The palestinians are not to that point yet. Keep targeting their leaders.
29. To Londoner, London UK
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (12.18.05)
My ,how soon little London forgets about all the buzzbombs dropped on London in WWII. It would seem firebombing Dresden would make Mr. Londoner scream with disatisfaction. Of course it was okay for the British and Americans to exterminate an entire city. But by God, Mr. Londoner is showing a lot of emotion against the killing of a few fascists in the West Bank. Those Jews are just sick, sick, sick. Those pour Palestinian terrorists. Poor Adolf Hitler, I wish he could of dropped a bomb on my grandmothers flat so I wouldn't of been born to see such appaling atrocities committed by these terrible Jews. Wars are never sweet, they don't melt in your mouth, maybe that's why we call it war. It's pretty sour and smells like-------well you get the drift. The only Europeans that ever protected any Jews, were the European Jews that survived the Holocaust. Keep killing the terrorists.
30. #15
Ram ,   London   (12.18.05)
I suspect you have your own biased agenda against the Jews. If you didn't you would point out how much more sickening is the culture of the suicide bomber, blowing up old women and children, let alone the determined terrorists continuosly dreaming up of ways to infiltrate Israel by any means to do the same. The minute the Arabs will accept the existance of Israel and stop fermenting the hate of Jews in their PA funded institutions there will be peace.
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