Hamas: We won't honor past agreements
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 12.01.06, 22:59
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1. Hamas and the NY Times
Elle ,   NYC   (01.12.06)
= a match made in heaven!
2. We see who is really in charge
CZ ,   New York, NY   (01.12.06)
"Palestinian Authority Chairman and Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas, who called to ask Zahar what he thought of a speech delivered by the Palestinian leader Monday evening. " **************************** "But he left open the possibility that Hamas might refrain from attacks on Israel "if not provoked." When he says "provoked" he means if Israelis go on living that may "provoke" Hamas to try and commit mass murder against Israelis.
Mohammed Al-Sabi ,   Dearborn, USA   (01.12.06)
blast him back to hell
4. Just more proof
Christopher ,   Boston, MASS USA   (01.13.06)
That the Palestinian Muslims are a people that cannot be trusted. Israel's only option is to destroy the terrorist groups like the PA, Hamas, Al Aqsa annd the others. Additionally, make the Arab triangle in the Gallilee part of any future Palestinian State while taking and annexing the Settlements in exchange. Finally FINISH THE BORDER WALL. It has proven to be quite effective against the bloodthirsty arabs. The US should take note and shut off access from Canada.
5. Informally part of the ruling coalation
Steve ,   USA   (01.13.06)
B"H When Abas is getting speech approvals from Hamas, then they are part of the same ruling coalition, one formal and the other not. It is like good-cop, bad-cop. Both work for the same group. Hamas breaks the agreements that the PA makes. The PA blames all serious violence and agreement violation on Hamas or some other group. They have a nice phone call to see how things are going. The proof is this quote showing where the true authority of aproval is with plenty of witnesses: During the interview, Zahar received a surprising phone call from Palestinian Authority Chairman and Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas, who called to ask Zahar what he thought of a speech delivered by the Palestinian leader Monday evening. The Hamas leader told Abbas the speech "was positive and acceptable."
6. hamas
7. to number three
hashim ,   new jersey,usa   (01.13.06)
why do you want to blast a surgeon give me a reason?
8. Trust
Diwan ,   Mexico City   (01.13.06)
These poor "oppressed' palestinians sound to me more like MASOCHISTS. They provoke the Israelis and then cry (or maybe enjoy) when Israel puts them in their place. How can Israel even think about peace next to these ignorant people?
9. Why give Hamas press time?
Ariel ,   Canberra, Australia   (01.13.06)
What has happened to Western media in the last 30 years? Why do we give these people press time? Nobody from the Western media interviewed Nazis - they were the embodiment of evil and so the media didn't look at them. The same is for all these Islamofascist murderers. If they didn't get so much media time, they wouldn't be so influential...
10. 3-He came with Condi from Planet of the Apes
DEBRA ,   USA   (01.13.06)
12. ham-ass never had honor before, why start now?
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (01.13.06)
13. Shut up ugly monster!
Daisy ,   USA   (01.13.06)
You belong in hell like the rest of the terrorists.
14. Poison ? You said poison ?
hiram ,   tel - aviv   (01.13.06)
"It will not be Hamas aloneā€¦ Our project is to change the corrupted system, the corrupted regime, to purify the regime," he said. I say :any Islamic extremist politican ( I do not consider this man a leader of anything besides a terror organisation) wanting to purify using the same arguments as the Nazi party in the 30's...In fact we are not far from a similar situation : ( same causes = effects ) Yan wanna bet ? -endemic unemployment in Territories -corruption -teritorial claims -designated scapegoat : The Jews -support from ofhter terrorist states -willingness to set up a dictatorial Islamic regime. -use of terror methods within the territories and attempted outside of the territories. And above all institutionalized anti-semitism Anyway what do they want to trade with the rest of the world ? If poison has a smell , this is definately and positively it.
15. Diwan; These phony Palestinians are insane!
Daisy ,   USA   (01.13.06)
Everything they do and say is psychotic!
16. Well Duh!
Digital Heretic   (01.13.06)
Color me shocked! These are the very people the liberals want to give a state to? Simply amazing. Wake up Kadima-freaks!
17. RE NO 11
Gilan ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.13.06)
Not even white? I fail to see what that has to do with anything. Many of Israel's greatest leaders, as well as much of its population has various shades of dark skin. I for one am quite proud of this. Though rather pale in comparison I hate being considered white. I'm a Jew and a Semite. Zahar, evil or misguided though he might be, is a Muslim and a Semite. If you have nothing to contribute, save your breath and our ears.
18. hamas
nohate ,   norway   (01.13.06)
WAKE UP - Palestinians !!! hamas can only offer you a never ending circle of hate and killing. Look to the world.Do you want a peaceful life with hope and love for your children to grow up with ? Or are you so "used"to the legacy after Arrafath that you see no other way ? Most of the nations living in peace have taken the last choice. A man who speaks so loudly and clear about hate to the nation that is your neighbour,can not give you anything good. His heart are too hard. Al-Qaeda need desperately a new nation to give them space and opportunity,they also want to possess that nation.(read talibanrule) THINK TWICE PALESTINIANS !!!
19. DEBRA trailer park white-trash!
Jill ,   USA   (01.13.06)
20. agreements honored?
sk ,   USA   (01.14.06)
Excuse me guys, but shouldn't we point out that neither the PA nor Hamas has ever honored agreements? Why should they when they do so well with their current strategy. If you "disengage" (give them land, give them weapons, electricity, water, jobs, the opportunity to lob missiles at you from Gaza), this is what you get. Right Hiram?
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