More Qassams hit Israel
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 01.01.06, 16:02
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1. Impotent,Incompetent,Weak & Defeatist
Marcel ,   Florida   (01.01.06)
Thats the definition of Israel's worthless leaders who cater to foreign agenda's above their own people. Israel could go into Gaza and in less than 3 days end this threat . Because the servile,sickly, wimp leader Sharon like being under the thumb of others he refuses to end this threat.
2. #1: Marcel the Armchair Crusader in Florida:
Michael Steiner ,   EU   (01.01.06)
You're really a royal pain in the tukhus. When will you quit whining from your Florida condo, convert, come to Israel, take a gun and go "end this threat" in Aza yourself??? Never, that's when. It's very easy for a goy in Florida to want to send young Jewish men and women to die for his own sick "war of civilizations." You can't be bothered to go fight for your own country in Iraq (or, at least, for the political and business interests of your country's leaders)--and yet you presume to tell a country you've no connection to what to do. Thank heavens no-one is taking the likes of you and Riviera seriously.
3. I have too Much experance in Gaza
Robert Goldman ,   cooper city Florida   (01.01.06)
I served there for over 2 years during the first intafada, and the only way to clear it out would be to order the wholesale slaughter of every man woman and child in that area.... WELL that is not the Israeli way. so Marcel come up with a better idea. one that doesn't cost lives. and we might think about it, and until you have shed your own blood in uniform leave the fighting to the pros..
4. Bring it on..................
Danielle ,   centre   (01.01.06)
I have had enough of this pussy-footing. They want a war....let's get this thing moving and finish it once and forall. They have been given enough chances...they have chosen this road to hell all by themselves. Lets give it to them.On a silver platter.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (01.01.06)
Israel suffers continual terror attacks from global jihad. Under U.S. pressure, Israel ACCEPTS continual war, rewarding her enemies! Israel gifted Gaza Jews' thousands of greenhouses, hundreds of farms and Jewish land to wealthy Palestinian Authority terrorist organization. 10,000 jobless and homeless. Jewish refugees are forced to pay mortgages on their destroyed homes! Israel's surrender of Gaza brought terrorists closer to major Israeli population centers. Arab missiles now fire on Ashkelon, previously not within range. Sderot's mayor says Israel has abandoned Sderot. Happy terrorists are allowed to fire rockets on Sderot, just as terrorists were allowed to fire thousands of rockets and mortars on Gaza's Jews. Terrorists and massive amounts of weapons pass freely through the Gaza-Egypt border. Rockets are fired from Jewish Gaza, which has been transformed into terrorist training camps and a GLOBAL BASE FOR TERROR. The EVIL response of terrorist enablers, U.S. EU, and UN, is to allow the terrorists to duplicate this success in Judea and Samaria. They demand another wicked crime against humanity is perpetrated. The cruel ethnic cleansing of 250,000 Jews made jobless and homeless and forced into deep poverty. And Jewish land gifted to Israel's enemies giving Islamists military advantage over a tiny, weakened Israel reduced to an INDEFENSIBLE 6-10 miles width at her middle ENABLING CONQUEST OF ALL ISRAEL. Will Israel finally fight back when Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and all Israel is under total attack from Islamists, with reinforcements from throughout the Muslim Middle East and beyond?
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (01.01.06)
In 1922, Britain illegally gave MOST OF PALESTINE-80% TO THE ARABS. The area became Jordan, giving the Arabs an Arab Palestinian state on JEWISH land. IT WAS ETHNICALLY CLEANSED OF JEWS. This area is part of ancient, Biblical Israel, and along with present-day Israel, including Judea, Samaria, Gaza and the Golan was recognized by the League of Nations as the Jewish homeland.
