Hajj pilgrims: Death to Israel and America
Yaniv Berman
Published: 10.01.06, 00:47
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DACON9 ,   THE PROPHET   (01.09.06)
2. Liars call islam a religion of peace, it is a CULT of DEATH.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (01.09.06)
3. Saudi Arabia = Sodom and Gammorah
David Landman ,   Natick, USA   (01.09.06)
Whether the hate is from Iranians or Saudi's it is their hate speech that will doom millions of them to destruction for their wickedness, just like Sodom and Gammorah.
4. Don't you see that the majority of Muslims are not radicals?
Roni   (01.09.06)
When will the West awaken? I am afraid it is already too late though - first will be Israel, then Europe and, lastly, the U.S. who will fall under the indifference of our leaders, demographics and left-wing stupidity. I give the whole process 50 years or so.
5. # 1
Avi shalom ,   Israel   (01.09.06)
Shut up you Owel
6. State Department can say all they want
Loren ,   Ashod   (01.09.06)
that rantings like this are 'outrageous and unacceptable ' but I urge everyone to see the conection of the House of Saud and the US is a million times stronger than the US and Israel. NOTHING will come of it. NOTHING. The Saudi's are sure of this. As sure as the sun will rise in the morning. Unless of course the US wishes to release the Saudi vice on it's balls. This however will never happen. There is no will. Oh yes, When Bush hacked the embassy act once again, this is what Prince Saud had to say about it....... "The embassy's movement is a recognition of Israeli fait accompli which is not wanted by anyone. Consequently, returning the U.S. policy to the previous position is welcomed," Al-Faisal to the Saudi news agency. Be assured President Bush not one time has said Jerusalem is the undivided capital of Israel. No wonder Prince Saud praised him.
7. #5
Michael U ,   SF,USA   (01.10.06)
Avi, Who are you to tell others to Shut Up? What DACON9 said was the absolute truth. If you wish to pay no head to the word of Hashem, and especially if you don't believe in Hashem, you will have no place in the World to Come. We must listen to the call, listen to the wind rustling the leaves. Iran wants to DESTROY Israel. Is this fantasy? No... It is a stated goal of the Iranian president... WAKE UP AND LEARN! Michael U San Francisco, CA
8. the great satan
mac ,   ny ny   (01.10.06)
The friggin scumbag irainians are correct. The US of A is a colonizing entity. Unfortunately we americans have a taste for sloppy seconds.Wherever a european colonising effort fails, Uncle Sam runs to the "rescue". ie the French disaster in Viet Nam, the Brit debacle in Palestine or the current mess in Iraq,just to name a few. Uncle Sam couldnt rescue his ass from a wet paper bag.US foreign policy has been skewed since the end of WWII. I'd be pissed too, if USA was invaded and taken over by some religeous islamic aholes from a far off land.I'd think they were the great satan also. Dont you Irainians worry. Isreal is starting to forget that they are only a puppet regeime for USA. We are on our way to puppetizing Egypt and Iraq. We already own most of the gulf states. Guaranteed; once the Palestinians re settle Gaza and The strip.Begin democratic elections, They will get more money from Washington than Isreal ever dreamed of. We're going to colonize Palestine next. HA HA HA HA HA
9. the West is awake, Roni, when will you?
Alex ,   USA   (01.10.06)
the West is fully awake, watching and listening. And what it sees and hears will bring destruction to your religion. Unless so-called 'moderates' will take up the fight with fanatic radicalism within Islam, eventually (read very soon) the world will get tired of you enough to launch a 'crusade', to borrow bin laden's vocabulary. It is up to you, moderate Muslims, you will either stand up and fight terror and radicalism rather than postponing or averting it under false pretenses, or you will become a colleteral damage. Peace.
