Opinion  Renana Marmelstein
Evacuee: I’m not praying for Sharon
Renana Marmelstein
Published: 08.01.06, 16:21
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1. Shame on you !
Moti ,   Ra'anana   (01.08.06)
2. An example of an Israeli terrorists AKA settlers!
Abdullah ,   Kuwait City   (01.08.06)
3. Re: Moti
Eliezer ,   Ra'anana   (01.08.06)
Moti why should people care what happens to Sharon when he abandoned Judaism and actively campaigned against it. In reply to your rediculous post it is you who is the cow. Sharon is a jew? yes, but a friend of Torah? no! If you do evil Hashem will make sure people know. PG now they do because if they dont next time more people will die. It is time to kick the arab terrorists out of Eretz Yisrael. Avenge an eye for an eye. We must reclaim our land as it is commanded. The leftist secular government has now crossed the line to becoming an enamy of our faith.
4. Contradiction
You say you make a distinction between Sharon the PM and Sharon the human being and fair enough - many of us would prefer a different political situation. So why should that stop you from praying for the life of a fellow Jew????
5. more anti-settler bait by the media
mar ,   nyc   (01.08.06)
ynet should be ashamed of pitting jew vs. jew first gaza, next tel aviv. there's no difference to the enemy. we just took down the front line now there's a new front line. pray for sharon, pray for us
6. 10,000 lives destroyed
Mohammad ,   Gaza   (01.08.06)
10,000 lives destroyed for the sake of 1.5 millions Palestineans who suffer from the Gush KAtif & Nitsariem.....other setellments
7. Evacuee: I’m not praying for Sharon
HAPPY-SETTLER ,   ISRAEL   (01.08.06)
Let's not delude ourselves-I have not met one person who is praying for this man's survival.-truth be truth- however true!!!!!!!!!!!!
8. You are so agly. God will catch up with you!
john   (01.08.06)
9. I'm with you, sister!
Lady Justice ,   City of Peace   (01.08.06)
And Moti in Ra'anana should swallow his own tongue.
10. #1 Moti
Chaim   (01.08.06)
I hope before Yom Kippur you ask her mechila. Did you even give a darn about the expulsion or where you sitting in your air conditioned home in raanana thinking I am no where near there so why should I care. You have absolutly no right to judge another persons pain or suffering. She experienced it ... you may have watched it on you 30 in ch tv. Whata disgrace and a chillul hashem.
11. She's disgusting me...
Yakir   (01.08.06)
12. War criminal assassinated
AB ,   US   (01.08.06)
More and more news are coming out confirming what's already obvious. Criminal and fanatic Netanyahu masterminded the murder of Sharon. Israel killed Arafat a year ago. Now it's own leader. That's Israel...
13. you should be ashamed of you self
marko ,   NY, USA   (01.08.06)
forget about him being PM, he is a human being who has done so much for the state of Israel. another thing to remember that he is only the messanger of g-d. if g-d did not want the evacuation to happen, it would have never happened
14. Well said
Ed ,   Pittsburgh, PA, USA   (01.08.06)
I agree with this article in full. I hope that the refugees from Gaza and that indeed all of Israel know that there is a large and growing group of Jews in the U.S. and around the world who agree with this point of view, support it, and will work on behalf of those in Israel who are willing to work towards the full liberation of all the land of Israel. These supporters of course are not represented by the New York Times, HaAretz or other such standard publications....but are out there and growing in numbers.
15. Im not praying for Sharon
Arlene ,   Israel   (01.08.06)
You should be ashamed to call yourself a Jew. Ariel Sharon is ill due to his age, not because of what he did or did not do. I have a family member who had a stroke at the age of 4 months, tell me what harm did he do. Grow up and make the best of what you have. Stop feeling sorry for yourself.
16. Evacuee: I’m not praying for Sharon
Hugh Jardohn ,   Denver, USA   (01.08.06)
Actually it sounds like "Renana's" prayers have been answered. If her convictions are so strong I would ask why she is still alive? Should she have not fought harder, with her life, for her home? This little girl has right to whine, but her snivelling is weak when you consider the stature of the Man she is denigrating. From her picture I would venture to say that her parents were just children when Sharon, at age 14, started fighting for the land she claims to love so much. And, from the picture, I'd say she's been eating pretty good.
