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Green revolution
Roni Shaked
Published: 22.01.06, 18:18
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1. Hamas, Amal , Hizbullah and Jihad
Mohammad ,   Gaza   (01.22.06)
I beleived that Hamas will become like Amal party which most of its millitary members joined Hisbuallah. So Hamas millitary members will join Jihad who will be the new Hizbuallah. Watch & See And say it was said by Mohammad from Gaza
2. hamas
jana ,   bern   (01.22.06)
israelis have given hamas facilities to collapse the plo in the past and nowadays the pna.The isareli declarations from all military and polkitical levels make an P.R. electoral campaign for hamas: "Hamas will be the big winner in these elections" look at such headlines! how useful for your analogue radical parties who only wish military escalation and never believe in peace.
3. The Arabs claiming Palestinian identity
Ann ,   USA   (01.22.06)
will not create the kidney dialysis centers but an explosive factories in the most densely populated Arab neighborhoods. That is what they excel in: pain, death and destruction.
4. Green revolution
Rami ,   Jordan   (01.22.06)
There is an easy solution to this problem, give Palestinians their independent state. Surely Isreal having defeated four Arab countries in six days is not afraid from a week Palestinian neighbour, just give them their independence and let us all live in peace for god's sake. You can't continue to occupy a people and claim its self defence. give us peace and give it now, no one else can!!!!
5. Finish the fence, send arabs packing, its done.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (01.23.06)
6. Nazis Rose To Power On Same Electoral Process
Adina Kutnicki ,   NJ   (01.23.06)
Certainly Bush has alot to answer for in his haste to bulldoze elections through even before democratic insitutions are built. As a Jewish Republican I am astonished by his harebrained scheme. In other words, he has given the kosher seal of approval on Hamas because they will win an election. How can he not realize that this is EXACTLY the way the nazis rose to power?? As for Israel, they certainly don't have to interact with Hamas unless they want to. If Al-Qadea rises to power in Mexico or Canada, would Bush deal with Osama and his henchmen? Same analogy applies here.
7. #4 1 question
MARK ,   United States   (01.23.06)
Who is running this state? Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Fatah, Abbas? that is the confusion you need unity Israel needs unity and that is why peace is so hard. too many parties are fighting
8. I hope that's not the Green party that I just voted for
Chris ,   Toronto   (01.23.06)
Our Greens don't have bazooka's, or do they?.....
9. Radicalization of masses
observer   (01.23.06)
This development in Palestinian elections is similar to Israeli elections in the past five years. When masses are annoyed they become radicalized and vote for hardliners, not peace makers. Hopefully Hamas will stay in opposition so we won't have another few years of mindless bloodshed.
10. Hamas as a big winner
Reberg ,   France   (01.23.06)
If Hamas is the winner, isn't -also- because of the Sharon's policy ? He completly discrdited He discredited Abbas giving him NOTHING !
11. Palestinian elections
DR ,   Florida, USA   (01.23.06)
It doesn't matter who wins these elections, the Palestinians will remain corrupt, and will always rule by fear and brainwashing. They will never have peace until they elect a person who does not want to destroy and get rid of Israel. The fact that a terrorist organization liike Hammas can actually win an election says a lot about the people who are voting.
12. You are right #10
Gaza is 400sqm of nothing captured in 67. So why not keep it.
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