Gay Parade stabber gets 12 years in prison
Tal Rosner
Published: 08.02.06, 11:08
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send him to his brothers
2. I'm sending this to friends in the USA
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (02.08.06)
... because there are times when the system works in Israel!
3. An other clear demonstration....
Hiram ,   Tel Aviv   (02.08.06)
...that religious zealots are dangerous to everyone and to civil liberties. Religious zealots can do whatever they want with their own life, no gay person will attempt to murder them....the opposite is unfortunately not true. Religous zealots of all kinds ( Iran hanging gays in the name of Islam ,Jewish zealot attempting to murder on religious basis or any kind of brutal government discrimination against homosexual community) should be severly condemned by any decent government. Persecution of homosexual ( Middle East mostly ) reminds us of a darker era during which homosexuals were sent to concentration camps and then to extremination camps simply for being homosexuals. The situation is different, but the mentality is the same . Live and let live. Tolerance is indeed something unknow to ultra orthodox es or whatever name they give themselves. The jail term was ten times deserved ! I find this even a bit too lenient. This folk will have time to read the torah and possibly understand that God never asked him to attempt to murder anyone . SO much for " Jewish values "
4. nope.
If you are a homosexual, do not live in a country with a law that criminalises it. If the majority of a country would agree on criminalising it, then be it! Iran has the right to have any laws, you do not like it, do not live there. In Israel, the law allows homosexuality, fair enough, no one should attack homosexuals or persecute them at all. Democracy is fair in this way to both nations. People who break the laws are criminals, and should be jailed, or punished accordingly! I know not many people would agree!! you guys deny anybody the right to differ. Just like you all deny females who would like to cover their body to do so. You want them naked, if not, then they are oppressed, and their human rights are violated. What a joke! in the west, Liberty means Obscenity, Drunkenness, Nakedness, Nudity, Insensitivity, Rudeness, war crimes. Everything is allowed under the Liberty illogic law. We do not want it. We do not mind you enjoy such ABSOLUTE LIBERTY. We live for the right, the fair, the just, the moral, the ethical, the human, the sacred, and the dignity. You strive for materials, objects, money, etc. Enjoy!
5. To Hagai Elad, head of the Open House
David ,   Karmiel   (02.08.06)
Hagai, the sentence is not appropriate. This was a "hate crime" as well as attempted murder. I am sure that had the situation had been reversed the sentence would have been much heavier. It is time for Gay and Lesbian rights to become a political issue. Gays who are forced to stay in the closet suffer enormous physical and mental anguish and hardship. Closeted Gays are forced out of fear and hatred to deny themselves the fulfillment of the most basic of all human instincts. The homophobic Ultra-Orthodox and Religious Groups demand tolerance of their beliefs but, as with all things religious, these groups are not prepared to be tolerant towards others. Instead, they incite hatred and violence. The Israeli Judiciary must be forced by the legislation of minimum sentences to punish appropriately. Long live Gay Pride and March with Pride with the flag raised high!
6. GREAT!!
Michael Steiner ,   EU   (02.08.06)
Those who pin pink triangles on people are mentally no different from those who were pinning yellow stars on our parents and grandparents. Good riddance to this scumbag and may he rot in jail.
7. live and let live
shimon ,   sweden   (02.08.06)
calling religious people 'zealot's' or whatsoever because of the actions of one single person is totally inappropriate, there are more then a 100,000 ultra-orthodox jews in israel, how many of them were ever accused for atempted murder and not only in the name of god but even for family issues? I think, correct me if i'm wrong, that this is the first time in israel's history for an u-orthodox to be convicted for such a crime. a religious jew NEVER kills because if he does, then he is no more religious, even if he wears a KIPAH and grows a long beard, there is no Rabbi or any other jewish religious or spiritual leader who would back such act for whatever reason it should be, so don't blame religious jews, but you should point on shlisel as an individual who acted on his own against the 'torah' which he claimes to believe in. beside all this I always wonder, why the only place where u-orthodox jews are viewed as fanatics is israel? through my life i'v lived in several different countries from canada to belgium to israel to switzerland to the u.s. to sweden and I never in my life managed to see any u-orthodox hatred as I witnessed in israel, in all other countries I lived, u-orthodox jews are highly respected people who people from other cultures find very easy to live with in peace and respect, isn't there any problem with how the 'secular' majority treats them that perhaps could cause thoes people to be viewed negative?
8. #5
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (02.08.06)
It's more than he would have gotten in a lot of places in the USA these days, and I see it as a good sign.
9. Gay stabber
Leah Amdur ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (02.08.06)
He is a modern day Pincus. Maybe Hashem will make him a cohen when Moshiach arrives. The Torah states that homosexuality is an abomination. This is Hashem's land. Why do gays have to have a parade in Jerusalem? Hashem states that he vomited the nations out of Eretz Israel for immoral behaviour. He stated that He will do so again
10. #4:
Michael Steiner   (02.08.06)
According to your "reasoning," Nazi Germany was entirely correct as was the Confederacy with its slavery. And if by some chance every country in the world decides it's not going to tolerate some minority, it would be OK to kill off that minority. Get your head out of your hiney.
zalmy Raskin ,   England   (02.08.06)
why is it that all u people look at ONE PERSON and judge hundereds of thousands on his crazed actions, go out there and ask religous jews if they agree u should go stabbing at gay parades, they will look at u as if ur crazy!
