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Don't be fooled by calm
Boaz Ganor
Published: 16.01.06, 17:27
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1. anyone like to respond?
RobertK ,   Jerusalem   (01.16.06)
Ganor is a terrorism expert with an international reputation. He says: "Palestinian terror has gathered strength in light of terrorists' improved ability to fire rockets into Israel, an open border between Gaza and Egypt that allows terror activists and weapons to freely enter the Strip, and international pressure on Israel to allow free passage between Gaza and the West Bank that would enable the transfer of these weapons to the West Bank." and "The vacuum created in the Gaza Strip after Israel's departure and Abbas' failure have allowed global Jihad to rank up its terrorist abilities in Gaza, and eventually they will probably do so in the West Bank as well." and "Iran could – were its installations attacked by any outside power – support, or even demand, its proxy organization, Hizbullah, use its missiles against Israel. Thus, we have a third strategic terrorist threat against Israel." Proponents of the disengagement and/or the withdrawal from southern Lebanon--please respond. Or, you may of course want to change your views in light of the facts.
2. ok, so when is israel will defend itself? never; thanks USA
3. Thanks Dr Ganor
Uri   (01.16.06)
This is exactly what we needed to hear.
4. How Dramatic Of You
Joel Miller ,   Montreal Quebec   (01.16.06)
Really now.. do you really believe what you read-hear and don't experience for yourselves? There is no such thing as terror, it is just a hype for getting attention much as a child would do to spark a reaction. Close your eyes and all goes away, stop belly aching and get yourselves a life, terror doesn't exist.
5. Can someone tell me
CZ ,   NYC   (01.16.06)
how the international community allows a terrorist org. such as Hizbollah, who has an arsenal of weapons aimed at Israel 24/7, to operate and "occupy" the southern part of the sovereign nation of Lebanon? Where is the outcry of "occupation" from the enlightened international community?
6. nu, no takers?
RobertK ,   Jerusalem   (01.16.06)
Nobody wants to explain why Dr. Ganor is wrong?
7. HAMAS empowered by US and Israel
MARK ,   USA   (01.16.06)
Bush and Sharon Agreed to Let Hamas Win headline of a story in debka So as not to interfere with the Hamas victory, Sharon held the IDF back from striking out against the Qassam missile launchers in the Gaza Strip when they fired at Israeli civilian locations in the western Negev and Ashkelon, site of Israel’s main power station, big oil reserves and oil port. the 4th one is israeli suicide
8. #4
Jane   (01.16.06)
Either you are kidding or your ignorance if frightening.
9. These Canadians use a lot of
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (01.17.06)
LSD. Move back to France Jo JO Miller. You are obviously a drunk French wimp. Incapable of knowing that your head is about to be lopped off by a guilloteen. Maybe you don't exist Mr. Miller. Just as terrorism doesn't exist. When Zarkawi is carving your head off with a dull knife----your screaming will remind us to close our eyes---so that you go away! Just like terrorism.
10. ytou call it terror
Z ,   US   (01.17.06)
It is Palestinian resistance against Israeli atrocities and as long as you are not willing to understand this fact, you will never Have peace. Bush will come and go and the new right wing empire will not last forever but God will see to it that justice will prevail.
11. To Mr. "Z"
Yonatan ,   Knoxville, Tn. USA   (01.17.06)
You've shown your ignorance. You've made it clear you don't know the difference between terrorists, and resistance fighters. If the U.S. is so bad, why do you live here?
12. Dont be fooled by calm? Worthless article.
Khalid ,   Halifax   (01.17.06)
Watch out for the "calm before the storm??" that is rediculous. How can you tell, Boaz, the difference between the calm before a huge violent act or if it is genuine calm, a lull in violence? you can't! That's like saying the first sign of being an alcoholic is denial, well, the first sign of NOT being an alcoholic is also denial! This article is the type of inciteful, needless rhetoric that leads to violence and bloodshed. Boaz just wants credit for "calling it" when the inevitable next strike occurs, nice job, moron.
13. #4
Angry Israeli   (01.17.06)
I wish the next nonexisting terrorist attack will harm your family, and the next nonexisting rocket will bring down your house, it wouldnt do you any harm, after all you can just close your eyes and it'll go away, you are the perfect metaphore for the blinded liberal, in real life.
14. #4 - of course terror exists!
