Mofaz: Hamas involved in Qassam fire
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 02.02.06, 20:05
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1. ??
Christopher ,   Boston, MASS USA   (02.02.06)
Now, how about taping a few of those dollars Rice wants transferred to the PA to missiles and send them back to Hamass?
2. Don't believe it
,     (02.02.06)
I won't believe it until Hamas itself claims responsibility, as they do for all the other horrendous crimes they commit. Mofaz is doing this as a publicity stunt OBVIOUSLY. While I wouldn't be overly surprised if Hamas was indeed behind the attacks, there's no reason for them not to claim responsibility like they usually do, this time is no different.
3. Terror attacks?
Chrisona ,   Chicago.IL   (02.02.06)
How long are Israeli officials going to refer to PA attacks as terror attacks? If the PA is a sovereignty, then these are military attacks and should be handled as such.
Christopher ,   Boston, MASS USA   (02.02.06)
5. hammas involved?
benjamin ,   boston   (02.02.06)
Unbelievable!, are they really? and another question to you Mofaz : how come you find time to deal with hammas?, isn't your party totally focused on the 'jewish problem' and it's 'f---l solution'?
6. Mofaz responds ???
Jack Aizner ,   U.S.A.   (02.02.06)
Minister Mofaz, your talk has little value. When I see the Israeli Defense Forces start doing their jobs and getting rid and destroying of all these terrorists, than I will believe you. (The virgins are awating!!!)
7. Hamas always proudly claims responsibility for terror
,     (02.02.06)
Why haven't they claimed this one?? Prediction: Mofaz critics will suddenly believe him now, since this plays in their favor.
8. Hamas Responsible ,So lets attack Jews..
Marcel ,   Florida   (02.02.06)
MooMoofaz says Hamas is responsible so Olmert attacks fellow Jews to reward the terrorists. If Israel is to survive, these corrupt men must be removed from power and given a falafel stand to operate next to Gaza.
9. #8
yishai ,   kadima   (02.02.06)
falafel? --- I wouldn't trust him. what if a so-called 'jewish hammasnik' passes by while boiling oil is next to his hands - wouldn't he be 'just following orders'?
10. STOP politicizing falafels #s8,9
Pat Lavin ,   Montgomery, Alabama   (02.03.06)
11. # 5 benjamin
Linda   (02.02.06)
Waht a good answer Ben! An sadly so true
12. Hamas involved because......
Jess ,   BerSheva   (02.03.06)
Abu Mazen did nothing to stop them. Now or ever. Therefore Abu Mazen whom Bush calls a man of peace, shelters terrorists. This means Mazen is worse than Hamas. What about the bullshit Bush spewed concerning those who shelter and sponser terror? hmm How convienent for the bastard Abu Mazen/Abbas to shift all the blame on Hamas. Rather how good for Abbas the world is doing this for him. Who are the real devils here? Open your eyes people. If you dare
13. #9 yishai
Marcel ,   Florida   (02.03.06)
I think the real hamas would pass by and thank Mofaz, Olmert for helping them to steal Jewish land. The only problem is the way in which Olmert and Mofaz's allies, the hamas thank them ? I do find it interesting how easy Hamas has had it since Kadima has taken over Israel and how difficult Jews of faith have had it. Do you think Mofaz Olmerty are closet molsmes along with Kadima ?
Kobi ,   Jerusalemm Israel   (02.03.06)
Hamas almost never misses an opportunity to claim responsibility. They didn't. 1) ABBAS's Fatah is behind the Kassams as before. Mofaz wants to save face for Abu Mazen(Following like a US puppet). 2) In truth regarding ISrael all the TERORIST organizations enjoy much cooperation. They admit as much in the media and was also revealed in documents caputured from PA(the terrorist authority).
15. #2 Hamas, Al Aksa, Islamic whatever-- same s$%^&.
AK   (02.03.06)
If Hamas didn't do it, then it must have been those "moderate peace loving Palestinians" Bush cannot stop talking about.
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