Animal rights group addresses Mideast conflict
Dan Bentsur
Published: 04.01.06, 17:12
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1. PETA pres
CZ ,   NYC   (01.04.06)
should stick to talking about love and sheep instead of the M.E. peace process.
2. who cares?
shuki   (01.04.06)
3. I almost feel bad for all the insects I killed
NP ,   Israel   (01.04.06)
4. PETA supports terrorists
Mike ,   Corpus Christi   (01.04.06)
PETA needs to watch after its own flock. The president of this group has been quoted supporting ANY measures to FREE animals including setting fires at research labs, break ins and bombings. PETA's own documents disclose DONATIONS to ELF (earth liberation front) and other "animal liberation" terrorist group members. Do a Google and you'll be surprised at what kind, loving people they are. These people need to be ignored by the public and investiagted thoroughly by law enforcement.
5. PETA....Morons
Yonatan ,   Knoxville, Tn. USA   (01.04.06)
6. But Israelis are not animals
NP ,   Israel   (01.04.06)
7. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!
Uzziel   (01.04.06)
"Prophet Muhammad preached compassion and kindness toward all living beings" This Eurabian Lady, this half-being dhimmi lady, according to profit Muhammad, would , no doubt, take the red pill in Matrix and choose to ignore the reality. CanĀ“t stop laughing.
8. There's room for all G-d's creatures
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (01.04.06)
On the plate right next to the mashed potatoes!
9. Bravo to PETA's Newkirk!
Bob ,   Saettle, USA   (01.04.06)
It's about time someone speaks out and reminds us about religions' prohibitions against all violence - to humans and animals. It's time we stopped trading an eye for an eye and started trading an insight for an insight - the first of which Ms Newkirk has graciously offered.
10. Ingrid Newkirk's talk
Jannette ,   New York, NY   (01.04.06)
What a blessing to have Ms. Newkirk share this important message of compassion and peace for all living beings. It's said when you teach a boy to be kind to a mouse, you've done as much to help the boy as you have the mouse.
11. close minded idiots
Alvin ,   United States   (01.04.06)
there seems to be an array of close minded morons who put everything down due to their stupidity. usually its those helpless morons who complain to everyone who are actually trying to make a positive difference in this world. if you guys don't like the way PETA does their things, why don't you guys do it yourselves? seriously sometimes i lose faith in the human race.
12. PETA bans violence?
mike ,   san diego   (01.04.06)
well now... THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!! thanks for the humourous news of the day. I'm sure in PETA's fun and quirky little world, suicide bombers hiding out in Jenin and Israeli families eating pizza in downtown Tel Aviv are all equal victims of war crimes. Bravo PETA, or should I say, PITA (pain in the *ss)
13. People for the Eating of Tasty Animals
herbert ,   us   (01.04.06)
14. PETA reminds me
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (01.04.06)
of how great the burgers are at Norm's Grill in Jerusalem.
15. Hmmmmmmm?
Robert Goldman ,   cooper city Florida   (01.04.06)
Wonder how the prez of PETA feels about the screaming of the vewgtables as they are harvested from the field? Experments in the 70's showed thatr plants react to noises etc, one prof I knew took a tomato plant and hooked it up to some recording equipment and placed a smal pot of boiling water next to the plant. the plants reaction to this was slight. BUT when a cupo of live brine shrip was poured into the boiling water the equipment recorded a reaction of what would later be called screams of agony. I liked it when PETA stood for People Eating Tasty Animals. and I love my steaks RARE!!
16. I hereby nominate Ingrid...
Dan ,   USA   (01.04.06)
Newkirk for the Little Green Footballs (http://www.littlegreenfootballs) idiotarian award. They are still voting on the 2005 award and it looks like we have the first candidate 2006 nominee.
17. U.S. NGO slams PETA for hypocrisy
David ,   Washington, DC   (01.04.06)
Rob ,   UK   (01.05.06)
19. Peta, the voice of reason.
Chris ,   Toronto   (01.05.06)
If they can make a dinner that tastes better than eating my cat, then there will be world peace. And dinners that are slightly better then eating cat, except for Asians, who'll eat them anyway.
20. #13
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (01.05.06)
Yup, this group beat the other PETA (the one in the article)to the website address, but the matter is still in court. I'm for animal rights, contribute to the local Tnu L'hayot L'hiyot, but can't stand the PETA refered to in the article. I assume none of these people have diabetics or women with A- blood in their families.
