Robertson: God punished Sharon
AP and Ynetnews
Published: 06.01.06, 00:39
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1. He tells it like it is
Ben ,   new york   (01.06.06)
2. Something Robertson Left Out
Marcel ,   Florida   (01.06.06)
Why did Pat fail to focus the responsibility for dividing Israel to his close buddy George ? Robertson has learned not to upset his Lord Bush so the bullseye is only on Sharon. What he failed to mention is that it is the president who is the CHIEF divider of Israel with his ha Satan inspired Road Map. It is the president who pressured and threatened Sharon to begin to emplement his evil and false plan to weaken and eventually destroy Israel. It is the president who makes sure israel is ALWAYS RESTRAINED in it's dealing with the terrorist threat. The true rulers over Israel are Bush and Rice. Israel is a bananna republic vassal state under slave management and dismemberment . If the keys to the bulldozer was shut off from above then I'd hate to be the CHIEF arrogant fool who divides Gods land and rewards it to the Palestinian Terrorist Authority for their terrorist Palestinians state on land ethnically cleansed of every Jew. Only a foll can't see thru this false man of peace who threatens Israel under the lie of peace.
3. I wonder what frequency his channel is on
Salameh ,   Gaza, Palestine   (01.06.06)
If he is that connected to God and KNOWS EXACTLY what the ALmighty says and thinks now, he should share what frequency his divine channel to God is on, so we may try to hack it some how and gain an access too, 1 second a day would do :-) what a bone head !!
4. robertson's remarks
john clements ,   fredericksburg,USA   (01.06.06)
"people for the american way",Barry Lynn,and that crowd of folks ,who are ardent "Bush haters", who have no moral ground to stand on in criticizing Rev.Robertson Robertson refers to Hebrew scripture,what scripture does the people for the american way site?None,because they are secularists!.
5. Hey Pat!
Robert Goldman ,   cooper city Florida   (01.06.06)
Go to HELL! all you want is OG AMAGOG!
6. Christian Zionists are no friends of Israel
Adamush ,   London, UK   (01.06.06)
They like your land, but they hate your country!
7. Sharon ruined ur plans Pat
Sam ,   Alquds, Palestine   (01.06.06)
You see, Pat's prophecies depend on the enmity in the Middle East rising and the breakout of the Big War, and the destruction of world jewry so that "his" god would descend on a cloud and take him up with him in what is referred to as the "Harpazo", something like a death orgy. I say you people deserve such figures to be rooting for you, even when they have their own agenda for doing so...
8. Pat Robertson is as much a camel shagger as Ahmejinedad
9. Pat in perspective
Dave ,   San Diego   (01.06.06)
Pat and all of his followers are morons with no moral value or lasting significance to the world. Any dialog about him is wasted bandwidth. He should be ignored. In fact, all religous fanatics including murderious Muslims, radical Jews, and Christian nut cases, are the source of evil in the world. Ironic, isn't it?
10. Pat Robertson
Hans Schnauber ,   Vancouver washington   (01.06.06)
May I just plainly state that Pat Robertson is NOT the voice of G-d, but rather he is a voice of deception, greed and false salvation. He calls himself a prophet yet he makes fflase claims, which according to the Talmud places him in the position of being a false prophet. All I can say is "When is the Church Going to Speak Up Against these Deceptive Preachers?"
11. Robertson hits it again
Jacob Best   (01.06.06)
The Bible clearly states that he will punish ANYONE who defies him. This includes political leaders.
12. Oh..Robertson, the American evangelical Khomaini !!!
Codi ,   usa   (01.06.06)
13. What frequency?
velvel of atlanta ,   atlanta, ga, usa   (01.06.06)
I think you need to either have a picture of Sekulow or two wraps of aluminum foil around your very head
14. i agree with pat
yossy hershkop ,   n.y   (01.06.06)
its a shame that he see's things better then some jews we should be praying for the 10000 jews whose lives sharon destroyed g-d gave him a warning with the small stroke and what did he do get redy for the nexts grush in hebron
15. re:Pat in Perspective
Helana ,   Indiana,USA   (01.06.06)
Why are you so angry? What do you have against someone who choses to believe in G-d? I will be praying for you. as for the problems in this is because of sin, hate and so on. Sad that you are blinded to the truth.
16. re: Iagree with Pat
Helana ,   Indiana,USA   (01.06.06)
Yossy...I agree with you. G-d did warn him and many others...and just like the children of Israel...they rebelled and chose to defy G-d. One day...soon....The world will see and know the truth. G-d will not be mocked or toyed with...and he will not see his chosen forsaken either. Time is short....we all need to be ready
17. Pat is a nut case!!!!
Long Live Palestine ,   Jerusalem   (01.06.06)
Pat is the biggest Christian nut case in the U.S. To think that Jews loved him so much that they honored him with a Zionists award. You guys picked a bad race horse this time around!!!
