Arab MK: Israel ‘robbery of century’
Ronny Shaked
Published: 18.12.05, 09:50
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31. #29
KAPARA ,   USA   (12.18.05)
32. What a great and true speech-Thank you
Ayman ,   Ejerusalem Palestine   (12.18.05)
33. Azmi Bishara says to to kill me.The meanning is that I can
kill him also   (12.18.05)
34. # 29 LOL... you naive dhimmi
Ezra ,   USA   (12.18.05)
The only thing that is a transient in the Middle East are the Arabs.
35. Bravo#29
I am muslim and I love our brothers the christians. They are more palestinians than me.....we are united so dont you try out there to make us sound as if we are not..happy christmas to all
36. # 26: who are you fooling? If you want the truth read this
Moti   (12.18.05)
the 'khazar theory' has been discredited as complete nonsense. Recent genetic testing has traced the vast majority of Ashkenazi and Sephardi Jews to Judea. "The findings were that most Jewish communities -- long separated from one another in Europe, North Africa, the Near East and the Arabian Peninsula -- do indeed seem to be genetically similar and closely related to one another, sharing a common geographical origin. These Jewish communities are more closely related to each other and to other Middle Eastern Semitic populations -- Palestinians, Syrians, and Druze -- than to their neighboring non-Jewish populations in the Diaspora." Jews are from Judea - fact.
37. Azmi Bishara you prefere the Lebanis democracy
bomb un the cars ,   of another thinking?   (12.18.05)
38. Transfer of populations?
Kate ,   London   (12.18.05)
Most Jews have always known that "Palestinians" are not really interested in a two-state solution, but instead wish to wipe Israel off the map. This speech and the reaction to it on this board only serves to confirm this knowledge. It seems that the only true way to gain even a semblance of lasting peace is for a transfer of populations between the future "Palestinian" state and Israel. The so-called "Arab Israelis" must move to the future Palestine, and Jews from the outlying settlements must move to Israel. Israel can no longer afford to have these Arab traitors in its midst.
39. the only thing he did wrong
Robert Goldman ,   cooper city Florida   (12.18.05)
His words anger me. sure! they are wrong (my family traces it's time in Jerusalem back to 1492, and they have been there and elsewhere in the area ever since!) BUT!!! The only thing he did that was wrong by law was go to the book fair in "Lebanon five days ago without consent from the Interior Ministry, Israel's leading newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth reported Sunday." YUP that is the only thing he did that can be called wrong or unlawful.
40. Azmi bishara was born in Tarshiha near Maalot and he hates
Jews ,   MUMTAZ DAUD   (12.18.05)
41. #16
Jane ,   New York   (12.18.05)
There are Christians throughout the Arab world. Why not him as well? He obviously does not belong in Israel.
42. #23
Jane ,   New York   (12.18.05)
Since you live in 78% of the original British mandate for Palestine, you take him. As to his speaking the truth, you no doubt back the UN in everything except the founding of Israel. Israel was not stolen. But that is impossible for you to admit. Yes, he can say what he wants. But can you say what you want there in the Big Palestine?
43. #28
Jane ,   New York   (12.18.05)
Actually, he is absolutely wrong. And so are you. Wishful thinking on his part does not make him right.
44. #29
Jane   (12.18.05)
To be against our living in our homeland is to be against Jews. Stop the bullshit. It's the same thing. And the only expiration date is on YOUR aggression against US. Our existence in our land predates Christianity and the birth of the Jew to whom you pray.
45. #35
Jane ,   New York   (12.18.05)
If you so love your Christian brothers, why are you chasing them out of Bethlehem? Why are Christians leaving in droves? You say you love them to make yourselves appear tolerant, which you are not. They are dhimmi in your book.
46. treason
Joan ,   Haifa   (12.18.05)
Elliot is right: this is treason. Also, since M. Bishara hates Israeli democracy so much, I suggest he keep as far away from the Knesset as possible.
47. redrawing boundaries?
Joan ,   Haifa   (12.18.05)
Shai, do you really think most Israeli Arabs would want to live in PA controlled territory?
48. This man is absolutely right!
perpetual_dream ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.18.05)
Ive already said these words. They are stealers. What am sure 4rm at least that they've stolen my grandma house in west jerusalem & they r proud about it. "Absolute sodek"
49. Bishara for P.M.
Marcel ,   Florida   (12.18.05)
Israel's left in it's quest to suicide for peace will probally dump Peretz and replace him with Bishara. Thats the tali fahima wing of the Israeli left. They are so proud to have those who's only desire is Israel's extermination to sit in power in Israel. Proof positive that liberalism is a mental disorder.
50. To 47
Shai ,   Israel   (12.18.05)
Either way, I don't care what they want if they aren't willing to be loyal citizens and accept Israel as a Jewish state. It's impossible to have a political system predicated on this if such a large proportion of the population is unwilling to accept this principle, and thus it's better that they be governed under a political system that's more in tune with their way of thinking.
