Nobel laureate: Satmars were right about Israel
Miri Chason
Published: 24.01.06, 19:52
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1. As a secular
Uri   (01.24.06)
I totally agree with him. The suicidal Leftists have succeeded in infiltrating every aspect of Israeli society, whether ir be the academia, political elite, or media. 1 Million Jews have left Israel, tens of thousands more are leaving. The Israeli education system is a total disaster, 7 year olds must bring knives to school in order to protect themselves. Crime and murder is skyrocketing. Degenerate and disgusting behaviour prevails. The Arab population doubles each generation. Settlers, humble and pious people who risk their lives to live on the land whence they descend and to provide security for the gay coffee shop go-ers in Tel Aviv, are demonised as if they were Nazis, violence against ALL settlers, whether they be children or the elderly, is justified. Drug use is rampant. Hundreds of thousands of foreigners from the third world have infiltrated Israel, many of whom rape Jewish women and spread aids and other diseases......... Perhaps Professor Aumann is right? Possibly Israel has turned out to be worse for Jews than it has been an asset.
2. As a traditionalist
Elle ,   NYC   (01.24.06)
I agree with him 100% as well as with Uri above.
3. #1 Misses Aumann's Point 100%
Daniel ,   New York   (01.24.06)
Amazing how a person can read an article and turn it 180 degrees to suit their own agenda.
4. The Arabs will not destroy Israel
Roger ,   USA   (01.24.06)
but the leftist, impatient Jews may.
5. Bnei Akiva has become Satmar?
ilan ,   Ariel   (01.24.06)
There is obviously a problem of comprehension here as it is as likely that Bnei Akiva has adopted the Satmar position on Israel as it would be for the Satmar to accept Rav Kook. While the future of Israel and the Jewish people under a post-Zionist Qadima proto-fascist party looks glum, there is still hope and faith.
6. The Arab enemy is patient but the Jews are not
Rose ,   USA   (01.24.06)
Only patience will solve the conflict with the Arab enemy. Patience is not a Jewish virtue but there is no alternative and the brilliant professor Aumann is sounding the alarm to Jews.
7. Pr Aumann is right
switzerland   (01.24.06)
Rav Amnon Izhak explain very clearly what's going on.
8. Israeli-Palestinian conflict: Game Theory analysis
observer   (01.24.06)
I suggest we start with the analysis of the players' goals. I believe a lot of progress could be made just by realizing the silliness of some of those goals, such as sovereignty over holy places or transfer of population.
9. Do not underestimate the Arabs
Mel ,   USA   (01.24.06)
They may be bad tactitians but they are good strategists. They don't want Israel in their midst and they are using the Arabs who are identified Palestinian to dislodge the Jewish state. Jews must be patient as the opponent is dangerous and vile.
10. a lot of the problem
RobertK ,   Jerusalem   (01.24.06)
is just that Israel is a democracy. Democracies always want peace now and are unrealistic about enemies, until it's too late. New sets of politicians take over every few years and feel obligated to make all sorts of inane promises, like, I can make peace with terrorists--I can really do it. However, some things are still over the top. Letting Barghouti--proven in court to be responsible for the murder of five people, and undoubtedly responsible for many many others-- be a media star from his jail cell is one. Another is letting MK Bishara hop around the Middle East calling for Israel's destruction. Another, like Aumann says, is letting the Gaza evictees rot as if they're criminals. This is bad stuff all right, who can deny it.
11. Stick to economics, Aumann
12. This guy again??
Michael Steiner ,   EU   (01.24.06)
He should stick to what he knows: economics. People of Israel disagree with him and his views, and the coming election will clearly show that.
13. Pessimism, why? Israel's future looks brighter every day
David Landman ,   Natick, USA   (01.24.06)
Since Israel has been recreated it has thrived. Absorbed all different ethnic Jews, has a thriving arab minority. The IDF is supreme. Israeli technology is top of the line. Israeli medicine is near the best. Secular and Religious exist together. While things may not be totally harmonious amoungst different ethincities and religious vs secular, its no worse than other parts of the world, and is actually much better. Poverty needs to be addressed, minority rights need to be addressed, but this is an ongoing thing. Welcome to a mature developed country. One I am very proud of. What have the Arabs accomplished in the last 100 years? Terrorism, incitement, fabrication of history, put their people in camps, blame others for their problems. The evil arab empire is crumbling. Jews have prayed to Jerusalem for at least 2,500 years. We are a VERY patient people and have outlived all of our enemies. We are home again and our enemies are in retreat. This is evident by the propaganda eminating from them. The more they lie and the harder they try, the farther from the goal of a second Arab Palestinian state. Am Israel Chai
14. As a palestinian, I agree with him. I will follow
A muslim palestinian   (01.24.06)
the Messiah arrives. He will be the true messenger of Allah. Here is the problem however, the Messiah of Islam is Jesus son of MAry who will arrive at the final time preaching for Allah's religion, his only lord. If this is the Messiah Jews are waiting, then we are all on one faith, worshiping one God and we are all equal. However I learned that when the Messiah arrives, people will split, between the Messiah Jesus the son of MAry, and between the anti-christ. Who reognises whom will determine the faith of his followers.will
15. !
thr ,   prs   (01.24.06)
Its immportant the current government and Knesset politicians realize that to get a shortlived peace in exchange for territorial concessions leads absolutely nowhere. Dont compromise on security to get a "peace" that will not last.
