Israel shuns Pat Robertson
Associated Press
Published: 11.01.06, 10:30
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1. Good. We are more than people to be used
mad as spit ,   Israel   (01.11.06)
even by our supposed friends. Let this be a lesson to all. And to all our supposed friends who will fill this thread with poor Pat crap, Pat was right crap, face the facts. You stand by us because you need us for 'end times.' Yet when we do not march to your whims and wishes you scrub the floor with us just like our ENEMIES DO. surprise, surprise I see a ***MIRROR IMAGE*** here. All the while not chasing your demons like Bush who is supposed to be but is not on the side of Israel and you for that matter. Go away. Leave us alone. We are not your scape goat nor your dish rag.
2. Excellent!!
Michael Steiner   (01.11.06)
But the "deal" should never have been approved to begin with. What the hell do we need a Xian Disneyland for???
3. Wonderful.
Kevo ,   Miami, USA   (01.11.06)
This news fills me with rapture!
DEBRA ,   USA   (01.11.06)
5. Tourism Ministry is Jewish? Lease land for free? DUH!!!!!!!!
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (01.11.06)
The Tourism Ministry isn't smart enough to figure out that Robertson was right. Who would give land away to Christians anyway? Sharon would only give away land to terrorists, certainly not to Christians for gosh sakes. If this keeps up, pretty soon the terrorists will want to run for office in Jerusalem.
6. Bunnie #5
mad as spit ,   Israel   (01.11.06)
Get your prejudiced a** over here and do something for the children and families who starve in need of services. There is no money, Miss Bunnie. If Bush and the rest of the world gave a damn they would have told the truth about this intifada to erase Jews from MY LAND.......NOT YOURS along time ago. But you see they like you pressure Israel to bend to those who wish to destory us and you too one of these days because without support in the form of $$ not just US but in trade and commerce which would be cut if Israel does not bow, there is no Israel. Understand? Ha, ha.....but rather your friends and your President funnels the money to terrorists known as Abbas and the PA at the same time saying he Bush is fighting a war on terror. You are crying to the wrong choir, you too our supposed friend who is no more our friend then Arafat was. We are as sick of you as we are of Robertson and the silent Republicans as those who outright say they wish to do us evil and everyone in-between. You have no idea how transparent you sound. Go take a pill and relax. We with all our faults and all our humanity and goodness are not going anywhere for you. And in the end will have no influence I assure you. Bottom line here: Our friends and supporters are doing us as much damage as our enemies. Throw you all in the same pot and you are looking more the same every day.
7. Israel shuns Robertson but gives land to terrorists?
Daisy ,   USA   (01.11.06)
If Israel is destroyed they have only themselves to blame.
8. Bravo Israel!
Abdullah ,   Kuwait City   (01.11.06)
Good job Israel! People like Robertson who is trying to exploit the Middle East conflict should be shunned long time ago!
9. Pat Robertson
Ronald Dudak ,   Bridgeport, CT USA   (01.11.06)
Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and all their ilk are the anti-Christ incarnate. Bravo, Israel!
10. #4
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (01.11.06)
Robertson is not a nut case. He knows what he is doing, and is a hate filled fundamentalist fascist. He is not to be taken lightly, and sits all to close to the seats of power in the USA.
11. Intervention by Foreign
nieuwenhuizen   (01.11.06)
groups and lobbyists must never be allowed
12. Theres a MUCH better way
Andrew ,   Miami, FL   (01.11.06)
just because a guy says something dumb - doesnt mean hes a bad freind - try teaching him the error of his him...he's been a friend...treat him like one
13. A response to Daisy of the U.S.
Kate ,   London   (01.11.06)
Daisy writes: "If Israel is destroyed they have only themselves to blame." You are the living proof that Evangelical Christians are, at the very most, just fair-weather friends. When six million Jews were murdered by the Nazis with the willing collaboration of many millions of Christians were we also to blame?
