Rightist indicted over Nazi slur
Shani Mizrachi
Published: 08.02.06, 22:21
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1. Indict Mrs. Olmert
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (02.08.06)
If Nadia Matar is indicted, then Machsom Watch (of which Mrs. Olmert is a member) should also be indicted. They are the ones who put up "Abreit Macht Frei" sign at the Kalandia crossing.
2. The "Judenrat?"
Steve ,   USA   (02.08.06)
B"H Let us see ... she was already beat for the "crime" at Amona before the trial of protesting. Is it crime and punishment in Israel or punishment and possible crime determined later? I am surprised this is not administrative detention that lasts for a year with then a verdict of no evidence, as most "punishment and crime" sessions go in Israel. But Natia is right that this tension over the matter of the "uprooting" is the GSS head called it has not been brought out fully. If Israel has a full trial on the matter, it would be a great starting point for true dialogue about the problem. It would be a discussion with the right wing, which quite frankly even from the GSS assessments is long overdue. And it is important in the election season to have full information for the voter on what exactly is going on, especially in light of the Amona inquiry.
3. Freedom of Speech
David ,   NY   (02.08.06)
I thought that there was freedom of speech in the only democracy in the middle east. I stand corrected. This is another example of the culture war being waged against religious zionism by the Hiloni establishment.
4. selective freedom of speech
Leo ,   Israel   (02.09.06)
If your an Arab (i.e Arab-Israeli or Palestinian) than you are free to incite murder, voilence and hatred against Jews daily, in your mosques, media, etc. Especially if you are an Islamic religious leader or an Arab-Israeli Knesset member. The Israeli government, who are ever too busy cracking the skulls of "right-wing settler scum" - will give you a green light. Hell in the case of the Arab-Israeli MK, they will even let you committ the highest act of treason and travel to a hostile country where you can continue to incite murder against Jews. Hell you can even freely plan & carry out the murder of Jews on a daily basis without the ever so competent Israeli authorities activley or directly interfering in your activities -- on the contrary they will sit down and negotiate with you. On the other hand, if you are a Jew who happens to oppose Israeli government policy and happen to protest or exercise your right to free speech by criticising various officials (in this case by comparing them to Nazis ) than you are a "dangerous right-wing extremist" who deserves to be prosecuted and jailed by the law.
5. What? Its now a crime for Nadia to tell the truth?
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (02.09.06)
The terrorist scum now use the homes stolen from the Jews to launch missles farther into Israel and endanger more people. Even Sharon's ranch was hit with missles after the Jews were expelled. If you are missing 30 pieces of silver I can tell you which house to search first and it is not Nadia's. If this woman is fined or jailed, Israel will no longer have any claim to being a democracy, not that it operates like one now.
N-RAT   (02.09.06)
7. Stop US Aid to Israel
Mordechai ,   Boca Raton USA   (02.09.06)
If Israel is unwilling to offer freedom of speach to those who wish to criticise the government the US should suspend all Aid to Israel. The only reason Israel is supported by the US is that it is the only democracy in the Middle East. If Israel fails to live up to that role it fails to deserve US support
8. Nadia Matar (David) vs. Ohmert (Goliath)
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (02.09.06)
Is Ohmert losing his frigging mind? Let her go for pete's sakes. This undermines Democracy and free speech. Nadia Matar has a valid point when describing the treatment of the settlers. Just because they are despised for voicing and protesting the land for peace deal, doesn't mean they should get their heads bashed in by police over it. Everyone is so sure this will gain a peaceful solution to this problem. Odds are it won't. And the land that you give back as a reward, will be theirs. You won't be allowed to take it back. You will have gained nothing, other than rockets raining down, and the happy smiles from Europe and America. Go ahead and withdraw. But you do so with no gaurantees or concessions from your enemies. So why would you put a person in jail, who has a very valid point. You are giving these people's land away. And you are doing it in a way that resembles the way a dog would be treated, not a human being and fellow Jew. This beating of children with billy clubs is total horsesh*t. It was not needed, and only served to drive a wedge between Jews. Ohmert or Netanyahu will not change the course. The land will be given away. To make Europe happy, and the USA happy. In the end, Israel will receive nothing in return. Just more terrorism. And eventually Israel will have to go over the same wall that is protecting it, to kill a substantial amount of Palestinians. Because they will never stop, until war is not profitable anymore. A lot of people have to die before the masses make the decision to stop fighting. That's why the land for peace deal will fail. No Dresden, Nagasaki, or Hiroshima, has happened yet. When it does, you'll get a few decades of peace. Until the next generation of hoodlums grows up, and decides to be terrorists. And future generations, always forget history. And war is always inevitable. It's just a matter of time. You can all keep hoping though. You can discuss the lousy treatment of Jews, without killing the messenger. Nadia Matar is the messenger. Ohmert just doesn't like the message. What he has done with the settler problem is a catastrophe. It breaks Israel apart rather than uniting it.
