PA: Likud behind Muhammad cartoons
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 13.02.06, 08:31
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1. western democracy at its best..LOL
john   (02.13.06)
why didnt they invite Hamas to talk about its plans?????
2. conspiracy minded idiot
Yasir ,   US   (02.13.06)
I think the Likud is behind putting you envoy to the US lol
3. LOL!!
Michael Steiner   (02.13.06)
The Palestinians (and Arabs generally--q.v. the report last week that Israel manufactured the bird flu virus) are becoming more and more ridiculous. It would be a real laugh if it wasn't for the fact that most Arab people probably truly believe this stuff.
4. Fool is your media.
no one has ever said that Bird Flu was Israeli product. It is your stupid media that clearly fabricates stories. They jump on sentences and mutate magically to become something else. Arabs and Muslims believe that Israel occupied Palestine. Palestinians would like it back. They are so patient, and will take their time. Meanwhile you laugh, they work. Hizbollah managed to get South Lebanon back. Gazans managed to get their gaza back. The rest is coming, unless they are treated fairly, and they agree to give the Israelis part of their land. like or don't, who cares!
5. Likud responsible for Moslim cartoons
Leah Amdur ,   Jerusalem Israel   (02.13.06)
Bibi should adopt this as his campaign slogan, it should gain a lot of votes.
6. Typical
Avraham ,   Netivot   (02.13.06)
The arab world constantly blames Israel & the US for all their problems. This goes to show how misguided & dumb they actually are. Aside from homocide bombers, kidnapping,& airplane hijacking, what have they given the world?????????
7. The Palestinian imagination
Rafi ,   Ra'anana   (02.13.06)
The Palestinian imagination and their disconnection with the reality, will probably never cease to amaze. I am wondering what new breaking news they will come up with.
8. Palestinian envoy to Washington
Tal ,   Israel   (02.13.06)
This is representative of the people to whom Bush and company are hell bent to legitimize! It is not so much what Afif Safieh said that is alarming it is the fact of the caliber; the actual fiber of who represents the PLO. To think this man is head of the PLO mission in Washington is greatly distrubing. To think those that aided and abetted in the mass slaughter of innocent Israelis having a Mission in Washington D.C while the US denies Israel an embassy in her undivided capital city makes me weary of things to come. read #6,7340,L-3215072,00.html
9. Re #6 - What have the Arabs ever given us?
Tomer ,   Hod Hasharon, Israel   (02.13.06)
Umm... Algebra??
10. Genocidal maniac Mission right here in Washington DC
Frank ,   W. DC   (02.13.06)
Who do we have to thank for signing the continuation of the PLO missions in NY and Washington? What in the name of G-d does this have to say about the global war on terror? (other then it does ot apply to Israel)
Alan ,   South Africa   (02.13.06)
12. The REAL MoHAMed
Arie   (02.13.06)
Just because the MoHAMedans are paranoid doesn't mean the world hasn't woken up o who they really are. As for cartoons depicting MoHAMed, you can easily find the REAL MoHAMed all over the internet
13. deep rooted reasons
yakov shani ,   england   (02.13.06)
One of the basic manifestations of a troubled personality and a social misfit is to blame the condition and circumstances on everybody and anything else. The Moslems and the Arabs in partricular are just that, misfits in this world, and until they realize that the world is like a jigsaw puzzle and every entity has its predestined place in order to complete the picture and create harmony, they will go on blaming all others for their own inadequacies which in the main stem from a most ridiculous blind worship and submission to the deification of a man who existed a millenium and a half ago. It is time for them to realize the requirments of living in this world and not the one of yester year. The days when one country or entity has the right to assert its ideological supremecy over others are gone,long gone. Religion, all religions are nothing but ideologies. Deification and sainthood are nothing but HYPE.
14. I knew they would say this eventually
Andy   (02.13.06)
Just pathetic - Israel is now responsible for the garbage flowing through the streets of radical islam-infested countries. Unbelievable.
15. And Jews are responsible for the tsunami, 9/11
Abu Mahmud ,   Azazel   (02.13.06)
bird flu, WW1 and WW2, the french revolution, the bolshevik revolution, global warming and that annoying dog that s***s on the entrence to my house.
16. Where are the Sensible Muslim Leaders and Intellectuals?
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (02.13.06)
17. #16 Where are the Sensible Muslim
Bart ,   New Haven   (02.13.06)
Leaders and Intellectuals? You tell me. According to Bush Islam is a noble religion hijacked by only a few........ Either he is lying or those leaders and Intellectuals you asked about do not exist. You decide.
18. #1
Jane   (02.13.06)
Because we know what there plans are, John. So do you. It's the destruction of Israel, your fondest wish.
19. to #15
poppy ,   Israel   (02.13.06)
Just imagine your situation if there was peace between the Jews and the Arabs. You would have a beautiful house, the newest and finest car. There would be no worry about money any more. You would beable to have a good job, and if you are hard working you could own your own business. Then all you would think about is making more money and not thinking about these stupid idiotic thoughts. You know they are not true but it suits the Arabs to blame Israel. If you could change your mind set and stop following the leaders like a sheep to the slaughter you would be a successful worthy man to your family and the world
20. Umm... Algebra??
great, 1500 yrs ago and after that
21. I bet when they get constipated the blame us too
Eve ,   Canada   (02.13.06)
22. Eve,Canada: Yes .. They will say we took
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (02.13.06)
Their olive trees ..... because without olives they get constipated didn't you know
23. #4...Incredible
DR ,   Florida, USA   (02.13.06)
It is a good thing that Palestinians make things up b/c the whole world can see what a joke they are. Remember the massacre in jenin??? CNN, FOX, MSN all had Palestinians crying bloody murder for the whole world to see. They liied...what a Joke!!! Remember the fake Palestinain funeral where the "dead" man fell off the stretcher and got back on while all the Pallies ran off in terror...Joke!!! These people will never stop acting like this and this is why Isreal cannot allow them to have a state. So #4, keep fantasizing about a world that is not real. Until your people get educated and start seeing the world as it really is, you will never have what you want. Stop being violent and blaming everything on Israela nd the west and then maybe you'll have your state and some peace.
24. Hamas wrote at least one too!
Steve ,   USA   (02.13.06)
B"H Hamas, you think all that bitter cartooning against Israel is any different than that cartoon work from the Danes? You think your profit likes YOUR bitter cartoons? That dribble is continuous offensive bitterness from Hamas against Israel. The Likud cartonnists have never stooped to such a level. I am amazed that Arabs respect all prophets but with the cartooning have no respect at all! If you are an Arab and upset about how your prophet is treated, first treat others well, and feel how painful it is when such offense is given so you stop giving such offense. It is tearing your society apart, the hate within. You can see it hurting the Danes. Can you see it hurting yourselves?
25. But KADEMA is great
Yochanan ,   Jerusalem, ISRAEL   (02.13.06)
Seems like Kadima is the party the Arabs want. with Olmert giving them everything including Jerusalem. The time will come that Arabs will hate Kadema as well. Look at what Barak wanted to give them and Arafat refused. Now it's Olmerts turn, but G-D runs the world. The Arabs sure are crazy with hard hearts against Israel.Just like Pharo of Egypt. DAYS ARE COMING
26. Not Again
Harold Tobin ,   Barnet UK   (02.14.06)
Here we go again another conspiracy. The trouble is the Muslim people in the UK believe it. Even the so called moderates are in the main anti Israel and believe anything negative said about her.
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