Sweden: Muhammad cartoon contest initiated
Roee Nahmias
Published: 07.02.06, 21:49
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31. KS # 5
Arie   (02.08.06)
Is a Syrian "intelligence" agent looking over your shoulder with an AK47 while you post? Probably!
32. Muhammad Caricatures
Vinnie ,   Providence USA   (02.08.06)
I would like to enter my cartoon of Muhammad. Is this contest open to all starving artists?
33. Jag alskar du, Sverige. Beromlig verk.
Tahl ,   Israel   (02.08.06)
I guess ynetnews does not support accented characters ;)
34. Censored Silly
Dovid ,   manchester   (02.08.06)
shalom chaverim, I am censored silly with all this word war. There is nothing more expressive or liberating than words. Words are our art. They express life and death and everything beyond and in between. This war of words of hate is not healthy to humans. The tongue can kill. you can kill with a quill. The pen is mightier than the sword. we know this is so.When voices speak of peace & light we can share a thought for humanity. We can have a say and a smile too. Souls can soar on a song. Love can be lifted with a lyric.Words can be heard in the womb. We can all have our say. Lets "kiss the children and pray". I feel much better now...don't you?
35. gotta love Sweden!
Y   (02.08.06)
36. Far Right Journal in Sweden
EM ,   Israel   (02.08.06)
Irregardless of one's opinion of the issue at hand, we should not be applauding the Swedish far right wing newspaper's spin. The journal is not defending civil liberty, they are cynically using this opportunity to spread their all encompassing xenophobia and bigotry. Sometimes, "the enemy of my enemy is your worst enemy" .
37. It's a shame...
Michael Steiner ,   EU   (02.08.06)
...that it's a neo-Nazi rag doing this instead of the mainstream. There's nothing wrong with it: so long as they're attacking a philosophy and not members who adhere to that philosophy, they're perfectly within bounds.
38. to # 24, Mo
You better ran to the bank :) Check all the Arab websites, newspapers, they always slander the jews, but we really don't care.....we are a confident people...and we live in the 21st century, unlike the Arab countries...
39. SD-kuriren
Intedi Nensak ,   Stockholm, Sweden   (02.08.06)
This isn't a "far right" newspaper. It is a rightist newspaper yes, but it's not a racist one. Most likely Ynet got this information from the very politically correct leftist mainstream media in Sweden, and they call everyone who dares to say anything bad at all about muslims neo-nazis. They haven't printed that many cartoons on their website so far, most of the cartoons will come in their paper edition. Mainstream media here printed a few of the cartoons but not many. I don't care if the muslims get angry at my country, they've always hated the west and tried to hurt us. nothing will be changed.
40. " ISLAM " ... through pictures.
" Cultivated " ISLAM   (02.08.06)
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (02.08.06)
Lebanon was a Christian country until Muslims achieved a majority through an extremely high birthrate. The jihad against Lebanon's Christians was savage and barbaric. The IDF was the only hope for the embattled Christians. Click on Photo gallery of, 20,000 Christians handicapped by PLO atrocities. PLO savagery was rewarded. The PLO terrrorists were implanted into Israel as "peace" partners through Oslo to continue their jihad. The Christians of Damour, Lebanon treated Muslims from surrounding areas free of charge in their hospital. The PLO and other terrorists repaid the Christian kindness with barbaric savagery: The Massacre and Destruction of Damour 'The attack took place from the mountain behind. It was an apocalypse. They were coming, thousands and thousands, shouting 'Allahu Akbar! God is great! Let us attack them for the Arabs, let us offer a holocaust to Mohammad 'And they were slaughtering everyone in their path, men, women and children.' Whole families were killed in their homes. Many women were gang-raped..." Satanic acts were perpetrated on Damour Christians.
42. Jesus Christ
Vlad the Impaler ,   Riverlea, USA   (02.08.06)
I am surprised them mojaheddins have not started firebombing The Onion and Wisconsin cheeses, 'cuz they have been publishing all kinds of offensive stuff - about Islam, Christ (Jesus converts to Islam, Jesus joins NBA), Burundy Beef Council (Please send beef!), Chinese, Russians, Area Gay Man, President Bush - well, pretty much everybody they have heard about in Mad City, WI. One thing Christians learned at least is not to judge secular press, let alone satiric and totally off-beat cartoons, by strict religious standards. Same way my hasidic friends don't go around torching Pig Iron barbeque joints. Muslims have to figure out that no matter how many nucular bombs they buy, they ain't gonna join the modernity untill they ease off that whole stoning and burning stuff...
43. Cartoons
Mooshu ,   USA   (02.08.06)
As with the Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition future generations of Muslims will look upon this period of their history in disgrace and embarrassment that they acted as they have and are continuing to act during these days. Shame will befall those Muslim families who don’t take responsibility today to remove the evil seeds from their own fields, clean their own houses, and purify their own lives in the name of global peace and community. Enlightenment will come to those children who lag behind or the weight of the world will loose patience and bend them over a knee as loving parents would correct the unruly behaviors of a spoiled child so that some day they may grow to bring positive aspects into existence.
