Hamas willing to mediate in cartoon row
Published: 09.02.06, 23:10
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1. Hamas the Peacemaker
Jane   (02.09.06)
Interesting. Hamas, like Superman, will save the situation. And the Europeans will be so grateful that the EU will bail the Palestinians out financially and grant Hamas legitimacy. Is that what this momzer has in mind? Was this part of the muslim plan all along?
2. Jane - Grow up!
Chad   (02.10.06)
Who cares WHO is doing the mediating, don't you think it's fair to say that SOMETHING has to be done to stop this escalation in violence and wrecklessness that's been plaguing the world the past week?! I for one say if Hamas' true intentions are to calm the situation and end what's been going on between Muslims and Europe, then more power to them. Surely something needs to be done, and the puppet dictators of the middle east haven't been doing it! Seems clear that you don't want this to end, just to escalate. Selfish!
3. The feelings of Hamas are offensive
Steve ,   USA   (02.10.06)
B"H ...when they insist of eradication of Jews from Israel. They are expecting to gag free speech defense of honest rights? They want to eliminate freedom of speech so their Imams can get elected because everything else is offensive? I think this statement needs no clarification. Hammas wants no dialogue when it does not recognize the major representative for that dialogue! But we need to protect what we can in terms of standing up for rights needed to defend Jews verbally as well as physically. And also the rights to defend peace-loving Americans, which I see here as being under attack! Quote: Hamas "is prepared to play a role in calming the situation between the Islamic world and Western countries on condition that these countries commit themselves to putting an end to attacks against the feelings of Muslims,"
4. What a Joke
Daniel ,   Australia   (02.10.06)
Chad, you are extremely naive if you believe Hamas have any good intentions what-so-ever. You obviously do not understand/follow the middle-east conflict.
5. back to #2
chani orah ,   NY USA   (02.10.06)
are you kidding? jane should grow up? you've got a major IF in your statement, chad. hamas' true intentions are to end what's going on between muslims and europe'? maybe our brothers, the muslims who turn to burning and stoning when they are mad, should grow up. don't we teach our children: sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me? haven't we had centuries of insulting cartoons and worse and yet we don't disembowel the cartoonists! thanks for listening....
6. Western Dhimmitude
Marcel ,   Florida   (02.10.06)
Western dhimmitude -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Posted: February 9, 2006 1:00 a.m. Eastern © 2006 The global reaction to the uproar over the "12 Satanic Cartoons" demonstrates a growing Western embrace of the mentality of Islamic "dhimmitude" subtly disguised as political correctness. Under Islam, a "dhimmi" is a non-Muslim living in conquered Muslim lands. "Dhimmis" are permitted limited freedom of religion, provided there is no conflict with Islamic laws governing such things as religious symbols and images. However, a dhimmi has virtually no rights in actual practice. The word of one "offended Muslim" can send a dhimmi to death. Historically, Jews living as dhimmis in Muslim countries have been subjected to daily humiliations that reduced life to a perilous uncertainty. They are required to pay a very high tax called the "jizra" for the "privilege of living among Muslims." This latest example of Muslim intolerance and violence over any hint of insult to their religion displays clearly for all to see that their core beliefs inspire hatred and violence. The behavior of the vast majority of Muslims puts the lie to "the political correct image of Islam as inherently peaceful and tolerant." Yet, the continuing advance of this patently false idea by Western leaders, despite the total lack of evidence to support it, is an admission that we're all dhimmis now. It is evidence that we've voluntarily submitted most of our culture to "Islamic dhimmitude," by censoring those who dare to point out the inherent contradictions evident in the continually repeated myth that Islam is basically tolerant and peaceful. It is a myth driven by fear of Muslim violence and terrorism
LOLO ,   ISRAEL   (02.10.06)
8. Of course they can
Christopher ,   Boston, MASS USA   (02.10.06)
Iran, Syria, and groups like Hamas started the riots and fanned the flames. Theys tarted it and know quite well they are in control of the mayhem. Like asking the devil to mediate anarchy! On the bright side, Eurabia is wakening to the Muslim threat!
9. Jane is grown up
Fergus ,   Scotland   (02.10.06)
And Chad, you're easily fooled. I've seen many transparent political ploys in my day, but never one this colossaly stupid. Chad, you should grow up. A terrorist organization does not have any right mediate anything. Why not? Because mediation requires (and has always required) a history of impartiality. A group that is not only islamist (which immediately disqualifies them from this task) but is also comprised of admitted murderers and liars is as profoundly 'unqualified' as one can possibly be. The only surprising thing is that the good journalists of this newspaper actually managed to sound impartial in their article. Such matter-of-factness must have required nearly superhuman journalistic restraint.
10. Peace to Human Beings
mel ,   Washington, DC   (02.10.06)
Can we try to see each other as people, struggling on this planet with each other
11. hurt feelings????
