Amona evacuated; hundreds hurt
Efrat Weiss
Published: 01.02.06, 15:18
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Linda Rivera ,   New York   (02.01.06)
The terrorists laugh all the way to the bank with mega U.S. and European TAX DOLLARS. It's land for war. Displaying absolute contempt for Israel's plight of being in a state of war and under continual attack; the U.S. EU and UN are ruthless in their demands that Israel does not fight back, but give continual victory to her enemies! The Jewish Biblical heartland of Judea and Samaria has been designated next on the list by the U.S. EU and UN, for ethnic Jew-cleansing and Islamic conquest! Jew-haters, Peace Now, and Israel's left, do their job of demonizing and creating hostility towards the hated religious Jews of Judea and Samaria. The Islamofascists celebrate their savage murders of Jewish children and pregnant Jewish mothers, but the rage of Israel's left is reserved for the religious, law-abiding Jews of Judea and Samaria. It's not just Islam that despises Judaism! Israeli leaders in 1967, gave control of Judaism's holiest site, the Temple Mount, to Muslims! The Jews of Judea and Samaria, are to be punished for following Judaism! 250,000 Jews ethnically cleansed; rendered jobless and homeless and their confiscated land given to Muslims! The raison d'etre of the genocidal PA society is the mass murder of Jewish innocents. Palestinian Authority society are taught murdering Jews is the highest goal in life and attains paradise:
2. Olmert Is Enemy of the Jews
Jerry ,   NYC, USA   (02.01.06)
His credentials are now solid.
3. Israel sinks deeper ,dishonorable,shameful,treason
Marcel ,   Florida   (02.01.06)
the road to holcaust is paved with jews loyal to the agenda of the Quartet. The new Kapo's obey their masters by sheding Jewish blood for their planto ethnically cleanse all Jews from area's of Israel's ancient homeland. What the blind leaders of Israel assume will lead to peace ,will instead lead to Israel greatest and worst war yet. When hundred's of thousands of Jews lay dead and you happen to be a survivor ,remember that this is what Israel's weak leaders and their appeasment brought to the nation of Israel. This is what going along with the Quartet plan brought to Israel. This is what throwing your felllow Jews out of their homes to reward terrorism has brought to the nation of Israel. The innocent blood is on Olmert's and the leftists Jews heads. They will answer on judgment day.
4. It's about time
Samuel ,   Pueblo   (02.01.06)
This is very good news to see. Perhaps these settlers can understand now what Palestinians have endured on a daily basis for so many decades. These setllers are now not only illegal land-squatters, but violent criminals who are attacking their own police and army forces. I'm amazed that this much restraint was exercised on the part of the police and army, as Palestinian children have been shot dead for much less. Perhaps the police needs to make more of an example of those who committed these acts.
5. Settlers fell into Olmert's trap
Elle ,   NYC   (02.01.06)
What a shame. Now it will be easier for him to win the election and to "disengage" from the WB.
6. Just wanted to add
Elle ,   NYC   (02.01.06)
I feel bad for the soldiers, it wasn't their fault and I'm sorry they got hurt. They were used by Olmert as pawns. What is happening to Israel? Hamas is sitting on the sidelines laughing. They bomb Israeli women and children and we give them Gaza. What a shame.
7. Marcel & Linda
Ruben ,   tel aviv   (02.01.06)
Stay away from our problems, you aint helping a bit.
8. Proud of Olmert
Nadav ,   Misgav   (02.01.06)
Ehud, continue going the way of Arik, the way of the smart. The majority of Israel is with you no matter what the the idiots on this site scream. Kadima!
9. Don't expect to ethnically cleanse Jews without a fight!
Uri   (02.01.06)
The sad thing is is that the Israeli government is doing the same thing to Jews that Israel was intended to protect them from. It's no coincidence that Olmert carried this out a few weeks before the election - What a disgrace. Israel will just deteriorate further with this destructive man.
10. That's right Nadav
Elle ,   NYC   (02.01.06)
Israelis continue their drift to the left and appeasement while we Americans continue our drift to the right and not giving in to people who want to kill us. Who's smarter? Ponder this-how many Israelis are moving to the US (Brooklyn) and how many Americans are moving to Israel?
11. Thank God, this is the beginning of the end!
Tommy ,   Haifa   (02.01.06)
of the settler movement - of its racism, chauvinism, xenophobia, violence and false interpretation of Judaism. The settlements and their supporters have endangered the rest of the Jewish people for too long. They have sapped our strength, our financial resources and our legitimacy. They are proving themselves the fifth column we on the left always worried about. Its finally time to rein them in and teach them who's the boss!
12. They won't join the army? Good - who needs them!
Karen R ,   Maryland   (02.01.06)
So the young protesters - who hit soldiers and police in the head with bricks - are righteously proclaiming that they will not join the army? Good. The army does not - and should not - want such hooligans. Serving in the Israeli army to defend Jews and the Jewish state is a privilege - one which can be best appreciated by the survivors and refugees from the Holocaust who lost their families because there was not a Jewish state to take them in and the "civilized" countries of the West left them to their fate. Serving in the army is a privilege, and these lawless kids should not be allowed to undermine Tzahal from within. By the way, where are the parents of these children? Why are they not being arrested too and charged with child neglect and abuse?
