Army chief slams radical settlers
Ahiya Raved
Published: 17.01.06, 19:52
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1. Slam, blast, blah, blah, blah
Michael Steiner ,   EU   (01.17.06)
Sure, this one "slams" the mitnakhalim, that one "blasts" them but who's calling the shots? The thugs with orange swastikas, who're about as Jewish, as Zionist and as Israeli as the thugs in Aza. Forget "slamming" them, Halutz; you want water cannons, truncheons and rubber bullets. There's no difference between them and the miscreant Palestinians (except that khayalim have actually given their lives to protect the settlers who're now throwing rocks and acid at them) so deal with both of them the same. The Israeli public and world Jewry are sick of these scumbags who're no benefit and all trouble and exorbitant costs.
2. Steiner shut up you dont know anything about nothing.
3. #1;#2
Michael ,   Haifa   (01.17.06)
Michael Steiner, you are quite right and dont let idiots like #2 bother you
4. Jew Haters
Anti- AntiSemite ,   Israel   (01.17.06)
It is obvious you are not pro-zion, probably not even Jewish. Get a life and stay out of the life of those who live in Israel, we do not need your knod in this forum.
5. The Well has sprung a major leak
Marcel ,   Florida   (01.17.06)
Halutz points the finger at the settlers and accuses them of poisoning a large well by opposing the failed policies of the treasonous left who have capitulated and surrendered Israel to a process that brings neither peace or security. The settlers are the only sane Jews left and their stand against the failed fools like Halutz and Olemrt is admirable and courageous. Who else will end the madness of self loathing Jews who reward the Palestinian terrorist's for their actions ? Personally I think a war will occur putting the evil plans of the Bush Road Map appeasers to an end. It will take another war to wake up the retreat and surrender fools and end the nightmare plans for a terrorsit Plaestinian state on Jewish land.
6. I'd like to see you act with the same passion for blood
When it came ,   to Arabs.   (01.17.06)
7. Steiner-Who appointed you
CZ ,   NYC   (01.17.06)
to speak on behalf of "the Israeli public or world Jewry?" You haven't convinced this Jew that you are even Jewish let alone a spokesperson for us.
8. Democracy or Theocracy ?
Hiram ,   tel aviv   (01.17.06)
The real question is that one . If we choose to be theocracy, the zealots of all kind will end up doing what has been done in all the Islamic dictatorships and return to biblical obscurantism associated with all religious extremism. In a democracy, once the law is passed, it must be followed ,Law cannot be negociated with anyone.... Religious basis remain a matter of personal belief. If Jews abroad are so concerned with the situation , why dont they get their act together and come to participate ? Yes I know , it take courage and humility...a very rare commodity nowadays for those living in CA for instance or even in FL... If you are really a believer, believe that God will help....and stop disseminate hatred....through commentaries and posts which smell of sulfur, bigotry and nationa-socialism !
9. Halutz makes sense - so does Steiner.
Andy   (01.17.06)
10. i cannot beleive that some israelis have woken up
aa ,   london   (01.17.06)
and finaly realised that those self hating jews ( THE SETTLERS ) are out to distroy all of the jewish people in the world , ITKADMOOT GADOUL... KOL HAKAVOD , dont go back to dreaming
11. Settlers: "May the State of Israel be ruined'"
wow   (01.17.06)
12. reply to #8 (Hiram)
sk ,   USA   (01.17.06)
reply to #8 (Hiram) Hiram, evidently you have no idea what democracy looks like. Israel isn't one. It is an Asian oligarchy (my term). The defects of the Israeli political system have been explained by Paul Eidelberg, whom you can Google. Not surprisingly, Israel's government does not act like a democratic one. For example, there is NO CHANCE that the American court system would have permitted police to rampage through Hevron without warrants, or that Jews living on property they own would be forcibly expelled for nothing more than electoral expediency. In the US, by the way, we can pray where we wish; in Israel, the Jewish majority cannot pray on the Temple Mount because Muslims would threaten to riot. In the US, religious freedom does not depend on the likes and dislikes of potentially riotous neighbors. You also do not understand the right to political protest. In a democracy, law is indeed "negotiated." That's why we do not have segregated schools anymore. Finally, as I've said before, I prefer a democracy to an oligarchy, even to a safe oligarchy (which Israel is not). You in Tel Aviv have bungled Israel badly. I see no reason why I should roll around in the mess you helped create.