Yanive ,   Jerusalem   (02.10.06)
Mashaal wants to put an end to attacks against the, "feelings of Muslims?" A terrorist wants us not to hurt his feelings. How about stop killing people, and we will stop drawing the image of your people with a bomb. If I ate baked cakes every day people would draw me as a baker. If I trained suicide bombers every day people would draw me with a bomb.
12. To #2 Chad
RF ,   Israel   (02.10.06)
If you honestly believe that Hamas is willing to mediate (or do anything) with good intentions - then I have some prime real estate in Florida to sell to you. You've obviously had very limited dealings with Muslims/Arabs. Remember, not all Muslims are terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslim.
13. A moron, a fool, a crazy believes anything ham-ass says.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (02.10.06)
14. Sorry to all.
Chad   (02.10.06)
NOT! There's no way I'd apologize for what I've said, in fact, all of you need to grow up. Hamas isn't obliged to mediate, but they said they're willing to. They could've taken the route of Islamic Jihad and promised to "burn the ground underneath the feet" of the Cartoonists, but Hamas didn't. You people think this is a PR stunt or something well you can't tell until we see the results, and if they are as you claim, then I truly will be sorry for what I've said, until then, I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt because ANYTHING to calm down the situation is GOOD. How can you not agree with that? Ok let me give you a hypothetical: Let's say Hamas was honest (I know it's hard for some of you to even grasp this concept but just cooperate for 2 seconds), and let's say they did manage to calm the situation between Muslims and Europe (Unlike Syria, Iran, Afghanistan). So let's say the situation was helped due to Hamas' involvement, would you then be thankful for this? Or would you still claim it's a plot and be upset that the rioting and burning and killing has stopped?
15. chad the point is
Yanive ,   Indy   (02.10.06)
that hamas does not deserve a chance to mediate. They want to mediate now because they want people to believe that they are out to do good. If they want to mediate why no start on there own land between Jews and Muslims where the root of there problems exist? Because they do not care about mediation they care about an image that will help them gain world sentiment over what is happening in Israel.
16. #2
Jane   (02.10.06)
You are so naive - I know the type. It would be funny, or perhaps sad, if it were not so dangerous. You obviously have absolutely no grasp of who these people are.
17. Chad
Jane   (02.10.06)
And I bet you also think Iran wants nuclear power for peaceful purposes. And I'll up my bet and say you're in love with Jimmy Carter and Cindy Sheehan and Michael Moore and Ramsey Clark and all of those really fabulous people.
18. #15, Jane, others
Chad   (02.10.06)
#15: "If they want to mediate why no start on there own land between Jews and Muslims where the root of there problems exist? " Have you not read the news since the election??? Israel WON'T talk to Hamas. Jane: "And I bet you also think Iran wants nuclear power for peaceful purposes." Nope. Iran is horrible, Ahmadinejad is evil and has no grasp of reality. "And I'll up my bet and say you're in love with Jimmy Carter and Cindy Sheehan and Michael Moore and Ramsey Clark" Wrong again. I do love Jimmy, I'm NOT in love with Cindy, nor do I like Michael Moore or Ramsey Clark. This is precisely the problem. You think of Hamas as if they were the Taliban or Ahmadinejad when in fact they're not, nor do they like the Taliban nor do they agree with them. It's the same as Bush thinking of Qaeda as the same as Saddam when in fact Osama couldn't stand Saddam and named him and the Baath Party "infidels." But I see nobody chose to answer the question I asked in my previous response, predictably.
19. Chad
Jane   (02.10.06)
Now I'll answer your question. If it stopped, it would underscore my belief that all of this is orchestrated to legitimize Hamas. They are terrorists, plain and simple. And the fact that you love Jimmy Carter explains alot. His disgraceful mismanagement of the responsibilities of the presidency helped Islamofacism take root. He's an apologist for it. And, obviously, so are you Chad.
20. chad
Yanive   (02.11.06)
Israel won't talk to Hamas until they accept Israel's right to existence. We won't talk to them because to them we do not exist. Therefore, Hamas is wishing to cure the world of a cold while they have created a cancer in their lungs.
21. Mediators?
Korey ,   Canada   (02.13.06)
22. Mediators?
Korey ,   Canada   (02.13.06)
Terrorists, bombers and killers are not interested in mediating. If they were they would not be terrorists, bombers or killers. Hamas is an organization of terrorists, bombers and killers. It is what they do. BEWARE of any hand they extend for what is attached to it.
23. Poor Chad
DR ,   Florida, USA   (02.13.06)
Unfortunately, there are a lot of "Chads" aorund the world that just don't get it. There are bad, evil people who want to kill us and we can't be fooled by their double talk ot lies. Chad is not a bad person, nor is he stupid, he just wants to believe that these people might have some good in them...but they don't. It's a good thing there are people like me and Jane and the rest of you, who realize that if we are NAIVE, we will perish. Sorry Chad, but that's reality.
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