Robertson: God punished Sharon
AP and Ynetnews
Published: 06.01.06, 00:39
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61. Sharon
Don ,   USA   (01.06.06)
It is nothing personal to Ariel Sharon. It is simply a fact that Yahweh the God of Israel owns the land of Israel (Lev 25:23) and will punish anyone who tries to give that land away.
62. #6 Right on target ........
Shraga ,   Ashod   (01.06.06)
I wish they would all leave us the hell alone. The Palestinians want our land and so do the Christian Zionists. In the end they all hate us!
63. G-d Punished Sharon
Leah Amdur ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.06.06)
G-d will judge Sharon in the court on high. All his good deeds and bad deeds and his suffering will be weighed on a scale. He has many merits so Be'ezrat Hashem he will have a good judgement. Robertson is correct that this is G-d's land, which G-d has given to the Jews and no one can divide it up and give it to non-Jews
64. Netanyahu's dilemma
Tony ,   Raanana   (01.06.06)
Poor bb. As if there weren't enough political problems for him. Now he has to find a way to disavow Robertson's disgusting commentary, while maintaining his shaky standing with the fundamentalists, both Jewish and Christian, who support him. These are the woes of being Israel's least trustworthy public figure.
65. Only fools compare Christians to Terrorists
Ricardo ,   United States   (01.06.06)
Interesting that the same people who are condemning Pat are also comparing him (and eeeevil fundy Jews and Christians like myself) to TERRORISTS. So is there any reason why we should take you seriously when you are pretending to be Righteously Angry with Robertson? Obviously, you have no moral foundation, if you fail to see the difference between a good man like Pat who is reading from the Bible, and a Muslim Terrorists.
66. Like Bush, Robertson is a wolf in sheep's clothing.
Yoav ,   Florida   (01.06.06)
In my heart I know Bush is not an Anti-Semite. He is just an appeasing whimp in his war on terror like his new found friends in FRance, Germany and all of Europe. Bush does not care how he knives Israel just so the Arab/Muslim world and all his new found buddies stay off his heels. However, Robertson just earned himself a free ticket straight to Hell. He has no care for Israel/Jews except what he is waiting for in his so-called 'END TIMES.' He is an Anti-Semite at heart. Let this be a warning: both men will go down in history as NO FRIENDS OF ISRAEL. History will be no kinder to Bush and Robertson as it will be to the two faced lying bastard leaders of Europe. (and those most certainly to whom they appease!)
67. Robertson: God punished Sharon
Silvia ,   Vienna, Austria   (01.06.06)
As an American living overseas I am appalled every time this raving lunatic opens his mouth. I am so afraid that people around the world might really think that Americans are ignorant enough to give credence to anything coming out of his mouth.
68. Be strong and courageous, Pat!
Chris ,   Washington   (01.06.06)
We, as a nation, are so accountable to what we have done to push to divide God's covenant land. We need to continually pray for our President to make the right choices concerning Israel. But thank You Adonai for men of God like Pat Robertson who are making their voices heard and standing strong in the midst of the raging seas. It's all in the Word of God, and we better make our choices now, because ready or not...LIKE IT OR NOT...He's coming soon!
69. Pat also said Katrina was Punishment
Ricardo ,   United States   (01.06.06)
for the Gaza pullout... Though I could be wrong. So he isn't just being one sided in this, and in the article you see he says it is not right to appease the U.S on this. So this nonsense about Pat not saying anything against "Lord Bush" is just that, nonsense.
70. Not prophecy
Ricardo ,   United States   (01.06.06)
Pat never said he heard anything from God, about this or Katrina, he simply read the truth from the Bible, that those who divide the land do so against the Will of God.
71. God's word never fails
Karen ,   Washington State   (01.06.06)
The word of God stands on its own, but it is not suprising that there is a backlash when someone is brave enough to stand up and speak the truth.
72. Pat Robertson is hardly a moron
AK   (01.06.06)
Pat Robertson takes the Bible literally. For all those Haaretz readers here, who obviously don’t, why do you ask for prayers for Sharon, if you don’t believe in the Bible? What prayers? to whom should they be addressed and why? As to Pat Robertson, he impressed me a number of years ago, perhaps five or six years, when on public television he warned that anti-Semitism was a serious global problem, and that the type and the level of virulent anti-Semitic rhetoric openly and publicly expressed at that time around the world had not been heard since the 1930's Europe. He was amazed that the Jewish community and Jewish leaders were not disturbed by what he clearly saw as a worrying threat. It appears that he was a few years ahead of the curve. Pat was right and only now some articles about growing anti-Semitism begin to appear… and only in some publications. He also had the courage to speak up when everybody else was woefully silent. I may not follow his religious practices, but I certainly acquired a new respect for the man.
