BBC: Jesus' parents would get stuck in roadblock
Itamar Eichner
Published: 25.12.05, 10:16
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1. Jesus' parents would have been murdered by the Arabs
Dani ,   Tel Aviv   (12.25.05)
Just like any Jews would have if they went into plo-occupied areas. Duh!
2. Jesus' parents would NOT get stuck in roadblock
Jeff ,   New York, NY   (12.25.05)
They were Jewish On another note: they were from a Jewish town going to a Jewish town
3. It's the BBC who should be stopped
sara   (12.25.05)
4. unfortunately :-(
pter ,   Poland   (12.25.05)
sad but true
5. Jesus's parents would have been kicked out of Bethlehem
Mike ,   Miami, USA   (12.25.05)
as illegal Jewish settlers. And Jesus would never have been born there.
6. Yes
Joseph Christ ,   Nazereth, Israel   (12.25.05)
if the parents of Jesus (as Jews) were to enter Bethlehem or Ramalla, or Jenin, or Gaza today they would be killed within minutes because of their faith / nationality. Does the BBC documentary mention this? The implication of the report is that the Jews today are like the Romans of 2000 years ago. So the Jews are the Christ killers. This is just the most warped piece of crap which will be lapped up by ignorant middle-class Guardian readers in the UK to further prove how terrible those warmongering Israelis (read "Jews") are.
7. it is funny if it wasnt sad
ash ,   gush etzion   (12.25.05)
these days the people who live in the west bank and gaza(not jews) call themselves palestinians, arabs, christians, moslems, descended from canaanites and philistines. but what is really hilarious is when they take on a jewish identity like hanan ashrawi who says she is descended from jesus (its also funny how according to christian doctrine he didnt have a wife or have sex, so how is that hanan are you another immaculate conception). get your identities correct and stick with it dont adapt to whatever you want to be. you cant be an arab and indigenous to the area formerly called palestine. you cant riot in the 1930's about being called palestinians and then take on that dessignation as holy. figure it out and let us know.
8. They do this every christmas
Andrew ,   Miami   (12.25.05)
The pope and the bbc do this every christmas..yammering on about how bad israel is and how they cant go and worship jesus...blah blah blah...let islam have bethlehem...then we'll see how much they trully miss bethlehem
9. BBC Israels worst enemy
Marsh ,   UK   (12.25.05)
BBC are so anti Semitic Israel should bar them as they did before. Every day in UK BBC show pro Palestinian bias. That is why the Brits are so anti Semitic
10. To #
Saba ,   Palestine   (12.25.05)
Thankx to worry about Jesus !!!!! DO YOU KNOW all the story of Jesus ???? til now jesus his comemoration is in Bethlehem and not in Tel Aviv ....Merry Christmas Dani
ELLI YAHOO   (12.25.05)
12. Jesus parents would be stuck in traffic outside the airport
13. no. 6 I totally agree bethlehem is not a safe place
14. Why is the BBC tolerated in Israel
A. de Metz ,   Haifa   (12.25.05)
Is there some reason why the BBC and its correspondents are accredited and allowed to work in Israel? The damage they do (as pointed out by #9) is enormous. They need to be kicked out and the reasons for their expulsion need to be widely publicized. Israel has no obligation to cooperate in one-sided, anti-Israel propaganda. This is not freedom of the press. A standard of fairness should be applied to all foreign media working in Israel as part of the accreditation process.
15. (#9) The teabags
Michael Steiner ,   EU   (12.25.05)
are not anti-Semitic because of the BBC. They've always been Jew-hating scum. Remember what they did to our Holocaust survivors just after the war. Remember where the blood libel comes from. And remember everything in between. Despicable though the BBC is, this did not start with it. As far as Price's claim, others here have said it all. One last thing: there's no evidence this "Jesus" ever existed.
16. Jesus' parents would have had no problem
Linda ,   Israel   (12.25.05)
...if they had travelled from Nazareth to Jerusalem before the Intifada. They could have journeyed wherever they wanted. It's only since the Palestinians have started making trouble - throwing stones and killing innocent people) that the Israelis have had to start with the road blocks....