14. Israel does business with PNA ?
Marcel ,   Florida   (01.11.06)
Israel does not need a mickey mouse christiandumb center that is a for profit corporation. It does not surprise me though that Israel does business with the Palestinian Terrorists Authority. The Gambling Casino in Jericho was one of these 'business deals'. Many deals have been made by greedy and corrupt israeli's in high places with the terrorist leadersship of Abbas' Terrorism incorporated. Too bad this corrupt governement doesn't stop these business deals.
15. Kate
xian zombies, islam zombies all the same don't waste your time on zombies
16. Israel Treats It's Enemies Better Than It's Friends
Marcel ,   Florida   (01.11.06)
Thats a fact ,and Israel also treats the ememy better tha it's own citizens. Will the fact that Abdullah of Kuwait and his brother abdul steiner are HAPPY about this story awaken the Kates and the mad as spits'"? I don't know ,but I do know that Israel is in a deep fog and goes out of it's way to appease those who want to destroy them instead of defeat them. It is a spiritual disease that only Hashem can cure ! Israel is more worried about oliver trees than it's own citizens. Yesterday Raan Cohen said in the Knesset that border police should shoot 'settlers" in the legs when they go after the 'olive trees'.
17. Divine Intervention Indeed
Andy ,   Washington   (01.11.06)
God intervened and preserved a Christian holy site for true Christians. Thank God the tourism ministry woke up and recognized this evil man for who he is. Having toured the Galil with Christians, it should not be defiled fby the likes of Robertson.
18. Carving Up the Holy Land for Christians
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (01.11.06)
It's no better to carve up the Holy Land to "lease" it to Christians than it is to carve it up to give to Arabs. It can only happen when Israeli Jews neglect to adequately protest against it.
19. Robertson
Michael ,   Bristol, Tennessee   (01.11.06)
I don't recall Robertson saying he did not want the PM to recover! Anyway, sounds like he touched a nerve,it sounds like someone's conscience in Israel may be hurting them; I always heard where there is smoke there is fire.
20.  dividing my land
augustine johnson ,   birmingham alabama   (01.11.06)
joel 3 == says the land is not to be divided--- what do your most orthodox rabbis think about dividing my land-- is it wrong to give bible lands to islamic terrorist---do your most orthodox think it is good to give G-ds land to the enemies of israel==========augustine
21. What about all the money we Gave Israel
John ,   US   (01.11.06)
Israelites cant be mad at chrsitians. We supported you all the way with the war for Liberation in 1948. It is us Catholics who sent millions to you guys. We didnt even mind that you were using it for war. And no it wasnt because we wanted you to kill Muslims. We got over the Muslims 700 years ago. We support you guys and so do I. I have even given thought to joining the IDF. So stop showing hate because one dumb Protestant is being a idiot. And, show some gratitude to the Catholics.
22. Religious zealots of all colors and shapes are a danger
hiram ,   tel aviv   (01.11.06)
to the world. Pat Robertson, like any Islamic preacher, or any doubtfull Jewish religious leaders are using the same line of business : God punishing for this , that and the other..wanting to support their own wishful thinking. Unless Khamenei, Ovadia and Pat have a direct line to God ( wish is in my opinion very doubtful) these kind of comments should be reserved to be heard ( and believed) by non-educated people like each and every faith has unfortunately by the million. Israel's reaction is perfect. No one needs anybody like this Christian zealot telling Israel what punishment ( if any ) God may have chosen ....and for what "crimes, error.or mistake. Jewish , Islamic and Christian propaganda of this type would have been expected in the middle ages.....but certainly not now...
23. A response to John of the US
Kate ,   London   (01.11.06)
John writes: "So stop showing hate because one dumb Protestant is being a idiot. And, show some gratitude to the Catholics. " As Roman Catholicism has been directly responsible for virtually all of the anti-Semitism over the last two thousand years, and given that there could never have been a Holocaust without the active and willing collaboration of many millions of Roman Catholics, gratitude is the very last thing we owe you.
