Study: Female suicide bombers seek atonement
Ahiya Raved
Published: 10.01.06, 23:11
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1. Honor killing?
Christopher ,   Boston, MASS USA   (01.10.06)
That explains it - they will either be killed by their famlies for money, or just get it over with. What a wonderful society the Muslims have that they are willing to kill their daughters for their own warped needs for mass murder. In the US, if you want horror, you go to the movies. In the Arab countries, they prefer to make their own true-to-life snuff fims using their daughters as the 'stars'.
2. systematic upbringing
Ali ,   USA   (01.11.06)
it just goes to show what a poisinous environment they live in. this is what ther`re tought since childhood. systematic education. this is their image of the world. death and destruction. i think we have to somehow reach out and make peace.
3. Jewish concept of Tishuvah
Steve ,   USA   (01.11.06)
B"H This points to the importance of the Jewish repentance process. With sin, it leads to guilt, and with guilt, sometimes to even greater sin, if not atoned for. We atone for our sin, and the process of greater sin stops. The Temple was all about atonement in this world, to please G-d, that we should not sin anymore. Perhaps the building of it and carying out of its service would benefit the Arabs who need to atone for their lives of sin as well as the Jews, by serving as an living example of how Jews can atone, leading to greater overall peace.
4. i dont think they want to...
Shaul ,   Australia   (01.11.06)
i guess they dont want pece with the western comunity... israelis only a good reason for them to make war!!! look at their liders! at their colture!!! yakkkkkkkkkk
5. Bombs don't cleanse filth, they only spread it around.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (01.11.06)
6. G-D brought the flood on the world because of violence
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (01.11.06)
Bible, Genesis 6:13: Then G-D said to Noah, "The end of all flesh has come before Me; for the earth is filled with violence because of them; and behold, I am about to destroy them with the earth."
7. What a sick culture of death.
Andy   (01.11.06)
8. Deprogramming
Barbara   (01.11.06)
Too bad nobody can figure out a way to successfully deprogram these brainwashed people.
9. How do you fix this?
Craig R. ,   Michigan   (01.11.06)
Dr. Bloom is absolutely correct. I wonder if it is possible to change the cultures that allow and encourage this to happen?
10. This study is crap!
Palestine   (01.11.06)
Okay! Why man do these things too? What past he is erasing!
11. If Islamic societies/countries are so...
rfox ,   Israel   (01.11.06)
great, then why is the rest of the world overrun with Muslims/Arabs who have left their countries of origin?
12. mass murders not victims
zalman ,   tsfat, ISRAEL   (01.11.06)
what a bunch of crap indeed. now we need a study on the studiers needs to make beasts into victims.especially women with preconceived ideas about women as victims. We already know these people motivate themselves with their twisted religious ideas.,all of them,men and women. and now this stupedity to paint women killers as some kind of victim. Lady do you get paid for this stupidity?
13. my daughter the professor
zalman ,   tsfat, ISRAEL   (01.11.06)
MY daughter the professor. professor of what?professor of hutch-ka-putchka stories! what kind of corrupt system we have where money gets spread around to manufacture this kind of nonsense. thank you cinncinatti for enlightening us,
14. Palestinian, aren't you supposed to get the 72 virgins?
Annie ,   Ofarim   (01.11.06)
A promise of eternal bliss with the aforementioned bait, coupled with indoctrination of hatred against Jews and some pressure by recruiters goes a long way in recruiting impressionable young men. But, of course, you will deny that, won't you? After all, only the Palestinians have a point.
Palestiniandontexist ,   USA   (01.11.06)
By their actions they have separated from the human race. They are demons who are rotting in hell!
16. They are messed up, their culture is messed up
Roger ,   USA   (01.11.06)
..but they want the Jews to pay for it with blood for their internal cultural conflict and problems.
17. On a related note...
David ,   Silicon Valley, CA   (01.11.06)
You remember the husband-and-wife suicide bomber duo in Amman, Jordan a couple of months go? I thought the guy was nuts! Who wants to go meet his 72 virgins with his wife in tow? Then it developed that her bomb didn't go off because he gave her a faulty device. "Oops...uh, sorry, honey." :-)
18. nothing to look forward to
Ali ,   USA   (01.11.06)
i think a lot of it has to do with desperation, no hope for a productive and pleasurable future, nothing to look forward to. i think if they had the confidence to live their lives to the fullest knowing that they`d have a succesful future, they wouldn`t wanna die. it`s just desperation and nothing to look forward to and live for.
19. To #18
R ,   Israel   (01.11.06)
So, instead of continuing with their arms buildup and destructive tendencies, it's time for the Pals to put all of that foreign aid to good use for a change and START BUILDING A CIVILIZED SOCIETY! (Start with the $10mil per year to Arafat's widow.)
20. Hanadi Jaradat
Ruth ,   Beer Sheva   (01.11.06)
I think that Mia Bloom missed something here. Being 28 years old and single Hanadi Jaradat was already an oddity if not an embarrassement to her familiy in a culture where there is no role model for independent women. At the time of the attack her sisters have been interviewed by a German journalist, Gudrun Eussner, and hinted plainly enough that Hanadi had lost her virginity and was therefore resigned never to marry.