51. #36 EVEN so, occupying Palestine can't be legitimized
JK   (12.18.05)
EVEN if the Israeli jews were originally from Judea, they still don't have the right to take over Palestine. Before the Hebrews first migrated there around 1800 B.C., the land of Canaan was occupied by Canaanites. "Between 3000 and 1100 B.C., Canaanite civilization covered what is today Israel, the West Bank, Lebanon and much of Syria and Jordan...Those who remained in the Jerusalem hills after the Romans expelled the Jews [in the second century A.D.] were a potpourri: farmers and vineyard growers, pagans and converts to Christianity, descendants of the Arabs, Persians, Samaritans, Greeks and old Canaanite tribes." Marcia Kunstel and Joseph Albright, "Their Promised Land." The present-day Palestinians' ancestral heritage "But all these [different peoples who had come to Canaan] were additions, sprigs grafted onto the parent tree...And that parent tree was Canaanite...[The Arab invaders of the 7th century A.D.] made Moslem converts of the natives, settled down as residents, and intermarried with them, with the result that all are now so completely Arabized that we cannot tell where the Canaanites leave off and the Arabs begin." Illene Beatty, "Arab and Jew in the Land of Canaan." The Jewish kingdoms were only one of many periods in ancient Palestine "The extended kingdoms of David and Solomon, on which the Zionists base their territorial demands, endured for only about 73 years...Then it fell apart...[Even] if we allow independence to the entire life of the ancient Jewish kingdoms, from David's conquest of Canaan in 1000 B.C. to the wiping out of Judah in 586 B.C., we arrive at [only] a 414 year Jewish rule." Illene Beatty, "Arab and Jew in the Land of Canaan."
52. Throw him out
Emily ,   Australia   (12.18.05)
Castrate the Traitorous bastard and throw him out of our democratic country.
53. Typical
Drumgoole ,   Newark, New Jersey   (12.18.05)
This so-called human is typical of the primitive ulture of his people. In fact, his people are brought up on a steady diet of hatred, feeling sorry for themselves, and whing. There is no room for compromise, reconcilliation, or improvement. Child sacrifice, honor killings of family members are things that left most of civilized society during the stone age. He hates democracy, and one can only wonder hoow his people will ever become decent humans. Their hatred and beliefs are similar to the nazis.
54. To #39 Goldman
Micha ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.18.05)
Your are wrong. Lebanon is officially in a state of war with Israel. Bishara is a member of parliment and he committed a traitorous act by going there and giving support to the enemy that Israel should be destroyed.
55. JK: The canaanites are long gone
Moti ,     (12.18.05)
1) The Palestinian Arabs are not Canaanites. They don't speak canaanite and they don't call themselves canaanite. The Palestinians mostly descend from Arabs who came from Arabia. Anyhow the important thing is the culture, and the Palestinians are Arab, not canaanite (sometimes they also claim they are Philistines, even more silly). 2) Jews were the majority of the land for much longer than 414 years. After the fall of Judah, the Judahites (Jews) returned from exile from Babylon, and built Judea and rebuilt the Temple of Jerusalem. Judea was a Judean state until the second century when the Romans destroyed it. (The word Jews is just short for Judean). Have you heard of Jesus? He was a Jew from Judea. So you need to add another 6 centuries to your number at least. Its probably more though.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (12.18.05)
LAND, Arab Muslims want Israel! All of it! Israel was mostly desert and swamps, almost treeless, with few inhabitants until the Jews came in large numbers and transformed Israel. Gaza's Jews were told by the Arabs, "The land is cursed, you will not be able to grow anything!" G-D blessed the Jews on their land and the Jews created thousands of highly successful greenhouses and hundreds of farms. Gaza's Jews were famous for their bug-free produce. Now that the Arabs possess what belongs to the Jews, the Arabs are unable to keep the bugs away!!! The RIGHTEOUS, HOLY G-D of the universe WILL NOT BLESS LAND THAT IS STOLEN FROM THE JEWS!
57. you are all paranoid
Joseph ,   Ras Karkar   (12.18.05)
It is amazing how paranoid you all are. It is a fact that building Israel was at the expense of the palestinians. Even if you support Israel, do not expect the palestinians to love it. And to the many idiotic responses regartding Azmi and Arabia.... I understand your suggestion that he should go back to Arabia, a place he has nothing to do with simply becuase you think you came back to Palestine or Israel, a place that you have nothing to do with.
58. to #51
kapara ,   usa   (12.18.05)
next time i run into a caananite, i'll tell him he can go live in israel. so what your saying is that israel has a right to exist and a palestinian state has a right to, i hope the palestinians learn to compromise within the next 1000 there an arabic word for compromise?
59. Jews raing of the flag with CROSS in christians countries
Bishara dosnt want ,   to raise MAGENDAVID   (12.18.05)
60. Why YNET dosnt print the defamationof BISHARA in the Hebrew
vertion of YMET?????   (12.18.05)
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