24. Why would Israel Do Business With Radical Evangelicals In Th
Uz ,   California   (01.11.06)
These American Taliban want nothing more than the destruction of the Jewish State by their diety same as Islam. It's there in their book, go read it for yourself. So why on earth would Israel seek to attract more of these religious extremists to her alredy troubled shores? Do you need their money that badly? Never forget, it is in their prophecy, the American Taliban expects the Jewish people to accept their Savior or perish and suffer in the enternal flames of hell. Their support of Israel is nothing more than trying to gain control and influence while they wait for you to all convert or die. These folks are Evangelical End Times Iquisitionists and I don't see why Israelis would willingly have anything to do with them
25. To John #21
Alexei Kireev ,   Chisinau, Moldova   (01.11.06)
Oops.. Looks like I clicked on "Recommend this talkback" after your post by mistake. But anyway. How exactly this "dumb Protestant" is "an idiot"? Since when applying quotations from Bible to leaders of nations is equvalent to being an idiot? Wasn't this Avraham Hirschson the one who firmly supported insane "disengagement" plan? Was it not him who left Likud among the first to join Sharon's new party, Kadima? Is it not Avraham Hirschson who supports the policy of concessions? Why be surpsised then, as he carries out his little revenge on Robertson who DID NOT say anything offensive? Go ahead, mister Hirschson, give more lands to Hamas and Islamic Jihad! They'll thank you with more Qassams! P.S. My position, and, I believe, it is also Robertson's, is: may God spare Sharon's life, and may He also spare Israel by removing Sharon from politics.
26. A response to Michael of Tennessee
Kate ,   London   (01.11.06)
"Anyway, sounds like he touched a nerve,it sounds like someone's conscience in Israel may be hurting them" It has absolutely nothing to do with touching a nerve, and everything to do with being offended by the despicable words of a Christian fascist. "I always heard where there is smoke there is fire." The kind of childlike philosophy one has come to expect from an evangelical Christian from Tennessee.
27. Is it so hard to believe.....
Ray ,   USA   (01.11.06)
How can it be so hard to believe that the GOD of Israel would be angry at the division of his land ? The chosen people, possessing the holiest, most sacred ground on earth, a people who enjoy the richest religious & cultural history on earth…... whose very existence after 4000+ years is a sure & certain sign that the GOD of the Jews is alive & well... so easily dismiss the notion that GOD might judge anyone who would seek to divide his land ? How many PM's do you need to loose before this might be plausible? How many red seas do you have to cross on dry land ? Your venom, so generously lavished upon Pat Robertson may be misapplied... maybe it’s your hatred for what Pat Robertson stands for. How could a non-Jew be more zealous for your GODS property than the very people who he originally gave it to? Wake up & smell the falafel... you should be indignant at the very notion of 1 square inch of holy ground given in exchange for "peace". A peace by the way which is no peace at all... only a better place to launch terror attacks... I gladly accept the epithet “evangelical”… I love Israel & her blessed people more that I love my own country… as does Pat Robertson…. The TRUTH is often hard to hear, just as it seems in this instance. Any attempt at a false peace will utterly fail without the whole hearted reliance on the only GOD. The GOD of Abraham, Issac & Jacob. I find it ironic that the very notion of ethnic & sectarian bigotry which youo espouse to hate, that very thing you do... thats called Hypocrisy ....
28. To Kate
Alexei Kireev ,   Chisinau, Moldova   (01.11.06)
Hello! From your posts, I assume you're Jewish. So, you may be interested in reading YOUR OWN Jewish Scriptures (a.k.a. Old Testament) to see what it says about giving away chunks of Eretz Yisroel? Forget us, Christians, whom you obviously blame for everything bad that happened to Jews. Forget Robertson. Listen to God of your fathers, He is the same - 4000 years ago, today and tomorrow.
29. pat [LIAR] robertson
sam c bostic ,   lexington n.c. usa   (01.11.06)
isn;t robertson the one that ran for the presidency some years ago, telling that GOD told him to run, that he would win?? i don:"t know abut his GOD , but mine does not lie!!
30. Talk is cheap
Mohammad ,   Gaza   (01.11.06)
This Pat should have being left in Nitsarim so he would have change his mind,
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