7. #2 whinner abdul steiner
Marcel ,   Florida   (01.01.06)
How does the hypocrite rail against me for writing from Florida while he writes from Prague ? There is no shame in these porkers for allah. The differences between you and me are many abdul steiner. First and foremost I want Israel to win, you side with every plan that weakens Israel under this phony peace plan. You moslems always call those of us who support Israel 'Crusaders' I understand that you are as phony as a three dollar bill sittiing in your chair working hard to seduce Israel into a weak approach towards the enemy Israel faces. I know that bothers you greatly and thats very good abdul. You should leave Hezbollah's propaganda operation there in Euroupe and SURRENDER to the asppropiate Israeli authorities. I thiink many here see thru your cheap propaganda which causes you to take two steps back when you go overboard in support for your jihad allies. You are all over the place,a failed,confused propagandist, but we are constant in wanting to see a strong Israel free from their U.S. leash ,strong to defeat the enemy and no longer appease them. one step forward two step's back does not decieve all of us Abdul.
8. #3 only other option........
Marcel ,   Florida   (01.01.06)
for Israel is to surrender and die. The enemy you face is more determined to a pussified, sissefied Israel which no longer understands that there is no other option for their survuval thna to defeat the enemy. During WWII the U.S. Canada ,britant Autralia understood that war was not pretty .The bombed Dresden and drooped Nuclear bombs on Hirishima to win this ugly war. Israel no longer wants to wiin ,having chosen to go down in defeat as nice polite suicidal Jews who are too sweet and cultured to defeat such a vile ,deadly, Islamo fascist enemy. Shwing kindness to such evil is not noble #3 but stupid and evil in itself You and your mentality would have lost WWII if alive back then.
9. marcel
kapara   (01.01.06)
I'd rather have Marcel next to me in battle than mike steiner any day. Mike should not talk, he should put a uniform on and help instead of blab from eurabia. I guess he could serve cofee to the troops.
10.  Marcel I have just about had it with your crap.
Noam ,   Kfar Saba   (01.01.06)
ENOUGH! No one should dare say Israel is perfect but your constant spewing crap about Israel puts you in the same league with our enemies. You have become the mirror image of them do you know that? Matter of fact I have wondered over the months I have been reading your posts what your agenda truly is. As an Israeli I am completely sick of you. If we are so damn bad then forget us. LEAVE US ALONE!!
11. noam
kapara   (01.01.06)
noam, ani choshev shay ata mitkaven l'mike steiner, lo marcel. alavay shay hu haya yehudi, achla hayal hu haya yachol l'hiyot.
12. nOam
Marcel ,   Florida   (01.01.06)
Enough ! I am aware that I am doing something right by troubling the defeatist ,self loathing Jew who is more angered by me than by those whill kill their own in cold blood. The fools who appeae this enemy rather than defeat them. I just remind you of your failed plan and that troubles you , thats GOOD Now if only this rage of yours were directed against those who seek Israels destruction , poor noam. This anger of yours against me reveals the sickness which much of Israel suffers.I hope you get well and soon. What in the world makes you think I would listen to your bad advice ? demand . Your kind who hate free speech bring Israel to catastrophe.and if you want to shut me up then do it !! It will never be ENOUGH from me and if you don't like the truth then stop reading what I write so religiously and go place your head deep in your delusional sandbox. There are some here who want to see Israel strong and brave enough to defeat this evil enemy. For that I tell you I will never be silent. LEAVE ME ALONE
13. #9:
Michael Steiner ,   EU   (01.01.06)
If you'd really rather have Marcel next to you in battle than me, it just shows you're a moron. Marcel is the type of person who'd soil his panties at the sound of an automobile backfiring. You'd never get him into a uniform, let alone into a battle. I on the other hand, when I think something is worth fighting for, then I give it my all. The only problem is that I don't think a bunch of religious fanatics on territories we are illegally occupying are worth fighting for. And let's face it: that IS all we're fighting for in Yesh.