16. #8 silly goals
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (01.24.06)
Since you did not mention "destruction of the Zionist entity" and "creating an Islamic state in Palestine" as "silly goals" then you must consider these "worthy and obtainable" goals?
17. #8 Did you mean the transfer of the Jewish population?
AK   (01.24.06)
18. #12 Steiner, what do you know? From what I gather, not much.
AK   (01.24.06)
I stop speaking on behalf of the People of Israel; you're not one of them.
19. #16 silly goals
observer   (01.24.06)
No, I just mentioned a couple of mainstream examples. But thank you for continuing in the analysis; sovereignty over the whole land or destruction of all players on the other side are ultimate silly goals.
20. #17 transfer
observer   (01.25.06)
I meant population transfer in general. That includes, for example, transfer of Jews from Israel to Europe or to Palestinian territories, or transfer of Palestinians from Arab countries to Israel or from the territories to somewhere else.
21. Olmert and Iran
Yariv ,   Tel Aviv   (01.25.06)
Have you noticed that Olmert-sharon and the Iranian guy schemes are identical. Before you destroy the enemy you make him look very ugly. Olmert-sharon do it to settler and the Iranian guy to the rest of the Jews. They probably have the same advisors (and you know who they are)
22. Prof Aumann is RIGHT!
Chana ,   Galut   (01.25.06)
I really think Hashem is doing something here, because over the past yr, I came to the same conclusion! In fact I have been telling every Jew I meet the same thing! I think Hashem is bringing Jews to realize that the zionist goyim were NEVER our friends, and this will prepare us for King Moshiach';s arrival!
23. #14 is confused
Michael U ,   SF,CA   (01.25.06)
Pal, I believe that you truely believe what you are saying. Unfortunately, as a Jew I recognize the folly of your belief. First off, Jesus was never the Jewish messiah. I don't know if you are knowledgeable about the Torah, the original testament of Hashem. The Moshiach has never come, and we are awaiting him every day. If Jesus was supposed to be moshiach, he failed and failed miserably. The Moshiach of the Jewish faith has to be from the line of king David, which Jesus who is supposed to be a GodMan cannot be from. Moshiach is supposed to bring an era of peace on earth known as the Messianic age. The messiah is not supposed to die and come back, at least the Moshiach which we Jews have waited for. As such it is completely and utterly imposible that Jesus is Moshiach. You are entitled to believe whatever heretical ideas you want... But don't you ever believe that Jews consider Jesus Moshiach.. He never was, nor will he ever be... Thank you, Michael
24. Steiner, let's see your Nobel Prize
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (01.25.06)
Other than the ones for "peace" and "literature"
25. silly observer
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (01.25.06)
It is easy to twist words in order to describe your opponent's goals as "silly" and your own goals as "worthy." That's part of the game. Also, in real life, cheaters do win.
26. Satmars were right about Israel
emile tubiana ,   lehigh valley   (01.25.06)
Only fear and lack of self-confidence can destroy Israel.
27.  24. Steiner, let's see your Nobel Prize
DACON9   (01.25.06)
28. A muslim palestinian =JORDANIAN
DACON9   (01.25.06)
29. #2o Transfer
AK   (01.25.06)
Like a typical Arab/Arab's unthinking supporter you mouth inanities about transfer of no transfer of the Jews to Europe when over half of Israeli Jews have no history in Europe, but a rich and tragic history as dhimmis in the Arab countries. I don't think many of them would be willing to return to the dhimmi status in any of the countries where they or their parents came from. Just look at the perilous plight of the Iran's Jews, or pick any other Muslim country for that matter where there is still a tiny remnant of those ancient communities. However transfers of populations are not inherently wrong – just note that the transfer of the Sudeten or East Prussian Germans out of Poland and Czechoslovakia or transfers of Hindus and Muslims between India and Pakistan resulted in much higher stability in the region than would be otherwise. Jewish and Arab populations are obviously incompatible– Jewish populations have more advanced civilization on the technological as well ethical and cultural levels. Separating those two populations would lead to much higher regional stability, especially if Israel were to have more defensible borders.
30. I think Prof. Aumann's comments were taken out of context -
AK   (01.25.06)
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