10. Allah's payback
Christopher ,   Boston, MASS USA   (01.10.06)
On the first day of the Haj, Allah has already begun taking his faithful home to Hell. That's why the hotel collapsed. Islam will kill itself
11. How do you negotiate with someone who only wants to kill you
Doug ,   Tredegar, UK   (01.10.06)
The Iranian spiritual leader here, as with the recent comments of Iranian leader Ahmedinijad, has only voiced what those at the negotiating table cloak with their political euphemisms. There is no political solution to terrorism or fundamental Islam. How do you negotiate or find a political solution with someone whose ultimate goal is to kill you. The issue between Israel and the Palestinians is not ‘land for peace' ! It never has been. It is the very existence of the Jewish state in the land of ‘Islam' in the Middle East that is the issue. An existence that will never be accepted by the Moslem world, irrespective of any boundaries. Ahmedinijad has publicly declared as much and wants Israel either "wiped off the map" or "transferred to Europe" - but who is listening. Israel has tried negotiation and offered concession after concession. Israel has even ceded land for peace. However, in exchange for land, Israel did not get peace, it got suicide bombers, suicide machine gunners, drive-by terrorists, snipers, mortar bombs, car bombs, fire bombs, grenades, booby traps, explosive packages, remote controlled explosives, lynchings, and kids bludgeoned to death. Israel also got a few staged arrests and revolving prison doors. Many hundreds of Israelis have been killed by PLO terrorists. Many thousands of other Israeli were maimed, many for life. (Yes I know many innocent Palestinians have died too. But most Palestinian casualties have been sustained during acts of violence againt Israel).
12. Islamic Facism On A Role
chris ,   wales   (01.10.06)
Islam has always been a Pagan but Demonic Religion. look at it Founder to Find out How evil it is.if the Founder was a Sick and Demonic man,what do we expect His followers to be. the real Muslims are those who follow in the Footsteps of the Evil false Prophet Mad man Muhammed. we shouldn't be Surprised that this Virus Religion will become a Cancer on Mankind. they are on a Role,and the western world has gone to sleep... God Help us all.. i know that Ezkl38+39 Predict about the Death of this Cult and Evil Ideology,Islamo-facism will be Destroyed on the Mountains of Israel,,Hallelujah! can't wait for that day. chris
13. reply to #1 (DACON9)
sk ,   USA   (01.10.06)
Do you think you could spare us (1) THE CAPITAL LETTERS, and (2) the lousy poetry, which really should be written in Arabic anyway?
14. yes
Anan ,   UK   (01.10.06)
and? is any surprised?!!! i really don't understand! talk about hatered it's here and every where, all the talk back included hatered not only here but most of articles that have comment! i'm sorry it's the same!!!
15. The new 'final solution' from the Quartet & Islam.
Doug ,   Tredegar, UK   (01.10.06)
The new "final solution" for the Jewish problem is called "the Road Map to a Two-State Solution". The World is at it again. The Quartet wants to sever Israel's Biblical heartland of Judea, Samaria and Gaza from the Jewish State, and to sacrifice this land to the Palestinian Arabs as a twenty-third Arab state on the altar of oil dependent, political expediency. When you hear such remarks as those emanating from the Hajj, I wonder if Bush & Blair still believe the God of the Bible and the god of Islam are one and the same. When the God of the Bible is named the Lord God of Israel and Islam calls for the death of Israel, are our leaders really as blind as they seem?
16. Reply to#10
CHRIS ,   WALES   (01.10.06)
Yes,Islam will kill itself. this Religion is a Psychosis. it really is Shoking that Bush calls it a Peacful Religion,what a Horrible Joke! Bush says,it the same Suggest such a Thing is an Abobination!!! The God of Israel will deal with this SOON! Friends,Don't Dispair. Evil can only last as Long as God allows it. i'm Sure God is Using this Dispicable Religion to Punish a God Forsaken World. then He will Deal with it. Hell is Warming up For these Fanatics. No such Virgins there for them,but a Raging Fire. Mr Bush is a Liar and seems like he is either Blind or Deliberately lying about this Islamic Beast. Time to seek the Lord! Bye
17. The religion of peace? wahh?
18. Hajj & muslim values ?
Marcel ,   Florida   (01.10.06)
They seperate the men from the women during the hajj so that the men can focus on the large rock they circle. Once the hajj is over the men go back to their usual lifestyle of chaos, rape,murder,war and mayhem .
