Likud: Kadima creating terror state
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 26.01.06, 11:40
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1. Bibi is CooCoo
Mo   (01.26.06)
Hamas' victory was not because of disengagement. It does not have Olmert to thank. Hamas won because of the corruption of Fatah, because of the lack in progress associated with Fatah, because the Palestinians are largely starving and unemployed while Fatah members enjoy trips abroad and fancy cars and houses, because after so many years Fatah has done nothing to end the horrific occupation. Hamas won because Israel and the US hate them so much, because Israel has repeatedly assassinated this group that gives so generously to Palestinian charities and builds schools and medical facilities. As for Hebron, well you saw what happened; a landslide victory winning all the seats. Hamas should send those settlers some chocolates, or maybe a Valentine in a couple weeks, it's only them they should thank.
2. History Lessons of Appeasment
Marcel ,   Florida   (01.26.06)
Sharon had it right in 2003 when he warned President Bush that he would not allow Israel to become another appeasment sacrifice as neville Chamberlain of Gret Britan did in offering the Czech Sudetenland to Adolf Hitler for 'peace in our time' Somehow Bush pressured Sharon to appease anyway and now we arrive to this . Will the Jews once again climb on board the Bush cattle cars silently without a fight or will israel rise up and ONCE AND FOR ALL SOUNDLY DEFEAT HER ENEMIES ???
3. Mad Boobiyahu lies again
Michael Steiner ,   EU   (01.26.06)
I'm shocked. Not. #1 said it perfectly and should be required reading for anyone who wants to comment on Khamas' success. As for Boobiyahu, he may revile Khamas but we all know that if he becomes PM (fat chance), he'll sit down and negotiate with them just as he did last time round. Boobi and his irrelevant gang of extremists are fooling no-one.
4. Hamas victory was obvious to anyone with a brain
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (01.26.06)
When you have a people living in squalor with no hope, corrupt government, vicious propaganda and an easy scapegoat like Israel, of course they would turn to the radicals! It has nothing to do with the disengagement as was said on Israel Radio 2 this morning by an overweight, overstuffed and over dumb Likud MK . What, there was suddenly no terror before the “disengagement”? The Palestinians have created the mire that they live in and now they have democratically voted for the destruction of Israel and the Jewish People. The Israeli Government must close the door on these aberrations of society and forbid the entry and employment of these terror loving savages. Former President Carter, an observer in the Palestinian Election, stated that if there is no partner for peace, Israel must make unilateral decisions. This logical decision would be to get out of the illegal and remote settlements, recognize a Palestinian State and close the door once and for all. A further option would be to give the Palestinians Wadi Arah and Um el Faham! Jerusalem, NOT NEGOTIABLE!
5. Steiner's comments
Leroy F. ,   Santa Monica   (01.26.06)
Israel now finds itself in an untenable position. Just like Germany in the 1920's and early 30's, a weak government, violence and anarchy in the streets, and an overwhelming antisemitism allowed Hitler and the nazis to become the largest party in Germany. Hitler made no secret of his virulent jew-hatred and yet the German people put this monster into power. Yet many academics and "esteemed" diplomats insisted that Hitler would moderate once he attained power and that he could be dealt with. Churchill was widely disparaged in the chattering classes as a warmonger and exiled politically. In 2006, the election of the terrorist Hamas to power was similar to Hitler's attainment of power. The knuckleheads who negotiated Oslo and brought the corrupt and dictatorial Arafat and his thugs from exile to rule the Palestinians set the scenerio for Hamas to take power. The PA under Arafat and Abbas refused to disarm the militants. Like the nazis, they encouraged the most vile antisemitism in the schools and in the media, allowed anarchy in the streets and stole or misused the billions of dollars in aid from the EU and the US. Despite all evidence to the contrary, the delusional "peace movement" blamed Israel for everything. Settlers were demonized and some of the peaceniks have admitted that they hate the Israeli settlers more than the Palestinians. The useful idiots in the universities never missed a chance to delegitimize Israel before the world community. Now Israel finds itself in a serious situation. Iran is threatening nuclear annihilation, Al-Quaida has a foothold in Gaza, arms are streaming into Gaza because of the Government's decision to relinquish control of the crossings. America's obsession with bringing democracy to the Arabs has back-fired. Remember, democracy was successful in Japan and Germany only after the nazis and militarists were utterly destroyed, not negotiated with. With all of this, Steiner only sees fit to attack Netanyahu and the settlers. What insight.
6. To Leroy F- Brilliant post, thank you
Elle ,   NYC   (01.26.06)
7. #5 No surprise: Steiner is stuck on stupid
Ilan ,   Ariel   (01.26.06)
His adopted father, il Duce Yerek Sharon hated Netanyahu, so Steiner falls lock-step (and goose step) behind his great navigator. Small minds think alike.
8. Labor will never learn
Carol ,   Miami, FL   (01.26.06)
Eliezer's statements reflect an optimism that there is something inherently good in human nature. How many more murders must Hamas commit to prove there is nothing redeeming about them. You can't negotiate with them - ever - period.
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