What Putin doesn’t know about Hamas
Roee Nahmias
Published: 10.02.06, 17:45
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1. What Putin 'doesn’t' know about Hamas???
Alex ,   secret location   (02.10.06)
You have to be kidding!#@!*! I guess I was confusing someone else with the --->KGB (whisper)
2. How Convenient
C'est Moi ,   Canada   (02.10.06)
How convenient is it to publish this crap just because Russia is planning to invite Hamas!!!! I wonder if this fabrication would have been created in the first place if Russia wasn't planning to invite Hamas!!!! Wait...the French support the idea..may be tomorrow we will see a "document" that says that there are jihadist cells of hamas in Paris!!! You people are too funny...its barely cute.
3. How?
Joe ,   Brooklyn, NY   (02.10.06)
I don't see how Putin could possibly believe that Hamas will come around to a two-state solution if it has international legitimacy as a group bent on Israel's destruction. Other countries should invite the Chechen terrorists to visit and say that they hope that these brutal thugs will come around through diplomacy.
4. They will be punished
Michael U ,   SF,California   (02.10.06)
Each and every terrorist has a place in purgatory waiting for them. I pray with all my heart, all of my soul, and all of my resources that these forces of evil and destruction will be smited and destroyed to the end of the world. Hashem, don't have mercy on their souls, as they had no mercy on those innocents they kill every day. Islam seems to be a religion of death and destruction. They will reap what they have sown. G-d is my witness, my strength, my rock and my saviour. I have perfect faith that the consumate evil which is Islam will be dealt with in a swift and just way. Blessed is he, Blessed is his name... Michael U
5. Naive Article - Putin Does Know
Jerry ,   NYC, USA   (02.10.06)
Putin is fully aware that Hamas helps the Chechen rebels. By cozying up to Hamas, he will attain the end of the Hamas/Chechen link. Who pays the price? Israeli civilians. Who enabled Hamas to run and win in the elections? Olmert. Wake up before it is too late!
Andrew ,   Miami FL   (02.10.06)
stop and think !!! 1) Isral: stop telling people who they should and should not meet - it only makes them want to meet them more. When they meet Michaal - they will see a man who has hate in his send him everywhere !!! 2) dont tie these two situations together - russia DOES need to get out of chechnya already
7. The russians deserve it..
Yossi   (02.10.06)
I suggest that in return Israel or the US should negotiate with the Chechens, then we'll see how calm and helpful the Russians stay.
8. Israel should invite Chechen freedom fighters to Jerusalem!!
9. Russians need to ask Mr Putin
Olga ,   London   (02.10.06)
All we Russians know that Chchen terrorists and their aim. Hamas and Chechen terrorists are equal so Mr Putin do you ask Chechen terrorists to come to Kremlin to bomb in Russia?
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (02.10.06)
Terrorist Hamas knows that words, not actions, was all that America and Europe required of the PLO/Palestinian Authority, who broke ALL agreements! For many years, American and European tax dollars financed the war against the Jews. The military wing of Palestinian Authority Abbas's Fatah party is the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, responsible for massive terrorist atrocities against Jewish innocents. U.S. EU, UN and Russia demand Israel give half of her tiny land to Islamofascists. Jewish Gaza has been transformed into Hamastan - terrorist training camps and a GLOBAL BASE FOR TERROR! The U.S. EU, UN, and Russia with their RELIGIOUS agenda of the forcible removal of Jews from the Biblical heartland are eager to duplicate in Judea and Samaria what Islamic terrorists were empowered to achieve in Gaza. The Hamas goal is conquest of Israel and Europe! ARE WORLD LEADERS SECRET CONVERTS TO ISLAM? HAMAS Targets Spain By Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld | January 2, 2006 It is not only Palestine that children in the West Bank and Gaza are asked to liberate; now they are asked to liberate Seville. The HAMAS children’s magazine, Al-Fateh, in a recent issue, (No. 66), tells the children about the city called Asbilia (Seville) and calls on them to free it, together with the whole country, from the infidels and to reinstate Muslim rule... Qaradawi, calls on Muslims to conquer Europe, saying: “Islam will return to Europe as a conqueror and a victor... Apparently encouraged by successful Jihad against Israel, HAMAS is now raising the ante, going international. Just as they have indoctrinated a generation of Palestinian children to commit suicide attacks against Israelis, they are now expanding their targets to include the rest of the Caliphate – beginning with Spain. It is only a matter of time, before today’s Palestinian children, and others exposed to HAMAS’ publications start offering themselves up for the next stage of Jihad in Spain.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (02.10.06)
By international agreement Israel is the only nation on earth to have PLO terrorists implanted into its Land. Heavily armed and trained. Financed by the nations, the PLO's sole purpose as enshrined in its charter, is the destruction of Israel. They call this method of killing Jews, the 'peace process'. Hitler called it the final solution. The raison d'etre of the genocidal PA society is the mass murder of Jewish innocents. Palestinian Authority society are taught murdering Jews is the highest goal in life and attains paradise:
12. #3 Joe
J   (02.10.06)
About the Chechen rebels, you're right, the world should do the same.
13. Here we go again!
HU55EIN ,   Gaza, Palestine   (02.10.06)
Jews are on the attack again. When will they ever realize that the whole world does not have to bow to every single demand they have. Russia is a powerful country with strategic interests and will hardly appreciate any dictate from Jews no matter what the subject matter is. You maybe the rulers and Masters of America, but never dream of ruling Russia, The Russians know you very well, and will never allow it. Sooner than later you'll be forced to answer for your evil deeds.