13. Hateful Jews demonize the Settlers
Marcel ,   Florida   (01.17.06)
The left in Israel is rabidly anti-faith anti-God ,anti-Torah and anti-Israel. They are silent when it comes to the hate and intolerance from the numerous Islamic groups whose determined goal of destroying Israel moves fast forward. That there remain a small nucleus of faithful Jews who won't go along silently to the death camps renamed Road Map peace angers the rabid demented blind and suicidal let who offer anything but peace. Their 12 year old lies of Oslo and one failed delusion after another continues full speed as they direct their rage against the only remaining resistors to their evil agenda. The Palestinian terrorists sit back and are encouraged by your assistance to their cause .
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (01.18.06)
From: The Hebron Press Office January 17, 2006 ...Today's act of declaring Hebron a 'closed military zone' is reminiscent of Arab-British cooperation in 1929 and 1936, when Jews were expelled from the city. Now, in 2006, seventy years later, again Jews are being expelled from Hebron. However, this time Jews are expelling Jews. It is difficult to believe that the Israeli government is following in the footsteps of Mufti Nazi Jew-hater Amin el-Husseini and the British occupier. But this is exactly what they are doing. Very, very sad. We demand that these orders be immediately rescinded and that Jews again be able to freely walk the streets of the first Jewish city in Israel, the city of of our Forefathers, Hebron.
15. ?anarchy is Jews fighting for Jewish land?
Ben Temalion ,   Shiloh, MO USA   (01.18.06)
Like the brits, expel the victims instead of the homicidal Hamites exiled from their peninsula. I suppose danny boy thinks a "democracy is one where those leading a "gov't" is when they nor their party was not even elected.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (01.18.06)
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (01.18.06)
Respect is always given to Muslims! No one ever tries to steal Islamic land and Islamic sacred places! No one is trying to force Muslims out of Mecca and Medina! This CRUEL and FRIGHTENING IDEOLOGY that PUNISHES JEWS for NOT BEING MUSLIM MUST STOP! From: The Jerusalem Post, Nov 16, 2005 'The case for Mitzpe Shalhevet' by David Wilder "...The market was finally shut down following an attempted terrorist attack: Arabs placed a booby-trapped teddy bear in a plastic bag in the market near the entrance to the Jewish neighborhood, hoping a Jewish child, finding it, would play with it and be killed in the ensuing explosion. Despite numerous requests by our community to rent the structures, the site has been left vacant. On March 26, 2001, at the beginning of the Oslo War an Arab sniper shot and killed 10-month-old Shalhevet Pass. Following the murder, Hebron children began utilizing the abandoned Arab shuk as a place to play and take cover during shooting attacks from the overlooking Abu Sneneh Hills. Over a period of time, the Hebron community invested tens of thousands of dollars to convert the former fruit and vegetable stalls into livable apartments. Presently, the former market, renamed the Mitzpe Shalhevet neighborhood, houses Hebron families and a Torah study hall opened in Shalhevet's memory. Mitzpe Shalhevet is presently on the brink of obliteration, not by Arabs, but by the government..."
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (01.18.06)
Jews are violently physically assaulted by the IDF and police; Jewish homes and communities are destroyed; Jews are made jobless and homeless for one reason: THEY ARE NOT MUSLIM! THIS CRUEL AND FRIGHTENING IDEOLOGY THAT PUNISHES JEWS FOR NOT BEING MUSLIM MUST STOP! 7,380 approved demolition orders against Palestinians not implemented Aaron Lerner Date: 13 January 2006 Hatzofeh newspaper Correspondent Chagai Huberman reports today that as of now there are no less than 7,380 demolition orders against illegally built homes built by Palestinians in the West Bank filed by the Israeli Civil Authority and approved by the courts that have not been carried out. In addition, Huberman notes, the Civil Authority has initiated a program under which Palestinians [but not Israelis] can apply for the head of the Civil Authority to waive the demolition orders on both legal and such humanitarian grounds as : the person invested all his savings in the house, the head of the household has many children, etc. With regard to illegal construction inside the Green Line, Huberman reports that data from the Ministry of Interior shows that during the period 2003-2004 alone no less than 352 illegal Bedouin outposts were built in the Negev. Huberman notes that the Arab MKs were rewarded for voting in favor of the retreat from Gaza and northern Samaria by the approval of the hook-up of hundreds of illegal Bedouin outposts in the Negev to electricity. Dr. Aaron Lerner, Director IMRA (Independent Media Review & Analysis)
19. Hiram the USA is such a great democracy
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (01.18.06)
That the Supreme Court authorized cities to condemn peoples land, and sell it to rich developers, that can get higher taxes for the cities involved, if the land is redeveloped. We are such a wonderful democracy that Bibles have been taken out of school libraries. But books about gay families can be shoved down childrens throats. Even though this lifestyle is considered a grave sin, by the parents of the same religious children who are forced to accept homosexuality, over the bible. Our country is such a democracy, that we have killed 45 million babies by abortion over the last 33 years. Without the childrens permission, might I add. They never got to vote on the death penalty. We have such a wonderful democracy, that the left undermines their country during war, every chance they get. Yeah we have a democracy.....of liberal losers....who lose every war they fight.....before the war ever takes place! They have lots of excuses about how we can't fight a war---drill for oil---eat meat---build homes---cut down trees---build wind turbines, in front of their rich homes. I just love living with these losers. I'll have to shoot them as well as the country that tries to invade us. You have more going for you in Israel, than the US will ever have. Yeah we get the right to pray in america----Anywhere other than a government building---school---or government event. We are so free--that the left--and 10 percent of the population---have taken all our rights away. And I'm an Atheist for pete's sakes! SK is blowing a lot of horsepiss your way. We aren't as nobel as he portrays.