18. Pat Robertson's interpretation of Scripture is correct
Michael ,   Perth Australia   (01.06.06)
Whether people agree or disagree with Pat's comments is really not the point. I don't believe that Pat was saying that God was punishing Ariel Sharon. I believe that we should all be careful when criticising our nations leaders, religious or political, even if they are agents for bringing about God's will in the earth. The fact is that there will be those who rise up and try and thwart God's plan's. The scripture says that "even the elect will be deceived if possible." The scripture say that 'the things of God are foolishness to those who do not believe. The question is, "Would God remove someone from power if they were not in step with him?" The answer is YES he would. The Scriptures are full of examples where he clearly has. This was not always a punishment but rather that a leader had completed the task God had allotted to him. Speaking of Pharaoh the scriptures state that "The heart of the king is in the hand of the Lord." The scriptures call leaders of nations 'God's ministers' and we need to be careful not to dishonour them even in our speech. We should pray for them and pray that we have leaders that stand on the side of God and not against him. I continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and for her people.
19. Read Your Scriptures
Shane Furlong ,   Fayetteville, NC   (01.06.06)
Pat was quoting scriptures. God is not the mealy mouthed wimp most secularist want him to be. Pat is a convenient target. God will compromise with no evil group of people. He never has. He never will. God has lifted up and brougth down kings and leaders for many years. Read about King Nebuchanazzar. God will be mocked by no man.
20. Robertson = JOKE
Tim ,   honolulu   (01.06.06)
Robertson is a joke. His world view is an even bigger joke, but he people who admire and follow him are the biggest jokes of all.
21. Marcel, I agree with you. Post No. 2
Johnny Weintraub ,   Sugar Land, Texas US   (01.06.06)
George W. Bush is accomplishing what his father, President George H. W. Bush, failed to accomplish: The dismemberment of Jews from our lown land. I am fearful that Bibi Netanyahu, if he should return to the Office of Prime Minister of Israel, would be even worse than Prime Minister Sharon. Other than Moshe Feiglin, I am not aware of an Israeli leader who has the willingness to say NO to the Bush-Rice scheme to evict Jews from the Land of Israel.
22. Anyone who claims to know what G-d wants
Annie ,   Ofarim   (01.06.06)
is someone I avoid. Last time I checked there was no direct phone line to talk to the Allmighty, for anyone, no matter what their beliefs. Pat Robertson is a sanctimonious, self-righteous idiot that really should keep his mouth shut.
23. Pat
Dwolf ,   Denver Colorado   (01.06.06)
Since when is pat able to tell exactly who G-d is damming to death? God also says false Prophets will come along. I think that pat is one. He isn’t the voice of god and is pretending to be.
24. Pat Robertson, an embarrassment
Paul ,   Minneapolis, USA   (01.06.06)
Robertson is a fool in the purest Biblical sense. He embarrasses Christians with his consistently indefensible positions. Remember when he said that y2k was going to be The End? How he selectively attributes disaster to punishment from on high? I ask anyone reading this to understand the this man is not in any way representative of the evangelical Christian community.
25. nut cases
Paul ,   Minneapolis   (01.06.06)
well good thing that those fanatics have mature people like yourself as a model for good behavior. Do you actually know what "ironic" means? Or "moron"? If no, just look in the mirror and listen closely while you read your talkback entry out loud...
26. Hey Marcel
Paul ,   Minneapolis   (01.06.06)
Although you are right about Bush screwing Israel, he didn't have a stroke or even a paper cut that I am aware of so Pat wouldn't really have any basis for mentioning him, would he? I hope that answers your kind of dumb question about Robertson not mentioning Bush.
27. Even Robertson is right once in his life, and this is it.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (01.06.06)
Jews died defending themselves and taking back land given to them by G-d. I never believed that I would say Robertson had a true answer, but today is the day.
JOHN SCHEIN ,   USA   (01.06.06)
29. Robertson's comment regarding Sharon
Joanne ,   Phoenix, USA   (01.06.06)
Pat Robertson got one thing right in regards to Sharon - Sharon is indeed a very tender-hearted man. May God answer the prayers of milliions to restore Sharon to health. Maybe this will be another miracle for Pat Robertson to report to the world.
30. What the JEWISH BIBLE says...
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (01.06.06)
Bible: Zechariah 1:14 'Thus says the L-RD of hosts, "I am exceedingly jealous for Jerusalem and Zion." G-D will judge those who divide up His land! Bible, Joel 3:2: "I will gather all the nations and bring them down to the valley of Jehoshaphat. Then I will enter into judgment with them there on behalf of My people and My inheritance, Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations; and they have divided up My land."
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