Israel offered Iran billions for Arad
Ronen Bergman
Published: 22.12.05, 11:24
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1. Bribery can get u everywhere
richard Hitchings ,   methil   (12.22.05)
lol u guys should have just nuked them lol
2. Richard
Danny ,   Tel Aviv   (12.22.05)
He Richard by now we all know you are a bored and unemployed brit who spends his "valuable time" on this website making useless remarks. However the joke is on you... within a few years your country will have more moslims, mosks than Mekka. He who laughs last... LOL
3. To bad half the effort wasnt put into getting back Pollard
Avi Ratzon ,   Edison, NJ   (12.22.05)
If Israel tried hald as hard to get a living pollard from the USA instead of a dead Arad from Iran, it may have worked out a little better. But then again, Rabin was running things then.
4. Response to Danny re richard
Kate ,   London   (12.22.05)
He's typical of his type: working-class (he works on a building site), barely literate, extremely anti-Semitic, lazy, heavily in debt, cowardly. Had the Nazis invaded in 1940, it would have been Brits like him who would have machine-gunning Jewish women and children into pits. Truly he is the dregs of human society.
5. to #3
Hilda ,   US   (12.22.05)
The truth is the hatred of Jews is even greater than all the money in the world
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (12.22.05)
Under intense U.S. pressure, weak Israeli leaders released THOUSANDS of terrorists from jail enabling the jihadis to rejoin the non-stop religious war against Israel. At the same time, another crime was committed. The crime of not INSISTING and getting back in return, the hundreds of Israel's brave POW/MIAs and Pollard. Arad, the other POW/MIAs, and Pollard have been cruelly betrayed and abandoned. THERE IS NO JUSTICE AND NO MERCY FOR JEWS. Nothing has changed over the last 2,000 years. Israel desperately needs strong leaders who will stand up for the tiny nation of Israel and Jews' human rights.
7. Kate... lol So you know me!! lol
richard Hitchings ,   methil   (12.22.05)
Kate one thing for sure... Id have no prob taking a pop at you... It time you and I shared a beer together...but You gotta pay.. im a bit short this week
8. Avi.... Whose this guy Pollard??
Richard Hitchings ,   Methil   (12.22.05)
9. Kate... Is that yer real name.. hmmm
Richard Hitchings ,   Methil   (12.22.05)
Kate u aint my peace of Jewish crumpet......or Its been a long time...Kate I missed ya ...a bit...but Golder Green hmmmm
10. Richard you are one sad puppy
in serious need of a shag and a life get a grip and grow the hell up you sound like a juvenile delinquent with a real macho attitude who most likely suffers from small pekker syndrome
11. to #3
Hilda ,   USA   (12.28.05)
Unfortunately effort and money would not help Pollard, it has been tried. Even Weinberger who was personally responsible for Pollard being where he is said there were other reasons for him being imprisioned, that what he did was actually small potatoes. Guys who did much more got away with far less. I regretfully report it is a dirty chapter in American history and Pollard will not be freed. Even this latest deal which has surfaced where Pollard would be exchanged for Bargouti is a ruse.. It is a barefaced attempt for Bargouti to gain his freedom. At the end he Bargouti would be let out and POollard would be ----ed again just as he was at Wye. I just do not trust any action surrounding Pollard
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