73. #29 Sharon tender-hearted? Are smoking funny weed?
AK   (01.06.06)
Wasn't the man called a bloodthirsty Nazi, who ate Arab children alive, not so long ago by the same people that now apparently fell in love with him as soon as he had thrown 10,000 fellow Jews out of their homes and farms into trailer parks, without bothering to make any serious provisions to provide employment for them and accomodations for their families?
74. Re: God's word never fails
Alexei Kireev ,   Chisinau, Moldova   (01.06.06)
You said it! And I can only say it again. Now, about all the moaning and whining here in the comments. It does not surprise me that atheists and all sorts of "secular humanists" or whatever their religion is called (yeah, this IS a religion) are mad at Robertson. What ceases not to amaze me is that there are those who call themselves Christian, but never bother to read the Bible to find out if what Robertson told is true. You don't like the messenger? Well, forget about him. Just read your Bible (and DO read it, not just listen to liberal ministers) and think yourself. I promiss, you'll be pretty amazed about what God says of the land of Israel.
75. Thanks Mr. Robertson Ben Laden!
Abdullah ,   Kuwait City   (01.06.06)
Your clarification are very valuable, NOT!
76. Barry Lynn needs prayer
D.Gottwerth ,   Whiting, NJ   (01.06.06)
I would be first to join in national prayer that the most disgusting excuse for a reverend is the dangerous Barry Lynn. We know he's going to come under God's wrath, but we need to ask God to remove this cancer from America and his People's for the UnAmerican way from us. Let him have a seat with Hitler and friends in Hell !
77. This guy's
Michael Steiner ,   EU   (01.06.06)
an asshole. Just like many evangelical Xians he's among the most bigoted, intolerant, racist, supercilious and self-righteous specimens on the planet. What's the difference between Ahmadinejad and him???
78. To #14
Joan ,   Haifa   (01.06.06)
What is "the next *grush* in Hevron"?
79. To ALL those nutcases that support Robertson
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (01.06.06)
If ever there was a sin, it surely was Robertson's one when he made this statement. Mr. Robertson either has lost his mental abilities and is gone senile, or worse, he is as much a camel shagger as Ahmejinedad. In fact, all religious fanatics, should start to take leave of absent from any comments, and start to think of their erroneous sinful behavior. We know G-d can work in his ways and we wonder, but this Mr. Robertson is blasphemous indeed. This is sounding more and more like Robertson sending out a "ghost story" in which God is made out to be some strange disembodied spirit, wandering around, causing trouble in the land of the living. In reality Mr. Robertson, you don't have a clue into what God's plan is, cause your a bafoon not a prophet and your speaking for him only angers an already hurt country - Israel - shamefully I say. These finger pointing explanations are not only deeply flawed, they are also deeply insensitive. The Talmud says that anyone who gives a grieving person an explanation that the victim's sins caused his own suffering has violated the prohibition of verbal abuse. Now those of you who have sinned in support of Robertson; An apology has to come. You moved in sin against the Talmud, you are NOT a good Jew but a fanatic crazy individual. Shame onto those
80. God's way or our way
CW ,   New Zealand   (01.06.06)
Those who are bothered and/or disciplined enough to read God's Word (the Bible, the Holy Scriptures) will know that Pat Robertson's comments are consistent with God's stated purpose for Israel. Never popular, but let that be by the way. "Have I become your enemy because I tell you the truth?" Let the Bible be our first port of call when discerning truth from falsehood, right from wrong, and good from evil.
81. Divided we fall...
Michael Austin ,   NYC, NY, USA   (01.06.06)
Leave it to the new AP to get it so wrong. Keep in mind that no matter their deliberate bias or sins of ommission, every exponged or sensored word will eventually resound from mountaintop to mountaintop. Upon reading several "media" accounts of the "outrageous" comments made by Pat Robertson I decided to go to the source and hear Pat's comments in their entirety. What every single agenda driven "media outlet" failed to mention is that 90% of Robertson's piece on Sharon was pouring praise over him as a close and dear personal friend. He clearly turned toward biblical text to propose that perhaps the new leader of Israel, whomever that may be should not tempt God and should not split Israel. The godless ,Marxist left will never turn up the opportunity to take Mr. Robertson out of context and totally misrepresent his intent. Is is becoming increasingly clear that the only thing that the extreme left hates more than Jews is a righteous Christian who is an incorruptible supporter of Israel. See for yourself If viewing after 1/6/06 see archives. Extremely revealing. (For those who have the guts to seek the truth.)