14. #s 7+12:
Michael Steiner ,   EU   (01.01.06)
Uuuuuh, the armchair crusaders has had his feathers ruffled. You're calling ME "Abdul" (as if it's some sort of mark of inferiority to have one's first name Abdul...)?? AM *I* the one militating for young Jews to be sent into a futile war from the comfort of my sunny Florida condo!? Listen, buddy, I'm pretty sure Israel can do without blurbs from a goyishe religious crusader sitting in an armchair halfway across the world dispensing armaggedonian counsel which would see many Jewish sons and daughters perish, and would tar many future Jewish generations with the brush of genocide, racism and all the other odious things you have no qualms advocating. Israel has defeated far bigger and stronger enemies than a few dozen deranged terrorists... - not least of all back in the days when you Xians didn't want to hear about Israel and were too busy pinning yellow stars on us. You're not Jewish, you're not Israeli, you don't even live in the vicinity of Israel. So butt out. You're not interested in Israel's victory (Israel IS victorious, hello!!) but in playing out your perverse fantasies about destroying Muslims/Arabs. If Muslims were by some chance to disappear off the face of the planet overnight (and please don't go orgasmic at the notion), you'd be spewing hatred at us "infidels" tomorrow. Sorry if I'm being rough here but you deserve it, pal.
15. abdul steiner
Marcel ,   Florida   (01.01.06)
First of all, you're not my buddy ,but you are my enemy. And form Prague you assume to telll my i have no say in and with Israel. i don't answer to you are to Noam or to Gil. And believe me I don't listen to your anit-Israel propaganda ,but warn others of your deceptions .Maybe this is why you want me to be quiet ? I know it troubles you greatly to see israel awaken from their stupor and defeat the Palestinians .For Israel to actually defeat the terrorists actuall troubles you greatly ,you arm chair jihadist. You don't mind that the Palestinians grow stronger while Israel grows weaker and you durely don't want them to end this threat. Abdul , you porker for allah ,How do you know what I will or will not do ? Forget the pal stuff abdul ,I'm not your pal either. Go to paradise with your 72 whores where you belong.
16. To# 3
Ali ,   Gaza   (01.01.06)
.... WELL that is not the Israeli way. so Marcel come up with a better idea. You did the better idea when you left to Florida !!!
17. Chanukah Massacre, What Next?
Joe Levi ,   Los Angeles.USA   (01.01.06)
An Arab blew himself up, killing Jews and Arabs recently. It became evident that he was en route to blow up a children's Chunakah party in Tel Aviv. My question is, what would Israel have done, had he succeeded? Now we learn that a Kassam was fired from the West Bank into Israel. It failed to kill it's intended Jewish victims, but what had it been successful? In fact, the Arabs are using the old Chinese death of a 1,000 cuts attack. One cut hurts...but by the 1,000th, it's impossible to endure and the victim (Israel) succumbs (laid waste). Sooner or later, Israel will have to decide it's future. It is being restrained by the US and EU from ending this farce. One Israeli full tank column could give a decisive blow to the Palestinian murderers. There does not have to be collateral damage, as suggested by one poster here. It has other options. It could annex territory as a punishment and remove the inhabitants to Lebanon or the Sinai Desert. (Saddam relocated millions to Iran, exchanging them for Sunnis from Saudi Arab) and there was nary a word of protest. He also cleansed the marsh of marsh Arabs. Israel could construct military enclaves in the Strip at good defensive locations. Israel could look away (as does the PA) at surrogate militias consisting of activist Jews, utilizing army weaponry (artillery, and explosives). It could bomb the Palestinian refugee camps. It could cut off electricity and water. The question is not it's ability, but it's resolve. It could call up it's vast reserves. My concern is that even if Kassams fall on the chemical plants north of the Strip, and thousands perish, will Israel be told, "Not to use excessive force?"
18. Destroy infrastructure with each qassam. Bomb a bridge, make
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (01.02.06)
a huge crater in a road, make normal life impossible and drop leaflets every time you blow up something. No civilians killed, but a more and more miserable life. "In return for the 3 quassams fired today, route 13 has been destroyed in three places. You can use the goat path 5 KM west to bypass this road. Please, no more quassams, we don't want to make your life harder." Constant leaflets reminding them that convenience in their lives depends on turning in the terrorists.
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