Baby hurt in rocket attack
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 03.02.06, 18:28
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1. Olmert's response
Shai ,   USA   (02.03.06)
Let me guess what Olmert's response will be - transferring funds withheld to Hamas? That sounds about right
2. Much, Much More to Come
Jerry ,   NYC, USA   (02.03.06)
Unilateral withdrawals will not bring peace, only rockets and more rockets. Wake up Israel!
3. It really is..
Zohar ,   Israel   (02.03.06)
disgusting already! The settlers get abused by the IDF and the Arabs just party on! Poor baby - I pray that he will be ok.
4. When
Adom ,   Jerusalem   (02.03.06)
will Bush understand Abbas is not a man of peace? Why is he lying about that? I know but will you admit it? Will you allow yourselves to see it? Furthermore, the party of Abbas harbors terror and does nothing to stop terror. Fatah/Al-Asqsa is nothing more than a terrorist organization. Far from democratic and very very far from peaceful. Geroge. The Palestinian people spoke. So did their leader who countless times proclaimed he would not disarm Hamas let alone his own Fatah. Right here on YNET is an article stating Abbas wants Fatah to join Hamas. Bush, you are every bit as slippery as SLICK WILLY and almost every bit a weasel as Jimmy Carter. The apple does not fall far from the tree we now see for in reality you are your fathers son. p.s For all of you who think for one moment Israel should have the resolve that Bush spoke of in his state of the Union, think twice. Every word he stated was a complete contradiction of how he expected Israel to perform. His double standards resinate loud and strong. See for yourself in the archives of his speeches.
5. Keep running away, they'll still get you...
Christina Guzman ,   Bronx, NY   (02.03.06)
It's too bad no one warned before the disengagement that the plan will lead to missles being fired on Israel, the weakening of Abbas and the strengthening of Hamas. Oh, wait, the opponents did. I guess Sharon will not get to see what destruction he has brought on the Jews.
6. Response
G ,   shomron   (02.03.06)
I hope the response to these attacks is at least a tenth as powerful and swift as the attack on the settlers of amona. C'mon Olmert lets see how tough you really are, you fool !!!!!
7. Ten eyes for an eye - send 10 shells on Arab cities
8. More Money for PA; More Rockets
Jerry ,   NYC, USA   (02.03.06)
Israel is paying the terrorists to kill its citizens. What a country!
9. Babies
Chrisona ,   Chicago.IL   (02.03.06)
I only hope that one day the promised "extended response" will actually solve the problem. Why should babies have to fight in this war?
10. A test for Olmert - Will he be up to the REQUIRED response
Arie   (02.03.06)
11. Qassam Attack
Rick S. ,   Los Angeles   (02.03.06)
More talk and little action from Israel. What will they do? Shell empty fields? Israel has really become a paper tiger.All talk, no action.
12. #1 Olmert's response
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (02.03.06)
Evacuate Ashkelon, and beat up some more 13-year-old Jewish girls.
13. IAF, WHERE ARE YOU, YOU'RE ON.....That's your que
Dudu Shmuli ,   SANTA CRUZ, USA   (02.03.06)
If Israeli's can't be safe in border towns around Gaza what makes you think a pull out from Judea won't trigger the same crude rocket attacks. Stop listening to idiotic suggestions from nations who don't comprehend the value of a Jewish life, not one more of our peoples safety should be jeopardized to appease world opinion. We know what the world thinks of us already, they made that clear during the Holocaust, don't think for a moment those feelings don't still exist.
14. It's only a settler baby
Marcel ,   Florida   (02.03.06)
It's O.K. it's just a settler baby just outside the greeenline. We on the extrreme left must thank Hamas for their efforts and helping us agaisnt those bad,bad settlers. The Abdul Steiner Brigade of Hamas has welcomed all leftist Jews to join up and help in removing settlers from their homes and land.
15. Waisting ammunition
Gene ,   Israel   (02.03.06)
Here we go again - waisting shells on the empty fields while these scumbags are laughing at us. If we would respond as their dear father Saddam, then they would fear from us. But we playing humanism and democracy with those who see it as weakness. They treathening to kill only for a couple pictures in the newspaper, and we are afraid to "look too aggressive".... Blast them all to hell....
16. IDF Shelling Kills Grass
Jerry ,   NYC, USA   (02.03.06)
That's about it. What a joke! Mofaz and Olmert are pus*ies.
