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Slavery in Israel?
Rabbi Mordechai Gafni
Published: 20.01.06, 22:12
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1. Saudis import slaves to America, by Daniel Pipes
Ignacio ,   Zaragoza, Spain   (01.21.06)
This article reminded me of another article from Daniel Pipes, Saudis import salves to America. It reminded me of it because they are opposed: Jews attack themselves if they are not strictly perfect (my theory, they believe the world will acept them then), Arabs attacks Jews and Xistians, and Xtians do nothing, cause we are githting seculars. Results: wave of antisemitism aboard. Moral here: not sure about the value of these articles. I do not want to be rude, but, what is the point of worrying about the birds in India when you are at the very edge of your destruction? I do not know a single Jews in Spain exoecting to see Israel in about 5 years. That is why they leave for America or Canada. And meanwhile, rabbis worry about nosense that are typical in Europe and heaven in Arab countries. Great connection with the Diaspora. Stay in touch, I bet you'll be in the Diaspora soon too.
2. Counter:
Zack ,   USA   (01.21.06)
Ezra the Prophet urged all Jews that remained in Judea when he came back to get rid of their gentile wives.
3. Don't feel bad--America just ships their work to the slaves!
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (01.21.06)
We ship the work to countries that pay 10 to 50 cents an hour. 2.5 shekels at most an hour. Why ship the slave to America----when you can ship the work to the slaves? And you don't have to feed them, or house them. Of course, it would be nice if they left some jobs for us. That's not going to happen. If American corporations will screw foreign workers, what makes anyone think they care about their own citizens? Global Society, equals no conscience, no gaurantees, no faithfullness to the country of origin. Anotherwards---go get fu*ked. All they care about is profits. They are their own country, government, and power structure. An organism feeding off the whole earth. Countries are a bunch of lines on a map, which have no meaning. These corporations have redrawn the lines, and made their own countries, within their lines. Their countries contain the cheapest labor forces. Best trained labor forces, in countries like China, and India. These cheap labor markets are the corporations new country states, until they are cheap no more. Then they will redraw the map, and move on, with the next cheapest labor market. So why would Jews, practice anything different, than the status quo? Welcome to the world of capitalism! Where no new idea, on how you can screw the next available foreigner, is left untouched. Here's to globalism. It could be the death of us all. Especially if you are unwilling to work for fifty cents an hour.
4. The meaning of "Dati"
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (01.21.06)
To most secular Israelis, the word "Dati" refers to a group of people ranging from observant to ultra religious. In most cases this group is opposed to civil marriage, gay rights and freedom of choice in the way we live. The further "right" this group gets the greater the level of intolerance which in some cases results in violence. Examples of this are the attack on a gay man in the last Jerusalem Gay Pride March and the periodic stoning of cars near some of the more religious areas. To us “Dati” means that the secular must respect the religious but without any reciprocity. Regarding the foreign workers who are in some cases living in sub-human conditions, no one forces these people to stay here. Israel has a high unemployment rate and we certainly do not need foreign workers. Time and time again we hear that the work done by Philippino workers, some here legally and some illegally, cannot be done by "Israelis". This is nonsense. Pay a person a decent wage and he will do the job. The foreign workers are paid a pittance and have no social benefits so it is much cheaper to employ them. The illegal workers are under a constant threat by their employers of deportation, should they not “toe the line”. The illegal workers should and must be returned to their countries of origin immediately. This is another failure of Bibi Netanyahu. As Minister of Finance he cut back on unemployment benefits while doing nothing about the illegal and foreign worker issue. Surely, it would have made sense to repatriate foreign workers and thus free those jobs for Israelis?
5. Brave opinion...
Meir Moses   (01.21.06)
It is heartening to hear such a righteous voice from the religious community speaking on such an important and saddening issue. Hazakh Barak!
PILPELET ,   H ISRAEL   (01.21.06)
7. Ship them back whence they came
Uri   (01.21.06)
And replace these foreigners with the lazy-benefit-collecting unemployed Israelis!!!!
8. haredim
mike ,   gedera   (01.21.06)
Lets kick out all the foriegn workers and replace them with haredim.
9. Bible Portion of this Week: Slavery
robin ,   israel   (01.22.06)
What can we, the average citizen, do about this? What should we do about this?
10. #9
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (01.22.06)
Contact Kav Le'oved 03 688 3766 The foreign workers in Israel are on the whole a decent bunch, far more decent than the 3rd generation unemployed and those in Israel who believe that they are too morally superior to work, because they sit on their butts all day figuring out how many angels can dance on the top of a pin, or if a coke bottle can be opened on Saturday, or why pills to prevent hunger pangs on fast days don't spoil the purpose of the fast.
11. #1 who the hell is daniel pipes anyway?
sounds like a gay plumber
12. #11
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (01.24.06)
Don't know any gay plumbers, but if you want a rec for a painter or an electrition, I can come through for you. There was Josephine, back on the TV ads for Comet, but she was a d-word.
13. #3
keren ,   brasil   (01.25.06)
But Steven...if for so many centuries we've been surviving,despite sooo many odds,maybe is because we MUST accomplish something different from other nations,in order to help Messiach,whom we are waiting for so long,to come. We,Jewish people- should show,more than every other nation,that we deserve it. If we keep behaving like "others"that do wrongly,maybe we will never get there and finally have our Destiny revealed. Jewish people must be a light for other nations!
14. #1
keren ,   brasil   (01.25.06)
Ignacio...Lucky of us who try to be strictly perfect always.This is not because the wourld would accept us betterly,but because we need to be better always in the eyes of our selves,and mostly in the Eye of our G'od. About being in the Diaspora again...well...who are you to bet something?
15. Hazak rabbi Mordechai!
Richard ,   Paris   (01.25.06)
Very good drasha
16. So true...and so sad...
edan ,   israel   (01.26.06)
Thank you Rabbi Gafni for bringing this problem to our attention. It is true that many foreign workers are treated like dirt and this must stop. The state of Israel must hold itself to higher moral standards than the rest of the world and this means, for one thing, wiping out this problem. The Dati/Chiloni issue is one that has bothered me quite a while as well. Dati doesn't have to mean someone who lives in accordance with halacha. It can simply mean someone who believes in the basic tennants of Judaism.
17. slavery
leah amdur ,   Jerusalem Israel   (02.20.06)
If you look at Rabbi Gafnis organisation you will see that he is reconstructionalist or reform
18. #17 - is that a problem for you?
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (02.22.06)
And I've seen plenty of foreign caregivers taking care of elderly orthodox Jews, by the way.
19. US Citizens need to know about this
Light ,   United States   (02.05.10)
I personally just feel it is important that US citizens, who believe in non-descrimination of any race,color, religion, creed, become aware that Israel is the leader in forced white child slavery. Once I found that out, i was shocked that my tax-payer money was supporting this terrorist behavior. I tell all fathers of white girls about this for their own children's safety.
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