Putin: Hamas not a terror organization
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Published: 09.02.06, 22:37
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1. putin
avi ,   boston   (02.09.06)
maybe Israel should invite the 'Chechnian freedom fighters' from the opressed russian republics
2. Putin is...
Joshua ,   New York   (02.09.06)
Easily the most dangerous man on the planet.
3. the true face of russia and co.
mordy   (02.09.06)
I guess things come back to where they have always been. Putin positioned himself as a friend to the Jews, but what kind of friend? The kind that also supports your worst enemy. Russia has true ambitions of the Soviet Union, it was the prime exporter of nuclear technology to Iran and now it again will assume the post of chief Israel bully. Not unexpected I shoud say....This is rather depressing.
4. How warm and fuzzy
Lilushi ,   usa   (02.09.06)
So when is he going to invite the Chechens to Moscow...oh wait, they're terrorists!
5. Putin
Jane   (02.09.06)
From that perspective, I guess the Chechen rebels are not a terrorist organization either. The Beslan school massacre was not a massacre after all, just an expression of frustration for an unappreciated segment of society.
6. Maybe he can grant them a Chechen welcome
Arie   (02.09.06)
7. More proff -Terrorism does pay and pay well
Marcel ,   Florida   (02.09.06)
Israel is the only one who suffers while the terrorists grow stronger and get more money and help in their goal of extermination Israel. And Israel still plays in this game where the rules are ensured that they lose ,lose,lose. WAKE UP !!
8. Blind, Deaf & Dumb...
Mike ,   Holon   (02.09.06)
Putin must be! Hamas is no different than the Chechen rebels that murdered the Russian children at Belsan school amongst countless other russians. Did those little childrens memory die that fast for the russian leader?This mans head is so far up his ass he must be able to lick his own stomach!
9. Ridculous
Frode ,   Dublin   (02.09.06)
Putin have no problem when islamist kill jews, but if the same islamist kill russians then they're not only deemed terrorist, but he's tortured to death along with his wife and kids and his village massacred.. So much for Putin doublel standards. a 'real' friend of Israel...
10. Putin & Hamas
Sidney ,   US   (02.09.06)
Maybe Hamas will convince Putin to run an honest election in Russia. Naturally one brute finds nothing wrong with other brutes.
11. Putin you are right Hamas is a Peace loving group NOT!!!!!!!
Israel   (02.09.06)
What form of insanity do you suffer from or is it that Hamas' hatred is directed towards the Jews so you simply don't care.
12. putin
avner s ,   london   (02.09.06)
i think putin have a dead needle to jews because of the billions that the oilrags stole from russia .the put him to power thinking he was village idiot
13. Putin - Hamas; invite the Chechens
Shuli ,   London, England   (02.09.06)
Jerusalem should invite the Chechen rebels for consultations
14. Bush claims to have seen into his soul...
Tal ,   Israel   (02.09.06)
Putin is a handpicked member of the quartet. Putin sells missles to Syria and is helping to build the nuclear program for Iran. (the one to make 'energy' (ha ha) for the Iranian people when Iran has on of the greatest energy souces on the planet...ha ha ha)
15. What about Chechen-based terrorists?
Christina Guzman ,   Bronx, NY   (02.09.06)
Battalion of Shahids, the Congress of Peoples of Ichkeria and Dagestan, and the Supreme Military Mejlis-ul-Shura (United Force of Caucasian Mujahedin) also have political aims and wings and also kill innocent children to achieve them. Putin and the Russians clearly have double standards.
16. Lets invite the Chechnian "Freedom fighters" here.
17. Did you all forget Putin is part of the Us LED quartet?
Sarit ,   Ramat Gan   (02.09.06)
18. Putin's true face
DR ,   Florida, USA   (02.09.06)
Russia has always supported countries which are considered "terror states"...why? MONEY!!! They sell weapons, infrastructue etc. to these despotic regimes and get billions in return. The US and other countries have to control this before it gets out of hand. How can Russia sell Iran missiles and then pretend to care and worry about theri nuclear situation? Hopefully this attitude will change or Russia will see itslef back in a cold war.
