Settlers in Zion Square: Olmert bad for Jews
Efrat Weiss
Published: 05.02.06, 20:37
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1. These brave courageous Jews will save Israel.
Daisy ,   USA   (02.06.06)
God bless them!
2. Olmert bad for Jews
Tzipporah ,   USA   (02.06.06)
I have a couple questions about how Olmert received power. How is it that someone who wasn't elected is suddenly controlling the Country? Why is it that when a judge gave them a stay to try and remove the buildings that he was able to get that decision overturned and get people beaten up by horses and police and yet very little is done against him attacking the legal ciizens of Israel? The arabs have tons of illegal buildings that haven't been torn down and by building try to turn themselves into citizens and the real citizens become the enemy of the government of Olmert?
3. These Hooligans are a disgrace for Israel
Ben ,   USA   (02.06.06)
and for jews everywhere. They cannot have a law of their own. They are either citizens of Israel and thus obey the law of the land or be hit by the full force of the law.
4. extremists
misha ,   manchester   (02.06.06)
the opposers of stalin were also called 'extremists' by him and the state media 'fravda', and so were the opposers of the german 'third reich' and so on. being politically demolished by the government and it's loyal media isn't necessarily a promise of victory, give the right rights to express themselves, open a dialogue with them, stop being so self obsessed and you'll get amazing results, the israeli right is oppressed by the political and public systems no wonder they're acting accordingly, for the sake of your nation you should take some steps in the right direction immediately, otherwise you'll be surprised by some unpredictable events.
7. In aDemocracy, the police don't beat up parlimentarians-MKs
8. it is so sad when jews hurt other jews
meira ,   usa   (02.06.06)
it is a sad time when jews hurt other jews. i am disgusted and ashamed that the israeli army could behave in such a cruel manner to other jews.
9. hatred in their eyes
Bartholemew F. D. ,   Minot   (02.06.06)
I saw the videos and the police also had hatred in their eyes while they were beating non-violent demonstrators. The problem was that the government did nothing to lessen the chance of violence despite having information that some settlers would react violently. When the other side is shouting, the smart one tries to lower the chance of violence by speaking softly and looking for a way to accomplish without violence. In reality the videos reminded me of the Chicago police riots during the "69 Democratic convention and the brutality unleashed against civil rights marchers by the Birmingham police.
10. Daisy #1
Miriam ,   Netivot   (02.06.06)
11. "Olmert is bad for the Jews"
Michael Steiner ,   EU   (02.06.06)
There was another poster there, which read, unsurprisingly: "Olmert is leading us to civil war" No, "gentlemen", YOU are leading us to civil war. Ehud's policies are supported by a majority of Israelis, as you'll see next month. Goodness, I LIVE for next month's elections. I am getting utterly disgusted with the settler Khamasnikim (hereinafter, mitnakhamasim). Always aggressiveness, belligerence... They've gotten so much from the state: subsidized accommodation, round the clock protection, social benefits, privileges... - and yet, when things don't go their way they attack the very forces who've been risking AND LOSING their lives over the past 40 years to protect the mitnakhamasim's asses in a way that would make even Palestinian intifadnikim proud and they arrogantly threaten the entire nation with a civil war. Thankfully the nation is waking up and soon the plug will be pulled on Settlerstan. END SETTLER TYRANNY!!!
12. Leting Olmert handle a further disengagement................
Kibbutznik Dati ,   Israel   (02.06.06)
Is like letting a lumberjack do open heart surgery with a chain-saw.
13. Olmert bad for Jews
Tzipporah ,   USA   (02.06.06)
The CITIZENS of Israel ALL serve in the IDF, very few are exempt and most of the CITIZENS that are called Settlers have FAITHFULLY served their Country, unlike what is implied by the response from #11. Their tax money has paid for the weapons that help to protect them, it is not something that is just given to them unless they have the weapons they earned serving the country in the IDF.
14. Large number?
tuvya ,   tallahassee   (02.07.06)
why not 'over a 100,000' as they were estimated by officials? is ynet manipulating minds of the public?
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