82. Good christians enjoy perfect health and live 120 years.
Richard ,   Paris   (01.06.06)
Settlers too.
83. Robertson's more pro-Israel than Sharon was
Dudu ,   Kfar Sava   (01.06.06)
84. On G-d and punishment
Kate ,   London   (01.06.06)
If G-d truly punished those who do evil, he would have wiped out the nations of Europe for their overwhelming collaboration in the Holocaust. If God rewarded those who do good, 1.5 million Jewish children would not have been murdered in the Holocaust and so many of their killers would not have lived to a ripe old age in comfort and prosperity.
85. Dividing Israel
Karishi ,   UK   (01.06.06)
G-d is intervening in this entire balagan. It's centre stage for Israel! Pat is correct whether we like it or not. The truth is difficult to take and the division of the land of Israel is not politically correct. The REAL Hamza (hand of G-d) is being revealed in our lifetime, let everyone sit up and take note. 'Am Israel' must return to the G-d of Avraham, Itzchak and Ya'acov. I hear a shofar blowing. World Governments and the Vatican should take note.
86. You selfish Christians now showed
Imbar ,   Israel   (01.06.06)
your true colors. And I am not just talking about the wolf Robertson. NEWSFLASH. We do not need you! When Abe Foxman warned about your supposed ulterior motives he knew what he was talking about. ,This crap from Robertson and those posting today brought what he said into an even brighter light. Another newsflash. We Jews have paid big time for your lies about us. But here we are and it is 2006 and you still think you can push us around and dictate to us. Well well... You do not own us. Got it? Take a look at how many Arabs on this forum agree with your truest statements since you pretending to be sheep are really wolves. Shows really that you good Christians (including Robertson who should be put in a straight jacket) along with the 'supposed' Jews agreeing are in reality MIRROR IMAGES OF EACHOTHERS. ........oSMA LOVES YOU............ LEAVE US ALONE. YOU DO NOT OWN US!!! WE DO NOT WANT NOR NEED YOUR SELFISH SELF-SERVING PRAYERS
87. Ms. Goldwater, the true colors of Roberston
Paul ,   Jersalem   (01.06.06)
and a great deal of those posting here today are as aparent as ever before. I have never heard such a bunch of shameful people in my life. #66 good for you. As for #83 go take a seditive. More Pro-Israel than Sharon was? What a load of crap. Sharon like him or not is a true hero. Robertson is a damn user. The veil is lifted.
88. No Christian can ever attempt to ...
edan ,   israel   (01.06.06)
Understand the bible...You can study your "King James" version all you want, but without command of the hebrew language you will never understand the Tanach...(New Testament is not the bible ).....(Not in my eyes at least)...This goes for all of you Evangelicals with your phony love for Israel. I know what you REALLY want for Israel...WAR... SO that you can have your "armageddon" (a totally Christian take-off of a jewish theme, YOm Hadin)...So please keep your comments on Israeli politics to yourself...Especially you Robertson..Where exactly is the verse you are refering to in Joel?? I bet I can prove it to you and all of your other christian friends that the context of whatever passage you read has absolutely no relevance to a Jewish leader on his death bed..Go back to bashing homosexuals and stay clear of the subject of Israel, for your own good, Pat...
89. Re# 22
Buster ,   Sydney, Australia   (01.06.06)
A bit slow are you dear?, G-ds message is clear and has been translated into many languages, grab a Bible and read it, I am sure you will get the message! Zechariah 1:14 'Thus says the L-RD of hosts, "I am exceedingly jealous for Jerusalem and Zion."
90. #26 Paul
Marcel ,   Florida   (01.06.06)
Special judgment from God is reserves for the pretender to His throne. I didn't ask any dunb question but you assume wrongly with your twisted logic that because this false man of peace didn't have a paper cut that he is OK ??? I think Pat is a coward to leace out Bush and put the U.S. on the bottom of hisa list and not on top #1. It's the U.S. which is in the drivers seat in dividing Israel,Sharon was just following orders. Bush has managed to decieve so many apostate and deliuded Christians .They give him the honor only due to Messiah. Their King Bush will elad them straigh to hell.
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