44. Look in the Mirror and you will see Double Standards
John Peters ,   New York, USA   (02.08.06)
Muslims who are protesting violently just because some cartoons of Muhammad were published, should look into the mirror and they will see Double Standards written all over their foreheads. Where were these protesters when the Afghans destroyed the Bamiyan Buddha statues by bombing them? What do these protesters think of the lack of tolerance for any other religion in a country like Saudi Arabia where anybody in that country, no matter what their faith, have to fast during Ramadan or be punished; or when the Saudi customs confiscates and destroys the religious books, pictures and sybmols of other faiths? Muslims have a long history of destroying the places of worship of Christians, Jews, Buddists and Hindus from Spain to Afghanistan to India and on to Indonesia.
45. TO KS #5
DR ,   Florida, USA   (02.08.06)
I work in a University with, jews , arabs, hindus, Muslims (my boss is a muslim Doctor), blacks etc. Two of my good friends form college were Palestinian...but you call me racist??? All of these people who are Muslim and now live here in the US understand what America stands for. You will never get it. Israel is the closest thing to the USA in the middle east...again you will never understand b/c of how you were brought up and educated. The hatred we see towards Israel and the west is bred into children in many countires and they have no other option, but to fit into their society and do as everyone else's a sad reality that you need to wake up to. Only when extreme Islam is wiped off the earth, will there be a chance for peace.
46. To #24...Mo
DR ,   Florida, USA   (02.08.06)
What about when Israel pulled out of Gaza and Palestinians instantly destroyed and set fire to synagogues? I personally think that this is much worlse than a little you??? I am pretty sure that these actions constitute as an insult to the jewish religion. It is sad that a lot of muslims turn a blind eye to what their extreme followers do, but then cry wolf when something as small as a cartoon appears in a newspaper in denmark.
47. Ready, Set, Go:What are the rules?
Christopher ,   Boston, MASS USA   (02.08.06)
I just went down to my local software distributor and bought a comic book software. A little practice and I'll be up to speed One MAJOR problem, though-so many potential topics yet very little time, how does one select the most appropos religious Muslim topic? Wil there be a cartoon screening committee? Will there be separate categories, like the Academy Awards? Categories like "Closest to the Devil Am I to thee?"; "Bin Laden meets Ibn Hitler";"Where's Mohammed today?"; "My honor killing can beat your honor killing";"The Mecca Guide for Foreign Tourists (stampede not included)";"Riding the Ferry to the Hajj" OK - I'm ready - Let's rock! OOps did I say rock? Sorry Muslims. I didn't mean it as offensive, you know, like your "Dome of the Rock (by Mick Jagger)"
48. stupid contests
mo ,   amsterdam   (02.08.06)
What about having a contest about finding out which religion has caused the most destruction, murder etc. I bet christianity wins. Good second will be islam., third would be..... . And all of these convinced people think they're oh so right.
49. Religion <> Race
Clifford ,   Wyoming, USA   (02.08.06)
Religion is *not* race. Therefore your comment about racisim is false.
50. Double standard
Marty ,   US   (02.08.06)
Why doesn’t anyone in the Muslim world apologizes for the following cartoons: ? Or depict Jews, Europe, US in such a way is OK, but when Muslims are on the receiving end it’s an outrage ???
51. ignorance
attitude ,   FL, USA   (02.09.06)
israel is/was condemned due to their behavior for treating the Muslims in the middle east. there is no 'fight' in europe, just people protesting against ignorance. its unbelievable that ignorant people like you exist in the US. but then again, Bush did get re-elected.
52. moving?
attitude ,   FL, USA   (02.09.06)
why would you want to separate the concept of Islam and the West? where do you get this 'moving back' ideology from? I dont see where Western values allow for the slandering of a beloved public figure of any nation.
53. learn the language mussa
attitude ,   fl, usa   (02.09.06)
buddy, first learn to articulate yourself in the english language, then post.
54. marcel, get a life
attitude ,   fl, usa   (02.09.06)
what do you possibly know about tolerance and more over hordes?
55. to mike
omer ,   fl, usa   (02.09.06)
dude, thats one part of it, the other one is simply the insulting. freedom of speech has its limitations and ettiquette. freedom doesnt mean that one goes and strips off his clothes and runs naked down michigan ave. with freedom there is responsibility
56. to mainstream
omer ,   fl, usa   (02.09.06)
its kinda obvious that you dont know anything about islam the religion or the way. show me where islam says that anyone who doesnt believe is an 'infidel'.
57. to linda rivera
omer ,   fl, usa   (02.09.06)
ummm... muslims christians and jews believe in the same GOD, miss. what planet have you been living on? and btw, who gave the ownership of temple mount to jews?
58. to #46
omer ,   fl, usa   (02.09.06)
you are apparently not answering the question the gentlemen asked you. and its pretty apparent you dont know that when israel left gaza they destroyed everything as they left. everything, hospitals, buildings, etc. it looked like a war zone. but how would you know that? you were probably busy watching cnn's version!
59. #47
are you trying to be funny?
60. to #50
omer ,   fl, usa   (02.09.06)
marty, how can you compare a cartoon that is targetting todays current politics and leaders as opposed to a cartoon that is targetting a prophetic figure of islam? none of those cartoons make fun of moses or jesus. get your comparisons right
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