Iranian leader hopes for Sharon's death
Published: 05.01.06, 20:17
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1. You know...
Yonatan ,   Knoxville, Tn. USA   (01.05.06)
Ahmadinejad does look like a monkey...But it's clear monkeys are far more intelligent.
2. Iran's leader is insane
Robert Goldman ,   cooper city Florida   (01.05.06)
He's proved that over and over again! so what else is new?
3. Iran leader
Observer   (01.05.06)
He is totally right, most of U guys would stand up and say bad words about this guys. PM Rabin had had a wonderful wish to see Gaza swept by the sea, for his dream he hoped that more than 1 million people would have been died if that dream comes true.I conclude that the wish of Ahmadi is way more moral than Rabin's wish.
4. be careful what you wish for
Alan S ,   Syosset NY   (01.05.06)
children and village idiots often find that they bring onto themselves what they wish on others.
5. and the world still does nothing about this mad dog.
Pete ,   Frankfurt   (01.05.06)
6. and he says he will use nuclear tech for peaceful uses
mike ,   usa   (01.05.06)
with a heart full of hate and guile, who believes he will not act on his prejudice?
7. Ahmadinejad
jason ,   sacramento   (01.05.06)
I wish Ahmadinejad will be wiped off the face of the earth, and the rest of his country
8. President Ahmadinejad got his answer in Mecca today
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (01.05.06)
Mecca hotel collapses; at least 15 killed. Now we know who's side is the good side, don't we? President Ahmadinejad, never forget that what goes around comes around. The day will come when Israel will kick you in the butt just like we did to Iraq's reactor.
9. Destroy Iran nuclear capabilities
Conrad ,   South Africa   (01.05.06)
It is a matter of time before the Iranian nuclear plants are turned to dust ...
10. Ahmadinejad
Norman ,   USA   (01.05.06)
I can guarantee that many hope for his death even more than he does for Sharon's.
11. Ahmadinejad / Bush
Alabama Trash ,   Center Point, USA   (01.05.06)
Looks like a monkey? Village idiot? Religious nut who can't be trusted with nukes? I think you guys misspelled the name of our's "Bush" not "Ahmadinejad."
12. the president of iran is an asshole so what do you expect?
13. Iran's leader is the devil himself
Ahmed ,   USA   (01.05.06)
May God protect Sharon and let him see the collapse of the Iranian regime
14. South African company invests in Iran
Ken ,   South Africa   (01.05.06)
South African mobile phone company MTN recently paid a €300m licence fee to the Iranian government to operate there.
15. sharon started the intifada
aa ,   london   (01.05.06)
16. Be patient Mahmoud....
Hiram ,   tel aviv   (01.05.06)
The international community tolerates you and your scum dictatorship, for the time being that is !!!!!
17. Ahmadinejad is pres. of Iran thanks to Bush
Alabama Trash ,   Center Point, USA   (01.05.06)
Bush had done two things to help Ahmadinejad. First, he drove the Iranian center to the right by constantly threatening Iranian security. Second, he helped drive up oil prices which puts a ton of cash in Iranian hands. These two are cut from the same cloth and each feeds the other politically. Both need to go!
18. #15 at least get your facts straight
tom ,   canada   (01.05.06)
arafat started the intifada - sharon was just the excuse that the plo propagandists exploited. sharon had received written permission from the waqf to visit the temple mount. and the "spontaneous" outburst of rock-throwing had been planned months in advance - they even had to ship in the rocks for it! the fact that arafat could use the visit as a rallying cry to incite a terrorist war is bad enough, but the arabs keep telling each other that it was somehow sharon's fault - pathetic. in classic porpaganda fashion, if you repeat a lie often enough, people start to believe it. since when is it a crime for a jew to visit the holiest of jewish sites?
19. Good Riddence
Bob ,   TX   (01.05.06)
I agree. The world will be a better place without Sharon. The only negative is that his replacement will be just as bad. They need some new blood.
20. I can't wait for the day
Aharon ,   Israel   (01.05.06)
I can't wait for the day to see an American doctor poking through the teeth of the Iranian president, as was done to Saddam Hussain. The fall of the racial and anti-Smite Iranian regime is not a question of if, but when. This regime, which inflicts suffering upon its own people and exports terror to the whole world, won't last for long.
21. To # 15
hiram ,   tel aviv   (01.05.06)
An other courageous fighter siding with his brothers.....but from much better than being in Gaza no ? I agree ! It takes guts and dedication joining this kind of a fight ......!
22. one day my friend...
roy ,   USA   (01.05.06)
I pray for the day Tehran is turned into a giant parking lot for Disneylallahnd.
23. To #21
Roni   (01.05.06)
Don't worry, I'm sure this so-called "palestinian" is a dishwasher or hot dog vendor in London - it'd be unrealistic to expect anything else from this "hot shot"
24. Hatred Is The Worst Sin
Kevin ,   Atlanta   (01.05.06)
I say this to Jews and Muslims who see nothing but hatred towards each other and are under some sick notion that God wants you to commit atrocities against your fellow man.... How nice it would be to take all of you extremists and put you all out on a battlefield, give you all the weapons you want and then let you kill each other. Then you will soon realize that murder doesn't get one into heaven......and when you get to where you're going, I hope you all placed in a small room where you are forced to stare at each other forever, without being able to move. Imagine, staring at your hated enemy for all's the least what you deserve.
25. Deaf, Dumb, and Blind
Jeremy ,   Chicago, Ill USA   (01.06.06)
Its amazing how many in the West have been brainwashed to hate the Iranian President even though he's the one being threatened by utterly evil American and Israeli regimes. With their country being literally taken down the path of Nazi Germany, foolish Americans will soon see what fire and brimstone is all about, if the Godless ghoul W. Bush follows his master's instructions to attack Iran without provocation, effectively unleashing WWIII. A third world war like the first, and second, can only further the diabolical aims of arms merchants, and global financiers while bringing about a completely no-win situation for the rest of mankind.
26. To #24
Nali ,   Jacksonville, FL   (01.06.06)
The problem is you would end up with about 15% of a small Jewish population, and about 60% of a very large Muslim population. That's the problem Kevin, what are you smoking?
27. ahmadinejad ...
erica ,   brooklyn, ny   (01.06.06)
after you blow yourself up (G*d willing, in a room, all by yourself, soon), i pray your 72 virgins have sharp blades inside their you-know-whats.
28. Who cares what this sandpig says
Intedi Nensak ,   Stockholm, Sweden   (01.06.06)
Seriously who cares what that nutcase says :) he runs a pathetic radioactive desert full of poor terrorists.
29. kevin, awaken
velvel of atlanta ,   atlanta, ga, usa   (01.06.06)
I say this to Kevin who sees nothing but flowers and sunshine and love and tolerance: You imply that you have the rational solution that would afford both peace and security. You claim expertise and condemn by saying "it's the least what [sic] you deserve." So, Meester Expert, what is your magical solution and why has everyone been blind to it? Or are you just another sermonizing nit?
30. Ahmadinejad for Dog Catcher
LondonInfidel ,   London, UK   (01.06.06)
Once Israel gets through kicking Iran's radical Islamic ass, Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will be lucky to get a job as dog catcher. LondonInfidel
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