13. Don't be fooled "Tommy" #11 is Abdul Steiner
14. Knesset members breaking the law?
Karen R ,   Maryland   (02.01.06)
So Knesset members Effie Eitam and Arieh Eldad have been injured defying the law in Amona? While Knesset members are generally immune to prosecution, isn't there some way of punishing these idiots for defying the law in a situation of violence against the security forces? Could the Knesset at least pass a measure of censure or something even more severe?
15. As a party based on nothing but lust for the chair
and opportunism, and as a party that feeds on deciving, they will need constant spins. After the people have been turned against the settlers, with the kind help of the radical left, eager to see Jewish blood spilled (Beilin and his bunch probably reached orgasm when they saw Efi Eitam bleeding), Ulmert is starting his spins, the first is the evacuation of Amona, is there a point? is there a plan? does all this leads to something? who cares, yalla yalla kadima!
16. To Elle # 10
Nadav ,   Misgav   (02.01.06)
Well the "leftdrifting/appeasing" Israelis are sending their son and even daughters to army service. Some of them die. It talk easy when you can hide behind a proffesional army that does contains just lower class people you probably do not care about anyway. This is about being smart, not fanatic.
17. WooHOOO YEAAAAH! -- only bad thing is
Hazem ,   Gaza   (02.01.06)
that this ONE LITTLE SETTLEMENT, what the about the 300,000 INTERNATIONALLY-ILLEGAL COLONIZERS that live in the West Bank?!!! GO BACK TO ISRAEL NOW!!
18. Watch out Israelis, Tommy's of this world are celebrating
AK   (02.01.06)
That ought to be enough to wake you up. When your Arab enemies approve of your actions, stop and think.
19. To Nadav and Elle
Adam ,   Washington, DC USA   (02.01.06)
Thank you Nadav. You could not have said it better. And to Elle, most Americans are disgusted by the drift to the right. And that "drift" is the reason why our country does not support our President. His speech last night was "the last gasp of a lame duck". Smart Israelis and smart Americans know the way of Bush does not lead to success, prosperity, or peace. It takes courage and honor to make peace, not rocks and bricks thrown from youths who have nothing better to do with their time.
20. Did I see Eitam
diamond   (02.01.06)
get his comeuppance?
21. U idiots
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (02.01.06)
Hamas rejoices to see Jews attacking other Jews. Wake up, leftist retards, getting rid of "settlers" and "ultra-Orthodox" won't help u. Hamas will eat u last.
22. Arab from 17
asdf   (02.01.06)
Consider the west bank as "Compensations" for 80 years of war initiated by the Arabs.
David ,   Yerushalayim   (02.01.06)
"Treason" - against whom? Your Lord Jesus Christ?
24. Save it Nadav
Elle ,   NYC   (02.01.06)
I wasn't aware that you were the only one with relatives in the IDF Nadav! Yes "some die" as a matter of fact some of MY family died in the 67 war and I don't want it to be for nothing. Guess what Nadav? Appear weak and people will die. Will you still blame it on the settlers?
25. Let's fix this before we destroy ourselves
Yehuda ,   Seattle   (02.01.06)
Settlers need to stop defining the law as it suits them - they must abide by the laws of a democratic jewish country. We are not Hammas and Fatah and we must not act like them; we must not argue our differences in this way. This is a very sad day for Israel. The settlers must take their arguments to the government and courts and if they loose they must abide by the decisions of the majority of jews in Israel.
26. Help please: What does it say in Hebrew on the stone?
I can make out "Our G-d" and "King David to the World" but cannot translate the sentence.
27. #13 no i am not michal steiner but i agree with him
tommy ,   haifa   (02.01.06)
28. To Adam from DC
Elle ,   NYC   (02.01.06)
Sure. Let's see if the democrats wins in '08, k?
29. Difficult to say...
Michael Steiner ,   EU   (02.01.06)
On the one hand, Jewish disunity is tragic. So is spilling of Jewish blood, regardless of whose hands at. On the other hand, one has to ask oneself if these settlers are even Jewish. Do they promote and uphold Jewish values? It doesn't even matter if they're Jewish or not. Fact is, democratc institutions of a democratic state spoke and made their decisions. Law enforcement agencies came to execute those decisions. Those who attack them are fair game. I just wish the bitakhon forces used the same tactics on the settlers as they do against Palestinians for much less serious infractions. The only good thing to be coming out of these confrontations is that the Israelis are getting thoroughly fed up with the settlers. For decades these scumbags have received every privilege under the sun from the State. Now their true face and character are revealed in their ugliest. The electorate of Israel is realizing that spending yet more money, reputation and lives on these fascists is not worth it and is in fact digging Israel's own grave. Qadimah will trounce the polls.
30. Rough translation
"May he live forever our Sir, King David" (I think it's based on a popular CHABAD expression that says "the King Messiah" instead of King David) The relevance to the entire scene at Amona today is a bit sketchy, so dont sweat it.
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