19. Until Hamas Takes On The Kremlin!
emanon ,   USA   (02.09.06)
20. Chechens
linda   (02.09.06)
Hope they give you alot of sh*t. A few hundred childeren are not enough?
21. #14 tal
Marcel ,   Florida   (02.09.06)
tal; emperor Bush claims to have seen into his soul..... That Israel places so much trust in this idiot who can't even read reality is incredible. Desperate fools who trust in moron's who assume to read into Putin's soul are headed for great disaster. Escape from the phony peacemaker who plays God by dividing up the land he gave to the descendants of Avraham forever and eternity. This 'Christian' George bring's great disaster to israel .WAKE UP and stop alllowing all of them to trample Israel's sovereignty. Act like a nation instead of like desperate slaves Yeremiah 17;5
22. Pali + russia = big love
Daniel ,   Sweden   (02.09.06)
Perhaps its not a bad initiative after all. But how can these two lovebirds be so far apart? Let's not just stop with the pali leadership. While they are at it, lets get all the palis over to some nice suburb of Moscow. There can they live happily ever after. And Peace will come to the Holy Land. Amen.
23. Putin tootin'
Chrisona ,   Chicago.IL   (02.09.06)
Putin is trying to angle his way back into the international game. But getting onboard by backing Hamas will come up a loser. Russians could make their way in the world by getting that oil out of the ground.
24. Putin is a moron. Hope to see his ass fly out of Kremlin!
Roni   (02.09.06)
25. 21Marcel WROTE
Tal ,   Israel   (02.09.06)
Act like a nation instead of like desperate slaves Yeremiah 17;5 I have about had it with your talk. This is my country not yours and we are not desperate slaves!! Who gives you the right to dictate such crap to the people of Israel?? I am as suspicious of you and those you represent as the lying Bush and those Palestinian (terror groups) terrorists he so loves to appease! Now we know all our enemies, don't we? And don't start spouting your accusations that I am a leftiest. I am an Israeli. A Jew! I fought long and hard for this country to which despite what you think is a beacon unto the world. I fought it in the name of my family slaughtered in the Shoah because just like now no one is interested in saving us. BTW: We are a tiny number compared to the billions of those some-time friends who accsue us wrongly WHO are UNwilling with their strength in numbers, help us. You have no idea what we do to save ourselves. EVERY DAY!! But then you wouldn't would you? Now go quote the bible to someone else. I have one right here in front of me and I don't need you or anyone to quote to me with SELF RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION!!!
26. Putin did also invite all the Israeli
orlov   (02.09.06)
Russians back,eh?
27. Boot Russia From Quartet
Jerry ,   NYC, USA   (02.09.06)
Since those who butcher Jewish people with nail bombs in cafes are not terrorists, in Russia's view, Russia has NOTHING to contribute in the so-called "peace process". Russia should be booted out ASAP.
28. Hamasstan in Chechnya
Arie   (02.09.06)
The Chechnyan rebels aren't terrorists either. That's why both Hamass and the Chechens love to target kids: In both their eyes, kids are secret miltary personnel trained to kill MoHAMedans on sight
29. to Marcel #14
philip ,   Surfside, USA   (02.09.06)
Marcel We can see that bashing Bush is your favorite sport on these forums. So what do you suggest? A democrat president such as Carter who said: "Hamas deserves to be recognized by the international community despite its 'militant past" or the likes of Howard Dean " I think no one likes to see violence of any kind. That's why the United States is involved in this. I will say, however, that there is a war going on in the Middle East, and members of Hamas are soldiers in that war, and, therefore, it seems to me, that they are going to be casualties if they are going to make war"? Bush might not be the greatest but he definitely is better than any of the democrat contestant that dream to take over the white house. I think we got your point by now.
30. Lying with Lions...
Steve ,   USA   (02.09.06)
B"H This is a big problem for Israel, that Russia is signing on to Hamas as not terrorist when it seeks to blow up Israel and does not recognize Israel. Look to negotiate further disengourgement with Russia as the "neutral" intermediary. But if they like Hamas so much, might they also like Iran a lot? Why is Iran, therefore, so hesitant to "share" its nuclear program with Russia? Quote: "Hamas has arrived at the doors of power through legitimate elections," Putin said.
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