17. No one is asking you to pray...
hiram ,   tel aviv   (01.08.06)
For centuries , because of the intricate bound between Judaism , Jewish culture and religion ( same as with moslems) I srael's life has been a difficult one and everybody agrees on this. This is wht i cal the Jewish burden, unknown to others....however, I will remember Sharon as a man of courage for doing what he did by changing the course of events. Beyond the simple facts , one must look at what was achieve : making a step towards allowing our supporters ( The International community )to see us as peace loving people and not " conquerors" . The other thing, and I believe it is important was to demonstrate to the same supporters that Palestine as it is today is fully unable to rule itself and that th Israel presence was NOT the reason for the mess to take place. Now that it has been demonstrated, the rest of the process will probably be long but I believe much safer that it would have been otherwise. It is easy for me to say that and I am not walking in your shoes...but this provides me also with a neutral view...Where did you live before Sharon provided you with an opportunity to live in Gush Katif ? and if you were somewhere else , hat were the motivation to move ?
18. We don't pray for those who ethnically cleansed us
Gaza Jew ,   Temporarily elsewher   (01.08.06)
You wouldn't either.
19. re: moti
elchonon ,   neve dekalim   (01.08.06)
neshika achorayim sheli! why the heck should we pray for sharon ? there must be about 10,000 sick jews... why dont you scream and pray for them ?? He could have done teshuva and fixed the bad he did.. but he didnt! and achshav we are homeless.
20. sharon
chesky ,   new york, usa   (01.08.06)
very well said it is a shame that a man like Sharon could fall so low. How tragic that this hero is responsible for the suffering of tens of thousands of Jews. I wish him well as a person but I hope he new returns to politics
21. Two states for three peoples?
Yonathan ,   Israel   (01.08.06)
When I read things like this I am glad that I supported the disengagement plan and its implementation. After all, this is proof that Jews like Renana M. are just as bad as Mr P. Robertson and Mr M. Ahmadinejad. I do not expect anybody to pray for Ariel Sharon, especially not those who were hurt by his policies. But saying things like "We told him, and everyone else, that things would wind up badly for anyone touching the Land of Israel. We warned him, we did all we could – but he refused to listen. " puts Mrs Marmelstein on the same level as Yigal Amir and the abovementioned extremists, since all of them see the suffering of someone who dedicated all his life to the defense of the Jewish people and its homeland as a divine punishment. Thank G'd the god of Yigal Amir and Renana Marmelstein is not the same G'd that/whom I and most other Jews believe in. Maybe a two-state solution will not be enough, sometimes it seems to me that Jewish fanatics have more in common with Hamas than they have with me and the vast majority of the Jewish people.
22. Gaza was always Arab never Jewish
michael ,   tel aviv   (01.08.06)
I have found nothing that historically or religously says that Gaza has or had any connection to us Jews. Ever ! If you have info then tell the world what it is and where it exists. The West Bank, Hebron etc etc - yes - Gaza no. It was always Arab. Sharon (and the settlers) made a mistake trying to colonize it - he recognised his mistake and corrected it. regards, Michael
23. You Have my complete Support!
Michelle ,   Israel   (01.08.06)
It is ridiculous to expect ,anyone who has been treated the way the people from Gush Katif were treated , to feel any sorrow for Sharon. He showed them absolutely no compassion and has totally destroyed their lives for nothing ( we now have kassams in Ashkelon and Sderot).
24. Moti, Raanana
Israel ,   Israel   (01.08.06)
A Pig!!!!!!!
25. 'Gaza Shall Be Forsaken ...'
