Arabs plan mock trial for Bush, Sharon
Ali Waked
Published: 20.12.05, 18:07
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2. The new Nazis flex their muscles.
AK   (12.20.05)
This only proves that the conflict we are no facing is between civilizations espousing different and incompatible values -- and we better win or the new Dark Age will descent upon us.
3. lol indeed wonderful news....
Richard Hitchings ,   Methil   (12.20.05)
I should have pointed out that befpre my wife took my mame she was previously know as Guidoni.... before that her maiden name was Galloway
4. Richard
Mikael ,   New Zealand   (12.20.05)
Do you really think any one on this forum gives a **** what your wife's name is? You only surfaced a short while ago and your comments are putrid so go away and spend your time contemplating standing before the G_D of Israel to give account of your life. The God of Abrahm, Issac and Jacob (Israel) and their decendents the people and nation you despise so much!!!
5. richard, you aren't accessol from the uk by any chance?
elli yahoo   (12.20.05)
you suddenly appeared when he disappeared?
6. NZ hmmm Its a long way to methil Mik
Richard Hitchings ,   Methil   (12.20.05)
Hmmm Mike it seems your a tough guy.... well at least you can talk the talk... but I doubt if yer a Mowry Come to the pub with me while we chat about this
7. Richard
Mikael ,   New Zealand   (12.20.05)
The spelling is Maori you ignorant ass. And furthermore I wouldn't share a beer with you if you were the last person on earth and lastly being on the opposite side of the world from you is just fine with me. Shalom
8. "War criminals who harmed arabs and muslims"
Uzziel   (12.20.05)
This people ("arabs and muslims") is so unselfish that only consider "war crimes" if committed against themselves... Will anyone in the world have enough courage and generosity toward mankind to judge the crimes commited by the arabs and muslims against the humanity?
9. LOL!!!! this is too much... damn muslims
Yakir   (12.20.05)
10. maybe we can put bugs bunney on trial as well
dan ,   usa   (12.21.05)
why not?
11. This is no mock trial
Steve ,   USA   (12.21.05)
B"H I am certain the result of this trial will be spewed as propoganda by all its participants, who quite frankly should be held for treason in their countries of origin, if outside the Arab nation. These people are "London Mayor Ken Livingstone, British MP George Galloway and the Mufti of Jerusalem Sheikh Ekrama Sabri will also be approached to act as juries," and "former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark, who is one of the lawyers defending Saddam Hussein". The reason treason is the charge if these people actually carry this out is that the goal of this trial is to undermine the sovereignty of Israel, the United States, and Briton. This trial is on behalf of the Arab nation, and these people participating are acting as the Judges, Jury, and citizenry of this Arab nation, promoting the unlawful deposition of democratically elected leaders by armed force, with proposed UN resolutions surely to follow be the source of such authorations to take action. The real question is why there is a trial of leadership from a different country? The answer is that the Arab nation does not view itself as distinct, but rather as having authority over the entire world already, and therefore considers all its non-Arab inhabitants slaves to it. The United States Constitution, in fact, sets down that the Congress is the basis of International Law, because otherwise, there is no United States Sovereignty. Mosaic Law sets G-d as Sovereign of the entire Creation. This is no mock trial. It is time for democratic nations to stop supporting such bizarre behavior.
12. Arab lawyers
Isac ,   Florida   (12.21.05)
Now, I personally do not have a very high opinion of lawyers in general. Thinking about how Arab lawyers would proceed in their banana-republic-theocratic-islamo-fascist style mock court makes me rather laugh. Sorry, I can't take it seriously! And so should anyone else with a bit of western civilization and a minimum of intelligence.
13. I'd vote to put both Bush and Sharron on a REAL trial.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (12.21.05)
14. Quite a cast of characters
CZ ,   NYC   (12.21.05)
Ken Livingstone, George Galloway, the Mufti of Jerusalem ,Nelson Mandela, Ramsey Clarke. Yes, it looks like they have (or will have )most of the world-renowned anti-semites and terrorist/terrorist sympathizers on board. The only person missing is David Duke.
15. well someone's gotta do it
Michael ,   Halifax   (12.21.05)
If its not the real criminals on trial i guess a mock one will do for now, but either way someone's gotta hold these scumbags accountable for their crimes, Sharon and Bush should share the stage with people like them; Osama, Zarqawi, and the rest of the terrorists of the world.
16. Mock Trial in Cairo
gerschor ,   Raanana, Israel   (12.21.05)
Why do you publish nonsense such as this? If it were ignored, it would disappear from view, and only the idiots who take part in these trials would know about it.
17. richard hitchins
alan ,   san francisco   (12.21.05)
and what did she do when she was Mrs Galloway (#3 post), stuff kishkes that she latter fed to you and you now spout to us? Is that why you are so full of it?
18. Think About It - Islam Has Ruined the World
R ,   World   (12.21.05)
Look around the world. No place is safe anymore - and why? Mainly because of Islam. Australia, England, US, Middle East, Far East... a cancer on civilization bringing their middle age feudalism to all corners. If it is such a model society, then why do so many leave their coutries of origin to go someplace else?
Fuad ,   EGYPT   (12.21.05)
so many people have accused muslims as being terrorists , but what about you? dont you see yourselves what about thousands of people who killed out of the american chemical weapons in iraq , what about abu guraib prison events, what do you think of 8000 thousands of detainees in the israeli prisons ( including helpless women and their children) ? do you believe that there are 2 - 3 and even 10 months children in the israeli prisons are they terrorists too??!!! what do you think now ?????? so what happens to you now is small punishment for your horrible crimes
20. to richard and his wife
moslem ,   jerusalem   (12.21.05)
one name become two ..but in islam the man can have four wives so it is four names become eight or the four become one name ///who is the strongest we let this problem to be judge by any one or all of non moslem nothing change the fact
21. #19 Muslims are terrorists, just check the facts.
AK   (12.21.05)
Around the world Muslims murder no Muslims. From Bali to LA, through all the places in between, Muslims have been committing acts of terrorism against civilians, including cutting heads off little schoolgirls.
R ,   WORLD   (12.21.05)
23. The real criminals are..
Gil ,   Tel Aviv   (12.21.05)
The Arab, Moslem leaders for surpressing, murdering, torturing their people, sponsoring terrorism, undermining world peace and the list of the accused would go something like this; 1. Ayatollah Kohmeini 2. Bashar Assad 3. Saudi's Faud Family
24. go back to watching aljazeera Fuad and leave us alone
benji   (12.21.05)
25. #22
Khalid ,   Jordan   (12.21.05)
Saudi's Faud family??? doesn't exist but nice try, its the Saud family, hence the name of the country; SAUDI arabia.
26. court
Jean Jones ,   us   (12.22.05)
I wish I could be on the jury.Will it be televised?How can I recieve the out come?If possible please put me on your mailing list.may God bless you with peace and love.Sincerely,Jean
27. Arab Mock Trial: Hypocrisy At Its Worst
John Simpson ,   Nashua, NH USA   (12.22.05)
How about a mock trial for Bashir Assad re Hariri's assassination? Or for Hamas, which slaughters Jews at every opportunity? Or for the President of Iran, who revises history and encourages genocide? Or the leaders of Sudan re Darfur? As for the jurors, they remind me of the cutthroat jury of pirates in "The Devil and Daniel Webster." People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Also, it's official: Ramsey Clark is a traitor. At every turn he seeks to undermine real justice and provide succor to the enemies of democracy. He should be tried for treason and shot.
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