Jewish Fatah supporter sentenced to 3 years
Vered Luvitch
Published: 22.12.05, 11:58
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Linda Rivera ,   New York   (12.22.05)
How sick and twisted for anyone to believe that it is wrong for Jews to live on their own land! Tali's extremely light sentencing is almost AN APPROVAL of her crimes against the Jewish people. Who knows what special privileges this terrorist lover will get in jail?
2. Israeli bleeding heart justice
Ignatious ,   USA   (12.22.05)
This narcissistic traitor was not "protesting the occupation" when she became a lover and accomplice to a wanted Palestinian terrorist. There are many well-meaning left-wingers who disagree with the settlements and work through the political process to change Israel's policies and these persons do not lack patriotism (although I think that they lack brains). Tali was different. She has loyalty only to herself. The sad decision to sentence her to only 3 years in jail for collaborating with the enemy and the lack of action against an Arab MK who does not recognize the legitimacy of Israel and breaks laws with impunity is not justice. Compare that to the draconian steps that were taken against the settlers prior to and during the disengagement from Gaza and it is obvious that something is very wrong with the mind-set of Israeli officials.
3. terrorist vs patriot
ely ,   usa   (12.22.05)
don't you forget Pollard?
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