21. PETA
Mary Beth Sweetland ,   Norfolk U.S.   (01.05.06)
To Dorothy in Tel Aviv - I work for PETA and am an insulin-dependent diabetic. Despite animal experimenters fiddling around with and killing hundreds of millions of animals over the past 90 years in diabetes experiments, those of us afflicted with the disease are STILL injecting insulin to stay alive. Insulin was discovered through human autopsy long before the show-and- tell vivisection done on dogs by Banting and Best in the 1920s. The improvement in insulin derivation, e.g., the change from animal-based insulins to synthetic insulins, is due to high technology, not animal experimentation. Researchers who study diabetes in humans will be the ones to find the mechanism of the disease and the cure for it if one is to be found. Best regards, Mary Beth Sweetland
22. Muhammad
Carrie ,   Seabrook, Texas   (01.05.06) could I have forgotten to mention that every year when Muslims make the annual pilgrimage they sacrifice an animal in remembrance of Ishmael. In Christianity, the practice of animal sacrifce was abolished thru the death of Jesus Christ. Would PETA be willing to acknowlege His contribution to the preservation of animal life in their next press conference or public appearance? That would make a whole lot of Christians a lot more confident in the socially and morally superior agenda of PETA.
23. I'll try again
Carrie   (01.06.06)
Here is my first attempt to edit my letter so it will be published on your website. I wish that people who have such influence in the world today would take it seriously and at least do research on a subject before using it to further their agenda. Muhammad might have said that about animals, however, if Ingrid were a Muslim, she would have a very difficult time doing what she does with PETA. Islam teaches that women are inherently inferior to men. Some quotes from the Qur'an and Hadith for your reading pleasure: hadith 3.826 "Muhammad asked some women 'Isn't the witness of a woman equal to half that of a man?' The women said 'Yes' he said ' This is because of the deficiency of a woman's mind.'" hadith 2.541 "I have not seen anyone more deficient in intelligence and religion than you (women)." And as for beating other humans: surah 4:34 "As to those women on whose part you fear disloyalty and ill-conduct, admonish them, refuse to share their beds, beat them." Oh but women do have they are: hadith 7.62.77 the "prophet" was asked "What rights does a woman have with the man?" He replied, "He should feed her if he eats, clothe her when he dresses, avoid disfiguring her or beating her excessively or abandoning her except at home." After the death of his first wife Khadija, Muhammad had 13 wives and concubines...( the Qur'an only allows four for other men but he was a special case.) The youngest wife he took was 8 years old. There is much more to his life...too much to get into here. But I think the point has been made. Oh, he might have said to be kind to animals...but had Ingrid researched it a little more she would have known that his compassion did not extend to humans, especially women.
24. Thank dog for PETA
Lisa ,   Rome, Italy   (01.09.06)
The "faithful" of almost any religion inevitably react with resistance, defensiveness, and hostility when confronted with the fact that a truly caring god/allah/prophet, etc. would never exclude animals from the circle of compassion. The majority of comments in response to this article confirm my belief that religion of any kind, in practice, is the root of all evil.
25. Religion and Animals
Kelly J. Hayward ,   Galveston, TX   (01.10.06)
In my short life I have witnessed many acts of abuse towards animals, including an electric cattle prod being jammed into a young calf's mouth to make him back up while at the vet,(afterward the Vet went to lunch with the rancher who did that), and having a beautiful Eastern Ringneck snake ripped from my hands and chopped to bits by my Pastor when I was a small child. I will never forget the astonished screaming the calf made:it is the same scream my soul makes at being helpless to stop the abuse. As for the Pastor and the snake: I was hysterical at causing the death of the snake and have failed to understand organized religion since that moment. How can someone claim to love God and hate God's creation? This is the best article I have read on this subject. I wish it was printed in every paper in America.
26. I pity Peta ;-)
Ram ,   London   (03.26.06)
what a load of codswallop these people are. It is one thing to protect animals, which I agree with.....but to try and include ME politics in their agenda. They need to get a real brain first. How dare PETA even begin to compare the actions of Pali terrorists to those of the IDF? Go get a life! Wrap yourselves around those animals you wish to protect and do not dare discuss Israeli policy. It is beyomd you!
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