20. to #19 to Steve from Anchorage.
Hiram ,   tel aviv   (01.18.06)
Steve, rest assured that I am familar with the US of A ( including some of the drinking joints in Anchorage -smile- and I know the extent of the problems in the US. Religion is indeed a matter of individual faith. Anytime any religion has taken over , it has been chaos, dicatorship, deprivation of basic liberties. This is for that reason that most of the European countries have longtime ago separated the powers. For Islam like Judaism it remains a problem....because the culture and the religion are so intricatedly tied together that it prevents...common sense... Islamic leader issue Fatwahs...and in Israel there nothing BUT religious marriages !... There is definately NO HOPE for any decent peace untill both "faiths" and people decide that it is time to separate religious powers from the power of the state. One cannot bring any resolution to any problems without looking at the causes instead of concentrating only on effects. IN regards to the USA, ( e pluribus unum ) there are also many contradictions which also involve religious issues.... The point is , like in everything any EXCESSES are dangerous ...the solution is right in the middle , always, yesterday, today , and certainly tomorrow ! See Ya !
21. Religion makes the person
Michael Steiner ,   EU   (01.18.06)
In no way can a "democracy" allow a "sytem" that allows the electorate vote for a party recognize others not even voted for be their "leaders". These etrogs and cronies showed their treason by voting aginst their own partys platform. The media calls the majority of the party rebels and extremists. It is a pathetic situatuation where the providers of truth to the people portrait it upside down. Sharon/schinerman the etrog, fraud, and beloved of the for his hate of Jews by the nations should be tried as well as rabin and bg in abstntia for their hatred of Jews since the Altalena and the implementation of Jew killing plans like oslo and the mitzna plan.
22. #18
Werner Marti ,   Switzerland   (01.18.06)
thank you Linda for your diligent research and clear analysis. It is a sad fact that most nations, inclusive the EU are against Israel, Jews hater for no reasons to understand exept that they are also haters of God. Israel is the choosen nation of God and in due time other nations will have to axept it.
23. Anchorage (#19) & Hiram from Tel Aviv (#20)
sk ,   USA   (01.19.06)
Hiram, I guess it’s pleasant to have someone agree with you, but isn’t it obvious that Steven the atheist’s complaints about the US derive from the LACK of control the church has on the political system? He has no interest in separating church and state. Amusingly, every defect he finds in the US is 10x as serious in Israel. He also makes up a lot things for effect. Yup, he hates dem leftist losers and immoral gays. No political system is perfect. Some systems, though, are more self-correcting than others, and some help resolve internal conflicts better than others. That Israel is a massive failure in self-correction and in the resolution of internal conflicts couldn’t be more obvious. There are structural reasons why (a self-selecting judiciary, lack of direct constituent control in the election of Knesset members, and the lack of a constitution being the most serious). As I’ve said before (do you ever read my posts?), you will never secularize Israel because most Jewish Israelis consider themselves Jews first. What you can do, though, is stamp out public religion in your neighborhood while heightening religious coercion elsewhere. That’s one reason the Haredi parties are more powerful post Oslo. I’d suggest you be more sympathetic to your fellow Jew, even if he does not live in Tel Aviv. Or, you can continue to plant the seeds of hatred among the Orthodox and wait for a couple decades to find a much more coercive system than you have now. Remember, the same defects in your political system that support the Left now can support the most religiously coercive elements in the future. Oh what’s the point.
24. # 21 And Dan Halutz
Reuven Ben-Daniel ,   Kfar Mordeca-Israel   (01.24.06)
This letter #19 supposedly from Steiner seems to be fraudulent, and posted from someone else! And Dan Halutz-in democracies they call protesting against a dictatorial regime, NOT anarchy but a legal protest. Whatever the dictators call it
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