Craig Crawford ,   Laguna Niguel USA   (01.08.06)
In Zephaniah 2:1-7 (see below), God links the forsaking of Gaza (in Judah, Israel) to the coming 'Time of Jacob's Trouble' also called the 'Apocalypse,' 'The Day of Wrath,' and the 'Day of the Lord,' and the 'Day of the Lord's Anger." In the following passages, God wants the children of Israel and all the people on Earth to know these three (3) things: 1. First, God has issued a terrible warning and a 'plea' to both Israel and to all people on Earth ... (Note: The recent 'uprooting' of the Jews from Gaza may be a much more 'significant' event than many realize ...) "Gather yourselves together, Yes, gather together O undesirable nation (the nation who would willingly try to give God's land to her enemies) Before the decree is issued, Before the day passes like chaff, Before the Lord's fierce anger comes upon you, Before the day of the Lord's anger comes upon you! Seek the Lord, all you meek of the Earth who have upheld His justice (this will be a global judgment) Seek righteousness, Seek humility. It may be that you will be hidden In the day of the Lord's anger."  (This is another term used in the Bible for the coming 'Time of Jacob's Trouble', or the 'Apocalypse.') 2. He wants all in Israel and on Earth to know what will help trigger this fierce and righteous anger ... Gaza!!!   'Gaza will be forsaken' ... her inhabitants (the children of Israel) 'uprooted' and 'driven out.' "For Gaza shall be forsaken, And Ashkelon desolate; They shall drive out Ashdod at noonday, And Ekron shall be uprooted. Woe to the inhabitants of the seacoast, The nation of the Cherethites! The word of the Lord is against you, O Canaan, land of the Philistines (Palestinians): "I [God] will destroy you; So there shall be no inhabitant." 3. God wants all to know there is Hope. He promises hope for all those who will wait in faith and trust in His Messiah, Yeshua-Jesus ... for one-day in the future, after the 'day of God's anger' (the terrible day of wrath ... the coming 'Apocalypse') a remnant of the tribe of Judah will once again peacefully inhabit and prosper in that precious land God promised and gave to them ... and then, and only then, will there be 'peace on Earth.' For at that time, our Messiah and God will restore all the Earth in peace and beauty ... as promised. "The seacoast shall be pastures, With shelters for shepherds and folds for flocks. The coast shall be for the remnant of the house of Judah; They (the remnant of the house of Judah) shall feed there flocks there (coastlands of Gaza); In the houses of Ashkelon they shall lie down at evening. The the Lord their God will intervene for them, And return their captives." (Zephaniah 2:1-7) Shalom, www.alphanewsdaily.com
26. Ynet Shame on YOU!!!!!!
True Israeli ,   Israel   (01.08.06)
Shame on you for writting this article --it was obviously your intention to stir things up between the right and the left just for your amusement. At a time like this you should be trying to improve relations .
27. u r right!
yechiel ,   ny   (01.08.06)
i agree with you 100%. every word you write is true. he had his warning, he had time to change, but he did not want to listen. now, all of a sudden, the secualr left wants the religious to pray? to pray to who? to what? dont you see the contradiction? all of a sudden they are concerned if the religious ppl are praying? they scorn us for praying all year long, the laugh at us for praying for the success of our live and the lives of the Jewish ppl, yet now, they r checking on us if we r prayin for sharon? haha! i didn't know that G-d exists......
28. Hahaha
Response to 12   (01.08.06)
What next, the jews planned the holocaust?
29. Who cares about you indolent and callous jerks anyway?!
Michael Steiner ,   EU   (01.08.06)
Renana, Arik Sharon did far more for Israel than you and your like can even conceive of in your pretty but little heads. He fought in all of Israel's wars and got wounded, he got elected and loved by the Israeli and world public, he enhanced the international standing of Israel like no other Israeli ever before. All the while, you bums got into your houses on state subsidy, enjoyed all kinds of social benefits, hated everyone who didn't and doesn't think like you (Jew or goy), attacked our security forces, tried to undermine the will of the majority, reviled Israel's democratically elected persons and institutions, and even threw eggs and stones at Jews coming to pray at hakotel. And after all this, AND the US$ 165,000 each evacuated family received--again, from the State--you're still whining and vituperating our Rh"M. Well, who really gives a monkey's derriere about any of you?? My shul prayed for our beloved Ariel, even I took to the Tehilim, and it seems whoever's up there is hearing our supplications.
30. Interesting, Atheists believe prayer matters....
What other divine questions did this incident raise?
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