Iran to end nuke inspections
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Published: 04.02.06, 20:33
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1. Betrayed by the hugging bear
Desperate Israeli   (02.04.06)
2. Gee, I'm shocked with a great shock!!
Michael Steiner ,   EU   (02.04.06)
Didn't criminal Bush say only three days ago that the "US [would] defend Israel"?? And didn't all you neo-conservative morons here decry me when I said that was a load of cock and bull? Well, for your convenience:,7340,L-3209550,00.html I repeat, the US may be our ally at times but it's not our friend and its only interests are those pertaining to the US (specifically, to its administration and its donors). And this newest initiative only proves what many have been saying for months: rely on no-one except oneself. Israel will have to take care of Iran on its own, as always. From initial feigned outrage and faux-determination to prevent Iran from going nuclear, now the song is: Iran can go nuclear because Israel has nukes, too. In other words, the world will do jack diddley squat about Iran. Time for Israel to take care of the situation.
3. the bomb
jessie ,   norway   (02.04.06)
if israel got a bomb,i link it,in the middle of the day,to the fear of having too many neighbours who seeks her destruction.
4. Steiner, why just "criminal Bush?"
RobertK ,   Jerusalem   (02.04.06)
What about your beloved Euros' role in this? Hey, didn't the disengagement improve Israel's diplomatic standing and get them all on our side? But just bash Bush and you fit right in over there.
5. Jew cannot defend themselves
Ben Temalion ,   Shiloh, MO USA   (02.04.06)
These the words of every Jew hating, anti-Shemite, Jew or gentile.Bush 's ideology is oiel. Sharon/Olmert/BG/Stephen wise ideology is hate hate Jews. The arabs fell a threat.... the Jew haters hate what little is left to defend Jews.
6. For once I agree with Steiner
Desperate Israeli   (02.04.06)
7. To #2, Michael Steiner
Josh ,   Jerusalem   (02.04.06)
Michael, sorry to say this, but you really need to get off your egotistical, prophetic high horse. I think it's great that you support Israel, but what are you trying to prove? And to whom are you trying to prove it? The fact that America is not Israel's friend, just a political ally, is a hard one to swallow for any idealistic supporter of the Jewish Homeland (myself included). For many years the mentality in Israel has been - well, if we can't do it, good ol' Georgie will come in and rescue us. Unfortunately, this is not the case. America is America and Isreael is Isreal, and the ONLY thing that ties them together are a few common strategic goals. No, Bush doesn't go have a beer with Olmert after a hard day's work, and no, they don't send their kids to the same pre-school. Keeping this strong, yet vulnerable allegiance in mind, we MUST NOT proclaim that "Israel will have to take care of Iran on its own, as always." This is the same egotistical attitude that the Egyptians displayed just yesterday (sinking cruisliner), and lost hundreds of lives because of it. It is a lot harder to "take care of Iran" than you can immagine. They are not a simple faction of some rogue fundamentalist terror group. They are a powerful and capable nation-state, who's forces can deter Israel alone. Even though America might not be looking out solely for Israel's interests, it is a key partner. If we let a few hollow words of diplomacy get in the way, we will find ourselves stranded on the Island of Israel, in the heart of the Sea of the Middle East.
8. "Criminal Bush"
Joan ,   Haifa   (02.04.06)
I agree with Michael Steiner on this one. And, Robert K. in Jerusalem, you're right about the European powers. So? Does that let Bush of the hook or what?
9. to Joan
RobertK ,   Jerusalem   (02.04.06)
Joan, Bush's America is the only signficant force in the world today that is fighting Islamist terror. Bush has made a lot of mistakes because he doesn't understand the Middle East. And no doubt his ties with the Saudis are a problem. But take him and America out of the picture, and who are the powers in today's world? Iran, China, Russia, Al Qaeda, Hizbullah--with no one at all to fight them or possibly fight them. Certainly the pacifist, "soft-power" Euros ain't going to do it.
10. It's nonsense
Since Israel neversaid that it posses nukes there's no way to prove that it has some. All they have are some pictures from the 80s that show that Israel is capable of making nukes. They don't have pictures of nuclear weapons. As far as Israel and the US are concerned; Israel is nuclear free.
11. The US is the WORST "ally" in the world.
Jewboy ,   USA   (02.04.06)
The US sells out it's "ally" Israel again. Today, I am ashamed to be an American!
12. all the conservatives are quiet....