21. Study should be dismissed
Karim ,   Morocco   (01.11.06)
This study was performed by none but the arch-enemy of the Palestinians, and the Arabs in general. The study is of course not objective and is meant to whitewash the crimes that Israeli have carried out against defenseless civilians for the last 50 years. If one wants to study the suicide bombing issue, it should be done by a neutral party.
22. whitewashing Israeli crimes against civilians
Karim ,   Morocco   (01.11.06)
This is yet another attempt to put the blame entirely on the VICTIM while ignoring the imposed occupation, the imposed harsh conditions, the imposed HUMILIATION, and so on. Have you ever been spit on, slapped in front of your own kid by some teenager soldier wearing the Israeli flag? Obviously you haven't, because you do not know what it is like to live like a PALESTINIAN under the RUTHLESS INHUMANE ISRAELI OCCUPATION. Most Israeli do not know what it is like to live under their own military occupation, most do not care...for their hatred of Palestinians run deep in their Israeli Zionist national education. People commit suicide for many reasons (the US has a higher rate of suicide than all Arab countries), but the Palestinian one is a different case.
23. To #22
R ,   Israel   (01.11.06)
1) The US might have a higher suicide rate, but when was the last time you heard of an American suicide TAKING 20 INNOCENT BYSTANDERS WITH HIM? 2) RE: the Zionist education My kids learn Arabic, tolerance, and sing songs about peace in school. Look at the hatred the Pals are teaching in their schools - maps don't even show Israel - and tell me which side is looking for peace. 3) Sharon pulled out of the cesspool of Aza (even Egypt didn't want it back) and instead of rebuilding and trying to form a state, the Pals rioted on the Egyptian border to smuggle in arms and continued with the Qassams. Smell the coffee, man!
24. To R
Karim ,   Moroccoo   (01.12.06)
Tolerance? Do you even know what it means? Your country, of 6 million people, occupies and rule by force almost 3 million people against their will for at least 30 years. You should be shamed of yourself.
25. Whitewashing Israeli Crimes #22
Rachel ,   USA   (01.12.06)
Karim, your reasoning is not good and neither are your moral values. First, spitting on or humiliating someone is not a capital crime. Are you seriously saying that if someone slaps someone else, it is right to kill? Second, homicide bombers do not target the specific individual who humiliated him or her, assuming this happened, but people who had nothing to do with it, that they never even met. Judaism says "an eye for an eye" but Karim says "a life for a slap." Please, tell me Islam does not condone this. Unlike some who post to this site, I don't believe that Islam and Muslims are inherently evil and violent. Instead, tell me that you fail to follow your religion as you should, or any religion at all. Please.
26. I'd like to have sex with her
richard Hitchings ,   Methil, Fife, Scot.   (01.12.06)
She seems really hot with lipstick on in that picture. Man i love semtic women either Arab or Jew. Anyone has a problem with that then they know where to find me. Come to Scotland then look me up in Methil, Fife.
R ,   Israel   (01.12.06)
Did you ever stop and ask yourself why there was no such thing as a Palestinian when Aza was part of Egypt and the W.Bank was part of Jordan? Further, Why are the Pals insisting on a Jewish-free state while at the same time insisting on their "right of return". Sounds like a little ethnic cleansing to me.
28. Rachel: Humiliation is common practice
Karim ,   Morocco   (01.12.06)
First of all, religion has nothing to do with this. Islam forbids suicide for any reason, so these people are acting out of "islamic" theology but who are you to judge them? Humiliation is part of the DAILY treatment, this is not a slap every now and then by some crazy IDF soldier. What Israel practices is psychological torture that ultimately drive some people CRAZY so they give up all hope in their life and commit suicide. If you believe that all humans are the same, then you should know that NO HUMAN BEING can end their life so easily. Now of course, Israeli and their apologists argue that Palestinians are a different kind of people, with a different kind of brain and blood. The suicide bombings is what Palestinians call asymetric warfare. For them, it is either that or live under Israeli occupation forever. While I do condemn attacking civilians, I have no doubt that Israel would do the same if they became desperate. The US did nuke 2 civilian cities (full of innocent people) during WWII. Israel was ready to nuke Egypt in 1973 when it felt it was losing the war. Israel has killed so many Palestinians for the sake of few fanatical settlers.
29. R
Karim ,   Morocco   (01.12.06)
Because the Egyptians are not as bad the Israeli occupation. Besides If Palestinians want to be Egyptians and NOT ISRAELI, what business do you have in that? Palestinians want an ISRAELI-FREE state. The simply reason is that the settlers are Israeli citicizens living outside of Israeli borders by the use of FORCE. Right of return is a basic right for any refugee, not just Palestinians. The same applies to any Jewish refugee anywhere in the world.
30. agree for dismissal
Jessica ,   Portland, USA   (03.16.08)
The main problem I have with this study is that they are studying these Muslim women who believe they are martyrs, and the study and article insist on calling them "suicide bombers." If I'm not mistaken, if these women believed they were committing suicide, they wouldn't be atoning for any past transgressions since suicide is absolutely not tolerated in Islam.
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