Khalid ,   Halifax   (01.17.06)
Saying terror doesn't exist is nonsense! Israeli terror has taken the lives of about 4000 Palestinians since the 2nd intifada broke out!! and Palestinian terror has killed about 1000 Israelis!! over 700 Palestinian children were victims of Israeli terrorists and just over 100 Israeli children fell to Palestinian terror, so simply saying (believing) it doesn't exists does NOTHING to solve the problem that is terror. A suicide bomber that kills civillians is no more terrorizing then a f-16 that kills civillians or bulldozers that demolish homes.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (01.17.06)
U.S. EU, UN and Russia demand Israel give half of her tiny land to Islamofascists. Jewish Gaza has been transformed into Hamastan - terrorist training camps and a GLOBAL BASE FOR TERROR! The Hamas goal is conquest of Israel and Europe! ARE WORLD LEADERS SECRET CONVERTS TO ISLAM? HAMAS Targets Spain By Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld FrontPageMagazine.com | January 2, 2006 It is not only Palestine that children in the West Bank and Gaza are asked to liberate; now they are asked to liberate Seville. The HAMAS children’s magazine, Al-Fateh, in a recent issue, (No. 66), tells the children about the city called Asbilia (Seville) and calls on them to free it, together with the whole country, from the infidels and to reinstate Muslim rule... Qaradawi, calls on Muslims to conquer Europe, saying: “Islam will return to Europe as a conqueror and a victor... Apparently encouraged by successful Jihad against Israel, HAMAS is now raising the ante, going international. Just as they have indoctrinated a generation of Palestinian children to commit suicide attacks against Israelis, they are now expanding their targets to include the rest of the Caliphate – beginning with Spain. It is only a matter of time, before today’s Palestinian children, and others exposed to HAMAS’ publications start offering themselves up for the next stage of Jihad in Spain. http://www.frontpagemag.com/Articles/ReadArticle.asp?ID=20726
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (01.17.06)
Israel suffers continual terror attacks from global jihad. Under U.S. pressure, Israel ACCEPTS continual war, rewarding her enemies!
17. Thank You For Alerting The people To The Dangers
Adina kutnicki ,   Nj   (01.17.06)
This is one of the few sane and rational opinion pieces at YNet. The author clearly is seeing the security situation through an uncolored lense, and creates the bleak picture that indeed begs to be presented. Security threats do not vanish or vaporize due to wishful thinking. If the politicians do not pay heed to these realities they will rue the day they buried their collective heads in the sand. Afterall, their comfy abodes in the coastal cities are very much in range of all the jihadist's arsenals.
18. Khalid thinks it is useless
Joseph Trumpeldor ,   Tel Chai, Galilee   (01.17.06)
Khalid, you are one of the terrorists Boaz is speaking about. Royal Canadian Police of Halifax, beware of a potential terrorist in your midst. How do you let these guys in to such a nice province and country?
19. YNET DELETED ALMOST ALL of my #16 Comment!
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (01.18.06)
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (01.18.06)
Israel suffers continual terror attacks from global jihad. Under U.S. pressure, Israel ACCEPTS continual war, rewarding her enemies! 10,000 Jews were punished for not being Muslim. Jewish land and thousands of greenhouses and hundreds of farms of the hated infidel Jews were confiscated and given to Muslims. Muslim mobs destroyed Jewish synagogues where G-D was honored and exalted. Jobless and homeless Jewish refugees are forced to pay mortgages on their destroyed homes! Israel's surrender of Gaza brought terrorists closer to major Israeli population centers. Arab missiles now fire on Ashkelon, previously not within range. Sderot's mayor charges Israel has abandoned Sderot. Which cities will be abandoned next? Happy terrorists fire rockets on Sderot, just as terrorists were allowed to fire thousands of rockets and mortars on Gaza's Jews. Terrorists and massive amounts of weapons pass freely through the Gaza-Egypt border. Rockets are fired from Jewish Gaza, which has been transformed into terrorist training camps and a GLOBAL BASE FOR TERROR. The response of terrorist enablers, U.S. EU, and UN, is for terrorists to duplicate this success in Judea and Samaria. Another wicked crime against humanity is demanded. The cruel ethnic cleansing of 250,000 Jews punished for not being Muslim, rendered jobless and homeless; their land confiscated and given to Muslims. Giving Islamists military advantage over a tiny, weakened Israel reduced to an INDEFENSIBLE 6-10 miles wide at her middle ENABLING CONQUEST OF ALL ISRAEL. Will Israel fight back when it is too late, when Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and all Israel is under total attack from Islamists, with reinforcements from throughout the Muslim Middle East and beyond?