Noam ,   TA Israel   (02.04.06)
as they are in every story concerning how Bush sold us down the river. And they claim to be our friends!,7340,L-3210416,00.html comment number - 25
13. Russia & China help set the trap
Marcel ,   Florida   (02.04.06)
No referal till March means a pre-emptive strike on the U.S. before Marceh. The Iranian's promised not to wait to be attacked and to hit first. They know an attack from George on his white horse, Rev 6;2, is coming soon,so they have to use the element of surprise and hit hard and first. This just gives them the element of surprise as the clowns and idiots of the west go about their diplomacy. Russia and China ,Egypt, and Syria know Iran's plans and help them out. I wonder if Israel is too busy nursing on Uncle Sam's lap to get ready for Iran's promised pre-emptive strike ?
14. to Robert K and Noam
Itzik ,   Israel   (02.04.06)
Rober K....Did you forget the US is the strongest nation in the world? The US sets the standard. We lead the world!! Or........does bringing Eurabia into the picture shift the blame so we don't have to see the whole picture? Just like centering our attention on Hamas to negate the fact Fatah and Al-asqsa is just as bad. Actually worse for the party of Fatah allowed Hamas to get where they are today. Or does shifting the blame on the other handler of Hamas(Iran) take the heat of Abbas? Did you forget these words of George Bush: "those who commit acts of terror and those who support and harbor terrorists......" But obviously this does not apply to the party of Abbas! Because his party commits acts of terror, harbors and supports terror. Lets see now. What is good for the goose is not good for the gander. This speaks volumes for Israel. For this the war on terror does not apply. After all, "Israel should exercise restraint as not to prejudice the final agreements." Words from the President of The United States the leader of the free world whose words ARE a beacon to all. (good and bad) For this Israel who was pounded by terror day and night by those who sought to destroy her was given by the leader of the free world the exact opposite of what the war on terror represents. The fact that Israel right this moment is being pressured by the Oval Office to give tax revenues to the terror party of Abbas the man who has allowed terror to continue is nothing short of bankrupt! Words stick and they hurt Robert K. Especially when they come from the leader of the free world. Especially while fighting a war on terror when those words and actions towards Israel are obviously opposite of that war on terror. Hate to tell you but how can we expect more out of Europe and the media too when the leader of the free world is dishing a bunch of crap to Israel to placate both Eurabia and the Arab world? Noam. Great posts. Even if no one wants to hear the truth it is important to speak it.
15. not right, Noam
RobertK ,   Jerusalem   (02.04.06)
Some of the conservatives are very outspoken against Bush for pressuring or encouraging Israel into suicidal land giveaways. The Evangelical conservatives particularly, also others.
16. I'll meet and raise you a peace agreement
Shai ,   Israel   (02.04.06)
All Israel needs to do when asked to disarm of its nuclear arsenal is to say that all states in the middle east must sign a peace agreement with it. That'll put the real issue back into perspective, and that is that Israel is alleged to have these weapons because the states int he area would, free of a nuclear threat, utilize the opportunity to destroy Israel.
17. What the hell is wrong with a nuke-free mideast?!??!?????!
grow up
18. #12 Noam
Marcel ,   Florida   (02.04.06)
Not all of them .I have been LOUDLY and STEADFASTLY warning Israel not to trust the phony peacemaker and his Road Map. Bush is as conservative as his cousing Clinton ,just another Babel King of the Nimrod genre. Soon Israel will be permanently weaned from America's poison milk and those who remain will finally look to Hashem for their help and salvation ,not Washington. A major and great earthquake is coming to California.
19. to Robertk in jerusalem # 9
zhila ,   sweden   (02.04.06)
you are right i am with you
20. #s 4 + 7:
Michael Steiner   (02.04.06)
#4: You obviously would rather cherrypick through my comments than agree with me. Childish. #7: Josh, I understand what you're saying and agree with you. I certainly don't think Israel is, should be or can be an island. Of course it should cooperate with the US, EU, UN, China, even Sa'udiyah on all matters necessitating cooperation. My point was merely that those who think Israel and the US are bosom buddies are dead wrong. Forget partnership in the phoney "war on terror" and forget entwined-flags-lapel-pins. The US is with Israel when it suits the interests of the US administration. That's not friendship or even alliance. Yes, it would be preferable to handle the situation with Iran united with other factors on the world stage. But it's becoming very obvious that NO-ONE other than Israel is truly worried about Iran going nuclear and that certainly no-one is interested in doing anything about it. So while it would be nice to have partners to put a screw on Iran, I think in the end it'll be: (1) Israel does something alone, perhaps (BIG perhaps) with the tacit backing of this one or that one, or (2) Iran acquired nuclear weapons with nothing to stop it using them. I know which option I prefer.
