IDF halts operations in PA cities
Efrat Weiss
Published: 23.01.06, 09:54
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1. Only fools thing the election will change anything.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (01.23.06)
2. Who are you bunnie???
Danielle ,   centre   (01.23.06)
who are you bunnie, sitting there in your asthetic suburb, with your cosy material comforts....has life been good to you out there in the good old US??? safe and sound, riding the wave of prosperity and safety? I wonder what goes through the head of the average jewish american when he hears of the jews who live HERE. Is there a little pange of guilt? or even shame? does he feel the bitter taste of hypocrasywhen he starts to lecture the israeli government and people on what is wrong and right? Why arn't you here bunnie? Why did you never come?
3. two countries
Eli ,   Budapest   (01.23.06)
The only solution in my oppinion is by two small palestinian states on each side of Israel. They could go around through Jordan. Or anywhere. That is a very liberal solution. Anything else would push them back to the colonized entities as of Jordan, Egypt. And that is as viable.
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