9. Nadia, you disappoint me.
Tahl ,   Israel   (02.09.06)
Although I disagree with your political positions, I've always respected your organization's ideology, and the civil, non-violent way of protesting. But this rhetoric is appalling. "Modern-day version of the Judenrat... a much more terrible version"?... "The successors of the Nazis"? As if the disengagement is analogous to the Holocaust where 6 million Jews lost their lives? My grandparents have lost most of their families in the Holocaust, and your irresponsible rhetoric cheapens their memory.
10. Matar for ( Iranian ) President
Yoni ,   Israel   (02.09.06)
With their valuable contributions to the trivializations of the Shoah Nadia Matar and her co-extremists deserve a place of honor at the conference on the Holocaust that is supposedly to be held in Teheran soon.
11. Lock this cow up!
Michael Steiner ,   EU   (02.09.06)
Goodness, finally! This woman is more abrasive than many of those even more extreme than she. This b*tch is desecrating the memory of those--including half my family--who were murdered by the natzim but using the term so flippantly. Ironically though, the only identifiable neo-Nazi in this whole story is she herself.
12. To Steven in Alaska ( and all our US friends )
Yoni ,   Israel   (02.09.06)
As much as most commenters here will probably disagree with me, Israel is still a democracy, far from perfect but functioning relatively well considering the circumstances. Therefore there is not really much about the indictment that Mr Olmert can do, it is the work of the country's judiciary system. It is always good to see that so many of the Zionists who care much more about the wellbeing of the Jewish state than me and my leftist friends choose to live ( or remain ) in places like Anchorage, Alaska, and Southpark, Colorado, rather than to ( come and ) live in Haifa, Israel, and Tel Aviv, Israel.
13. Michael, "bitch?" "cow?", Where exactly did they teach ...
AK   (02.09.06)
you how to treat women? Madrassa?
14. comparison unfair to judenraat
They were not given a choice about cooperation and certainly didn't have personal gain as their motive
15. Keep talking, Nadia...It shows your true colors
Roey ,   Beer Sheva   (02.09.06)
Let her talk....It only makes her cause seem more and more ridiculous. The rest of Israel is losing its patience with these people...
16. Israeli "democracy"
Avi Tuchmayer ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (02.09.06)
Way to go, Zionists. Nadia Matar's indictment is entirely appropriate and is in keeping with the perverse use of the legal system as a club to beat opponents. But why hold a trial? As in other Middle East countries, your verdict has already been written. Just skip the formalities, stick her in jail, and chalk up another victory for your perverse "democracy."
17. #13 (AK): No. Shas. ;-)
Michael Steiner   (02.09.06)
18. But leftists can call IDF soldiers nazis, thats fine by us.
Democtator ,   Middle East   (02.09.06)
19. This lady is nuts
Karen R ,   Maryland   (02.09.06)
It is a symptom of the disengagement of the right wing from reality that Ms. Matar believes that she will "prove" in a courtroom that Israeli officials "sold their souls to the devil" and thus bring down the government. If she truly believes this she is suffering from delusions of grandeur. If she is just mouthing off, she should remember she is living in a democracy and saying weird things like this will not help her party with the electorate. I am not sure that I like "insulting an official" to be an indictable crime, but there ought to be some legal remedy to a person being publicly subjected to this kind of abuse - perhaps libel or defamation of character.
20. Nadia Will Decimate These Leftist Fools
Adina kutnicki ,   US   (02.09.06)
Nadia Matar will make mincemeat out of these leftist fools. They have no idea what they have unleashed. They have paved the way for her to turn the tables on the gov't. This woman will relish the fight and the opposition will be left in the dust. She will have some of the best legal minds to help her. Watch out, it is going to get rocky!
21. To Karen # 19 from Maryland
Adina kutnicki ,   NJ   (02.09.06)
I don't know where Karen from Maryland was during the expulsion, but Israel was certainly not behaving like a democracy. Rather, more like a toss up between a banana republic and a police state. It ain't a pretty picture, but them's the facts lady. How else can Karen explain the following - while heading to peaceful democratic protests, protestors were hauled off buses, arrested for "ideological crimes", penned in via barbed wire ! during a peaceful demonstration etc. From here in NJ (and from my own son's eyewitness account at these peaceful protests) Israel was certainly not practicing DEMOCRACY. Those who do not conform to the left wing policies in Israel are stripped of basic civil liberites afforded in any real democracy. Memo to Karen - next time you decide to protest in Washington, DC, how would you like it if you were either thrown in jail or hemmed in like a terrorist? Just wondering......
22. one more way to tell Israel is not a democracy
sk ,   USA   (02.11.06)
is to look at the Talkbacks from Israelis. The only appropriate response to a government pressing charges against somone who exercised 100% pure political free speech is to condemn the government. This is Democracy 101.
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