17. Make your voice heard
Fabia Fiortina ,   Los Angeles   (12.25.05)
I agree with #14, the BBC should be banished until it agrees to abide by accepted journalistic standards. While it is a positive step that the Israeli government is protesting to the BBC, it is a far-from-adequate response. Weak protests with no consequences achieve nothing. The BBC is, however, a public corporation and, as such, sensitive to public opinion. If you wish to protest inaccurate, biased reporting, you may do so by contacting BBC World Services Bush House Strand London WC2B 4PH United Kingdom Phone: 011 44-20-7240-3456 Fax: 011 44-20-7557-1258 E-mail: BBC Web Site Comments: Comments: Complaints:
18. Jesus parents are "Jewish settlers"
Leo ,   Australia   (12.25.05)
Seeing that his folks only just happened to be Jewish, they would have been labelled as settlers by the "international community" and thrown out much to the applause of media organisations like the BBC. The BBC and its Middle eastern reporters seem to convienantly neglect or overlook such minor details.
19. #16 is correct,
A. de Metz ,   Haifa   (12.25.05)
In the years prior to the intifada, I regularly drove from Haifa to Bethlehem and the surrounding area with no difficulties or delays. I even accompanied Christian colleagues to Bethlehem for Christmas celebrations several times. It is only since the violence of the intifada that this pleasant journey has become so arduous.
20. if jesus'es parents where here they would
aa ,   london   (12.25.05)
be asking the jews to appologise to the world first for torturing there child and kiling him and then appologise to the palestinians for all the suffering they have caused them ... so lets not wait for them and start your appologies now and end the occupation , and leave the west bank and gasa's people to live in peace , tare down the appartied wall , and free the palestinians ..
21. A response to ptr from Poland
Kate ,   London   (12.25.05)
Pter writes: "sad by true" Had Jesus Christ lived in Poland during World War II, he would have been murdered by the Nazis with the active assistance of anti-Semitic Poles. Yes, Poles hated the Nazis, but they hated the Jews even more. What a sick irony that Poland should choose a Jewish god and yet hate the Jews. And thus your comment today is both expected and typical.
22. The BBC reports the crucifixion
Kate ,   London   (12.25.05)
"...This is your tearful BBC correspondent reporting from a Jerusalem where today god has been murdered by the Jews."
23. Jesus is not a jew. God forbids
Robert ,   Poland   (12.25.05)
Jesus and his parents is not Jew, God forbids. Jesus’ sacrifice is an example to the entire World that jews are unfaithful, ungrateful. Merry Christmas.
24. A response to "Robert" of Poland
Kate ,   London   (12.25.05)
Robert writes: "Jesus and his parents is not Jew, God forbids. Jesus’ sacrifice is an example to the entire World that jews are unfaithful, ungrateful." When the Nazis built the death camps in Poland, they did so in the certain knowledge that although the Poles hated Nazis, they hated Jews even more and would willingly and joyfully collaborate in the Holocaust. As the Poles used to say during the war: "When Hitler dies we will go to his grave to spit on it. We will then return to bring him flowers for helping us get rid of the Jews." As if more evidence were actually needed, Robert steps forward to show that Poland still is the most virulently anti-Semitic nation on earth. 3.5 million Jews in Poland before World War II. 5,000 Jews in Poland today. If you want to know why, read Robert's post again.
25. Two questions for "aa" of London
Kate ,   London   (12.25.05)
How do you manage in the UK given your English is so incredibly poor? By the way, as a matter of interest, are you a legal immigrant or did you slip in through the back door? (If you do not understand my questions, perhaps you could get a friendly policeman to translate)
26. To the Poles and Christian who hate Jews
tulip ,   south africa   (12.25.05)
To the Polish and Christians who have say that the Jews killed Jesus You are all IGNORANT peasants. I think that you dont want to admit that you are actually believing in and praying to a JEW. This is why you all are envious of the Jewish Nation and only can speak ill about them.
27. Jesus and his parents is not Jew says Robert
poppy   (12.25.05)
questions for Robert What was Jesus's profession? What religion was Jesus, "Jeshua"
28. Yushka the Apostolate
Juke ,   Jerusalem. Israel   (12.25.05)
I find it very insulting for anyone to call Yushka a Jew. He might have been born a Jew but is no longer consider a Jew. He is consider an Apostolate. Not that I care but I thought he didn’t have a father since his mother was a virgin.
29. BBC bad reporting
Juke ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.25.05)
Maybe the BBC can do a report about the declining chrisians in Bethlehem population since OSLO and the time the PA took control of Bethlehem. Maybe they will even find a way to blame the Israelis and Jews again?
30. merry christmas robert now p*ss off
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