Olmert: Hamas authority on the way
Ronny Sofer
Published: 12.02.06, 13:52
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1. A globalist thought is that IL created Hamas
Ben Temalion ,   Shiloh, MO USA   (02.12.06)
From the worst Jew haters here in the terroist supporting states of pacifist realm is that back in '79, IL helped Hamas become a religions divisive elment to the secular PLO. Funny how the PLO and its terrorist legitimizing name to be use relion to rile the followers of Jew hatred and the secular IL's spout prayers for a sick mind who comitted a coup and pogroms against IL's best.. Perahps the truth is there that the pacifist who support terrorist say of IL support. All the more reason to expell them or they will be as pins in your eyes on your land.
2. Ehud's gonna make a good Prime Minister!
Michael Steiner   (02.12.06)
I agree with everything Ehud said. He has his head firmly on his shoulders and understand both the wishes of the Israelis and long-term strategic requirements. Compare Booby who a month ago regaled us with his story of great modesty and sacrifice about how he turned down the offer of the Italians to be their finance minister.
3. Olmert Brought Hamas to Power
Jerry ,   NYC, USA   (02.12.06)
Against the advice of even Kadima advisors, Olmert insisted that Hamas run in the elections. But for Olmert's decision, Hamas would not be gaining power. Olmert is a inept fool. A nation the elects in inept fool deserves one.
4. To Abu Steiner
Francois ,   Paris   (02.12.06)
You are right, Olmert will be very good as PM of Palestinian Authority.
5. Steiner #2 - You are a complete fool
Arie   (02.12.06)
Of course Olmert will make a good PM - he has proven that - for Hamass. He is wishy washy in his responses to terrorism; he has no plan; he has no spine. But that is what impresses you-the possibility that a Peres-Beilin supported government will take over so that Israel can do what the Eurabians have alreaady done - surrener to the IslamoFascist MoHAMedans
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (02.12.06)
The propaganda war waged by the world's media against Israel is a powerful weapon in the war against the Jews. By international agreement Israel is the only nation on earth to have PLO terrorists implanted into its Land. Heavily armed and trained. Financed by the nations, the PLO's sole purpose as enshrined in its charter, is the destruction of Israel. They call this method of killing Jews, the 'peace process'. Hitler called it the final solution. The raison d'etre of the genocidal PA society is the mass murder of Jewish innocents. Palestinian Authority society are taught murdering Jews is the highest goal in life and attains paradise:
7. Effe's gonna make a good Prime Minister!
Steve ,   USA   (02.12.06)
B"H Hamas and Israel both did not accept Jewish sovereignty in Gaza, and they uprooted the Jews living there. Jewish sovereignty is not recognized on the whole land of Israel: that is why the Arabs control the prayer at the Temple Mount, as I can see it. I think a good part of this struggle is fear of the wrath of G-d. The last time the Temple was destroyed, it was a serious trama to the entire Jewish people. The Jewish people are hesitant to setup another Temple, to anger G-d, and to get kicked out like the last time, which really has stuck very seriously in the collective conscience of Israel for thousands of years. But the problem for Olmert right now is that Hamas also does not recognize his sovereignty. Hamas is looking to become the "Taiwan", the small group which controlls ALL of Israeli representation and denies ALL Jewish rights there. But unlike Taiwan, Gaza is not "free", but rather under an religious Oligarchy system. The secular Jews are hesitant to allow the religious back in power because of fear of the last great Excile, where the religous as well as the secular were removed from Israel. Hamas positions something very similar to the last Excile, in is phraseaology that is very much similar to Iran. I support National Union simply because they have the eyes to see the situation more clearly than any other politician as far as I can tell. They have not tossed out the "demographic" problem, which really is not a problem at all with only 1.5 million voting Arabs and 5 million voting Jews living in the total militarily controlled Israel. They have predicted the Hamas arrival on the scene. They have an accurate sense of what is occuring, and since they understand the issue, they can deal with it better. As far as I can tell, the other parties do not understand the problem and are groping in the dark or hiding in the sand. Vote National Union!
8. hamas
A. Yehudi ,   Melbourne Australia   (02.13.06)
olmert is hamas's greatest friend and ally.
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