14. Bibi Asks Putin to Rescind Invite
Jerry ,   NYC, USA   (02.10.06)
18:01 Netanyahu urges Russia`s Putin to retract his invitation to Hamas (Israel Radio) Note that the spineless Olmert has not done so. Bibi has the backbone and PR skills to carry Israel's case to the world. Olmert is a weakling.
15. A frog is a frog #2
Christopher ,   Boston, MASS USA   (02.10.06)
It doesn't matter if they're on the continent or in Canada:they are spineless, worthless, and ALWAYS in need of a hygiene lesson. As for terrorists in Paris, all you have to do is ask where Mrs. Arafat's mansion is!
16. to #2 - you are an idiot, go vote NDP you douch!
Roni   (02.10.06)
17. War of religion
Hiram ,   tel aviv   (02.10.06)
The word JIHAD says it all....Whoever believes otherwise is wrong. We are NOT talking about "palestinian cause " we are talking about a war in which religious extremists are trying to impose upon the rest of the world their own vision of a given religion. This is NOT politics anymore ! (if it ever was !)
18. Of course Russia knows
Miss Muslima ,   London   (02.10.06)
Are you naive or stupid or what? Do you really think that Putin is unaware of the Hamas Chechen connection? Even a 5 yr child knows..... sheeeeeeeeesh
19. #8+9 ,. Do you really think Chechen's will accept?
Miss Muslima ,   London England UK   (02.10.06)
Inviting the Chechen's to Israel? H'mmmmmm, you seem mighty sure that they would accept?:) Do you think they will??
20. Send Hamas to Russia. (End)
ruth ,   Bethlehem, T'dad.   (02.10.06)
21. #19-One way to find out
Arie   (02.10.06)
By their stances, Russia and France can only accept Chechens as liberators andfreedom fighters. They are no different than Hamas:supporting terror against soft-targets like kids. So, I for one, state support the two state solution:a free and independent Chechnya alongside a "safe and secure" Russia. Or better yet-why don't the Russians follow the Hamas lead. Namely, Let the Chechens take over all of Russia (and a world Caliphate IS the MoHAMedan goal) and the Russians can live as ctizens in a Chechnya. I think that's the proper solution!
22. #13 Hussein living in poverty in an Arab Gaza
Arie   (02.10.06)
Let the Russians wallow in their new found friends! Couldn't happen to a nicer people! I just hope the over 350 innocent kids Hamass helped slaughter have enough room to turn in their graves!,7340,L-3214119,00.html
23. No invitations for terrorists
Sheikh Yahudi ,   Damascus, Israel   (02.10.06)
There is no need for the Israelis to sink to the level of the Russian government and invite bloodthirsty terrorist cutthroats to their country. Even the mere presense of Chechen murderers in the Land of Israel is a desecration of G-d's holy name (just like the presense of Arab murderers is). This article is very important though. The Russian people MUST know who their president is dealing with.
24. to: c'est moi.(la grosse pute).
stephane ,   france   (02.10.06)
you're so stupid my poor think that israel knows about the links between hamas terrorists and tchetchen terrorists only since putain invited hamas animals.israeli wrote about that many years ago,and if they write it again today it's because it's funny that putain invite the friends of those who kill russian kids! but i know that for you,so far in quebec,with no bombs in youre buses everyday it's not easy to understand why it's bad that putain give a kind of legitimity to those animals!but don't have yet enough arabs there to understand...but in few years,believe will change your mind.and,by the way,ABRUTIE!yes,in france we have cells of's just the name wich is different.remember what the islamists did in france for example in 1995.and when they will find a pretexte to do it again,they'll do it again ;even if people like you and chirac lick terrorist's ass.SHABBAT SHALOM grosse pute.
25. to my dear hussein!!!!
stephane ,   france   (02.10.06)
what happened to you hussein???i'm worrying for you! suddenly it seems like you fall in love with putin! so you love a man that send his troops against your muslim brothers of tchetchenya? they SLAUGTER everyday muslim there!! do you know that sometime they kill muslims tchetchen for no reason,only to take their organs to sell it in the black market!(it's true you can check that you have internet).do you know they abduct muslim girls and send them in russia for prostitution? do you know they torture and rape the muslim girls!? so if you love them,so you must be in crazy love with tsahal! you know what hussein? if you think a little bit;you will realize that you have the nicest "ennemy" that a people can should thank god everyday that your neighboor is olmert and not hole!!!oh!..shabbat shalom,i've almost forgotten....
26. #13
Jane   (02.10.06)
Speaking of evil deeds, with or without Russia, you all will soon have to answer for YOUR evil deeds. Everyone is sick of you.
27. #19
Jane   (02.10.06)
That was Jewish humor, Miss Muslima. Unlike Muslims, we can make and take a joke.
28. #23
Jane   (02.10.06)
The Russian people know who they're dealing with regarding Putin. He's trying for restore the USSR and the people are paying for it.
29. #2
Jane   (02.10.06)
And you are too adorable to bear. Stupide, dangereuse, but just so adorable.
Leo Michael ,   Iraq   (02.10.06)
Your statement was very passionate.My question is why aren't strides for peace and coexistance met with the same vigor?
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