12. leah amdur you should be embarassed
david ,   tel aviv   (02.08.06)
now we know why this country is in so much trouble, because of imbaciles like you. whether homosexuality is right or wrong that idiot had no right to do what he did. he should have got 20 years jail and believe me by the sounds of it, you should be with him
13. #9
ely ,   usa   (02.08.06)
Bravo remember Leviticus 20:13
14. to no 10
according to your reasoning, there is nothing wrong with Paedophelics, Rapists, and chronic killers. Get your head out of your hiney. According to your "reasoning", killing equal do not live in this country!. Well in my reasoning, it is different. Do not live with people you do not agree to their values. If you do not like how we think about homosexuals, do not live in areas where we are majorities. Simple and straight forward. You are pathetically mentally incompetent.
15. Give the bastard 12 more years for the contempt charge....
Andy7   (02.08.06)
12 years for attempted murder?! It's great he's locked up for 12 years, but I say put his ass away for good.
16. in ref. to article: Gay Parade Stabber gets 12 yrs in Prison
TW ,   tel aviv, israel   (02.08.06)
I think that it is quite disturbing that someone would even take the time to write about such a victory for human rights in such a benign tone. What happened at the parade was a disgrace to the state of Israel and a disgrace to the Jewish religion, as well as an insult to the democratic rule of law. our democracy has come from us, the people, and as journalists I believe it is your responsibility to not only remain loyal to the truth, but loyal to the people as well. if someone believed 12 years was 'surprisingly much', then you should have represented someone who believed 12 yrs was not nearly enough. i am ashamed by the lack of perception, lack of courage, and lack of editorial initiative displayed by your site that allowed for suh an article to get through. Perhaps i am being harsh, but I dont think it would have been difficult to find someone who thought 12 years for attempted murder in cold blood by a member of an established community within our country was not nearly enough.
17. 9 & 4
Jordi Gomis ,   Barcelona, Catalunya   (02.08.06)
Gays can have the right to have a parade in Jerusalem the same way you can have a sinagogue in Dizengoff Str. if you wish to...the problem of you, religious people, is that, instead of enjoying your happiness of being religious and being close to god, you are more worried about what the others beat temptations just erasing them out of the map...the one who really has a strong will and pure soul is that one who doesn't have any temptation in front, for instance, of a naked woman...not those who just forbid to stay in the same room with a woman. And the one talking about laws in iran and so...please, hanging people for homosexualtily is like doing it for not breathing the correct way...and don't be demagogic...we do not forbid women to cover themselves...we are just against making it mandatory for them to cover my to choose...if you want to cover, just cover, if you want to show, show...that's the difference, bonehead...dont even dare to compare freedom in iran with freedom in europe or israel...for instance, if you were in iran, you couln't even get into this webpage to write this stupid post you wrote...have a nice day
18. Shlissel
mike ,   gedera   (02.08.06)
In addition to the 12 year sentence he should castrated.
19. to # 3 Hiram
moi ,   Tel Aviv   (02.08.06)
Hiram I allways enjoy your talkbacks, you are one of the few rational, tollerant and objective people on Ynet. Keep it up !
21. wait a second...
iAN ,   Lima, Peru   (02.08.06)
Here is a double dilema for me, I believe that gays are just people who don't controll emotions and afections the right way. They are ok with me as long as they don't affect me or my family. But really it was an incitment to do a gay parade at yerushalaim, I was totally against (to organise it in our holy capital) it. I condemn what schlissel did but this reaction was something obvious
22. to no. 17
temptations? how stupid is that!. What temptation is there in something disgusting like that. Why then walking completely naked in Britain, America, or anywhere is a public offence? idiocy!. No one obliges any woman to cover. It seems you are delusional and listen too much to your lying media. hanging people of homosexuality is like hanging them for killing. of course you do not believe in death penalty, deluded!. Democracy in Iran is much better than that of europe. It is a privilege to you to be compared to it. Similarly, Israel is a racist country, you know nothing about that because you are busy drinking and looking at naked women. If you were in Iran, you can write anything you like, but your illusions and biasedness are too much for your eyes to open. I advise you to read more. shame on you.
23. to all of you
etrog ,   lulav   (02.08.06)
nobody has answered the question; WHY MORE THEN A 100,000 PEOPLE ARE BLAMED FOR THE ACTS OF A SINGLE ONE (who is less then 0.00001% of them) WHILE NO ONE THERE IS BACKING HIM?
24. #22...
Jordi Gomis ,   Barcelona, Catalunya   (02.08.06)
...better not to say anything...your words define yourself...i'll be happy u stay in iran and i in europe or the way, how many lists were banned for elections in iran? ...and the day u see a naked girl in the european streets, please give me a call...i'll go there flying... have a nice day
25. to 22, cont.
Jordi Gomis ,   Barcelona, Catalunya   (02.08.06)
...and i prefer to see naked woman while alive, than exploding myself into a bus in order to see 72 virgins naked ;-)...
26. What a jackass
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (02.08.06)
He should have shouted ALLAH AKBAR as he charged the gay paraders. Then all the chattering media would be condemning the gay paraders for the provocation and insult to the prophet, the stabber would spend a few weeks behind bars and walk out free after another foreign journalist kidnapping.
DACON9   (02.09.06)
28. Leah Amdur 'GD' IS WITH YOU
DACON9   (02.09.06)
29. He'll have serious remorse after sharing a cell with BUBBA.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (02.09.06)
30. why Jerusalem?
zalman ,   tsfat, israel   (02.09.06)
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