19. These stinky losers are just jealous of America and Israel.
Palestiniansareamyth ,   USA   (01.10.06)
We are much more civilized than these savages.
20. #1
Yasir ,   VA   (01.10.06)
these are iranians they are not Arabs (not ishmael)
21. Saudi Arabia is an ally when they aren't blowing us up!
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (01.10.06)
They are my ally? Yeah right! So is the Grim Reaper. Saudi's are only allied to one person. That is their religion, and American's and Jew's Deaths. Duck--------here comes another suicide plane!
22. lip synching?
Drew ,   Tucson, USA   (01.10.06)
My dad is from Iran, so I'm quite familiar with persian and how it sounds....look at this guys lips and the mouths of the people in the audience...they don't match to the sound coming from the video...what do you make of this??? just a thought....
23. To #9 Alex
Roni   (01.10.06)
Alex, are you mad? What are you smoking? I am NOT A MUSLIM you tool. Read my message again - I am saying the West is asleep while islamo-fascists are well on their way to destroy us. By us I mean Israel, U.S. and the rest of the Western world. Talk about missing the point!
24. Not done During Hajj !!!
Layla ,   Canada   (01.10.06)
excuse me......this was not done at all in Saudi Arabia...let alone during Hajj, get your facts straight...Islam is about peace...
25. Not reported by CNN reporters
Layla ,   Canada   (01.10.06) now u have to approve it...why is that???...You just want all the negativities posted..You know very well what you are posting is ridiculous and that it wasn't said at the hajj pilgrimage....if stuff was come CNN reporters that are currently there didn't mention anything of that nature
26. Funny
Sam ,   Alquds, Palestine   (01.10.06)
This video and the article are very funny. But the responses here are as usual even funnier! So god destroyed the hotel to torture muslims. What do you call Katrina then? I guess if you are a zionist christian you would call it god's response for the US interfering with his judgment that the US Administration pushed for the Gaza pullout. And this would definitely lead to the next logical event according to Pat Robertson, Sharon getting a stroke for doing that disrespectful act of returning Gaza to the Pagan Satanic Palestinians>>> Didn't I tell you it was funny>>>
27. Action is always the measure
Egyptian ,   Egypt   (01.10.06)
Action is always the measure not just some slogans. Most of the Muslim history was some what tolerant especially with Jews. There a lot of books about these topics you can pick any one at Hitler and Spanish inquisition were not Muslim invention. You can read the Nazi blogs and you will find what will make your blood boil. They are not targeting your state but you and every thing you stand for. And this thing will not end by giving them land or anything else. Iranian regime is trying to survive by directing hate of his people to other target. Only an idiot doesn’t recognize this, the Iranian president candidate for the oil ministry was rejected twice. If the next candidate is also rejected the Iranian president has to resign his office and a new election will be hold. From our religion rules I will be heretic if I speak badly about any prophet including your Jewish prophets, so at least try respecting other people religion.
28. #24 Layla - Good one
R ,   Israel   (01.10.06)
Islam is to peace as oil is to water. Just listen to their clergy preaching all their hatred and vengeance from their mosques . Islam is THE most intolerant of religions. Remember, not all Muslims are terrorists, but MOST terrorists are Muslim -EXPLAIN THAT.
29. Layla Canada 25#
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (01.10.06)
Come on Layla, everyone in the United States with a brain knows that CNN is an anti Israel, Pro Arab, News organization. Al Jazeera owned subsidiary. That's why we call CNN the Communist News Network!
30. Islam is a Great Religion
Palestine   (01.10.06)
Islam was fair to Jews and Christians by giving them a Thimmi status. This status required them to pay a specific tribute and in return they need not to join the Islamic army in their battles. Basicly, muslims defended them as they defended themselves. The people of the book "Jews and Christians" enjoyed all the wellfare of the Islamic state. Some dark times came upon the citizens of the Islamic State, muslims being, christians or even Jews. But over all, Islam's treatment and the regulations in the Quran governing the relation between muslims and the people of the book remains not changed and is Just. It has been set by the only authority of this world and universe. It is Allah who has no associate.
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