21. 18- Halifax is a city, not a province, moron
Khalid ,   Halifax   (01.18.06)
22. To JK
Gil ,   Tel Aviv   (01.19.06)
Firstly, the article is 100% right about the terrorist threat and lull in violence from the Rafah border crossing and Gaza. That said, a) i dont think they will grant permission and as I understand it, have not agreed to grant free passage between gaza and the west bank, so i dont see these terrorists being able to get out of gaza. b) when the storm does arive (im sure it will perfectly on time within 2 weeks after the pal elections), i can imagine a huge response operation by Israel in gaza much like we saw in Jenin back in 2003. Many dead on their side, we'll lose some too. For sure, its already being planned now. Concerning Iran, in all reality can you believe that if Israel did attack that they would leave Hizbollah to fire those weopons into Israel?? Come on JK, we will see a huge operation in Lebanon with massive bombing of those locations where Hzbollah are. A hit on Iran could not be done without Lebanon being taken care of at the same time.
23. RobertK, your assumptions are wrong
Daniel ,   Amsterdam   (01.20.06)
Robert, You assume Israel's situation has worsened. If this is the case then we were allright in the past? I think not. I think we were on our way to a forced peace deal with a Palestinian Authority whose ideas of peace are not compatible with ours to say the least. Peace with enemies is worse than war, it's basically capitulation and that's what we were heading to. Peres' notion that you make peace with enemies is insane. You make peace with defeated enemies and if they are not defeated you fight them untill they are or untill they defeat you. The purpose of disengement was to end the possibility of Israel being forced to make peace with an enemy who'se goal is our destruction. Getting Hamas into the PA goverment is one way of achieving this aim. Another way is by letting the Palestinians ruin their chances in Gaza. You don't want to run this experiment in the West-bank. The more chaos and anarchy spreads in Gaza the less Israel will be forced to repeat disengement from areas which really matter. There are two more curious things to consider. 1) Are Palestinians in the West-bank excited about the prospect of replacing the occupation with Sharia law anarchy and gangrule? 2) How many are willing to sacrifice themselves for that and how many will choose the easier way out by leaving to Sinai? We are strategically better of because no longer do we have to pretend that there is a difference between the PA and Hamas. We are strategically better off because we built the wall and have internalised and understood the demographic threat. The Western-Europeans are in a worse fix. In 10 years their large cities will turn Islamic. Their birthrates are down except for the non-intergrating Muslims and France alone takes in 600.000 Muslim immigrants a year (!). After the riots in France some people are slowly starting to wonder where exactly they'll build their wall once the shit hits the fan which it iwill. True the gathering of Islamists around Israel is a threat, missiles are a threat, Iran is a threat. But I doubt Iran is willing to start a nuclear exchange and destroy Palestine in the process, wipe out Al Quds and the Haram Al Sharif and watch while Israel takes out Mekka, Medina and Teheran. So this can be discounted. Yes weapons are being smuggled into Gaza and the West-bank and I know it is easy for me to say over here in Amsterdam but the more military the conflict becomes the better it is for us. The US is killing terrorists in Iraq at an insane rate, killing more of them a month than we killed in 4 years of war. Anyway terrorists attacking our soldiers are easier to take out than suicide bombers roaming the country. As long as our civilians are protected -and despite the attack in Tel Aviv I suspect the security wall is doing its job quite well- any clash between our forces and the Jihadists will end up in the same way as in Iraq: A lot of dead terrorists.
PILPELET ,   H ISRAEL   (01.21.06)
Dejan ,   Belgrade   (03.15.06)
Clever man with great knowledge. His Excellency Expert Prof. Dr Boaz Ganor. Take care of this article.
26. The gathering cloud over Israel.
Wm. Regis Mc Devitt ,   Phila USA   (12.02.07)
Sadly one gets the sense of the inevidible destruction of Israel as the Muslin terroist groups grow in strength and global influence. seemingly it is only a matter of time until the terrorist purchase a WMD. the high tec tools aND INSTANT COMMUNICATIONS are there for every nation of the world to use either for good or evil. This terrorist game will have one conclusion the death of millions and perhaps Mother Earth. Wm. Regis Mc Devitt
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