17. My condolences to the latest victims
Josh ,   Jerusalem   (02.03.06)
The Muslim Brotherhood to the south, Hizbullah to the north, Iran and their nukes to the east, and Hamas and the PLO everywhere. Oh yeah, and Al Qaida everywhere else. What does the leader of Israel do? He sends in a brutal police force to encite Jew-Jew violence in hopes nobody will notice these threats coming from every direction. A second Holocaust is at our doorstep with terrorist, anti-Semitic regimes popping up one by one, ever so quietly, all over the Middle East. They are building worldwide economic and political links with one-another, while the media praises their lulls in violence as a step towards moderation, effectively dressing the wolf in sheep's clothes. However, these lulls in violence are just that - lulls. Just a way to buy a little more time to strengthen and unite their forces before an all out attack. '48, '67, '73 were all failures, but not defeats. Olmert and the people of Isreal, open your eyes! History is repeating itself as we speak and if we don't put a stop to terrorism, Israel will not survive much longer.
naomi ,   usa   (02.03.06)
Mo   (02.03.06)
ok let me try this again since Ynet deleted my comments like 5 times already: I hope the injured baby is fine. This was in retaliation for the brutal murder by Israeli soldiers of a 7yr old girl, whom they shot in the neck and claimed that she was carrying a backpack. Later, investigators found no such backpack just a murdered 7yr old innocent girl.
20. Baby seriously injured
Yoel Ariel ,   Ft.lauderdale, Fl(US   (02.03.06)
KZaaamzzz!! A baby was hurt! It must be those hated and pesky "SETTLERS" again. I heard that they will stop at nothing to annoy the Kadim-a-crats. Golly. This calls for an all out assault and airstrike against those horrible "hillltop girls". I hope Adon dichter acts befor they reach puberty when they are at their most dangerous. Oh wait. It was 'rabs? OK. Never mind. back to the Knessett lunchroom for desert. Funds to the PA? Sounds like a good way to "wash" moneys from taken that cries out for being hidden. Bet APM Olmerts known how that works.
21. Where are the lefties?
G ,   shomron   (02.03.06)
When settlers are the source of violence there is a lot of messages from the left, stating what a good job the government is doing? Where are you messages now? Still support your arab friends and your arab loving government? Peace now, why dont you go petition to hault growth of ashkelon, and possibly another jewish led pogrom !!! WAKE UP, WE'RE ABOUT TO LOSE OUR COUNTRY. LETS UNITE AND FIGHT THE REAL ENEMY !!!
Ben Temalion ,   Shiloh, MO USA   (02.03.06)
23. MO: You are utter trash You'r wacked out
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (02.03.06)
It is amazing how you terrorists find each time another excuse why you murder and run wild eyed MAU MAU attacks Then you are surprised if Israel retaliates ....... defense of retaliation has collateral..... But you wacked out maniacs intentionally aim for civilians, while you hide behind your children and women. Since you always all of you call out loud to the Geneva Convention Lets just remember this: Article 28 states that "protected persons may not be used to render certain points or areas immune from military operations," nullifying the Argument that the IDF violates Intl. Law.
24. Olmert and the Paper Tiger, Israel
Elle ,   NYC   (02.03.06)
Hmmm, what will Olmert do? I'll put down $100 we will see a similar response to the one we saw to the Tel Aviv suicide bombing. Anyone want to bet against me? Didn't think so. The leftist apologists are too busy and focused on the media and politicians' schemes to see who the real enemy is. I also notice they are all cowards and afraid to post on this article. Maybe they are still tied to the tube watching with glee how the media-coined "hilltop youth" got injured. They fall for Olmert's BLATANTLY TRANSPARENT political strategies. We are living as in the book 1984, where: 1-"man of peace" means "man of jihad" 2-"right" equals "left"(Olmert) 3-"settler" equals "evil" or "jewish fascist" 4- "kadima" really means "ahora." I can't wait for Israel to start publishing doublespeak dictionaries. It's so hard to keep up these days.
25. #19 Mo
Marcel ,   Florida   (02.03.06)
Is that short for moron ? Maybe you should move to Gaza and paste a bulls eye on your rear end for your fellow jihadists who can't seem to get much target practice ? You would be helping their cause immesurably.
26. Answer to #18
hiram ,   tel aviv   (02.03.06)
Naomi.....your youth and inexperience does not allow you to pass this kind of judgementon those who have a different approach of the Israeli matters. In three lines, you managed to summarize exactly what makes anti semitism come thru to life : INTOLERANCE...
27. How can "Kadima" lead by such a huge margin?
Roni   (02.03.06)
Are the people of Israel blind? Olmert will destroy Israel - don't you see it?
28. Enough is enough!
Daniel ,   Israel   (02.03.06)
As long as Israeli children can't live in peace in Israel, Israel should bomb Gaza and other terror targets day and night. It is time to wipe out the whole senior leadership of nazi-terror organizations like Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Al-Aqsa and Hezballah.
29. Nice to see...
Michael Steiner ,   EU   (02.03.06) #18--is trying to, yet again, score cheap points on a tragedy. What does this have to do with left or right? Every normal person is disgusted by terrorist cowardice. My gut reaction is to just drop bombs all over Aza; if 5,000 Palestinians are killed, oh well. But of course, that would be inappropriate: we're no barbarians. But a resolute answer HAS to be formulated. Do what Arik did at the beginning of his Army career: send elite units to hunt down the perpetrators and beef up intelligence gathering methods and protocols.
30. Idf beats up Jews and lets Arab terrorists attack.
Daisy ,   USA   (02.03.06)
Israel is going to destroy itself before the Arab terrorists do!
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