21. #17
Jane   (02.04.06)
The Israelis grew up a long time ago. We grew up at the hands of all of those who wish us dead and have tried to fulfill that wish. Whatever deterents we have are needed for our survival. They will NEVER be used unless our survival is at stake. But we will maintain our strength. You grow up and take off the rose-colored, equivocating glasses.
22. White Knuckles As Prophecies 'Unfold' ...
Craig Crawford ,   Laguna Niguel USA   (02.04.06)
God's judgment against the US draws near as our government turns its back on God and Israel ... Israel's judgment draws near as its government turns its back on the children of Israel who live in Judah (Gaza, Hebron, and Bethlehem) ... and the world's judgment draws near as it now prepares to come against nation Israel. The Bible warns 'at the time of the end' all nations would turn against one nation ... Israel (Zechariah 14:2...Revelation 16:12-16). All nations against one nation sounds absurd ... it is absurd ... ... not all nations turned against Nazi Germany, not all nations turned against Saddam's Iraq, and not all nations have turned against the murderous regimes of Zimbabwe, Sudan, Russia, China, Cuba, or Iran. Yet, this ancient book, the Bible, which was in mass circulation for many, many years before 1948stated clearly that God would one day bring Israel back into Her Land as a nation and then all the nations of the world would turn against her and try to wipe her off the map. When the US turned against Israel on Gaza, the first stage of this 'absurd' prophecy was fulfilled ... not one nation on Earth supported Israel's right to her land (in Judah - Gaza). Now, for many, the idea that all the nations of the world will one day go to war against this tiny nation of Israel sounds absurd ... or that one day in the future, this tiny nation of Israel will be the sole 'Superpower' that will rule the world under her King and Messiah, who stepped forth 'from old, from everlasting' and was born of a virgin in Bethlehem, the city of King David, exactly as the ancient prophecies said He would (Micah 5:2) ... Grace and Shalom,
23. there's a double-standard in this prisoner's dillema
wanda ,   canada   (02.04.06)
the standards of what constitutes a rogue state seem a little fuzzy on this forum. who's to say iran's justification isn't to protect itself from israel? there is belicosity from both states. what ultimate right does israel have to attack another sovereign country? does that attitude not validate iran's justifications for threatening israel? you may call it 'pre-emptive self-defence' or some such nonsense, but it's still patent aggression. nuclear non proliferation has to be followed by all parties if it is to work. it's as simple as it is wildly complicated and politically taut, but that's the point. ps. the US hasn't the money, (estimations are that they'll've spent $1.2 trillion in Iraq by 2010) nor the political leeway, the admin has a whole bunch of consequences from their last five years hitting them right now pps. israel and US have the most exceptional and curious international relationship: it actually defies diplomacy. don't harp on about what a bad friend the US is, it's a little uncouth.
Arik Silverman ,   Milwaukee USA   (02.04.06)
I haven't seen the exact wording yet, have you? In addidion, it won't mean anything. I remember that the US got "serious consequences" into an Iraq resolution and used that as a claim the war was authorized. Commentators said "serious consequences" had never been used to authorize military force, the term "all possible means" being used to unclude military force. In addition, some countries submitted letters with their votes saying specifically they were not authorizing military force. Yet Bush claimed he had UN authorization for the war. The bottom line is that this is all meaningless propaganda and nothing to get excited about.
25. Egypt
U.S. Taxpayer   (02.04.06)
Obviously, the more than $2 billion per year the U.S. gives the Egyptians doesn't buy shit. Why is foreign aid only used as leverage against Israel when Egypt shows itself to be an enemy of America with its media and the positions it takes at the UN?
26. to #10
Hilda ,   USA   (02.04.06)
The world takes the world of Israel's great "patriot" Vanunu.
27. to 10 Noam
Hilda ,   USA   (02.04.06)
Unfortunately, the only ones Israel can count on are fellow Jews and you can't be sure of all of these, and G-d bless the Christian evangelists. They seem to be true friends for now.
28. Re Steiner
Hilda ,   USA   (02.04.06)
I rarely if ever agree with Michael however, his #20 is right on.
29. USA is not an Ally?
Ahmad ,   Ramallah, Palestine   (02.04.06)
Do you think Israel would continue to exist without the US' support?!!!!!!!!!! Crap....Israel is doomed to failure becuase of its isolation and reliance on a superior power for protection and nourishment.. Wake up all and smell the air of humiliation.. YOU ARE DOOMED FOR FAILURE..
30. USA ally?
the Shadow ,   USA   (02.04.06)
Israel is just a "WELFARE MOMMA". It is not a nation/state, because it cannot survive independently. It is a yapping dog hiding behind the US.
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